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Date: OI/OB/OH: The ninth day of the second month of THE FATHER ( year) two thousand and eight

In the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ

In the Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Now and forever more,


Today it pleases ME THE FATHER GOD to bring this Lecture Revelation forward. This lecture’s foetus has come forward from the memory, because it is one of the wonderful lectures that will help all mankind. The title of this lecture is “THE WORD IS THE UNIVERSAL UMBRELLA”.


The WORD as THE UNIVERSAL UMBRELLA is a very important idea from THE FATHER GOD. Since THE FATHER GOD is the WORD, and the MOTIVATOR of the SPOKEN WORD as the idea and soul of GOD, then I AM THE SUPREME ENTITY, because everything about GOD is buried in the SPOKEN WORD. I AM now giving an assurance, a guarantee to those who support the WORD, LOVE the WORD, LIKE the WORD, KNOW the WORD and REJOICE with the WORD that the WORD is THE UNIVERSAL SUPREME UMBRELLA for you. There is no other security, no other protection or any other thing that has POWER to sustain and PROTECT man apart for the SPOKEN WORD, which is THE FATHER GOD, THE SON and THE HOLY SPIRIT. The WORD is the TRINITY! You can think of the WORD, hear the WORD, and you speak and practice the WORD. For this reason, the WORD is EVERYTHING as SEEN, HEARD and TOUCHABLE. The WORD manifests EVERYTHING that is heard, everything that can be seen and everything that can be touched is manifested by the WORD. And is it for this reason that the WORD is the SUPREME UNIVERSAL UMBRELLA for all human kind as HE IS THE FATHER. I want everybody to use this lecture to survive and to be proud as an enhancement of their life and as an UMBRELLA that when you use to cover yourself no amount of rain of evil will have access to your life and your soul anymore. You are covered from the day that you have access to this lecture and believe, because as the title states, THE WORD IS THE UNIVERSAL SUPREME UMBRELLA.


Why do you worry about who protects you? Just believe this WORD as the WORD OF GOD and BELIEVE in the POWER OF THE CREATOR. It is an infidel mind when you know that someone or something somewhere is greater than you, something of a SUPREME PHENOMENON, THE MOST MAJESTIC OF ITS KIND and then you do not surrender yourself to such ENTITY ? Rather, you surrender yourself to a small thing that does not even exist. You surrender yourself to something of a small thing. It makes me laugh when I AM in the spirit and see a big old human being with the WORD in their heart goes and orders a small ring or metal to put in their pocket to protect them. You are mad; your head is not working correctly. If you are a correct human being, you will not go and order a small metal or a small ring of something that someone speaks his or her own word or utterances to and attaches it as energy, then you put it in your pocket and believe it to be protection. This means that you are not very well; in fact, you are not well at all because what do you think that person used to make that thing to have energy to protect you? Do you not know that, that person has used the WORD to engineer some sort of energy into that thing? And the person will give you law and tell you that any day that you do this and that the energy will fail. It is not the law that he gives you that makes the energy to fail. It is because the energy that the person has given you will finish by then therefore, person tells you that if you do this and that the energy will fail, but it has nothing to do with that. Have you ever seen the SUPREME ENERGY of GOD finish, before since your father and mother gave birth to you? Have you got up one day to see that the day does not break? The day comes and goes and everybody dies and leaves the sun still continue to brighten the day and that is the type of PHENOMENON that you should RESPECT and WORSHIP, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD. Since ever you have been hearing that GOD CREATED the heavens and the earth, have you ever heard that people do not speak the WORD again. Millions of people die and millions of people are born and the first thing that a child wants to know is how to speak and talk. That means that the WORD is forever around. You go and come back and still meet the WORD and that is the type of PHENOMENON POWER that you should attach to. It is a disgrace and a shame to you when you leave THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY to go and believe in infidel things. If you check the pockets of even those who claim that they know GOD, you find a handkerchief or a ring or something that they are using as protection for themselves. Check them well you find that they have registered their name somewhere as their source of protection, but they pretend to be calling and shouting on GOD. Oh Jesus, Jehovah and this and that, but they do not believe that the Jesus and Jehovah that they shout for that HE can protect them. It is a shame on you and them. The only UMBRELLA and SURE BANKER is THE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE. If anything happens to a child of GOD then it is the will of THE FATHER GOD, but to say that any power on this earth can bypass the POWER OF THE SPOKEN WORD to harm any faithful son or daughter of THE FATHER GOD is a capital lie, unless that thing is also permitted by the WORD. What do people use to create evil, it is the WORD therefore, and why do you not SPEAK to barrier all other word that is not GOOD not to come to you. Knell down in your house in the privacy of your room or wherever, and SPEAK to THE FATHER GOD as you would talk to your friend and talk because I AM THE UNIVERSAL SPIRIT and I AM EVERYWHERE, HERE and THERE. THE SPIRIT of the WORD covers the space, in heaven and on earth in all atmospheres. There is nowhere in the universe that does not have air. And unless you do not breathe the air or there is a place without air then you can say that there is no WORD, but since there is air and anything can live, even in other planets then the WORD is there to keep you ALIVE and PROTECT you. SPEAK the WORD and barrier every angel of negative things. If you check well you will see that from the beginning the WORD was and continues to be EVERYTHING therefore, THE UNIVERSAL SUPREME UMBRELLA OF GOD can safe everybody when you join, because you cannot be exposed to any danger from negative and evil word. And this is why as a bet, I tell you that from the day that you join the UNIVERSAL SUPREME CELEBRATION OF THE SUPREME WORD SEASON, you have covered yourself under this SUPREME UMBRELLA OF GOD. This means that you believe that the WORD is everything for you. Instead of taking the WORD that, people speak when you do not know how they have engineered it to mean something negative, believe the one that you speak by yourself. Say that ‘I am WELL’ and you are WELL, ‘I am FINE’ and you are FINE, ‘I am OK’ and you are OK, ‘I am RICH’ and you are RICH. Any thing that you say, that is how it would work for you, do not relent in your effort, because if does not come on that day, it will surely come. SPEAK THE WORD, because the WORD is the magnetic force that makes things to manifest and it will surely manifest what you speak in the name of OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST, Amen.

