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In the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ

In the blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Now and forever more, Amen

As I always say, let every human heart be clean and clear and be with humility and understanding with LOVE to hear from THE FATHER GOD once again. If you have this faith and this belief then, the communication between you and I will flow very well.  However, if you withhold your heart from ME THE FATHER GOD by hiding yourself and having a double mind due to doubts and not believing in ME, then the communication of understanding will be influenced by your thoughts as you do not believe THE FATHER GOD. That is the reason I bring all manners of information and explanations about THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT).

You need to believe that THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) information is NOT motivated by cunning or by the human mind. It is NOT the WORD from a studio of carnality. It is NOT a broadcast by evil or by the second thought of a human being. THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) information is a direct broadcast, straight from THE FATHER GOD. They are broadcasted directly from the studio of THE FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY THE SUPREME WORD OF THE UNIVERSE.

All THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelations are direct from THE FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY THE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE and that is why THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) is referee as Lecture Revelations. This is because you do not need anyone to interpret any WORD of THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) to you. And that is why I call this WISDOM, ‘BEYOND THE HUMAN KNOW’.

When I EXIST, I WAS, WAS, WAS, this information was in existence with ME and that means that indirectly, I THE FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY THE SUPREME WORD OF THE UNIVERSE, AM revealing MYSELF to humankind once again. I do this so that you would not continue to think that I, THE FATHER GOD do not speak directly to and with human beings anymore. Most importantly, THE SUPREME FATHERS TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelations are NOT via any angel. They are not inspirational outcomes from one possessed by an angel or a ghost. They are directly from “THE SUPREME SILENT THOUGHT OF CREATION”, THE FATHER GOD’S ‘POSSESSING HEART’ THE UNIVERSAL SUPREME WORD. I TAKE OVER THE BODY, THE SOUL AND SPIRIT OF His Royal Majesty KING SOLOMON DAVID JESSE ETÉ the incarnated King Solomon David of Israel who was also incarnate ABEL the second son of Adam and the positive one, WHOM I NOW TALK THROUGH.

The particular Lecture Revelation that points out that this is Beyond What Human Know serves as a preface to all THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelations. This information should come before the main Lecture Revelation. You know that you are not reading the words of the chairman of your local council or the words of the leader of your church or the words of a president or a prime minister or the words of any human being. This information called THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) comes directly from ME THE FATHER GOD THE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE.

THE FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY is the SPIRIT that motivates THE WORD, that created THE WORD and made THE WORD come to be in existence. That is THE SPIRIT talking now as THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT).

The reason I AM bringing this particular short FATHERS TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelation,  is so that when you read, THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelations or listen to any of them by accessing them in anyway, do not attribute them to an ordinary vision or prophecy. This is not a discussion but Revelation Information from the Archive Record, THE KING SOLOMON SPIRITUAL LIBRARY- THE BOOM HEART OF THE FATHER GOD where all the information are kept. It is only when and how I want the information to come that the information will come.

It is not a case of starting to think about what to say and what to write or doing research. Therefore, when you read or listen to any of THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT)Lecture Revelations and you don’t believe, then at the end of the day, you have yourself to blame.


When I searched in the Spiritual Supreme Memory of MYSELF, which is where all hearts of human beings came from by creation, the percentage of seventy-five percent asked this question in spirit: What Is This Again? In other words, they are asking from where the information came. Who brings them out? That is why I AM bringing out this particular information to answer the question. It means that most of all hearts that is, seventy-five percent of all the hearts are asking THE FATHER GOD, What Is This Again.



When I physically attended to this job and finished it, I had to keep the record of MY WORK and the record could not come direct from MY human person personified. It had to come from The Servant as the Witness. And that Servant and the Witness must be motivated and interacted together with ME so that whatever He would say will not come from the human mind but will come from the heart of THE FATHER GOD. This Servant and Witness is His Royal Majesty (HRM) King Solomon David Jesse ETÉ. He is MY Servant and Witness that I AM directly involved with from the time of The Beginning when I LIVED BEYOND THE HUMAN KNOW.

BEYOND THE HUMAN KNOW is before creations.

BEYOND THE HUMAN KNOW is before even the SOUND that manifested THE SPOKEN WORD, a formulation by ME THE FATHER GOD in the ‘hidinan’ – the centre where the sound formed ‘GEN’ OF LIFE in the middle of the Akwavor.

 Akwavor is where I generated MYSELF on top of the water. You will see most of this information in other FATHERS TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelation.

Where I generated MYSELF and formed the steam of MY energy on top of the water is called akwavor. And MY energy brought out the sound and then the water from the steam rushed back to the deep called Odu Idem Abasi. When the water was rushing back to Odu Idem Abasi, the rushing force generated the sound and the energy of the sound produced the Gen of THE SPOKEN WORD “THE CREATOR”. And this place called Odu Idem Abasi (THE HARDWARE OF THE SPIRIT) is where the rushing force of energy of creation comes from and goes back before the sun breaks out the following day. That is why I AM telling you that this information is titled BEYOND THE HUMAN KNOW therefore THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) information is beyond the sphere of human beings. That is, it is the information that existed before the existence of creation.

There was nothing like human beings and there was nothing like souls. But there was something as something called SOMETHING, THE SUPREME THOUGHT (THE DIVINE LOVE, THE UNIVERSAL SUPREME WORD) that eventually came to be born as Our Lord Jesus Christ. That is the potency I used to create Adam and lived in Adam, as I THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT). When I say THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT), I mean -THIS SUPREME WORD. So, that is the answer to the question that seventy-five percent of the human souls ask as ‘What Is This Again?’

This is EVERLASTING TESTIMONY about THE SUPREME WORD OF THE UNIVERSE, THE PERSONIFIED HOLY SPIRIT OF TRUTH. This is the last information from THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY that humankind will live with and by for THE FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY. From THE FATHER GOD live by THE FATHER GOD and with THE FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY. Then everything will be THE FATHER GOD! THE FATHER GOD! THE FATHER GOD! FATHER! FATHER! FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY! Call no one FATHER except THE SUPREME FATHER. Of all the human beings on earth, it is one person that is THE FATHER. Also of the humans on earth it is only one person that is the Servant. These are the representative of the THOUGHT and the WORD. The body where those two things live called Adam is THE KING OF KINGS AND THE LORD OF LORDS. So, you have one FATHER and one LORD and that is THE KING OF KINGS and THE LORD OF LORDS. Every other person is a servant of THE FATHER GOD that is, sons and daughters of THE FATHER GOD. Therefore, with this Revelation you don’t need to ask, ‘What Is This Again’.

You know, yesterday, today and tomorrow I AM the same and because of that, you will NEVER know the way of THE FATHER GOD because the more you look the less you see.


This is not information of your father, your brother, your sister, your mother, your husband, your wife, your president, your King, your Queen or yourself. It is not! THIS IS INFORMATION FROM THE FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY, THE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE. It is NOT from angel. So, when you are reading or listening to the information clarify your heart.

In fact, I have said time without number that  the number of people and the human beings that will show respect whenever they come across THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelations will be so many. The GOD PRESENT, I put in THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK is to show you that I MYSELF THE SUPREME WORD OF THE UNIVERSE, AM THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelations. If you believe the contents of any piece of publication that carries THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelations that is Testimony about THE EVERLASTING GOSPEL, THE EVERLASTING WORDS OF GOD, THE SUPREME WORD OF THE FATHER GOD that has come to reconstruct the world, then you are blessed. By believing this testimony you are okay and I mean totally okay! Even, if you die, I can return you to the earth immediately to witness this WORD. I can do anything at all.


What are the fruits of The Holy Spirit? They are Love, Peace, Truth, Humility, Kindness, Oneness, Mercy, Patience, Life and Power. They are all the good things - all positive ways of life. All those fruits bear their own fruits that link to them that manifest them as the Fruits of the Holy Spirit. They have another seventy-two million characters of themselves plus twelve million times seventy-two million. All of them manifest the power and emotions of the Holy Spirit in everybody that believes in the Holy Spirit of Truth. Factually, you cannot bury the truth.

The True Teaching of LEADER OLUMBA OLUMBA OBU THE HOLY SPIRIT OF TRUTH PERSONIFIED as I AM talking now, I AM talking through the mouth of the one who believes LEADER OLUMBA OLUMBA OBU and that person is Solomon ETÉ. Right from the onset HE IS ABEL THE OFFSPRING OF ALL POSITIVISM. His Royal Majesty (HRM) King Solomon David Jesse ETÉ did everything he could to procure and preserve THE EVERLASTING GOSPEL, which I preached. He treasures them. He does not joke about those Gospels. The ones he can give freely to people he does. He did everything for the preservation of THE EVERLASTING GOSPEL. He values THE FATHER’S Gospels greatly. That is why I gave Him the Spirit of a True Witness. HE IS THE SENIOR CHRIST SERVANT, which is THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT). GOD does not do things anyhow with anybody. HE does things according to what you do because as you sow, you shall reap. Show ME anybody in this Brotherhood of the Cross and Star that treasures THE FATHER’S Gospels –The Everlasting Gospel as Solomon ETÉ. So, His Royal Majesty (HRM) King Solomon David Jesse ETÉ and The Everlasting Gospel are one. That is nothing but the truth and because of that, I use him to bear the record and to testify as a true witness of The Everlasting Gospel. And The Everlasting Gospel is Everlasting life. It is the Word of GOD; He is the Word of GOD. That is the reason I call His Office “The Senior Christ Servant” and anointed Him as a King, because his Master, his Father is The King of Kings and The Lord of Lords, and so the son is also a king. Many people do not like that. Does it matter at all? If you do not like The Truth, The Truth likes you. When you bow down to The Truth, the Truth sets you free. However, if you do not like the truth and do not accept the truth, even though the truth likes you, you remain in bondage and continue to be in a state of confusion.

When you talk about miracles happening again then you should know that this is the only miracle that can happen. There is no miracle again to occur. The TOTAL POTENCY of THE FATHER GOD is behind THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelations.

THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) information is to replace all negative information and energy on earth. THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) information has come to stay in three capacities in the spirit, the soul and the physical “THE WORD OF THE TRINITY GOD”. THIS IS THE SUPREME WORD OF THE UNIVERSE.

In the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ

In the blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Now and forever more, Amen



Preface                     05-15

Contents                  16-23

Chapter One            25-428


Part One                   27-40


A: The Power!           27-31

B: The Potency         31-33

C: The Energy          33-35

D: The Force            35-40

Part Two                  41-98

A: Formation Of Power 41-51

B: The Stages And Different

Modes Of Power        51-53

C: Spiritual Natural And

Physical Powers         53-58

D: The Manipulations Of

Power                      58-66

E: Positive And Negative

Powers                    66-72

F: The Work And The Result Of

Power                      72-94

G: I Am The Supreme Father

God Almighty The Power

The Power!               94-98

Part Three                99-145


Introduction            99-104

A: What Is Potency?  104-112

B: The Substances Of Power 112-118

C: Everything Is Safe If You

Believe                    118-125 

D: Potency Bypass     125-137

E: Recognition Of Power 137-139

F: Internal Power And

External Power          139-142

G: The Potency

Energizing And


Engineering              142-145

Part Four                  146-217

The Energy

Introduction            146-146

A: The Meaning Of Energy 147-148

B: The Stages And Different

Modes Of Energy             148-152

C: Spiritual Energy And

Physical Energy               152-157

D: The Manipulations Of

Energy                           157-186

E: Positive Energy And

Negative Energy              186-204

F: The Work Of Energy     205-214

G: I Am The Supreme Father

God Almighty The Source Of

Energy                           214-217

Part Five                         218-285


A: What Is The Force And The

Forces                           221-240

B: The Stages And Different

Modes Of Forces              240-254

C: Spiritual, Natural,

Physical Force And Forces 254-264

D: The Manipulation Of Force

And Forces                     265-266

E: Positive Force And

Negative Force And Forces      267-270

F: The Work Of Force And

Forces                           270-284

G: I Am The Supreme Father

God Almighty The Force

And The Forces               284-285

Part Six                           286-330


Introduction                   286-290

A: What Is The Action            290-297

B: The Stages And Different

Modes Of Actions (Acting

Forces)                          297-303

C: Spiritual Natural And Physical Acting Forces                           304-305

D: The Acting Circle Of Selves

And Manipulations           305-311

E: Positive Actions And

Negative Actions And

Reactions                       312-316

F: The Fullness Point Of

Action                            316-327

G: I Am The Supreme Father

God Almighty The Fullness 

Point Of Action                327-330

Part Seven                      331-359


Introduction                   331-333

A: What Is The Reaction   333-349

B: Stages And Different Modes

Of Reactions                   349-350

C: The Spiritual Natural And Physical Reactions                    351-352

D: The Manipulation Of Activity And Reactions                     352-354

E: Positive Reactions And Negative Reactions                       354-356

F: The Work And Result    357-358

G: I Am The Supreme Father

God Almighty The Action And Reaction Entity                             359-359

Part Eight                       360-415 


Introduction                   360-364

A: What Is Hit And Heat   364-387

B: The Stages And Different

Modes Of Hit And Heat     388-399

C: Spiritual Natural And

Physical Hit And Heat       399-405

D: The Manipulation Of Hit

And Heat                        405-406

E: Positive And Negative Hit

And Heat.                       406-407

F: The Word As The Source Of

Hit And Heat                   407-413

G: I The Supreme Father God

Almighty Control The

Hit And The Heat             413-415

Conclusions       Part            416-428

The Supreme Father God Almighty Is All Things

Conclusion A                  416-420

Why Have I Given This Lecture Revelation?

Conclusion B                  420-423

The End Of All Negative Powers

Conclusion C                  423-428

Omnipotent – I Am The Omnipotent Supreme Father God Almighty

Chapter Two                   429-515 


A: Introduction               431-441

B: Spiritual Transformer  

Of God Inbuilt In Human  442-459

C: Natural Transformer

In The Human Beings       460-463

D: Spiritual Transmitter    463-478

E: Natural Conductor And Interaction

Component (Ic)               478-494

F: The Spiritual And

Natural Wave                  494-498

G: Spiritual Supreme And

Super Connection            7498-505

Conclusion A: The Above Including, Transformer, Transmitter, Wave,

Ic, Can Be Positive           506-509

Conclusion B: Human Freewill And A Pure Heart Is What I Need             509-512

Conclusion C: Self Inbuilt Recharging Power                            512-515

Chapter Three                517-584


A: Introduction         520-522

B: The Traffic Light          522-528

C: Go Slow [Hold Up]       528-541

D: Pass Sign On              542-545

E: The Spiritual              

Communication               545-550

F: Journey From And To   551-558

G: Successful Arrival To Final

Destination Of Life           558-566

Conclusion A: The Key For

All The Above                  566-569

Conclusion B: Spiritual Assignment On Earth                           570-571

Conclusion C:

Your Spiritual Direction, The How To Of Your Life                             571-577

STOP AND WAIT FOR THE GREEN LIGHT--                              578-584

Chapter Four                  585-613


Introduction                   587-593

A: Now You Are With The Supreme

Father God Almighty        594-596

B: God’s Power Is With

Those Who Love Him       596-600

C: Test The Holy Spirit

Power In You              600-601

D: The Power Of The Supreme Father

God Almighty Is Supreme 601-602

E: One With The Supreme Father God Almighty Is With The Supreme

Power Of God                 602-603

F: No Failure In The Supreme

Power Of The Supreme Father God

Almighty                        604-605

G: All Powers Must Bow To The

Supreme Power Of God    605-607

Conclusion A:                 607-611

The Divine Power Shocks All Evil

Conclusion B:                 611-612

Do Not Try Children Of God

Conclusion C:                 612-613

All Faithful Children Of

God Are On The Solid Rock

Chapter Five                   614-622


Chapter Six                     623-658


The creative power of WORD

Chapter Seven                659-680


Chapter Eight                  680-688

The Index Of The Father’s Talks





Chapter One






Friday, Fifteenth May Year Two Thousand and Nine (15.05.2009)


Part One

In the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ, In the Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Now and forevermore

Today! It pleases ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY to give this Lecture Revelation. The title is, THE POWER AND HOW THE POWER WORKS.



WHAT IS THE POWER? What is the whole concept of THE POWER?

Today! I AM using this opportunity to explain and to expatiate on this point to let the whole world, all human races, especially Human-Gods know the actual meaning of THE POWER AND HOW THE POWER WORKS. I may not go through the different chapters, but I will touch the vital points of what THE POWER is, who is THE POWER AND HOW THE POWER WORKS.