The WORD IS THE FATHER GOD, and now, I AM THE WORD that SPEAKING and revealing MYSELF to you, and I leave MYSELF open to every soul that LIKES, BELIEVES and ATTACHES to ME, there should call upon ME, and SPEAK to ME, and I will NEVER fail you.


Any other way that you find to protect yourself and attach yourself to is elementary as far as this universal information is concerned. If you are a child and you cannot speak a meaningful WORD, that is when you look for your parents or you approach your mentor to help you. If you can attach yourself to someone who can speak a POSITIVE WORD then you can grow to where you can help yourself and others. Do you know why when people go closer to King Solomon ETE, their problem is immediately solved? It is because his pronouncements are based on the POSITIVE SPOKEN WORD. All this WORD that you are hearing is from the archive record of THE FATHER GOD in King Solomon Spiritual Library, try and read THE ENTIRE FATHERS TALK and you will see that each of THE FATHERS TALK is very POWERFUL. And if all the seventy two million POWERFUL FATHER’S TALK live in someone, what do you think that person is? He is the POWER OF GOD himself. He is GOD PRESENT and a SHRINE of the WORD. And that is why the WORD which he honours, honours anything he says. You should know that when something POSSESSES you, that thing must honour you, because without you, it will not be glorified. King Solomon ETE glorifies the WORD and the WORD honours him and if you join him to glorify the WORD, the WORD will also honour you. For this reason, I implore every human being on earth to join King Solomon ETE to celebrate the SUPREME WORD SEASON for the first time in history of humankind. It will be seven days for the spirit WORD, which is the seven houses of GOD, and that is every human being. Every human being from Adam to CHRIST as seven days of the week, which is seven spirits of GOD. And the TRINITY FATHER GOD, which is THE FATHER SON and HOLY SPIRIT as the WORD has come to live in the seven spirits of GOD, which THE FATHER GOD created as his house and the church of GOD. And that is why all mankind must CELEBRATE ten days in the SUPREME WORD SEASON CELEBRATION. Seven days is to thank THE FATHER GOD for every human being that the WORD dwells in as CELEBRANTS, and the three days is for the TRINITY as THE FATHER, SON and HOLY SPIRIT, which are SPIRIT, the WORD live in GOD THE FATHER, THE UNIVERSAL SUPER HUMAN SOUL as the FATHER ADAM. And that is why I share the proceeds in that magnitude, so that every human being on earth will benefit from the proceeds of the WORD CELEBRATION. The TRINITY will benefit and the WORD ITSELF will also benefit and that is how you will see the impact of THE SUPREME UNIVERSAL CHARITY that King Solomon has established and also the TRINITY in the SUPREME SHRINE as the KING of KINGS and LORD of LORDS. This means that everything is complete, because I have re- arranged everything, and that is why every human being must accept this ordinance. You must stop attaching to elementary forces that are as generators that give you headache, because you have to fuel them, change the oil, and change the belt and change this and that. And if don’t have access to fuel, and to fuel them in scarifies, then, you are done for. Why don’t you use the natural power of GOD as electricity which is the SUPREME POWER OF THE SPOKEN WORD? This would mean that wherever you are and at whenever, you are in GOD PRESENT, therefore, just SPEAK THE WORD, WORSHIP THE FATHER GOD, and I will answer you immediately. Just activate THE FATHER GOD in you. When you read the book titled ‘I AND MY FATHER ARE ONE’ you will know how to put on CHRIST and then you are free.


I have said time without number that it is only THE FATHER GOD that can give MAXIMUM INSURANCE MAXIMUM SECURITY and MAXIMUM PROTECTION. When you have FAITH in THE FATHER GOD through this instruction, you will never see failure, because THE FATHER GOD has never failed anyone. Since your enemy cannot count all the sand that you have stepped on the ground, then they cannot have POWER to touch you. Before your enemy can bypass the security of THE FATHER GOD to do anything armful to you, he or she or it, should count every grain of sand, where your feet has walked since you started to walk, since you were born from your mother’s womb. And if he, she or it cannot do that successfully, then he, she or it cannot reach you. And if by chance he, she or it is able to do that, then they should count the amount of hairs on your head and when they finish with that successfully, then it means that the person is God that created you. Without which no one can harm you, unless you do not BELIEVE and ATTACH to the SUPREME UMBRELLA which is I, THE SPOKEN WORD, HE IS THE FATHER. If you BELIEVE and ATTACH to THE SUPREME WORD, then from the day that you hear this message, you should relax and continue to worship your FATHER GOD, and do what is GOOD, and you will not have any problem. THINK WELL, SPEAK WELL, DO WELL and CELEBRATE THE WORD SEASON in every SEASON of the year of your life, then you are FREE and WELL PROTECTED in the name of OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST, Amen


In terms of TALKING WITH BOLDNESS, this is the WORD that will give you a never fail situation. I give you this WORD as a GUARANTEE. This is the GUARANTEE for all THE FATHERS TALK promoters. And that the GUARANTEE for all transcribers of THE FATHERS TALK and the GUARANTEE for all those who contribute in anyway towards the PROMOTION of the WORD. You have the same GUARANTEE for SPEAKING and DOING WELL about THE FATHER’S TALK and about the WORD in any magnitude. Whether you do so in your church, in your sanctuary, mosque or any place that you go to it does not matter, provided that you are not practising negativism. Anyone that speaks a GOOD WORD, THINKS WELL and DOES WELL in any form, whether you are Black, White, a woman, man, child adult or orphan, window, president or any stage of life that you may have does no matter, you have the same GUARANTEE. In as much as you practice LOVE, PEACE, RIGHTEOUSNESS, MERCY and KINDNESS then this WORD is your GUARANTEE MANUAL as the UNIVERSAL UMBRELLA. This lecture is one of the POWERS that when you finish reading, you will thank GOD, because from the moment that this UMBRELLA is activated in your spirit, in your soul, in your family, your work place and in your way of life, you no longer have any problems. Wherever you are, it becomes a source of PROTECTION and a REMEDY for your spiritual life, your life in the soul and your physical life and also in the dream world. If any spirit or anybody bypasses this order and harms you, then check yourself in the name of OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST, Amen. Do not mix things. From the moment that you have access to this information, you must hands up from anything else that you used to believe in because this is the only way of making sure that you are worshiping THE FATHER GOD in spirit and in truth. It is the purest way and the SURE SELF situation. You do not need to meet King Solomon in person, believing that he will give you any physical thing. Just support and believe wherever you are because the WORD is there with you and that means THE FATHER GOD is there with you. This ‘MANUAL’ is connection to him by your POSITIVE THINKING and you have THOUGHT, therefore by reading this MANUAL you are connected to him and it means that you are connected to THE FATHER GOD. Through the WORD, you will see GOD the SPIRIT and through the WORD of this INFORMATION, you will have access to THE FATHER GOD in the spiritual way. And that means that all your problems are solved right now in spirit in soul and otherwise because I AM THE SURE SELF of your life if you believe this information in the name of OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST, Amen.