MY wish always is that all human beings should have access to the information of THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelations. However, the lucky ones that have access to this ongoing Lecture Revelation, should give full attention to it. The reason I said ‘lucky ones’ is because some length of time will pass before this information circulate to reach every soul. For the meantime however, those who are lucky to access this Lecture Revelation at this earlier time should give and pay full attention to the contents herein. You should open your mind. Request from ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY to give you humility of heart to listen attentively and the concentration to absorb this information into your soul. The information will be of great benefit to you both spiritually and physically.

THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelation I AM giving this day is vital as I said, and of immense benefit to your soul and your physical life. It is for you to understand how people manipulate things wrongly and WHO IS THE POWER AND HOW MY POWER WORKS. Furthermore, this Lecture Revelation of today is to enhance all humans’ mind and to correct them. It is also for all human beings to know how they tread with ME THE SUPREME POWER.

Power generally, represent variant things of different concept as well as many things of related expressions and ideologies. Odudu! in the original language is the English word ‘power’.

Words and sentences of any one language mean the same thing in all other languages. In other words, a word in one language may be differently said or stated in another language but the meaning is the same.

POWER! Specifically is about ME THE OMNIPOTENT where everything came from. THE POWER means HE IS THE SPIRIT. THE POWER means ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY.



Everything lies with THE POWER! Nothing exists without THE POWER!  EXISTENCE is THE POWER! I AM THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY THE SUPREME POWER! Everything surrenders to ME THE SUPREME POWER! And all things are manipulated and controlled by ME THE SUPREME POWER!



Today! I AM going to expiate THE POWER to both the Wide Angle and the Nearer Angle of THE POWER! Therefore, listen attentively. Open your ears, your eyes and your mind. Open all yourself to take in this information. Allow your spirit to come back to you from wherever it roamed and focus your attention on this WORD, so that by the time you have listened to or read and assimilated this information of THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelation, THE POWER AND HOW THE POWER WORKS, your soul had benefited because you understood what the whole information is about.


In this section I will address the meaning of POTENCY when it comes to THE POWER! When WE talk about THE POWER! in this context it is ‘THE OMNIPOTENT’ where everything came from. Then we will come to know about POTENCY in relation to POWER.

What is the meaning of POTENCY and what is the meaning of POWER? They are different words but of related contextual expression. Power means the same thing of many things. The English word ‘power’ in the original language is ‘odudu’.

POWER is an encompassment. POTENCY means the radiation, the actual POWER encapsulated. Similarly, when we hold discussions about GOD, about THE SPIRIT, about THE WORD and about LIFE what do all that mean? The Subjects are of the same categorization or classification as well as variance of one thing. They all mean THE SPIRIT. And all these SPIRITS mean ME, THE SUPREME FATHER. Nonetheless, if I say, “FATHER” people do not understand that to mean THE SPIRIT. If I talk about “ALLTHINGS” people would say, ‘oh, everything’, and do not know that HE IS THE SPIRIT means EVERYTHING. Therefore, when WE talk about the POTENCY here, it is expatiation of POWER the actual meaning of POWER. The ingredient of POWER is the POTENCY, the actual heat that makes POWER to exist. WE will discuss POTENCY in full here after this Introduction.


This is another word connected with POWER. It is another encompassing word and interrelated with POWER. What is THE POWER? What is the Potency and what is the Energy? Both Potency and Energy mean POWER!

Sometimes when you eat any type of food or had a specific kind of drink, and developed sweetness for that food or drink, you have formed a sweet mouth for that food or drink. Sweet mouth and sweetness could be interpreted as the same thing, however, there is slight difference in meaning to them. Somebody for instance, who likes to eat something that is bitter has sweet mouth for bitter tasting food because in his or her system, the inbuilt palette is to like bitter things. Hence, this person would use sweet mouth to finish a whole bottle of bitter liquid. And you could witness this character ingesting the bitter food so sweetly with no idea that the person was indeed eating bitter food. You realized the bitterness of the food only when you happened to taste the food. And your instant compulsion was to spit it out. That means you do not have sweet mouth about that bitter tasting food or drink.

Similarly, somebody who likes things that are very sweet always use sweet-mouth to eat and enjoy that very sweet food. Sweet-mouth is the likeness, while the sweetness is the actual taste of that thing. Consequently, sweet-mouth and sweetness are different in meaning but the same in expressing similar things. Without explaining sweetness and the sweet-mouth certain minds would not have such understanding. Thus, a sentence can be one thing and yet have another meaning.

Potency and Energy are the same as POWER! but the ‘ingredients’ in them differentiate the sweetness and the sweet-mouth, in the sense of what they stand for before they manifest the actual POWER.

Energy also has Potency, but the Potency is THE POWER, the round figure, the completion. Potency is the spiritual part of THE POWER not hearable, not seenable and unknown. That is the ONE that is the more you look the less you see. The Energy of that Potency can manifest action. Therefore, the Energy is the actual thing the Potency brings out, the flavour yielded, which manifests the heat as the Force.


Force, Potency, Energy are all related to THE POWER!

As I previously explained to the question ‘what is energy’ similar response goes to, WHAT IS THE FORCE. Force is attachment energy that manifests the potency of power. Every manifestation of power, which is the potency, has attachment force manifesting the energy and attached to that manifestation. But it is indwelling or silently abiding. Without the POTENCY, which is THE POWER there will be no energy attached to the manifestation. And without the energy there will be no force.

The force manifests the action of hitting. The motion of striking is the exertion of the force or energy. That is why these components viz., Potency, Energy, Force, line up to demonstrate the completion of Power. That is the meaning of Force!

The action of hit produced reaction of heat from the potent impact of the forceful throwing. The throwing to hit; forced to hit; heat the power; power it! – are all potency. Potency manifests the energy. Energy manifests the force.

 The action of force manifests dynamic reactions of either dislike or like. When reaction takes effect, and has volatile result, then the application of such force is not conducive action, but where reaction produced a stable result, then the action and reaction activities are suitable.

Therefore, if reactive outcome of action is not volatile, meaning that stable reactivity was the outcome that means the systems cooperated or accepted the action upon it. But before that is stated the result will come from the manifested heat.

When action of hitting an object or striking force is applied to say, a hard surface kpoaah! the force of the strike manifests the heat that brought out the sound. The sound then produced reaction. People around either quake or clap their hands depending on what the sound represented. The sound always represents either acceptance or aversion. That is the heat from the hit.

This preface as the Introduction Section of this Lecture Revelation is an insight of what you are going to hear. This unfolding information is so deep in a way that only the advanced mind, the rearranged human beings, the Higher Conscious people – Higher Self, that are likely to understand and therefore benefit greatly from this information of THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelation. That is why I gave you the invitation to purify your heart and humble yourself to enable you benefit from this information. And if you assimilate this Word that is direct from ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY into you to benefit your soul that means your entire family, the entire nation and certainly the entire human beings have also benefitted. It is from that point that the whole world will benefit from this Lecture Revelation as well. And do not forget that people will always ask the reason this information and indeed all THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) information are called Lecture Revelation. I AM THE HOLY SPIRIT OF TRUTH WHO delivers and expatiates all the information of THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) directly.

This Lecture Revelation and all THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelations come directly from ME THE HOLY SPIRIT OF TRUTH. They did NOT and do NOT come from any human being’s ideology. And since they all come from ME THE HOLY SPIRIT OF TRUTH each is a Lecture Revelation. You can call them Study Texts. Every information of THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelations is an eye opener.

When you are reading any material of THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelations, and do not understand any point immediately, do not give up. Continue to read on. You do not need to ask anybody questions about it and seeking explanation(s). The reason is because there is power attached to all the Lecture Revelations. All THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelations and most certainly all the WORDS of THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY are powers and can generate more understanding in you when you learn from any of the Lecture Revelations.

If you humble yourself and accept and believe this WORD, surrender your heart into this WORD, then you can know more than what this book will tell you because I AM THE EXPANSION OF HEART called the HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS. You will move from low stage to the higher. By the time I cover your heart you will understand that: I AM THE LIVING GOD. THE LIVING WORD. THE LIVING MAN. THE ENLARGING SELF in your own self. That is why I AM THE SOLE SPIRITUAL FATHER, THE SPIRIT that motivates your mind. It is only when you close the door against the goodwill, which is THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY’S words then, you lose. If, however, you open your heart to this goodwill, this good news then you will benefit a lot, more than what you expected.

This so far is the Introduction Part of this information, THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelation titled THE POWER! AND HOW THE POWER WORKS.


Part Two




THE POWER! is called Bring Together, being one, Comport, Inclusion, Value; Bembem Frimatin Frimatimbem! Bembem Frimatin Frimatimbem, meaning, THE POWER inside POWER manifested POWER – THE POWER HIMSELF THE SOREAL before THE REALSO AND AMISO.

The actual meaning of THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY or THE CREATOR, THE EXISTENCE is THE POWER! Without THE POWER! nothing would exist, and you would not be here to do what you are doing now. Everything is based on this POWER.

POWER IS ESSENCE OF GOD. You cannot call it Energy. You cannot call it Potency. Call it POWER! because POWER IS THE EMBODIMENT OF THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY, an encompassing WORD, the comprehensive inclusion of what WE are going to discuss today from THE KING SOLOMON SPIRITUAL LIBRARY. This information was long embedded in that ENDLESS MEMORY of THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY, but born today for the first time in this manner.

So, in the physical manifestation, what is THE POWER?

THE POWER is THE WORD. THE UNIVERSAL SUPREME WORD is THE POWER! THE WORD is the manifestation of THE POWER! Pronouncements! That is why what THE WORD entails is so BIG and so GREAT. However, what is it that made THE WORD become manifest in the first place? The manifestation of POWER made THE WORD to manifest. Hearable things are THE POWER HIMSELF. That is what we are going to hear now.

This Lecture Revelation may not be as lengthy as envisaged nevertheless, it is going to be very interesting and meaningful to help you rearrange your mind to know where you are heading with your life.

THE POWER! - People talk about Power! What sort of Power are you looking for? What type of Power do you request from ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY? What type of Power do you have?

I MYSELF THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY AM THE LIMITLESS POWER. All other powers have limits. I AM POWER UNLIMITED! Every other thing has limitations. And everything that has limitation is subordinate because they are subject to the higher authority.

People claim they have power. You do not have any power! Nobody has any power! ALL POWERS IN HEAVEN AND ON EARTH BELONG TO THE SUPREME WORD OF THE UNIVERSE. HE is the only thing that can boast of POWERS. All Energy, all Potencies, all Forces, actions and reactions are based on the command. And who is THE COMMANDER of and in all things, the Commander of the armed forces, commander of and in all existence?




I explained previously that THE FORMATION OF POWER came from THE WORD. Other powers, all authorities, all potencies have energy from THE SUPREME POWER. And physically THE POWER that gave birth to all other powers via the Spoken Word or your mind, which is THE SUPREME THOUGHT OF CREATIONS, is THE POWER OF PRONOUNCEMENTS that created office of authorities. So, when the WORD says from today you are president of a country. From that time of pronouncement, you are given that crown of power. That is the office of Christhood.

The Office of Christ is an authority, an ordained office, approved thing or anointed. Ordained! If one is ordained what does it mean? What is the meaning of being ordained? It is the conferment of power, the office, the authority given to one so anointed.

CHRIST is the HIGHEST OFFICE, which has GREAT POWER. Apart from ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY as THE SUPREME POWER MYSELF, the only Phenomenon I authorized to use MY POWER - THE POWER OF THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY is Christ. That is the reason you heard, “All powers in Heaven and on Earth have been given to ME.” That is the meaning of that sentence. “All powers in Heaven and on earth have been given to ME.” Whether you call it human power, God POWER, indeed, any type of power at all, Christ of THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY controls all of them.

Who is this CHRIST of THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY? HE is THE KING OF KINGS AND THE LORD OF LORDS. HE IS THE SPOKEN WORD. HE IS THE UNIVERSAL SUPREME WORD of whom I ordered all humanities to acknowledge and to celebrate and honour. It is a MUST that you do that. HE IS THE LIFE FORCE, THE LIVING ENERGY OF ALL THINGS, THE SUPREME BEING, THE CHRIST OF THE LIVING GOD WHO IS THE SON OF THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY, THE FIRST BEGOTTEN SON OF GOD. HE IS THE SUPREME WORD OF THE UNIVERSE, through whom THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY’S Families established in various capacities viz., living organisms, living creatures as well as all other things, including the firmaments, the sun and the moon and all other planets. They were all established and manipulated through the Force of The Spoken Word, the Force of Creation.

The formations of THE POWER are of dimensions or scopes. The dimensions are SPIRITUAL POWER, SOUL POWER and PHYSICAL POWER. And they came out from The Supreme Entity called THE SILENT THOUGHT OF CREATIONS.

THE POWER HIMSELF is THE SILENT THOUGHT OF CREATION that manifested THE SPOKEN WORD and this SPOKEN WORD is Force of Creations that owns all the POWERS. That is the Energy that manifest THE POTENCY of THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY, THE POWER HIMSELF.

Everybody must know by now that in the beginning was the AIR, the unheard-able SPIRIT silently in dual general operations, that is THE SPIRIT that exists without beginning and without end. There was not a time that THE SPIRIT did not exist. HE IS THE FATHER is THE SPIRIT.

What is called THE SPIRIT is an UNKNOWN THING, unheard-able, unseen-able and untouchable. There is even no idea about THE SPIRIT. Nonetheless, that SPIRIT that PHENOMENON that EXISTENCE formed ITSELF. THE SPIRIT engineered ITSELF to structure The Formation of Powers before commencing the creation of things. 

The Formation of Powers started in the physical realms to become from Real to Realso (For full info. on Real/Realso see: TSFT(GP)LR: titled: ASTROTS AND INNERSTROTS).

To become Realso, I, THE SPIRIT projected MYSELF and formed The SUPREME AIR and generated MYSELF and then I formulated MYSELF as SUPREME FORMATION. When I generated MYSELF of MYSELF I then, formed the HEAT - the physical HEAT. The physical heat became extremely and intensely hot and that formulated the dew as air. This dew as air and the heat are the actions and the result. While I AM heating MYSELF, I AM also cooling MYSELF. That process formed the dew, which dropped and formed the WATER, MY HARDWARE SELF. That was the first formula on how I formed the Physical Power. And when I formed the physical power, the Spirit AIR was no longer hot. It became air because then it has become dew. So, I, THE SPIRIT AIR continued to generate on top of the WATER and formed the heat to produce sound.

MY aim for the processes as I revealed in so many Information of THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelations and elaborately in the publication, HE IS THE FATHER was to produce physical creations and rest on them as forces through MY Energy Potencies.

I AM THE POWER that generated the heat and formed dew, which eventually became lots of water. The energy, which is the heat that formed from THE POWER of MYSELF is the Potency. When that Potency formulated water as accumulated dew then, the Potency rested on top of the water and become the air. And that Air is the Energy. Then the energy started generating. Prior to that there was no generation of energy. It was only one-way heat. That heat gave ME the second body, which is adikpo meaning sweat. The heat caused the production of adikpo – sweats. The word adikpo is sweat. When I heat up MYSELF I sweated and formed the dew, which eventually manifested as MY Hardware-SELF, WATER.

This heat is the potency. The heat formed MY sweat, which is the dew as I cool down the heat through the air. And cooling down automatically became double energy air and water that generated together. What was this leading ME to? It led ME from silent to speaking, to voice, for the not-hearable to become hearable. The Potency had given ME physical thing – WATER, something could be seen.

I was not heard and not seen but after the heating process I became seenable but not hearable. To become hearable, I, THE SPIRIT generated MY Software Male Self called Spiritual Self as AIR on top of the Female Self called hardware, which is the feminine part of MYSELF called WATER to bring out another SELF called SOUND or VOICE.

The Sound is the Self that produced Voice that sounded like HE and HER thus Hee – Hee - Hee – Hee – He – He – He and Her – Her – Her – Her – Her – Her – Her. Those were the sounds produced by the wave of energy of the Water. The Wave is energy generating from the POTENCY of MY POWER as the FORCE of Air on the Water.

When the energies AIR and WATER generated together the FORCE that came out from the generating energies is the SOUND. When the SOUND was not meaningful it was still the force of energy because though there was sound it was just noise manipulated by the heat. There was no meaningful statement from that sound. There was no clarity to decipher the sound. The sound was acting as force in the silent mode. Since the SOUND acted as force in the silent mode I had to progress from there.

From the SOUND came the VOICE. From the VOICE we have the WORD, which manifested all creations. I do not want to dwell so much on this, but I AM just giving you a little insight on how THE POWER came to be in the physical life.



When the SOUND became meaningful from announcing hee – her – hee – her – hee – her then decipherable words resulted. Full information on the Formation of Sound is in the publication of THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) HE IS THE FATHER.

He - Her had the energy from Oxygen and Hydrogen. Nitrogen is the middle energy from the SOUND - the SOUND manifested by the WAVE. The wave is the acting force of energy from THE SUPREME THOUGHT. The potency of the energy formed and generated together. The potency is all being power.

THE POWER can remain calm would not do anything, but remain latent there. That is what is called POWER! However, the first action of THE POWER is to bring out Potency, the actual thing that is inside of THE POWER that made THE POWER what it is - THE POWER it is. That Potency - the fruit of that potency formulated the energy through the WATER and the AIR. That energy then manifested The Force and the forces of energy and so many other things. That is the reason for this sub heading, The Stages of Different Modes of Power.

I have now revealed how THE POWER started in the physical reality. I, THE SPIRIT went through processes to achieve the different stages (for instance Air, Heat, Dew, Water, and Sound. Then THE POWER divided itself into different modes for instance, higher mode, lower mode, silent mode, noisy mode and so on and so forth, as you can see the way power operates. The operation of power in both the human way and the spiritual way is the same. However, in the human manner of operation of power, it entails what you can touch with your hands, what you can lay hand on and you can toy with it. The spiritual way is contrary to that. It is what you cannot toy with. THE SPIRIT controls the spiritual ways. So, in The Stages of Different Modes of Power, everything develops to suit everything according to the mind and idea of what any individual person wants to do. In MY Spiritual aspect of the processes, all what I wanted was to have physical creations. And to address the question of, ‘how do I achieve that?’ was the purpose of the processes.



Spiritual, Natural and Physical Powers are one Power divided into three capacities. You know about the spiritual that it is unknown area. You even know that THE SPIRIT is unheard-able, unseen-able and untouchable but had made HIMSELF heard-able, seen-able and touchable.

THE SUPREME ENERGY generated the AIR and pumped the WATER then the SOUND manifested. And then there was the possibility of seeing. From there the touchable became possible. Anything that is seen, became possible to touch. Therefore, since it was possible to see the object, it became possible that it can be touched. And since we can touch, we can then hear. And what do we touch? We touch the WATER. And what do we hear? We hear the AIR. Then the AIR and WATER generated the SOUND, the physical sound that made creations possible and were brought forth. The WATER and the AIR became heard-able and touchable with the WORD. Everything then became complete. It was then to move into different stages of force. That is why there are SPIRITUAL, NATURAL AND PHYSICAL POWERS.

Spiritual Power is what I have just finished explaining. Everything on earth first existed in the spirit but the improvement of that existence is also engineered physically. When a thing – a creation is brought forth from the spiritual state to the natural- spiritual state and then such a creation manifested physically here on earth, what is heard is natural and being physical then it can be seen. However, things that are not possible to hear and cannot be seen are in the spiritual state.

The spirit brings natural things and natural things manifest physical things. Natural things are likely to be seen because they are natural. However, with spiritual things it is not possible to see what is going on in the spirit unless you dreamt and had the soul part of the actual thing.

The Spiritual state of things is when THE SPIRIT formulated things and put them in the spiritual realm. The Spiritual realm is the Soul World or the Soul Planet. The Spiritual realm does not only pertain to the SPIRIT alone. The Spiritual realm is relevant to all planets.

The Water planet is a spiritual realm. Physically you may go there but you may not know a lot of things there. In view of that, the Water Planet is a part of spiritual realm too, but it is also linked to natural world because there are natural things in the Water just as there are also lots of spiritual things in the Water Planet.

This world is a Natural World but there are also spiritual things in this world because without the spiritual aspect, this world would never be a Natural World. The aspects in-between the spiritual and the physical here is the natural. And in the natural state the physical object can be seen. And in the spiritual state the natural aspect can be seen. That is the reason there are three capacities of stages working together to produce light in all generality.

When you listen to this WORD what do you think? Think about ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY spiritually and think about ME also THE NATURAL PHENOMENON, which are the events that took place when I made the pronouncements through MY POWER! And they came to existence. They materialized the physical things. Man is physical. Then that man that is physical is natural.

There is Spiritual-Natural and Physical-Natural. I, THE SPIRIT formed the SOUL and the SOUL brings natural things. Everything I, THE SPIRIT THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY made in the first hand are SPIRITUAL OBJECTS. They are SOULS. Then everything that materializes from the SOUL becomes natural objects. And all the things that the natural objects manifested here on earth are possible to behold physically. That is how things work and they all work together and are together.

I created the AIR, which is the LIFE in you to maintain the Natural and the Physical. What is in you is the WORD. In you there is the BLOOD and in you there is the WATER. And these three phenomenal materials, Word, Blood and Water in you represent ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY and are called Trinity on Earth that is, God of The Earth. Human beings are Gods of the Earth. You are not ordinary creations. All human beings on earth are not ordinary creations because you are Spiritual, you are Natural, and you are Physical. The Spiritual in you is The Spoken Word, the LIFE. The Natural in you is the growing. Human beings grow. And then you – man the image – beheld object is physical you.

A human being did not make you. Even though your mama gave birth to you and you grew and continued to grow, your mama does not know how you come to be growing. She knows that she needs to bath you, feed you and generally take care of you physically, but your actual growing and to be alive is none of her making. She has no hands there. That is the Natural part of you.

The Physical in you is the manipulation of your parents who feed you, cloth you, shelter you and generally take care of you. And you are beheld as the blood and water. That life in you is ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY.

That is how I, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY engineer Spiritual, Natural and Physical Power.



I know that as children that copy their parents, every human being wants to know things. Children are inquisitive wanting to know lots of things. Human beings are always in quest of knowledge and discovery, invention, innovation of one thing or another. They always ask, “Why? Why? Why? Why this? Why that?” To answer the foreseen question of ‘why’ I established death. I, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY established death because of the ‘why, why, why’.

Death is a source for multiplication and improvement, as you continue to visit the earth. I did not establish death as a bad thing. However, what made death become bad is because it had to come through the force and that is mixed with good and evil. If Adam and Eve did not disobey ME and if Satan did not deceive them, humankind would not die this manner of physical death. It would have been, just sleep and wake and change.

MY original plan was that when any person became old and weak, I would just put the person to sleep for some period and when the person woke up everything became renewed in them. However, it became apparent that mankind did not want that magical higher format of growth. They had to resort to the lower form, which is the pregnancy of a woman through the act of union being copulation. Thus, human kind multiplied through that manner. That very, very, very low way becomes the means human beings had to use to bring themselves forward. Coming and going on earth through that manner that is very low, the humankind becomes a very, very low thing. Until mankind grows, and the spiritual capacity of the humankind grows along, that is only when mankind will become important. Apart from that you are a child. And since the whole human beings are children what can I do with you? I cannot do anything yet with you. Even though ye are Gods you are low and need to grow.

Jesus Christ was the Messiah. Jesus Christ was the Creator but without HIM growing spiritually to act, as you are hearing this information of THE POWER! AND HOW THE POWER MANIPULATES THINGS, then things would not have worked.

I AM THE SUPREME POWER! THE SUPREME FORCE! THE POTENCY! I have the way I manipulate THE POWER! I manipulate POWER according to the size, time and goodwill. I do not just start like that. For instance, if a child does not know how to drive a car and have no clue at all about the mechanisms of a car and you put that child in the driver’s seat to steer, drive and control the car maybe after you started the engine running or maybe the child started the car, what do you think would happen? The child then thrusts his foot at the accelerator and the force of response of the engine is a huge jolt. The child is not able to control the car, cannot steer the car well and bang! the car has smashed into something. To guard against any such harm happening, a child who is not up to a certain age is not allowed to drive a car no matter how clever that child is. But when the child grows up to the stage where he can learn to manipulate a car then the process can take place.

After the child is taught how to drive and had mastered the act of driving he can then generally control the car and so drive carefully and safely.

Any human being no matter how small in built, can propel a machine as huge as an aero plane. The person only had to learn the controls and other necessary things in relation to flying the machine to become a pilot. The trained pilot can then mount the seat of any aero plane he or she was trained for.

The Manipulation of Power is from the enlarged mind. The Manipulation of Power is from the indwelling, having understanding, steadiness of mind and control of the thoughts, eyes, ears, hands and legs. You must have good comport and be in control of all the parts of your body as well as your system before you can manipulate power. The power that comes through the lower self is different from the power that comes through the Higher Self.

I AM THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY THE POWER - THE POWER is ME. THE POWER knows when you have not grown in spirit. When you have no understanding, THE POWER knows. THE POWER will not inject HIS full SELF into your heart or into your system when HE knows that if you have HIM, you are likely to curse people and things and as a result destroy things.

In the past when the angels and the elementary man called prophets or certain people like kings and queens controlled the world, they used power to destroy lots of things and said it was ME, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY. Yes, of course those Powers are God’s but not ME, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY.

I AM revealing MYSELF now because since I AM THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY and I know how to manipulate and control THE POWER! I do not do things anyhow. In contrast, angels do things as the messengers they are.

Let’s say you delegated debt collection duty to one of your staff or a trusted person as a representative. And then a debtor did not present himself well when your representative approached him to make good his debt. Maybe he became arrogant; maybe he became annoyed and very angry and would not pay the money. Then your debt collector took charge because he was acting on your behalf to collect the money for you. And by taking charge he resorted to taking the kind of drastic actions you probably would not permit him to take if you knew. But because you gave the debts collector the power to collect money your debtors owed you, he then exercised excessive power on your debtors.

The same thing is applicable to any other person or group of persons you authorized or permitted to act on your behalf on any errand you sent them. They could go there and take some radical actions that are against your person, which if you knew you would not permit them to take. However, since you gave them The Power to go and collect the money owed you or to carry out any errand they acted as they pleased.

People who have not grown in spirit portray immaturity. They do not practice ‘Love One Another’.

They do not have patience

They do not have mercy.

They do not have love.

They do not have kindness.

They do not advocate peace.

They do not have humility.

When you have power, but do not have these good virtues to control your emotions, you misuse the power. As a result, you end up destroying yourself and your soul. However, if you have self-awareness and comportment, understanding, wisdom, love, kindness; if you are peaceful, merciful and have all the rest of the good virtues which are the fruits of the holy Spirit you stand to benefit greatly because they are all energies that help you to manipulate power in the real way. 

Power is just like somebody who for instance, gave you some pieces of cassava or yam tuber but did not give you soup or the sauce to eat the cassava or the yam with. And not even were you given any ingredients necessary to prepare the sauce and have a good meal of the cassava or yam. Maybe you do not even have anything to just roast the cassava or the yam or maybe potato to eat on its own. You cannot eat raw yam or raw cassava or raw potato. The manner the item of food say, yam, was given to you from all intents and purposes indicated it was not given to you to eat right at that moment. Maybe the yam was given to you to take home and gather the ingredients yourself and cook it. Or that you should plant it or that it was up to you whatever you chose to do with the yam because yam is yam. So, if such is the case then, you needed to find a way to cook your yam to suit you. Without that you cannot eat the yam. Or you could decide to replant the yam.

The Manipulation of Power is for those who have self-awareness and have grown in spirit and have love. They are the calibre of people I, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY give POWER! And I give them the Spirit to manipulate the POWERS I give them. I give them the ability to control the powers in the real way.

Manipulation of Powers are undertaken in so many ways. I AM going to reveal a lot of that in this Lecture Revelation. The actual reason I AM giving this information of THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelation is to show you how human beings manipulate powers including negative powers, positive powers, Power of God, Power of evil and many other things. They are all powers are heat from hit.



THE POWER under discussion comprises Positive and Negative. And these two types of powers materialize actions physically. The results come to physical reality, from REAL to REALSO and from REALSO to AMISO.

Power is subject to manipulations. In other words, power cannot work by itself without the manipulations. The Potency of THE POWER when generated finds a way to generate itself and to bring out THE SPOKEN WORD. And THE WORD being The Christ is THE CREATOR that uses the same POWER to create as the Manager in THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY’S Office. THE WORD is THE CHRIST, The Manager in THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY’S Office. The Christ being the Manager, being THE SPOKEN WORD, is the ONE that administers these powers.

The Positive Power and Negative Power both came out from THE POWER! Those who have self-awareness and have grown in understanding use Positive Power from the same POWER to operate. And such manipulations will yield positive results. In contrast, if you are very low in nature, which is that you have no love, you do not promote peace, you have no understanding and no wisdom, then you will manipulate the same POWER but in a negative way, in other words, evil way and produce negative results. There is therefore, THE POWER itself and then there are the various results from manipulating THE POWER, which are still powers.

For instance, electricity is power – energy power. The powerhouse is the location or site for the electric power generation from where electricity is distributed to the public in general, to power all sorts of electrical equipment and for various other usages. Central to the powerhouse is the generator that converts energy for instance, mechanical energy, chemical energy or heat energy into electrical energy. Transformers change the voltage of the power to high and low voltage according to what is needed at a substation and for offices and residential houses. Other things that make up the powerhouse include liquids, magnets, and wires for electrical circuit and as Conductors.

Whether it is to function waterfall or dam or hydropower and so on, a generator is the basic requirement including other components like petrol or diesel or fuel or even water is used to generate the energy. The components react together and then started to generate by making noise, either silently or noisily. That quiet humming or noisy vibration is the generating force that brings out the current of energy. The generated current of energy is the electric energy used to power many electrical things. Things powered can be positive or negative but THE POWER! ITSELF is Positive. POWER can never be negative, but the manipulations and the use of Power can result either positive or negative.

I revealed in one of THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelations that the leaves processed to produce cocaine, a highly concentrated and sophisticated narcotic drugs, are for curing wounds as well as used to ward off evil in the natural state of the plant. But when these leaves are plucked and eaten physically they intoxicate. The leaves are very potent. When eaten the leaves become evil inside the body because they are not meant for ingestion but for cure of outside of the body and or for the cleansing of atmosphere to ward evil off. As the raw leaves used for cocaine are highly potent and therefore dangerous for intake so also the result of sugar or honey mixed with water and put through distillation process to obtain flammable liguid, alcohol.

When honey or sugar or any sweet thing is added to boiling water, and the mixture left for more than seven days or weeks, the mixture will then ferment. When the mixture undergoes distillation, the outcome is a highly concentrated colorless liquid called alcohol, an intoxicating drink and no longer just water and sugar mixture or water and honey mixture. The alcohol called gin produced is either high or low in strength depending on quantity of ingredients and length of fermentation. The more sugar in the water and the more days the mixture is left to ferment, the stronger the product, alcohol. When drank, it is no longer intake of the mixture of water and sugar or water and honey, but a form of spirit, alcohol. Depending on quantity ingested ones capacity of tolerant; the alcohol could cause intoxication, and thus a change of mood and manipulation of the senses.

The potency from distillation of water and sugar is the alcohol that is likely to manipulate your life at intake, especially if you ingested a lot more than you should. The product alcohol is positive or negative according to usage. For instance, the pure alcohol can be used to cure wounds, which is positive usage of the alcohol.

The initial distillation of the mixture is normally weak. When the process is repeated the second result is stronger than the first. And when distillation is carried out the third time the result is very potent because it is then highly concentrated. The high potency from the third fermentation and distillation process is spirit but not like air, a highly concentrated flammable liquid known as alcohol like gin or whisky. When this substance is used to wash the flesh of a wound, the energy of the liquid will cure the wound because it has force in it.

The boiling of the mixture and distilling, boiling and distilling over and over and over formed a force that produced the highly concentrated and potent liquid, alcohol. The energy is the result from application of heat, which is the power to produce the Potency, alcohol called gin or any other related drink. Drinking this alcohol is evil and hostile to your system but using it for cure is positive usage, therefore, not evil. The same alcohol is what is loosely called medicine. All medical injections and tablets have alcohol in them.




The demonstration of power with the production of gin shows that the same power can be used to materialize many things. Thus, power can be used to materialize gin, which is alcohol. And power can be used to materialize drugs in tablet form as well as in liquid form. What is the eventual result? The Work such powers do is the main theme of this information, the actual reason I, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY brought this Lecture Revelation.

When you drink alcohol what do you think happens? You cannot drink alcohol as though you are drinking water. You can drink say two pints or one liter of water at one go but you cannot drink the same quantity of alcohol at one go. If you do, some disruptive chemical reactions will take place inside you that could cause permanent harm to your system. There are therefore, guidelines and directives for all Powers. What I mean is that all the energies formulated by the POTENCY of THE SUPREME POWER have directives and guidelines on how they work. For instance, batteries either the dry or liquid ones have energy stored inside their cells. The energy attached to the dry or liquid battery is because of the components inside that battery to generate it.