You will always testify if you are FAITHFUL to you CREATOR. You will write a lot of testimonies and send it to the spiritual library so that the whole world can benefit. By you documenting that since you have listened to the instruction of THE FATHER GOD and surrendered yourself to GOD everything is well in your LIFE and you are well PROTECTED others will take an example from you. You would explain that you have thrown away your rings, stopped all incantation, thrown away the evil alter in your room, in the secret place and stopped attending the gathering where you worship Satan. And you have stopped allowing people to cut your body and do all sorts of things to you. Rather, you stay wherever you are and THE FATHER GOD is with you. All that you need do is to confess your sin and stop practising evil and you are PROTECTED and COVERED. This is a WIRELESS coverage because I THE FATHER GOD THE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE is EVERYWHERE, HERE and THERE. You should read the lecture titled TRANSFORMER, TRANSMITTER AND WAVE and you will know that I THE FATHER GOD works everywhere around you because from the day that you BELIEVE in ME, you are MY PRESENT. If you ATTACH yourself to the SUPREME UMBRELLA OF GOD which is I THE FATHER GOD THE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE, THE SPIRIT that CREATED you is FATHER, what are you waiting for, or do you not believe? Do it and you will see the GLORY of GOD and you will have testimonies upon testimonies to share with others in the name of OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST.


There is no two, FATHER GOD THE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE. I AM THE ONLY ONE. From the spirit to the soul and from the soul to the physical manifestation, every human being that I have created has the WORD in him or her therefore; I do not send you to another person. Your father or mother, brother or sister or husband or wife or friend does not talk for you. You talk for yourself because when it comes to communication with THE FATHER GOD, you have the right to communicate from your THOUGHT to the WORD and through EVENTS around you. Be careful that when you THINK about GOD, you SPEAK about GOD and when you SPEAK about GOD, you must ensure that you DO practical acts about GOD. If you THINK about GOD and speak something different or SPEAK about GOD and DO something different then you have betrayed yourself and you have become a wanted person. If you THINK differently from what you SPEAK then you have became a wanted person and if you SPEAK and DO differently, you have also became a wanted person. When you have THINK and SPEAK the same, there is a greater tendency that the POWER of the TWO will have the majority vote and you will surely DO what is GOOD. The WORD is at the gate of every situation in life because the WORD is the MAKER. And that is why if any one stays any where and speaks negative WORDS about you, it will not have any effect on you because the WORD that you will speak would GATE KEEP and BARRIER all negativism.

What is evil? It is when people use the WORD to wish bad things for others. In fact, any evil practice is from the negative use of the WORD. However if you are correct then evil THOUGHT, WORD or ACTION has no link to you because there is no component of evil in you to attract their evil wish therefore it means nothing to you. You must know that LIGHT attracts LIGHT and birds of the same feather fly together. If you THINK badly about someone, the person will also think badly about you and then their evil wish will work around you. However when you THINK WELL about someone but the person does not wish you well, then when their negative wish comes to you, it will not have room in you because there is no attraction and your GOOD wish will send back the negative wish to the owner. This is the secret about the SPOKEN WORD. You see that! What you sow is what you reap. If you check, you will realise that anytime that you start to LOVE and ADMIRE someone who feels the same about you, and then whenever you think about calling that person or you pick the phone to call that person, the person will first call you. As far as your channel of communication is POSITIVE, then you will see wonderful things in your life because that is how THE FATHER GOD communicates with you. Today is a wonderful day because as soon as you have access to this lecture in any form, you are well blessed. This is a GUARANTOR for all THE FATHER GODS POSITIVE children on earth. I AM your ADAUSUNG, THE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE. ADAUSUNG means THE LEADER and therefore I LEAD in the spirit, soul and physical. You are leading things physically, the WORD leads in the spirit and I THE FATHER GOD LEADS THE SPIRIT, SOUL and PHYSICAL and I AM THE GATE therefore where would someone or something bypass ME when I AM GATE! That is what it is.