The battery is either rechargeable ones or non-rechargeable. The non-rechargeable cannot be recharged when the energy is expended. Electrical Circuit inside the battery hooked with electrodes on each side caused it to work. Power is always from the heat as energy. Two things to note here is that the heat brings power and power forms heat. It works either ways. It is a circle. It works in a circular movement. Everything is OOO, It is just like I generated MYSELF from ZERO to form the sweat, which is dew that becomes WATER through condensation and the WATER generates at the application of heat and dries up by evaporation into the atmosphere and then collect again to be water through condensation. The process goes on and on and on, round, round, round nonstop. It is called self-maintenance. Without the self-maintenance there will be no continuous supply of air, which generates continuously twenty-four hours nonstop for life retention and maintenance. If the AIR stops for one second everything on earth dries up and dies. So, the air generates to calm down the heat and give the average heat to maintain life. Without the AIR, the heat will shrivel everything, instantly killing all.

The actual outcome of the generation of the HEAT and the AIR is to produce WATER through precipitation. The water provides moisture. The Water cools down the heat and generates heat also through the application of power.

The outcome of any component that generates energy Power is your decision. You must know how it works and decide on the result. The Work and the Result of Power depends on the user and the directives on how to use it. If you do not use it well, it results negative. If the instruction on how to use it is not correct it results negative. As I said that distilled solution of sugar and water or water and honey produce alcohol. If the substance is abused, it causes destruction. You should bear in mind that the more powerful the alcohol the quicker it can ignite fire. It can also burn as fuel. Therefore, two reactions can occur in the same type of power. And then there is the heat, which is the potency. When that potency leaves the power then, it becomes cold. But when the potency is still intact the heat is the component that works. When it is spoilt, the cold is that which works. In other words, when the potency in a substance loses its force, it becomes pure water. Then it cannot act again. Everything is like that.

When I, THE SUPREME FORCE injected Potency into something via THE SPOKEN WORD for you, you need to have a way of maintaining that thing so that it lasts. If that Power is lost, then you become an empty vessel, and when you speak there is no potency in your words. Annoyance, fornication and adultery can cause the weakness of the Potency of GOD in you. Annoyance is the worst of them. Annoyance drives away the power in you.

THE POWER in you is diminished when you are annoyed. When you are annoyed your system is quenched and turns to water, in other words, your blood turns to water. When annoyance occurs the body overheats, which is that the body is heating far more than normal. That heating wastes all the power in you. When the annoyance has abetted, your body cools down, but you have lost the power. Annoyance really makes you lose Power - you lose the Natural Power in you.

The blood and water in you generate power naturally and gives the potency to your Spoken Word. Consequently, if you waste your words, if you waste your energy you become empty. You waste the energy in you by eating meat, which is eating the flesh of animals, birds and fish. Energy that acts against your blood is a waste of your energy. For instance, all the souls that came out from the Water want to sleep with human beings of the land to get the power from the land.

The Power to succeed in this world comes from this world. Hence, all the people that came from other planets want to fornicate with human beings to obtain the power to stay here on earth. Fornication is indirect way of obtaining power. That is why all the mammy waters, mermaids and other beings that come from the Water Planet assume human body and go into prostitution. They use that to generate energy to survive. The evil people themselves also need to generate energy. To achieve that they go about fornicating up and down, but you would not know that they are sapping your energy.

If you as a man of GOD of physical human being have POWER through the Spoken Word and you fornicate with them they will draw all that energy from you and leave you with ordinary water. So, when you speak the WORD, the WORD will not come to pass again. That is why they can conquer you. The Power to conquer them is not by fornicating with them. It is by The Spoken Word because The Spoken Word represents ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY. If you speak The Word, you create barriers against evil. You speak The Word to ask for all the things you want because The Word is the DIVINE POWER OF GOD, the Energy and the Potency in you.

The beings from other Planets do not have access to the ORIGINAL ENERGY, the ORIGINAL POWER. Hence, they resort to tapping it from you. And one of the ways to achieve that is by getting you to be annoyed. If an evil person speaks evil word to annoy you, at that time you are annoyed your body is open and they can then enter inside you and weaken you and subdue your power. Or they would send a woman – a gorgeous one who is not an ordinary person. Or they can themselves turn and take assumed body as a beautiful woman and lure you to fornicate with them. That will enable them to bleed the living daylight out of you and you become powerless. You become empty.

Those who pick women standing by the roadside hawking themselves and those who pick women advertising for “personal services” in the hotel are at high risk to be preyed upon. Ghosts, mammy water, mermaids and negative angels can take assumed human body to be a beautiful girl or handsome man and go about fornicating with people. When they hug that is, embrace you their victim mbummm! They take power away from you. When you have intimacy with them and interact with them they subdue your power. By generating your blood into them, they use your blood to live and at the same time give you their blood to subdue you. Fornication, annoyance as well as embrace from an evil person are to use you and give you bad or negative result.

On the good side, if somebody is positive and you are positive, and you embrace yourselves, it is a demonstration of pure love and affection. It has nothing to do with fornication. It has nothing to do with annoyance. Rather, it has everything to do with love, happiness, oneness of self and cooperation. That oneness, that equality tendency, that kindness, that mercy and other good qualities bring good things together and generate more power around the two of you. In such situations you do not waste power on anybody. Instead the two of you become more powerful. That is why I always asked, “Are you annoyed? Do you harbour somebody in your mind?”

If you are annoyed and harbour somebody in your mind in a negative way, then you lose Power. But if you are happy with people, and you do not have problem with anybody, you are faithful, you are peaceful and merciful and loving, you exude happiness then your power is intact. Instead of losing THE POWER, you will continue to gain more energy from ME THE SUPREME FATHER, THE ATMOSPHERE.


Exercise goodness wherever you are always. When you are sweet positively, you feel joyous, you are happy, you have love in you, you have mercy in you, you have kindness in you, you have peace in you, you do good things and you say to people “GOD Bless you.” When you do good things for everybody to be happy you are getting more Power.





You gain power when things are positive. You lose power when things are negative. That is what you should know.

The Work and Result of Power therefore, is how you present yourself and things pertaining to THE POWER! I will delve a little deeper here. All the chemicals used to produce drugs and other things derive their energy from plants roots, fruits, leaves and some other materials. Scientists and other such people manipulate these things as raw materials in the laboratories in their researches. They investigate the properties of these materials for production of chemicals and drugs. All that is to gain Power, a form of power.

Power can be gained from fruits. Power is also obtained from sugar or honey solution as MY explanation on the production of alcohol showed. Fruits can equally be used to produce alcohol as well as for production of ordinary fruit drinks or fruit juices. They are normally without alcohol. It all depends on the nature of the manipulations of the fruits.

After a highly concentrated power is obtained through any such manipulations from components or rather, ingredients they are then used for the cure of illnesses. However, do not forget that any sickness inside the human being is another power called elementary power. Nobody gets ill without the cause being that a certain power had gone into the person the wrong way and or act adversely in the person’s system. Every sickness, every mishap, ill health and every ill feeling is power. Annoyance is evil power. To get annoyed means that somebody did something that irked you and that attracted the evil power into you. That is why you are annoyed. Nobody can get annoyed without it being that evil power had access into you. That is why annoyance is evil spirit.

Pain is also a power. There are two kinds of pain, the physical pain and the emotional pain. Someone can have pains because of any number of reasons. It is only the DIVINE POWER that can take those two types of pains away. If one has emotional pain, which is pain inside the body, it is not visible to the naked eye. It is unaware pain. So, for the physical pain there is unaware pain and there is aware pain. Unaware pain is the pain one feels inside the body because of problem say, from blood or bone or from any organ in the body but not a wound on the surface of the skin. And it is not a boil. That is what I call unaware pain. You do not know what the pain inside you is. Nevertheless, it is force causing you the pain, but you do not know the type of force.

There is no pain without force. It can be the force of bad blood. It can be the force of condemned water inside you. It can be any kind of force that has unwanted energy inside you, operating spiritually, naturally, or physically introduced in you from maybe breaking your neck, breaking your legs or sustaining one injury or another in any part of your body.

As I said earlier you can use alcohol or any substance of high potency for instance, drugs to apply on the surface to cure a wound. When the wound is cured that is the end of it. That is what such high potency substances are meant for. However, if instead of the surface application you ingest such substances, or you inject them into your body, it would force the pain inside you to stop and then take supreme inside of your body. Do not forget that you have injected something foreign into your system to suppress the other pain and to take supreme. Then one day that drug you took, or you injected inside your body for cure or whatever other reasons, will surface to prove itself to you that you injected negative power into your system. That is the after effect that could turn out to be another illness, say cancer or any other terrible chronic disease and incurable disease. Also, a side effect to the drug can result immediate effect with instant illness or any other visible system malfunction.

Whenever you inject any foreign substance into your system, do not believe that it would just go away. It is not like that at all. Anytime you drink some hard substance do not believe it would just resolve itself inside your system. When you drink alcohol, snuff tobacco or cocaine or inject any harmful substance into you or even drugs for any cure, do not believe it would not react inside you. Anything that goes into you has two things, potency and energy. The actual energy or potency is that small power you invited inside you, whether it is food or water. Food is power! Water is power!

POWER! is the topic under discussion. That is why if you are hungry your body starts to shake. It means you have lost power. Then as soon as you eat food you regained energy. You need to have power inside you to survive. So, food is power, and water is power. They maintain your body and that makes you physically fit and strong. That is POWER!

When you eat food, digestion takes place. The body absorbs what it wants from the food you took in and rejects the rest. Then physically you pass that out as waste. However, there is something left in you irrespective of all the processes taking place inside your system. It is the sweetness and the satisfaction you had when you ate the food. You eat food not only to fill you up and provide fuel for the body but also for pleasure. So, the food is the taste, satisfaction and filling you up. After a while the belly that was full would become empty again and you are hungry and craving for satisfaction. You are ready and wanting to eat food again. It is a repeat process. Nonetheless, do not forget that there is one thing that will never go away. It is the taste, which is the potency inside the food. That will always stay with you. It never goes away. It stays in you to capture your system and take dominion in your system. Whatsoever, you like to eat takes dominion in your system. If it were something that has a little side effect, you would ignore it and continued to eat that food to the end of your life. You are likely not to spare a thought or bother about the side effect because it is so inconsequential. But if what you like to eat has power that is negative and acts against your system and you continued to eat it, eventually it would prove to you that all the years ‘you have been eating me, now I take dominion over you.’ That is when the side effect surfaced.

MY point is to help all mankind and alert everyone to be careful of what they take into their system in the name of cure for physical problems.

So far this is THE POWER! AND HOW THE POWER WORKS in different ways physically. There is however, THE POWER! that Works Naturally and Spiritually. There is also another form of power that people go out to look for. For instance, you had a bad dream where someone was pursing you in that dream. And because of that bad dream that nightmare, you became paranoid that someone was going to kill you. Then you reasoned that you need power to overcome that other force. Another situation of power acting against you is when you drink a lot of gari (a form of cassava flour obtained through the process of grating the cassava, drying it, sieving and frying the flour dipped in palm oil; and by soaking the gari in cold water and consuming it on its own or with nuts or sweetened with sugar, is termed ‘drinking gari’. Adding milk to the sweetened soggy mixture is viewed as a ‘delicious’ treat.) or you eat too much afang soup and you have internal heat or blindness later in your life. Eating gari in that manner makes the stomach to be dirty. To cleanse the stomach, purging is one of the options. When your stomach is dirty, it will cause fever and headache. And eating gari is a contributory factor.

Whenever you eat gari, it instantly dirtied the stomach and you are likely to have constant headache. Then it progressed to chronic headache that ordinary painkillers cannot cure. To cure this sort of headache requires medication that is powerful enough to instantly suppress and cure the headache. Or when you complained of tummy upset the prescription was to take some laxatives. Some people take laxatives and could purge and die from that. Those are instances of the physical after effect of THE POWER you use against yourself. That is the natural power.

The spiritual part of it is that the nightmares you had made you think you have enemies and led you to look for remedy to conquer your enemies. Then you consulted a native doctor or a spiritualist or some dodgy people like that with elementary powers. Then this dodgy person wanting to dupe you or to control you or worst of all, to initiate you into evil society confirms your fears by stating, “Oh, you have enemies and they want to kill you! In fact, they are hunting you; they haunt you, hence all the nightmares.” Or maybe you were rich, but you frittered all your money away and blamed it on the devil. You insisted that the devil was responsible for the ways you spent money unnecessarily and that you need protection from the devil. It is a power - an elementary power you are looking to invite into you as you consult these necromancers. The people you are going to get power from are all evil. The hand that will protect you wants to control you.

To protect somebody, you need to be able to control the person because anybody you cannot control you cannot protect. Tell ME! How can you protect somebody without controlling that person? A King, a President all their guards control them in different ways. The protocol officers, the bodyguards, the security officers around the president of a country, all control his or her life. If you, as the president wanted to embark on a journey and they fear for your safety, they would advise you not to travel. Or it could even be that they do not want to go on the journey with you or that they do not necessarily agree to that travel. They would come up with plausible excuses for you not to go to that place. They would tell you that there is danger lurking somewhere regarding that journey. Based on their advice, you cancel the travel. That means they are controlling you in that respect. They could all gang up on you to decide you are not going anywhere.

Look at how important a King or a Queen, like the Queen of England is, with her riches and wealth, living in the palaces and castles. With all the trappings of wealth and power of her important status, she is still controlled somewhat and somehow. She could receive official invitation requiring her travelling out of the country. The officials responsible for her travels could discourage her honouring the invite with the excuse of ‘security risk’. So, they control her to protect her. Therefore, do not forget that when you look for and obtain protection either spiritual or physical, from wherever and or from whomever they need to have control over you to protect you.

These questionable people you approached for spiritual protection will corrupt your soul by giving you witchcraft. You went looking for spiritual protection and became initiated into witchcraft, damning your soul. That is the first thing these evil people will give to you – witchcraft, when you approach them for spiritual protection. You then become their property under their control. That is when they can protect you. You probably paid them a lot of money to corrupt your person and your soul. As soon as they started controlling you, you lose power.

You were not sure of THE POWER of yourself, and so somebody else controls THE POWER for you. By requesting protection whether physical, spiritual or otherwise, you had thereby handed over authority of control. Or you dabbled into evil powers to get rich quick, the person who introduced you to the evil society then starts controlling you, telling you where to go and where not to go. The person needed to control you to ‘protect’ you. That is the better side effect of seeking protection compared to the more serious consequences to follow.

Eventually, you will regret of your get rich quick escapades or that protection from questionable source. Your misguided action would become the bane of your life. Since you are controlled, your controller then later demanded something from you. But at the early stage, you feel protected and even feel powerful being witchcraft. You have become a negative person – an evil person, a wicked person committing all sorts of evil including killing people through your witchcraft practices. You have ruined yourself.

As for you that sort for and obtained wealth through diabolical means, you continued enjoying being rich, a false state. And then to continue in that state of wealth, a sacrifice of blood is asked of you. Your controller from whom you obtained your evil money demanded the ultimate sacrifice from you. He wants the life of your wife or your child. You must meet your controller’s demand. And you cannot negotiate, therefore, you must provide that ultimate human sacrifice demanded of you. Then you are ruined. That is the price you paid for ill-gotten wealth. And eventually you could die and nonetheless, has indeed become worthless in life.

If you lament, “Oh my wife!” or “Oh, my child!” And become stubborn and would not surrender them for the sacrifice then, they will kill you or make your life miserable much, much worse than before. Whereas, if you had managed your life as you were before you consulted the evil people for help, you would not have the heinous problems that had beset you. If you had been patient, maybe in future when the time comes you would become rich. Or if you were not rich your child could be wealthy instead and would represent you because I love everybody. And I bless everybody equally. However, the blessings do not manifest at the same time for everybody.

That is the wisdom I impact to you about THE WORK AND THE RESULT OF POWER. Spiritually, Naturally and Physically it works the same way. You incur consequences when you look for something the wrong way. You cannot escape the devastating repercussions of using evil means to obtain anything, or to practice evil for that matter. You must bear the penalty.



If you believe that I AM THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY and that I AM THE POWER, you need to practice mercy, love – Love One Another, righteousness (honesty), kindness, peace, oneness, equality and the rest of the fruits of The Holy Spirit which are the Virtues of GOD. All these positive virtues are POWERS that will NOT react negatively if you exercise them. They are POWERS that bring good results.

If you practice love which is, Love Ye One Another, you will gain power. And if the people you love practice evil on you, their evil will boomerang on them because by loving them, you have put a solid fence of protection around you, and the force of the love you have will send the evil mind back to sender. Anybody who has no hatred in his or her heart and bear no jealousy, has no problem with anybody. All the people that planned evil against that person will not succeed. THE POWER! in you will overcome all the evil plans because you are with the LIVING POWER!

Love is a Living Power

Peace is a Living Power

Patience is a living Power

Mercy is a Living Power

Faith is a Living Power

Kindness is a Living Power

Honesty or righteousness is a Living Power. All virtues are Living Powers of THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY. Therefore, each of THE POWER you acquire either by loving one another and or by having mercy or being merciful, by having patience, by being kind, by being a peacemaker, by being honest and by having faith in ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY are fortifications. All the virtues are POWERS! Whenever people think evil about you or plan any evil against you their plans will be for nothing because they cannot find you. Whatsoever evil they plan bounce back to them. You will hear more on this in the section - Actions and Reactions.

I AM THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY THE POWER MYSELF. Suppose you understand yourself and you understand MY way and you celebrate THE SUPREME WORD OF THE UNIVERSE, and speak positive all the time and practice love for another then, I, THE SUPREME WORD WHOM you acknowledge and celebrate will activate MYSELF in you because by yourself you cannot do anything except by THE POWER of THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY, which is THE SPOKEN WORD that lives in your heart. Therefore, if you acknowledge ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY and celebrate THE SUPREME WORD OF THE UNIVERSE yearly during THE UNIVERSAL SUPREME WORD SEASON CELEBRATION, which is to honour and acknowledge THE SUPREME WORD OF THE UNIVERSE; THE WORD is THE TOTALITY of EVERYTHING! HE IS THE POWER! THE CHRIST OF THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY inside you, when you speak I will honour your word.

You do not need to go to anybody in this life to request for power. What you need to do is, to practice Love one Another, to have mercy, to have patience, to practice kindness, to practice peace, to practice righteousness (honesty), to practice equality, to think well, speak well, hear well, see well and do well. Then, you are in THE POWER! and THE POWER! is in you. ‘I AND MY FATHER ARE ONE’ is THE POWER! As soon you are in that stage you have no problem again. It is a bet of CANNOT fail situation.

Every bad activity boomerangs on you the perpetrators. Every good act earns you, the doer a handsome reward of POWER

If somebody practices love for one another then such a person is interwoven in ME, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY. If somebody practices peace, being peaceful then, such a person is interwoven in ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY. If somebody practices mercy then, the person is interwoven in ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY.

Those who practice what you practice will be in accord with you. But those who practice different things from what you practice will conflict with you. That is exactly what it is. And of course, if you practice what I AM teaching then I, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY will be in you and you in ME then, nothing will swap you over to evil. That is THE POWER I AM talking about, in the name and blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!



Part Three




I always give the same introduction. Open your mind. Bring your heart here. Have faith in ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY, that means in this WORD. Some people might ask, “Oh, where did this WORD come from?” “Who speak this WORD and called it THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT)?” It is only the stupid hearts, the ignorant ones, the quack hearts, the elementary minds that would ask such questions. By their fruits ye shall know them.

Wherever you go in this world and hear positive words, they are the Word of GOD.

Positive word is positive word.

Negative word is negative word.

If you hear utterances such as, “kill!” “Destroy!” “Beat them up!” “Fight!” “Fornicate!” “Commit adultery!” “Do this evil and that evil!” “Steal it!” “You must die!” ‘I will kill you!’ ‘I will fight you!’ - when you hear such negative words then you must know that they are evil! Such words are NOT from ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY. They are rather from the negative part, the back part.

But wherever you hear positive words such as, love – love one another - Love of GOD! Peace! Peace of GOD! Humility! Kindness! Oneness! Power! Faith! Mercy! Righteousness (honesty)! Equality! Life! They are from ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY. When you hear, ‘I will protect you.’ ‘I will guide you.’ ‘I have forgiven you.’ ‘Peace of GOD!’ ‘Do not kill!’ ‘Do not destroy!’ ‘Preserve the good thing.’ ‘I like you!’ ‘I love you!’ When you hear all such positive words why do you ask who spoke them and questioned THE WORD?

How does your face look like? Does it not look like your papa or your mama’s face? If your face does not look like your mama or your papa that means somebody else gave birth to you or somebody you resemble who is your papa is hiding somewhere. You must look like your parents somehow. Even if your parents are say, of African origin with typical African features, including generous lips, broad nose, dark, light-dark or darker skin tone, and you turned out very light complexion. However, being African your nose could be a bit straight and a little pointed but will not be very narrow and pointy like typical oyibo (Caucasian) nose. Your hair as an African will not grow straight and downward like that of the Europeans and other human beings I created that way. That shows that the people you are with are likely your parents. You can resemble your parents in features though the colour of your skin is several shades lighter than theirs. You can look like your mama facially but not in other features.

A child resembles the parents in one way or another irrespective of promiscuity of this present age. One man fornicates with millions of women before he decides to start a family, so also the women. Before a woman settled down she’s had her share of going around engaging in sexual intimacy with millions of men. That notwithstanding, the genes of the man and woman that formed the child gave the child physical resemblance to his parents. Nonetheless, the different blood the individual parents gathered as they fornicated here and there will all go into building the child. The child as a result will portray so many characters. Therefore, you do not need to ask who speaks this WORD and where did this WORD come from. The tone of the WORD, the manner of the WORD, the way the WORD is arranged, the covered areas, which are Wide Angle and Near Angle and everything else found in THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelations shows you where all the information emanated. None of the WORD is crafty. They are not the words to sweeten you. I AM NOT giving this WORD to vote for you, rather, I AM giving this WORD for your life’s soul and to correct the wrong situations human beings fall victim. The words of THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Information are Lecture Revelations. They are EVERLASTING RECORDS. If you do not accept any of the WORD now, when you grow in spirit and come back you will accept them. Therefore, do not ask too much questions including, ‘how did this manage to be.’ All positive things come from ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY and I, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY give them via everybody. All positive talks are THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK and I, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY speak them via everybody, unless of course you are not positive. If you are positive, then I will speak through you.

When a child misbehaves the father says to the mother, ‘Look at what your child has done.’ The child becomes mother’s child. But when the child behaves well, the father is quick to claim, ‘Oh my son!’ ‘Oh, my daughter!’ That is what happens. Therefore, have faith, humble yourself, listen to THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK Information and then you will know who speaks this WORD.

This part three of THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelation is called THE POTENCY.


As I said before, Potency is POWER. The essence, strength, the effect, the influence of power is the potency. However, POWER is the umbrella, the cover name. The supreme title of the Potency is THE POWER!

THE POWER is all and all! In fact, when you do not call ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY or THE SPIRIT, call ME, THE POWER! That is MY name. If you call any other thing THE POWER, you are in trouble! You are in big trouble!

On this earth physically, the sun is POWER! The second POWER is the electrical power from which the human beings’ construct many plants like the nuclear power, for instance. But who constructed the nuclear power through the human beings? It is ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY. Then in the Natural situation, the only POWER that exists is THE SPOKEN WORD. Nothing can exist without THE SPOKEN WORD. WORD is used by everybody and in all worldly affairs.

Then spiritually HE IS THE FATHER THE SPIRIT that motivated the WORD, THE FATHER of the WORD is THE POWER! So, which one belongs to you then? You claim, ‘I have power!’ ‘I am the chief commander of America! I am the chief commander of Britain.’ People say, ‘the most powerful man on earth’ because such a man is the president of America. Who told you that is the truth? Won’t that president die? I know that it is the human beings that give them such accolades and not the presidents themselves.

No human being can claim to be the most powerful man on earth. Even Jesus Christ who spoke and Lazarus who died for four days rose from the dead never called HIMSELF the most powerful man on earth. HE said, “HE that does the work is THE FATHER in ME. For ME I cannot do anything.”  Imagine that type of glory given to ME THE SPIRIT. But look at a dead man on earth to refer to himself as ‘the most powerful man on earth!’ ‘I am very powerful!’ What made you to be powerful? Within a second you fall asleep and become oblivious of everything. During the periods you are sleeping are you powerful? Is it not an insult to ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY, really, the height of arrogance to call a mere mortal, an ordinary human being ‘the most powerful man on earth?’ Those who use such words are very stupid and are idiotikot! They have no atom of understanding! They do not believe in GOD. You can make a statement like that and I will reduce you to NOTHING because you do not give glory to ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY THE SUPREME POWER!  Nonetheless, I thank MYSELF that many people on earth are MY POSITIVE children and I use them positively. Somebody like Obama the current President of America is one of MY positive children. President Barack Obama will never accept such statement to be the most powerful man on earth. In fact, he is the most humbled person in his position as the President of the United States of America. When some people who call themselves, ‘commander-in-chief’ and then voted out from the topmost position they disintegrate and become very bad, even worse than they were previously. They only become commander-in-chief in the bedroom. If you are the most powerful man on earth why does your power last for only eight years at the most? So, after eight years you no longer have power?

THE POWER! Under discussion in this Lecture Revelation is THE EVERLASTING POWER! THE POWER! Comprises EVERYTHING! viz., Living Organisms and Living Creatures.

All human beings on earth must humble themselves before ME THE LIVING POWER! Humble before ME, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY THE LIVING GOD!

As you can see, the way I plan things is from the ground. I AM THE GROUND! The Ground means, Generality. It is not reference to any fixed place or location or thing.

If any human being has power and does not attach to THE LIVING WORD, such a person is an armed robber and thus a wanted person.

Do you not see? I AM THE SUPREME WORD WHO came to this world and I have done lots of good works transforming things. But I say that I AM not the ONE doing anything but that THE HOLY SPIRIT OF TRUTH THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY is THE ONE doing everything.

Do you see ME THE WORD claim anything? As I AM talking now it is THE WORD that is talking. Do you see His Royal Majesty (HRM) King Solomon David Jesse ETE claiming anything? Who is He to claim anything? Who is He? Where did He come from? He cannot claim anything! I AM THE ONE to claim Him because without Him I, THE SUPREME WORD OF THE UNIVERSE would not talk this WORD. Therefore, I glorify MYSELF in Him talking this WORD through Him and I bless Him, but He cannot claim the glory. It is not for Him to do that. Nevertheless, I AM THE POWER! in operation that breaks into pieces any evil, instantly melt away and vanish any negative thing that goes close to Him! Therefore, from the day you recognize ME THE SUPREME POWER you become more powerful because you are not the one that is powerful but THE POWERFUL is powerful in you.

Enye! Odudu! Abasi mmi! OOO! Zim! Zim! Zim! Asaso! Positive! Positive! Positive!

Just believe this WORD and THE POTENCY OF MY ENTIRE SELF will rest on you as MY Branch Office, MY Representative, Owoh Abasi! Owoh ETE! without any problem.



THE OMNIPOTENT is THE POWER that controls all powers. This POWER! THE EVERLASTING POWER manifests same-same-now-now-be! THE POWER manifests instantly at any point in time and controls everything spiritually, in the soul, physically and otherwise.

If you create anything in this world and able to manage that thing to survive for one thousand years, it is a wonderful thing. Since I created the sky, the sun, the moon, the stars and this world how many million years is that now? People said that I, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY destroyed the world. Who told you that I ever destroyed the world? I have never destroyed the world! I just sort the world out. Sometimes I destroyed few natural things and rebuilt them. I have never destroyed the world. If I destroy mankind that means I have destroyed the world, but I have never done that. The same world you are living in now is the actual world that has been right from the beginning. Nonetheless, when I wiped things out from the memory of the physical world and replace them, you infer that the world ended. How can the world come to an end?

THE POWER! Lives forever. Since I created the sun up there in the sky, it never expires. I constantly refuel it. I refuel the sun. At certain interval of time I refuel the sun. Sometimes I make the moon and the sun come together and I refuel them. That is what you call eclipse. I can keep the sun away for one second and make the day and the night to come together just to replenish it. I can never destroy the world. I AM THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY THE SUPREME CREATOR THE POWER! That is WHO is called POWER! Somebody, a Phenomenon that never dies but other people and things die and resurrect and come back. That is WHO is called POWER!


POTENCY is the ability in THE POWER! What THE POWER can do is the POTENCY. Things like batteries, generators and many other equipment use power but how long can such powers last?

There is what is called wind-up power used in touch-lights and some computers. The engine is cranked up by hand to generate current; by turning and rotating the handle or the crankshaft, it generates the engine to produce current. That current is not the power, but the power is the actual thing that was generated. When the engine is generated, and it produced current then the power in the engine is working. In a situation where an engine is generated but cannot bring out current, it means the engine has no power and so no potency.

I AM assuring every human being on this earth that if you love one another, if you practice oneness, if you make peace then you are a peacemaker. Try to be peaceful all the time. Speak the truth always. Think well, speak well, see well, hear well and do well then, you are inside this POWER! What THE POWER will do is unlimited. The essence of power is what is called POTENCY.



THE SUBSTANCES OF POWER are the fruits of the Holy Spirit including, faith, love, mercy, kindness, oneness, truth, peace, righteousness (honesty). Those are THE SUBSTANCES OF POWER! When you have those substances, they are the pillars that will not allow you to lose power!

THE SUBSTANCES OF POWER in you is your conducts. You can see someone with peaceful demeanor and who in truth is peaceful and you think the person has no power. When you go closer to that person that is when you realized that the person is very powerful.

The type of food the human beings eat affect the system physically and spiritually and otherwise. If you DO NOT EAT MEAT AND FISH your system can be powerful health-wise. And if you do not take medicines you can be powerful. Somebody who has never injected any form of drugs into his or her body; somebody who has not taken any form of powder as in harmful substances, like hard drugs, or tablets as drugs or force such things into the system; and if the person does not eat fish and meat, but eats natural organic food – fruits and vegetables and herbs, you do not drink alcohol, then you have fortified your immune system. Thus, anything negative cannot be allowed to get into your system. You will not be sick anyhow. If you feel a bit weak sometimes, it could be for cleansing and that means purification. It means that nature decided to wash you clean but you are never sick. And no sickness either by air, through charm or in the dream can affect you because you have super immune system both spiritually and physically. That is the physical maintenance.

Recapitulating, if you do NOT eat fish and meat; and if you do not fornicate with so many people to guard against transmission of diseases and infusion of alien blood into your system, your system will remain free of contamination then, you can live life without sickness.

Fornication is transmission of blood as well as transfusion and exchange of blood between participants of that act. Sitting close to somebody who has virus infection will affect you. For instance, someone who contacted a virus from the Water Planet can pass it on by just sitting close to you. Another example is the people who went to the moon and came back. They bring sicknesses and spread it to the world at large. Glaring example is the Apollo infection that affected the whole world after those people – ‘astronauts’ - travelled to the moon and came back, bringing the disease with them. Therefore, people who go to space come back with the influence of that place. There is no way you go to another planet such as the Moon or Mars or the Water Planet by force and come back without the Spirits from that Planet following you. You have become for them the entrance into the physical planet which is the Earth Planet, you see! Do you not know that a person who visited a native doctor for instance, returns home with the energy of that native doctor? And that energy can result a child. It can result as anything around you. Similarly, if you frequent a church, you return home every time with the energy of the church. That energy could turn out to be a child for you. If you like going to school and enjoy studying, the more studies you do, the more educated you are. All the studies and gained understanding and training and the certificates obtained become internal energy of your system. And that energy will result into a child for you that will be well educated. There is nothing you put your mind, your efforts, actions, as well as endeavours into that would not yield the energy of that thing physically. Whether you believe it or not that becomes natural parasite upgrade in you and for you. Also, the food you eat, the drinks you take, fornications you commit – whatsoever your lifestyle yields the parasite character that results in your life and the lives to come out from you as a child and as sibling. That will be the children you will have. That is also from where you will be born back into the world later.

THE SUBSTANCES OF POWER comprise so many things physically, spiritually and otherwise. First, it works through your mind from what you believe.

If you are using power, two things come into play. The first is physical application of force, and the other is subjective acceptance of power from your beliefs. That is how the power works.

THE SUBSTANCES OF POWER in a spiritual way consists of so many things that yield numerous things around you. These things are either positive or negative outcome. If you attract the evil power to be around you, it says to you, ‘Go and steal.’ ‘Go and fornicate.’ ‘Pronounce curse’; ‘speak lies’; ‘Engage in gossips’, ‘speak evil’, ‘get jealous’, ‘persecute people’, ‘instigate division’, ‘do all sorts of evil things to people.’ And by the time you practice all those evil activities, automatically they become the substances of the evil power around you. Do not forget that if you say to others ‘Let us go and steal’, people looking for ways to steal will be happy to join you because sometimes they want to steal but may not know how to go about it. So, that nature, that evil spirit-soul that likes to steal is now supporting you. That is the power you have. Again, you could wonder loudly how to steal by saying something like ‘oh I want to steal things; how do I go about stealing?’ Then the negative spirit connects you to a thief and then someone would say, ‘Oh you do not know how to go about stealing? Come and join our gang.’ So, you have now formed a gang of thieves. That becomes another energy. It is easy to find those things when you look for them. Sometimes you may not be looking for them, but you practice them several times and attract around you what you practice. You would then have many of the evils around you.