It is only when you BELIEVE that this instruction can work for you because everything is BELIEVE, BELIEVE and BELIEVE. BELIEVING is the only way of COMMUNICATION, ATTACHMENT and ACTIVATION. Before you can have FAITH of something, you must first BELIEVE and after that you will later speak well about what you BELIEVE in and then you can ATTACH FAITH. Without BELIEVING, you cannot have FAITH in something. If you have FAITH in something without BELIEVING, when the slightest problem arises, you will do away with it. There is no strong FAITH in anything that you do not BELIEVE. BELIEVING is the fundamental requirement of ATTACHMENT. It is all about BELIEVE, BELIEVE and BELIEVE therefore it only by BELIEVES this WORD that you BELIEVE in THE FATHER GOD. When you BELIEVE that the WORD is everything and you CELEBRATE and THANK the WORD by APPRECIATING the WORD then, you have signed on with ME as acknowledgment of THE FATHER GOD. As a result, I will receive the FRUIT OF MY LABOUR as THE CREATOR via the WORD. From this point, you will see that the glory of GOD will be revealed in you and through you because you will become MY PRESENT.



Evil is only having a home in you because of your

Negative word, lack of believing, doubting and asking

Questions as to why this and why that. Some people would be jealous because in every of THE FATHERS TALK, I talk about HRM King Solomon ETE. And also that I say that THE FATHERS TALK will take SUPREME in the whole universe. THE FATHERS TALK (GOD PRESENT) is the same as the HOLY BIBLE and THE FATHERS TALK is the same as THE EVERLASTING GOSPEL. The three stages of information is one but THE FATHERS TALK (GOD PRESENT) has come as summery of the HOLY BIBLE and the EVERLASTING GOSPEL OF THE FATHER which is the WORD OF THE HOLY SPIRIT OF TRUTH. When I posses King Solomon ETE and bring out this information from the Spiritual Library of GOD, it is not because he is very holy or because I have condemned other information. I have talked through many prophets of GOD, but this is the official TESTIMONY about the EVERLASTING GOSPEL, therefore you have to accept it. He is also the ACTIVATOR and the Sole Inspirational Head of THE UNIVERSAL SUPREME WORD SEASON CELEBRATION on earth, since his time as Abel. And he is the first man that built the first shrine of GOD therefore he is the one to build it this time. Every Solomon’s Soul that will come will put their hands towards this universal project. I have given the spirit of seventy two million Solomon’s Souls that will support him and that is the blessing that I have blessed him. That is the seventy two million of POSITIVE Solomon’s in the spirit, soul and physically in all generations for eternity and with that, the GLORY of THE FATHER GOD will surely manifest. This is how I create MY things from the spirit to the soul to the physical truth and then I leave it in the spiritual memory to come to pass whenever I wish.


This WORD is ME THE FATHER GOD because I AM THE WORD therefore I AM THE GUARANTEE for all POSITIVE human beings. If the POSITIVE WORD lives in you and you do not give death ears to it as you are hearing this WORD because of your arrogance saying that you are a pastor, a revered, a church leader, a president, a king and this and that, then this WORD is you GUARANTOR. However if you think as the above saying that you are this or that then you insult your CREATOR as the WORD that CREATED you and lives in you and whatever happens to you after that, blame yourself. This is the UNIVERSAL UMBRELLA, THE PROTECTOR and the GUARANTOR, THE SURE BANKER, THE SURE SELF, the LIBERTY, the FREEDOM and the INSURANCE that I have given to all humankind that LOVE themselves, LOVE THE FATHER GOD and LOVE one another.

Let MY PEACE and BLESSING abide with the entire world now and forever, more, Amen.





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