Similarly, but for the positive undertakings like advocating peace; practicing Love One Another, oneness, mercy, and kindness; when you think well speak well, behave well, you will always see those around you that strive to behave in positive ways just like you. You become an inspiration to them. Therefore, why not become positive inspirations instead of negative aspirations?

That is the information about THE SUBSTANCES OF POWER.

POWER is in a positive way and POWER is in a negative way. THE POSITIVE WAY OF POWER gives huge positive benefits, and the benefits are lasting. But with the negative way of power, you incur condemnation and destruction to your soul.



 None of these things work when you do not surrender yourself to them. As I said in one of THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelations that sometimes you believe something you previously never believed. Or to put it in another way, you come to believe something you never knew you could believe or you believed something inadvertently through your action. For instance, you went somewhere and saw a crowd of people watching some dancers, dancing so enchantingly. You became captivated and stopped to watch the dancers too. You admired the whole dance and were enthralled by the dance moves. Indirectly, you have believed them and have undertaken a form of worship as you stood there watching them. Though that worship is not permanent, you gave that activity some attention. The seconds attention or minutes attention you stood watching the dancers, meant that you had worshipped the spirit of the dance in operation there with the crowd. You were part of whatsoever was going on in that dancing arena. Supposing some photographs of yourself were taken while you watched or if the whole activity and the crowd was filmed, you would be seen there as one of the spectators. Therefore, you cannot deny being with the dancers and thus a member of the group. It does not matter whether you were a member of the group or not, in the sense of voluntary registration. Since you were attracted to that scene, and paid attention to the dancing, that second of belief can cause you a whole lot of trouble.

If it were a negative occasion you should ignore but did not, you could die because of that. Some disruptions could occur due to ill-minded persons shooting and killing people there. And you could be shot. Why would you be shot? You did not ignore the dancing but stayed to watch the whole scene and you enjoyed it thoroughly.

So, Attention is the belief you have without knowing that you believe. In the dance scenario mentioned above, you unintentionally worshipped the dancing by watching and enjoying the dancing. It is like that with everything but, there is the official belief where you demonstrate real belief of something and you are registered with it. Everything depends on what the self believes or what the self does not believe.

The spiritual aspect of the same scenario is that if you went there and did not like the dancing or did not want to be associated with them and you say, ‘God forbid! My spirit does not like this activity.’ Then you are free from any influence from there.

There are some objects energy surrounding that place of dancing and the dancers too, but you would not see them. They are souls that went there looking for whom to materialize physically from. It happens in every public gathering and public events. So, as you stood and watched that event and liked it, some of the object energy – the souls there followed you. Those souls are frustrated souls and are always found in public gatherings. They are no-good souls. They would follow you home as soon as you showed a little interest. As they followed you home, you have acquired additional power to yourself. Unknowingly you have contracted spiritual virus. This virus forcefully followed you home. You then have mixed things inside you because of the virus you contracted spiritually with your sight. If your husband became intimate with you that night and you became pregnant, the frustrated soul is the foetus in you. Or if you the man contracted the spiritual virus from watching the dance and later at home, became intimate with your wife that night and pregnancy ensued, that would be the result of the frustrated soul you picked up. So, that attention came back to you.

If on the contrary, you went to that place and renounced the whole scene with, ‘God forbid! My spirit does not like that place and the whole thing’, then, those words have created a barrier and none of the frustrated souls would follow you. These are the things you need to understand.

If you go to somewhere or maybe a friend took you to somewhere you did not like, make a pronouncement that your soul and your spirit have nothing to do with that sort of thing. Then, whatever frustrated souls there will not follow you home. If not so, you have contracted at least one spiritual virus because the frustrated souls will surely follow you home.

Why would someone who travelled to America from another country and on coming back home had an American child? Even though the pregnancy occurred after the man had returned home from America, the child behaved like an American. There are glaring behavioural differences between the “American child” and the children the couple had when he, the man had not travelled to America. This reason is that the spiritual engineering of the child incorporated things America because of the energy the papa of the child gathered when he went to America. Hence, if you always think positive thoughts and do positive things then, your child will be engineered with such positive energy. It is like someone who bakes bread say in Nigeria with flour purchased from England, the bread of course will taste different from the bread made with homemade flour.

Creation of a product is from manipulation of raw materials through energy for such purpose. Quality products is possible with good raw materials. That is how things are improved. An improved product can be manufactured say, in Nigeria with good raw materials from another country like China or Japan.

Human beings can improve themselves too by adopting good environment. For instance, a person from a family that worships Satan can decide to change for good. Your family members are all involved with witchcraft and are wicked and do all sorts of evil. However, you know yourself that you are a child of GOD. You can improve yourself by keeping away from that evil environment through believing and practicing positive things and denying what is negative by denouncing the evil practices and evil ways. Everything therefore, is by self-belief. That is how it works for every individual.

As you are hearing this WORD now, if you accept this TRUTH and understand this TRUTH and believe this TRUTH, it can change your bad environment to a good one because you now believe in positivism.

Every word of all THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelations has Potency because each Word is the SPIRIT of GOD and takes root in you as you ingest the information.

People read lots of books and many other publications and some parts of whatever you read go into you. There is no book you read that does not take a portion in you. However, you can replace a bad read with a positive or good reading with the conscious effort to erase the bad energy. Nonetheless, any reading you have made has established a file. When you read another book, it establishes another file in you. So, all the publications you have read are there in you, so also the understanding, knowledge and wisdom gained or bad information gained reading a negative publication.

Sometimes you would see something and forget what you saw but you can hear something and would not forget what you heard. Therefore, you must be very, very careful of what you attract into you or what glued itself to your life because if they are bad they attract unacceptable powers into you, which you may not be aware of, nevertheless, would still affect you detrimentally. Whether you believe it or not, it is there in you confronting you day and night. Therefore, if you do not believe any of the evil things and you ‘cast away and ban’ such evil and close the entrance door and so not allow any negativism to germinate in your system, you are then free.


What is Potency Bypass? As I said earlier that anything your spirit does not like and does not want, you can bypass it. That is Potency Bypass. Every idea is potency. POWER works through ideas.

Preparation for something or, planning about something is the Potency. From the time you start thinking about somebody like, ‘this person should be my wife’ or ‘this person should be my husband’ or ‘I love this person.’ You are starting to yield potency about that. Also, you could think about how to kill somebody but had never physically planned anything to that effect. Then, the next thing you hear is that such a person has died. If that person was negative, being wicked just like you an evil person, by thinking of killing that person, you created the potency of killing the person. When you think evil about somebody, you are a killer.

On the positive side of events, if you love somebody and really think well of that person and if the person became ill, you can think well and cure that person of their illness wherever the person may be. You do not need to see that person physically. By thinking well of that person, the person will start to feel fine. Whether the person dreamt about it or knows about your good wishes and your good intentions or does not know, it is quite irrelevant. By you just wishing the person good things and success, the person can succeed in their good or positive endeavours.

Have you not seen the football games? The footballers have ardent fans and supporters that go to cheer them during football matches. The capacities of the people that wish them well can make them win the game. Why do home teams almost always win a match of the time? It is because they have more supporters both spiritually and physically than their visiting counterparts. Sometimes the venue for a football match is far away or out of the country and only few supporters have enough money to travel to support their favourite Football Team and so energy of support is less. However, when the game is played at home, the supporters surge to the venue to support the players. Hence, home team wins a home-match most of the times because of the energy from huge home fans.

When a team play an away game, if the supporters are not strong or the team is not strong most times the team would not win. The home team with the larger crowd supporting them wins because of the huge energy of support both physically and spiritually.

Therefore, to bypass unnecessary power engage your heart with positive energy. Use your heart to ignore things. Do not go to unnecessary sightseeing. Do not give the excuse that you followed a friend to look or do what is not good. Or ‘I visited a friend.’ There is the craftiness of the negative human beings with intent on infection of evil power the prudent must guard against. The evil ones prepare infusion power unbeknown to the unsuspecting minds to trap them.

Evil people are always armed with evil power or means with which to capture you the unaware and unwary positive person, or to use and visit wickedness on you or to use and drag you to them. Such instances are those who practice witchcraft, the witches and the wizards that go about wishing people bad, causing nightmares and doing all sorts of evil things to people. When you meet them in your workplace or any place or you visited them, or they visited you and are about to go. When you say, “Goodbye”, to them they in response say, “See you again” or “See you later.” Or “See you soon.” They rejected the goodbye you said to them and instead said that they would see you again. When you innocently or ignorantly respond, “Ok, see you again”, you have given them an invitation by acceptance. That night in your dreams you would see that person again maybe by having nightmares or in a seriously bad dream you saw someone pursuing you with intent to harm. You may not to know that the person you visited or that visited you was responsible for your bad dream. Or after responding to the ‘I’ll see you later’ that night it would not even be seven o’clock in the evening and you have started feeling seriously sleepy, and you cannot even begin to unravel it. They have invited you to their evil gathering by saying, ‘see you later.’ And you responded, ‘okay see you later” without understanding whether it was to see you later at work or to see you later in the night at the witchcraft rendezvous.

You may not know what all these negative people with their evil practices mean when they make ambiguous statements. To bypass them you must be in the Higher Self and speak clearly. Say exactly what you mean. Do not say to anyone, “I’ll see you later” unless you physically have an appointment to see the person and have fixed the time. Or if someone says to you, “See you later”, and you do not know what the person meant by that, do not affirm it. You should also avoid saying to somebody ‘see you’ or ‘see you later’ or ‘see you soon’, when you do not have a follow up arrangement to meet again on a certified day or date. Do not say any of that to somebody you do not know and probably would never see again. Avoid the trap of ambiguous statement that could be a disguised evil invitation, for all you know.

If someone says to you, “I’ll see you then.” Or “We’ll meet again.” Where are you meeting? You do not know because no specific meeting arrangement was made. So, if you say, “We shall meet again” without specifying the venue, time and all that then, the person can meet you anywhere. Did you say, “We will meet again tomorrow in the workplace?” Did you say, “We will meet again in the church?” Did you say, “We will meet again in my house or your house?” If you say to someone, “Oh we shall meet again later.” Or “We shall meet again tomorrow.” Or someone said that to you as a general statement, it could mean many numbers of a whole lot of unwarranted meetings. Therefore, if you are a positive human being meaning that your spirit, your soul and your physical self is good - you have nothing whatsoever to do with anything evil, then avoid such ambiguous statements. Those are the means for potency bypass of the infidels, the craftiness of man. You need to understand this wisdom.

I AM THE SUPREME WORD THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY speaking and do not want you to feel that I AM undermining your ways or anything like that. Nevertheless, I AM giving you the facts of what is going on here on earth as stated in the records. And if you are positive and you believe ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY, you will bypass all the wiles of the evil ones thus, avoiding any of their evils ever reaching you. But you see, one thing about the human beings is accepting MY Ordinances. Sometimes people do not believe vital information and important messages from GOD. In the Holy Bible there was a prophet I sent to go and give somebody advice that would have ended up in a fiasco had I not exercised MY Divine mercy and intervened. Here is the story:

I sent a prophet to go and see this man that was the enemy of GOD. This man did not like GOD. Whenever this man heard about GOD and saw those who speak about GOD his mind was to kill them and destroy them. So, I sent a message to that person by MY prophet. And I warned MY prophet NOT to eat anything on the way to see this man, also, not to eat anything in that man’s house, until when he had gone there and came back home, then he could eat.

The prophet of GOD was a very nice person. He always tried his possible best not to offend anybody. He did not want any problems. So, when MY prophet went to deliver the message, the prophet saw that the man was ‘so happy’ to see him. Before that the prophet was afraid that the man would be very angry to see a prophet of GOD come to his house because the prophet knew the man did not like to hear about GOD.

This man however, was only pretending to be happy to see the prophet. He decided to take it easy with the prophet because he knew that if that Prophet of GOD was annoyed with him and made some pronouncements as a man of GOD, that would come to pass and would finish him being an evil man. So, what this pretentious man did was to cook some palatable dish, poisoned it and persuaded the prophet of GOD to eat the food. The prophet refused to eat the food with a very good excuse. The wicked man thought that may be the prophet does not want to eat in his house because he knew he was a wicked person.

As that failed, the evil man in a seeming harmless banter and injecting a tone of concern asked the prophet where he would sleep as night was approaching and that he was welcomed to spend the night as his guest. The prophet told him that he would be spending the night at such and such a place and not in the man’s house, but thanked him nonetheless for his ‘concern’ and offer. The evil man accepted amicably and graciously that the prophet would not sleep in his house. He really seemed unperturbed. However, when the prophet left, this man hurriedly sent evil messengers to the place the prophet would be spending the night to poison the prophet’s food there. The prophet unaware of the danger felt that he would be safe where he was going to spend the night because as far as he knew the people there were not bad. So, when the prophet arrived at the place he arranged to spend the night, in a courteous conversation with the host, he mentioned that he went to so and so place to attend to a matter. He did not know that the evil man’s tentacles had extended to that place too, a church the prophet went to spend the night. So, he succeeded in poisoning and killing the prophet.

When the prophet came to the spirit-soul world, I, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY asked him how he died. He said he was poisoned where he went to spend the night after visiting the evil man HE GOD sent him. I, reminded him that I told him not to eat until he arrived back at his home. “I instructed you to go on the errand and come back home before eating”, I reminded the prophet. Could you not stay for one day that is, twenty-four hours without food? Fortunately for this prophet I decided to have mercy on him and for the experience to be a lesson for him. So, I revived him to life.

It was the same evil man he visited that sent the poison down there of course through his evil messengers. And the prophet trusted these other people thinking that they were not like the wicked man.

I AM giving this example for you to know that if you do not have higher consciousness, you cannot overcome evil. I AM THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY, THE only ‘COCK TO CROW’, THE ONLY POWER! I AM LOVE and MERCY. I restored life to the prophet of GOD. Since that evil man’s action against MY prophet was a challenge thrown at ME, THE FATHER GOD, I thwarted his evil efforts.

Therefore, the Potency Bypass of evil is for you to be in spirit to conquer. That is the meaning of conquering evil. Use love or any other fruits of the Holy which are the good qualities of living including, peace, mercy, kindness, righteousness (honesty), humility, patience and the special attributes of goodness to prevail over evil. And then the Glory of GOD will manifest in you.

Try to bypass evil through love, through patience, through mercy, through peace and through the rest of the fruits of the Holy Spirit. Stand with positive. Think well, speak well, see well, hear well and do well then, you will overcome all evils.

Potency Bypass also means you triumph over all that the negative spirit-souls and the negative things evil people do.

Potency Bypass is also avoiding taking drugs by injections and or ingestions which are harmful to the human system. If you develop yourself in the natural mode of living by not depending on those synthetic medications, then you will bypass sickness with the natural potency. Drugs for medication like ‘ordinary’ painkillers, affect the body adversely taking them for cure. They disrupt the system causing so many illnesses as side effect and after effect. By the time any drug goes to attack the pain and suppress it in you, it has already overwhelmed the body. The drug then take supreme in you to tackle the pain. It only suppressed the pain because the pain never went away with the painkiller drugs. When that drug pulls itself out in you, it becomes what they call cancer, which formed inside your system when you acted to cure just ordinary pain or headache with intake of the painkiller tablets. Therefore, you must bypass all these things as mentioned above to have a good quality of life.



How do you recognize THE POWER OF THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY? THE POWER OF THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY is recognized by the fruits of those bearing it or by conducts, which are the situations surrounding The Power, including the potency, the energy and the force.

THE POWER OF THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY is very easy to recognize, identify and understand. THE POWER OF THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY via the positive spoken words are the ways of learning, the ways of progress, the ways of making things to be good for everybody. THE POWER OF THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY is for the healing of the Nations. THE POWER OF THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY always is protection and security. THE POWER OF THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY is mercy, love, righteousness (honesty), kindness, peace, and all the rest of the fruits of the Holy Spirit and all positive things of life. So, if you recognize this POWER in that positive direction then, THE POWER HIMSELF will recognize you.

And how do you recognize THE POWER? You recognize THE SPOKEN WORD. THE SPOKEN WORD is motivated by the energy of THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY. Therefore, celebrate THE SUPREME WORD during THE UNIVERSAL SUPREME WORD SEASON CELEBRATION, held yearly from 1st to 10th of the tenth month of the year.

 Beware of what you eat. Avoid eating meat being the flesh of animals, birds and fish. You risk the transmission of all types of problems into you including, illnesses, diseases and death via the blood. Also by speaking negative words you attract those bad things that are illnesses, diseases, death and many other bad things to yourself because THE POWER is based on the pronouncement of words. So, if you recognize THE POWER by doing positive things and avoiding things negative as in evil thoughts, evil utterances and evil deeds; seriously concentrate on only positive things are which good thoughts, good words and good deeds then, you are free as air. You have reached the truth.

Who is this POWER?




What is Internal Power and External Power?


Internal Power is the indwelling spirit in you. It is the spirit that lives in you that you believe in. It is invisible, nobody can see it. Internal Power is the faith; it is the spirit or soul or faith; the energy you have. Internal Power is natural power.

Internal Power can be derived through your blood and water. You can have power through your thinking, your faith and your belief. You can have power because you have never committed adultery and fornication and so your blood is intact in you; your energy is still full. And when you speak, your words come to pass. You can have power of speaking words because you believe in CHRIST, THE SPOKEN WORD. You believe in Our Lord Jesus Christ so whatsoever you speak HE makes it to fulfil because HE IS THE WORD. You can also have Internal Power through fasting and prayers and having faith in GOD. When you start believing in Christ and the power of prayers and fasting and by doing positive things which is living Godly life then, automatically you will have THE POWER of GOD.


External Power is backup power. External Power can be positive or negative. Thus, there is Positive External Power and Negative External Power.

Positive External Power is, for instance, a guardian angel that I, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY sent externally to you to watch over you twenty-four hours and inspire you with positive aspirations, if you are positive. If you are negative, the negative angel also watches over you and inspires you. Examples of Negative External Power include, using elementary means of backup power like talisman, building shrine for elementary gods, juju and all that; tying juju around your waist, as well as burying juju in the ground or anywhere, injecting negative things into your system to have power. You desire to see visions and to access paranormal vicinity, and thus resort to diabolical means to achieve this. Those are examples of Negative External Power.

Positive External Power is the power to back you up positively. Positive External Power is THE POWER that if your father or mother or relation is a person of GOD, how I treat them and love them will cover you because I, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY will not like them to cry and be sorrowful from any harm befalling you their son or daughter or relative. That is also an instance of Positive External Power in your favour for your protection. Therefore, the good which is, the Positive External Power can protect you according to how you come to have such power.

You can backup or boost or reinforce your power with the natural positive external power of THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY.

You can rule by THE POWER OF GOD or THE POWER becomes the ruler if you believe in THE POWER OF THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY.

That is the point about Internal Power and External Power.




THE POTENCY ENERGIZING AND ENERGETIC ENGINEERING is how you manipulate things to boost the Potency the Power of GOD in you and the Energetic Engineering through how you present yourself and manner of Spoken Words from you. If you do not allow evil words to come out from you and you practice love for one another, you think well, speak well, hear well, see well, and do well; if you always have good things in mind like how to improve the lives of others from whatever privileged position and welfare of everybody the goal to achieve as a Head of States, the President of Country, a Governor, a Chairman of the Local Government Authority or company chairman or director; if you are always positive in your ways by living virtuous life, then the positive ways lead in the spirit to Potency Energizing and Engineering Life for good living in general.

Also, if you eat only vegetables and fruits like pawpaw, mangoes, apples, pears, green leaves and herbs, I mean, organic fruits and vegetables and NOT the genetically modified products; and you are pure vegetarian then you also energize THE POWER, the Potency in you. You boost that good spirit in you. Also, if you have union with only your wife and do not engage in prostitution you boost and energize the Potency of GOD in you. When you go about everywhere, here and there committing adultery and fornication; when you go sleeping here and there with every woman you see every time, you lose the Potency of God through such acts.

So, ENERGIZING THE POTENCY of THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY in you is to boost your spiritual immune system and that gives you all round protection.

The Spiritual Immune System is THE POWER of GOD - THE LIGHT of GOD around you and barriers any darkness, any infidel spirit-soul or negative spirit-soul that tries to come closer to you. You can Energize THE POTENCY of THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY in you whereby any germs or virus attack or poison will not affect you. And if any evil spirit tried to attach itself to you, it will not work because the energy of God in you will send it away. The energized Potency of GOD in you will immediately send away any evil anybody tried to bring anywhere near you.

The Power of GOD is always there to protect you from all manners of evil, especially now. Therefore, THE ENERGIZED POTENCY OF GOD is the time you believe that you are above evil. And I give THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) LECTURE REVELATION of this day for you to be above evil.

Anything that bothers you, anything that influences you negatively whether bad dream, nightmare - any bad thing at all, when you remember this Lecture Revelation, just read out thus:

In the Name and Blood of Our Lord Jesus CHRIST now and forever, MY Potency Energizing,

Enlarge in me and support

Me and give me more energy

in spirit, soul and physical


Then you will gain more energy and you become fat with spiritual power. And nothing evil can withstand you. Christ becomes the totality of everything for you when you put on that enlarged Energy of GOD in you because you have no other hope but Christ.

That is The Potency Energizing and Energetic Engineering, stimulating you to have more energy and faith.

Thank You Father


Part Four



Everything in THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelation of today is based on acceptance, belief and faith because if you know the truth, the truth will set you free.

If you believe this WORD, if you believe the information herein then, it will yield energy for you. You will indeed learn a lot of things to elevate your soul and your spiritual standing from this Lecture Revelation not only from this one but also from any information of THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelations that I, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY had already delivered and many more to come.


I just talked about potency. It is the same thing as energy. I talked about the actual ingredients, the actual force of power. Potency is also Energy as ingredient of Power but Energy acts from the potency. Potency produces energy especially in the human aspect. Do you know that energy is something you have when you are in control of yourself?

Energy can be in money.

Energy can be in the words.

Energy can be in your physical

outfit. Energy can yield through your faith. Energy can yield through anything around you. Your thought can generate energy. When you have embodiment of power you can use it to generate energy. For instance, those who have ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY as their FATHER and believe in ME and believe in THE UNIVERSAL SUPREME WORD THE HOLY SPIRIT OF TRUTH, have embodiment of power. Then whenever they need POWER they generate energy from believing in ME and consequently, have faith in ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY. That is the energy. You then believe that whatsoever that is possible for man is possible for you. Having such belief boosts energy. That is the meaning of Divine Source of energy for you.

Energy can come from negative sources too and that is evil source of energy, for instance, acquiring charms or talisman from a necromancer, a native or juju doctor for prevention or protection or for any other reason. That is energy from elementary source of power. In all these things you must know the correct ones to stick with.




What are the stages and different modes of energy?

As I said previously about medicine that the use of medicine is supposed to be for good result, for cure, but it eventually turned to become bad, from the after effect and side effect of drugs. I talked about drinking alcohol, how you like drinking alcohol. You drink and drink and eventually you get drunk. Then you hate alcohol. I talked about how you have lust for men or for women and fornicate about. You continued to enjoy your sexual escapades but eventually it became bitter for you because you have huge problems caused by your promiscuity. I talked about how you liked going to hospital. You went to hospital to cure a minor infection and the after effect gave you an incurable disease or even caused death.

The Stages and Different Modes of Energy is about spiritual growth. If for instance, you are still low in spiritual capacity or you have not grown at all in understanding then that is the stage you draw your energy from. But if you have ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY meaning that, you believe in ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY your energy is from the perfect source. That is why you need to believe in ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY. If you do not believe there is no energy for you.

If say, you borrowed five hundred English pounds loan from a money lender or five hundred Nigeria naira loan, then somebody else borrowed for five thousand English pounds loan or five thousand Nigeria naira loan. The loan of five thousand naira or five thousand pounds loan has more energy than the five hundred naira or five hundred pounds. How you expend the money matters because that energy is gone if you did not utilize the money well. If the other borrower manipulated the energy well the person gains more. That is how The Stages and Modes of Energy is grouped. The same ME, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY gave you that order. The individuals received the amounts and energy due to spiritual capacity. Therefore, for you to maintain the stages and the mode of energy you obtained and developed through this Lecture Revelation, you need to give yourself fully to ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY and join to celebrate and honour THE SUPREME WORD during the yearly event known as THE UNIVERSAL SUPREME WORD SEASON CELEBRATION then I will use it to compose and develop and create positive energy for you like I AM doing in THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelation at hand.

Engineering in this context is manipulation of something from bad to good by correcting what is wrong. This is done by cutting off the bad parts and retaining the good parts for the creation of something good. That is what you can do with your life. Reject the bad side or bad part and take the good side or good part. When you passed that low stage you cannot manipulate that again as it is no longer necessary. The stages of manipulation, the stages of engineering, the stage of management is how you can create different modes. Nonetheless, the actual mode that gives you freedom that saves you is to eat the food that will not have side effects; to live a good life, a positive living – life free from any evil practice.

If you worship THE HOLY SPIRIT in spirit and in truth you will not have side effect. But if you seek protection from elsewhere, like doing ‘assignment’ or visiting juju doctor to gain elementary power; or injection of foreign substances, like medicated or non-medicated drugs or concoctions into your system, then you will have side effects and after effect. Thereafter, you started to blaspheme against ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY, and you ask, “Why should GOD allow this to happen to me?” Then you file lawsuit against the medical doctors, in a situation of adverse effect from mundane medicinal intake.

You should not sue the doctors though they offered the drugs to you. What about you who will sue you? You carried yourself to the doctors – you sort help from them. Nobody forced you to take the drugs offered. You were the one that went to the doctors in the first place and took the drugs they gave you. It is written in the Holy Bible that those who desire to save themselves shall lose their lives but those who lose their lives for MY sake will find it.



All the things WE talked about are to do with Spiritual, Physical and Natural energy; they apply to the spiritual ways, physical ways, natural ways and otherwise.

What is the Spiritual Energy?

The Spiritual Energy is the power you gained from practicing mercy, love, righteousness (honesty), kindness, peace, faith, humility, patience, oneness and all the rest of the fruits of THE HOLY SPIRIT which are The Virtues of FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY. When you gain spiritual energy from the Fruits of the Holy Spirit, being positive energy, you become more powerful.

 Physical energy, which is also powerful, can be gained when you eat fruits and vegetables, not the ones devoid of nutrition, and drink pure water and or non-alcoholic drinks, not any evil or negative drink of any manner. You must have NOTHING whatsoever to do with the blood of human beings or blood of animals. You must be clean and free from all those negative things. When you adopt good modes of living that means the Spiritual and Physical Energy of yourself is complete. That is what that means.

Spiritual Energy also means that if you are positive you fast and pray. Speak positive words always. Make good pronouncements that will come back to you, because any utterance you make comes back to you. Speak good words and everything good follows you. If you speak bad words bad things follow you. Anything you want, give that to others and it will come back to you.

That is the Spiritual Energy.

All the people that preach and pray for people to be well; that think about the welfare of people and in one way or another look for ways to better the lives of other people, secure more and more spiritual energy for themselves. Energies from the good acts follow them. Any good thing you do follows you. Those are the Spiritual Energies which are POWERS that follow you.

On the negative side, those who go about killing, destroying and doing all sorts of wickedness including worshipping of idols, ordering and using talisman, performing evil magic, are all debtors. They are the evil energy I talked about.

Natural Energy is something you do, which you know to be positive and not negative and it benefits other people. For instance, the sun fuels the earth during the daytime and maintains things naturally. However, if the sun cooked an item of food naturally and you cooked it again with fire that item of food is no longer natural. Cooking that thing in the fire makes it unnatural. Also, there is the nuclear energy, which is manmade but built through electricity, which is natural energy.

Electricity is also used to give artificial light during the night, but that light cannot be compared to the brightness of the daylight from the sun.

You have now known the differences between spiritual, physical and natural energy.

You can see that everything that I, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY made spiritually is powerful and correct. Other creations are inferior creations. They do not stand properly. Some of them however, are not negative but how you manipulate them can result to negative. Therefore, it is how you use energy and manipulate it that results either negative or positive. Nevertheless, you must know that there is Spiritual Energy, Physical Energy and Natural Energy.

Energy in this matter can be positive. It can save lives. Energy can be the Spoken Words. It can come from doing things the natural way. You must be able to differentiate a source of energy from another. Some people think that if they had talisman or knife or gun that would be a source of power for them. You can have those things with you and even in your hands but when sickness came your way, it wrecked your body and killed you. What then was the use of the talisman, or knife or gun you kept for protection? You died because the sickness is a spiritual power that you could not fight against.

Spiritual Power wins any fight against Natural Power or Physical Power. Nobody can defeat you if you have the Spiritual Power. So, come closer to ME THE POWER – THE SUPREME POWER THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY and let ME fight for you. Let ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY rule for you. Let ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY do everything for you! And then, you are well, well, well blessed.



Manipulation of energy of power is the rightly or wrongly utilization of energy that yields positive or negative result. A higher-self uses energy well.

When somebody with energy knows how to use it well, then such a person has become a higher-self, an Elevated Soul, an Arranged Person because in your thoughts, your mind and your actions you know exactly what you are doing. Then you gain from your actions as an Elevated Soul because you manipulate the energies of your post and position of influence and control through understanding and wisdom and not the manipulation of energy that the worldly scientists in most cases use to destroy the world.

Scientists manipulated energy and went to the Moon and brought sickness to the world. They manipulate energy to venture into Mars to result killing many people. Some people go to the Water Planet and bring back sicknesses to the world. When you visit any planet not inhabited by human beings, on coming back, one problem or another has attached itself to you and you come back to the earth with it. You are not actually doing this earth any favours - not a jut of good by going to all those other planets, you are rather destroying the earth. Also, wars and armaments are terribly harmful, so also the private and personal use of ammunitions. You kill people with them, destroy places and property at the same time you discharge chemicals into the atmosphere polluting the world. That is how you, human beings manipulate the Physical Energy to destroy the world.

Scientists, Medical Doctors and the rest of you that fall within any group of control or influence who wrongly manipulate the energy they have, do not produce positive improvements. You are indeed destroying the world instead. You inject all sorts of things into people. You inject elementary spirit-souls and negative objects into people.

Scientists use the hearts and blood of evil people who died in evil for nefarious activities. They manipulate parts or all the evil peoples’ body, then introduce the potion into people to become mad and then give various diagnosis to the demented victims. Or they inject the concoction into somebody and person becomes slow. WE will elaborate on that when WE get to that stage. But today I AM telling you now about The Manipulation of Energy of Power.

POWER cannot be manipulated though some people think erroneously that they can manipulate POWER. Only I, THE SUPREME WORD THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY THAT CAN MANIPULATE POWER. Humankind can only manipulate energy because this energy can be anything, for instance, a generator that supplies electricity to your house or boat or caravan. It can be switched on or off at will. The maintenance and management of the generator being private electric supply are in your hands. However, an individual cannot manipulate an electricity plant, like in Nigeria that the body is called NEPA for National Electricity Power Authority or in the United Kingdom that goes by regional bodies like the London Electricity Board responsible for the supply of electricity in London area. The individual cannot manipulate any such national or regional supply of electricity in their homes because the supply of electricity is regulated.

The world needs to have an understanding about that.

Another form of Manipulation of Energy of Power is deliberate destruction of lives. People throw bombs and rockets to land somewhere afar killing the fellow human beings there. Some just seat at the comfort of their location, press a button to discharge the bombs and rockets to land at afar place, killing their fellow human beings as well as destroy and scatter the whole area. It is always war! War! War! War every time! Do you think of the after effects of war - the griefs of those who lost relatives, and the sorrows of people displaced, the hardship and untold sufferings of the victims especially children; all those deaths! Pollution of air from discharged war implements including bombs and rockets and landmines? And long after the war is over, the abandoned imbedded mines, continue to maim and kill those who unknowing step onto them! Also, even when the war had ended, eventually people would begin to die like flies. Most of the people responsible know what I AM talking about that some of the chemicals released in the air are responsible for all the deaths.

The soldiers are administered with all sorts of drugs and other dangerous substances to make them feel fearless and invincible, also not to feel cold and heat and thus prevent them developing cold feet, and thus not run away from combats. Eventually the effects of all the drugs, traumas of killing fellow human beings and general ill of war, manifest different persona in the soldiers and they become so many things unpleasant. And at home from war, when having union with their partners - wives or husbands, whoever is the soldier would transfer so many of the problems into their partner.

Manipulations of Energy of Power also can be that a whole battalion of armies are sent to kill just one evil person or to solve the problem somewhere far from their homeland. You send these people who themselves are human beings, to go kill other human beings. And you keep them there in a foreign land for a very long time without their spouse. What do you expect from them? They go into the cities or towns of that nation and engage in intimacy union with the women and their children, sometimes forcefully. Through the intimate interaction, the soldiers infused so many negative instincts imbedded in them which they had gathered from acts of war including, killing people, into the women. They become friends with the locals and pass on all those rubbish in them.

When the army stay very long in the army camp at a faraway land, away from home without their wives, and you do not send them home often enough and you do not send their wives to them, what do you think would happen? By the time the men went back to their families they had impregnated so many women and produced children wherever they were stationed.

The authorities use lots of money to get their way. So, when people are wicked, they want to control things by manipulating the power of their post and position of authority. They execute so many hidden agendas through that. 

Manipulation of Energy of Power is strategic means whereby so many concealed intentions mostly malicious ones, are implemented.  In fact, if I should bring to your knowledge how the physical human beings especially the evil ones manipulate power of capacity and energy against other nations and against other human beings, you will be sorry for yourself as well as those who are victims. The big countries manipulate the power of their energy of wealth and strength against small countries and against people.

Prominent people manipulate the power of energy of influence and wealth from the huge balance of money in the banks. Some of these powerful people get away with a lot of things. Have you ever heard that the Police arrested the president of a country because of printing money? That is the power of post and position manipulation. The Police can never arrest the president of the country with the charge of printing money.

Those who have power by means of the position or post manipulate the power of their office and get away with a lot of things. Sometimes they are discrete with their manipulations creating unawareness.

You who is invested with power through post or position, acquire THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) publication titled THE GREAT UNIVERSAL CHANGE and read TSFT(GP) Lecture Revelation: POST, POSITION AND NAME. When you read it, you will see the in-depth information on POST, POSITION AND NAME.

Some of those who occupy a given years of position of authority could manipulate the energy power of their post and position with that mind of temporary to acquire affluence. Thus, the energy they operate is no more straightforward. And they are resolute to use up the energy power of their position and post during the tenor of office. Thus, they manipulate lots of things while in office with that awareness that exalted position might not come to them again, ever!  Do you not see that people struggle to occupy a post politically? Why do you think people struggle to be important politicians?

People usurp the position of kingship to exercise energy power of authority . People strive to occupy topmost government posts to become important and influential. The affluent also seek importance, recognition, influence and that utmost political post, which is to be the President of a country or Head of States of a country. And when they succeed they then manipulate the energy and the power of such post and position to suit them. But they forget that there is after effects of any action one took. If the manipulations are positive, then you reap the benefits, but if the manipulations are negative then you suffer the consequences.

When somebody died as an evil person the person becomes a frustrated soul and cannot settle down in the soul, and thus becomes elementary spirit-soul. Frustrated spirit-souls hover around, waiting for the soothsayers, the prophets of evil to use them for manipulations. Hence, when the soothsayers, secret society people, juju priests, conjurers and all such people conjure “spirits”, the frustrated spirit-souls are the ones that respond to them. 

What do you expect when a whole nation, a whole country, a whole state, local government, a town, a city, a community name their place after animals or have shrines. They know that such places named after animals or the shrine they erected, is not a creation for or by ME, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY. In Nigeria for instance, all sorts of traditional worships are still practiced. People initiate into societies like ekpe, ekpo, obon and other secret societies like ogboni, Lodge, AMORC, Freemason and many other such shrines. Can they attribute any of those shrines or societies to ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY as MY creation? Of course not! Because they all know that such things manipulated energy. Those societies were created to control people with and manipulate them. The ekpe, ekpo, obon or ekpe efik of Calabar, what is their purpose in this modern time? What is their purpose? The traditionalists, the members and promoters of those societies at ancient times made people believe that the ekpo, ekpe and obon erupted from the ground and that they were the spirits of ancestors or ghosts of the dead come from beyond. And that afterwards when they are done with operations on earth they retreated inside the ground. 

The ekpo itself is not evil. It is the human beings that use their positions to manipulate those things as gods of the earth to rule people. When they wanted to frighten people, they would use the masquerade to intimidate people and rule over them. But since from the twenty-first century such beliefs no longer hold, yet people still retain and display the caricature image. It is now an open secret that human beings cover themselves with raffia, dried plantain and banana leaves and so on and pretended they just erupted from the ground. It used to be that during the ekpo season, women must not go out. If any woman needed to go out, then it must be for very important reasons and must be escorted by a man who had initiated into the ekpo or ekpe society.

So, in this twenty-first century what do you do with ekpo, ekpe, obon and all such elementary activities instead of believing in ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY and Our Lord Jesus Christ? Why do you still worship those things and treasure such traditions? In that ekpo/ekpe society, they cover their face with mask and gird raffia and dried leaves all over, to hide their identity because of the kind of activities they engage in; because of their questionable conducts and hidden agenda; because of the kind of things they do to manipulate and control people. They formed gang and use that forum to lord over others.

I talk about equality.

I talk about oneness.

I talk about peace.

I talk about love for one another.

I talk about mercy.

I talk about kindness.

I talk about honesty.

The evil ones do not like it when I talk about oneness. Their objection does not hold grounds because with ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY everybody will become the same. With ME everybody is equal. With ME man, woman, child, indeed everybody will preach in the church. Preaching will no longer be the prerogative of the pastors and church ministers. The negative people and those who do not advocate liberations and freedom in the world, continue to reject positive changes. They continue to manipulate the energy of the power of their position against such liberties just to control others.

In the ekpe society for instance, women are forbidden from initiating into it. Members made it an abomination for a woman to go to ekpe or ekpo nyogho activities. Supporters of such backwards traditions will continue to fight to retain the practices of the society just to keep women away, and thus, will not support anything that promotes the improvement of women because then they would lose their control of the women in the society. Their objection to banish ekpo/ekpe is nothing more than that.

The people that oppose positive changes do not like the truth. They would refuse to do away with incantations, killing goats, killing cows and other animals and eating them and using them for sacrifices. They do not want to stop eating animals and drinking their blood. For such people, given the opportunity, they would manipulate the energy power of their position and post to keep the evil traditions thriving. The staunch traditionalists continue to promote ekpo, ekpe, obon and all such societies to continue to do evil. But there is no original human being created in the image and likeness of GOD who likes that sort of tradition because that is undercover evil.

Why do you need that in the Twenty-first Century? What do you do with it? When your forefathers established all those traditions, Christ had not died on the Cross of Calvary. They did not know how to worship ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY then. And they believed that power was from the ancestors, the mammy-waters and other such things.

The traditions of caricatures and masquerades and idol worshipping came from elementary selves that operated when I, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY had not sent MY Son to come and teach people how to worship ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY. But today instead of wearing your simple white garments or any simple apparel and be plain and open book, and pray to ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY wherever you are, you rather continue to build shrines. You cut off the head of a chicken and keep in your shrine. You cut off the cord of human beings and use it for diabolical things. All such evil activities and manipulations are just for you to eat, to kill and to destroy lives. Then disaster must follow the wake of your evil activities. When people commit all the atrocities and the brunt of their actions brings disasters to them, whom do they run to? They run back to ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY to save them. That is why I leave them there in the disaster they brought on themselves.

Do you know the decision I came to? Sometimes I leave people to continue with the evil they are doing until they died to face destruction. Because they know the truth and as they refused to follow the truth then they died with their sins. You know, the evil ones run to ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY when any disaster befalls them.

After you have done so many evil things including, killing people, being wicked to people, doing other abominable acts, you now come looking for life. But you forget that you have killed so many people. So, I allowed you to live and nothing will happen to you until you are destroyed by your own evil. That is what happens.

You go about preaching to everybody to repent. “Repent! Repent! Repent!” And you pretended you have repented. Even those who come to God’s Church, those who claim they have repented, have they really repented? How can people claim to repent when manipulations they put through show otherwise?

Inside the church people manipulate things. They do not allow things to flow properly. They put on white garments, carry the Bible and proclaim, ‘in the name of Jesus Christ, in the name of God’ and still do all sorts of evil. That means they have not surrendered themselves to ME THE SUPREME POWER. And since they have not surrendered themselves to THE SUPREME POWER they continue to do all sorts of evil and still eat fish and meat. They fornicate with one another. As they fornicate up and down they continue to lose power and eventually no power at all is left in them. Also they do not wait for the Will of GOD. They force situations. They ignore the truth and they practice wickedness. All these things make ME THE HOLY SPIRIT run away from them. And when I, THE HOLY SPIRIT run away from them they become empty vessels. They say prayers for people and their prayers would not work. To redress that, they went and brought their own ideas, which is indirect way of native doctor practices.

When you go to them for spiritual assistance, they give you all sorts of “assignments” to do, including going to the river to sacrifice something, and to do this and do that. They say to you ‘bring chicken, bring goat, bring cow, bring this bring that.’ Those are signs of frustration. When they do what they do and call ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY attaching MY name to their diabolical practices, I do not answer them because they are NOT connected to MY POWER!

When there is power failure, when the central electricity supply fails you, what do you do? You look for alternative means to obtain power. You could for instance, borrow a generator as a substitute power supply. The ones that electricity – spiritual electricity failed them are those that when you go to them for prayers and spiritual assistance they send you on “assignments” which include to go to the riverbank for sacrifice. They asked you to bring cow, goat, to bring this and to bring that. They are trying to survive with generator or batteries, which eventually will run out and fail them.

In the sense of electric supply, what two instances can cause power failure? It is either payment default by the consumer or general fault from the supplier. In other words, you the consumer and the customer had not paid your electric bills or equipment malfunctioned at the plant. Since there is electricity supply failure, the customer has no power supply. That is why I AM taking steps to make sure that everybody learns the correct ways of doing things and connect direct to ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY. If everybody has the means for direct connection to ME THE SUPREME POWER THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY then, there will be no more problems. THE HOLY SPIRIT is the one that corrects humankind.

Manipulation of Power of Energy in a negative manner is because people do not connect directly to the REAL POWER of THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY. They connect to elementary powers. If you connect directly to MY POWER, THE POWER OF THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY, I THE HOLY SPIRIT OF TRUTH will use you also to manipulate POWER and Energy positively to help many people.

The Manipulation of Power of Energy in a positive way is when you have love for one another. It is also when you have peace and practice equality as well as when you speak good words.

THE POWER OF THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY will manipulate against anybody that brings anything evil to you. Sometimes THE POWER turn people to become your slave and you could use them for a good cause. What happened with King Solomon of Israel? Okay, before King Solomon what events unfolded with King David of Israel before he became King?

When I revealed that I had a King in the house of Jesse, it was David I referred to even though at that time David was still a boy, the youngest of the eight sons of Jesse.

I, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY was in David and David was in ME. I was THE POWER in David. From the physical perspective, though it looked like David was manipulating that POWER, I THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY was indeed the ONE manipulating THE POWER. I AM referring to the story of David and Goliath.

Goliath defied the armies of Israel, challenging them to come and kill him if any of them could. Young David killed him with just a catapult and a stone. Look at how huge Goliath was and on top of that girded with protective armour. The rest of the Israelite armies were sorely afraid of Goliath and cowered at his sight. Even the mere mention of Goliath sent shivers of fear down their spines. Young David defiantly took up the challenge to fight Goliath. He assured his king and the rest of Israel that he would triumph over this man that dared ‘defy the armies of the Living God.’ He advanced towards Goliath with only a sling and pebbles in his shepherd bag. On getting closer he said to Goliath that though you come charging at me with sword, spear and with shield but I come to you ‘in the name of LORD of Hosts, the God of the armies of Israel.’ He then put his hand in his bag selected a pebble and put in his sling, aimed and struck Goliath on the forehead and killed him.

So, young David used just a catapult and a stone and killed the giant Goliath with it. That is what I call positive Manipulation of Power.

Then Saul became jealous as David received praises more than he, which made to plan to kill David. He hunted David incessantly to kill him. During one of his hunts for David, he came to a cave and decided to rest and fell asleep, unaware that he was in David’s territory. While he slept David went and cut off a portion from Saul’s garment but spared his life. That is positive Manipulation of Power. If I AM in you and you in ME, your enemies become your footstool. That is Manipulation of Power. I will make all the people that hate you, that fight you to become your slave and bow down to ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY in you, wherever you are.

I sent Solomon of Israel on earth to establish MY Statutes on earth representing his father King David of Israel. I gave him THE POSITIVE POWER because he believed in ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY. He came from ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY. He was natural positive child of THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY. Then all the demons everywhere got up to fight him. Did they succeed? They did not. King Solomon used the three Os that is, OOO in his name, S O L O M O N to conquer them all. The three Os in SOLOMON is THE POWER in him that he used to command all demons, all evil spirit-souls. He commanded them and sent them on errands. He would say, “You, go and bring cedar woods!” “You, go and bring money!” “You go and bring this, you go and bring that.” He used all of them for all the various works and to build the Temple because during that time there was no positive human being on earth. All the people then were animals that is, human-animals. He commanded the animals to build the status of GOD. Therefore, do not worry about how people behave. If you are positive and good you are the lord for all of them that are negative. They are your slaves in this world and the worlds to come, whether they like it or not.

THE TRUTH is THE DIVINE POWER. Falsehood is negative power. The truth is always triumphant over lies, falsehood, and indeed all negativisms. Do you not see someone is elected as a president of your country, yet the person does not know you? A government minister, a governor of a state or a local chairman would not make the efforts to know the people they are serving. When they know you, they attend to your needs – the needs of all the people. But they do not want to know you, and yet you voted for them. Instead of serving you, they share amongst themselves the money that is for the welfare of everyone. Yet you are a citizen of America, a citizen of Britain, a citizen of Nigeria, a citizen of Ghana, a citizen of Liberia or a citizen of that country that those in power shared the nation’s wealth amongst themselves. Then some people become so rich while others languish in poverty. The select few that received a share of the national bounty that should be for every citizen are the ones that become so rich, so wealthy.

The wealth of the nations and the resources are from the soil from where also your father and mother came from, which those in position of authority are supposed to share equally to everybody. Instead some few people grab the money, manipulating evil power against you.

When it comes to sharing the things that are for everybody, some few people hijack them and share amongst themselves. Do you know what will happen? When the time comes they will all pay back and return what they took. And then you the honest ones will regain what belonged to you and then share them equally amongst yourselves to perpetrate good living because the evil ones and the lies they engage in will fail them. When that energy of evil die, and melt away, you the positive human beings will become the important ones. He who laughs last laughs the best.

Look at what is happening in the whole world. Africa is the Home of GOD, the home base of The Father and The MotherThe Fatherland and The Motherland, yet everybody in the whole wide world pushed Africa into a very bad situation.

There is no quality educational establishment. There is nothing good and outstanding established there and so none is found. If the Africans even made a move to set up something impressive, others dismissed them and say, “You cannot control it.” Other parts of the world would not even entertain the thought of building nuclear power anywhere in Africa for Africans to oversee. They reckon that you cannot control that. They then just built a little power station for you to use for your petrol and kerosene. They shared the world among themselves and relegate Africa to the background, giving them nothing.

BUT, do you know what will happen to the evil manipulators? When their fuel is finished – yes, because it will exhaust - the after effect of suppression and oppression will haunt them. They would then look for those people they oppressed for assistance. And I mean it! That is the truth. The evil ones will pay for their evil. What you sow you shall reap, whether you believe it or not.

What happened to Sodom and Gomorrah?

What happened to Babylon?

They controlled people.

What happened to Egypt?

They also controlled people.

How many countries is Egypt controlling today?

What is the state of the Roman Empire today?

What happened to Germany?

What happened to Russia that was The Soviet Union?

What is the condition of the countries that insisted they must use force to control people?

They did not even bother to engage with the people for cooperation and harmonious co-existence. Rather the tyrants controlled the masses and lord over them. They suppressed as well as oppressed the masses. Some colonized others. How many countries have Britain colonized of recent? Therefore, you must think twice before you take any actions. You must know that what you do comes back to you.

If it were not for King James of England who promoted the Word of God and edited the Holy Bible and the country’s roll in the abolition of slavery, Britain would have been in a penury position. They would have been begging other people to survive.

To accord similar retainment for democracy I said that Barack Obama the current president of United States of America and other people like him whom I mentioned in THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelation titled, “OBAMA” THE STRAINTHEN The President Obama’s Spiritual Assignment, I, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY gave about him, must solve the problems of democracy. They must turn the political democracy currently in practice to be THE POSITIVE DEMOCRACY OF THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY that demonstrates love for one another and equality for all, instead of the demonstration of oppression, suppression and craftiness, of war and all other evil practices on earth. If they change all that and demonstrate truth and oneness and stop all the evil plans on earth, then and only then would democracy and politics flourish on the whole earth. And the way it will operate and manage will involve only positive ideologies that are beneficial to ALL. THIS IS THE WORD OF GOD. Since you know that THE WORD IS EVERYTHING THE WORD NEVER FAILS.

The person I use to speak this WORD who is His Royal Majesty (HRM) King Solomon David Jesse ETE may not be here physically in the world in the foreseeable future. Therefore, you may not know him and may never meet him in person, physically. Nevertheless, though he would not be here physically in the world at a future time, The WORD will remain forever. That is what is going to happen. And I asked him yesterday to make sure that he forwarded the Spiritual Assignment I specified for President Barack Hussein Obama to him. And I AM saying it again today here and now:


Before the given period of eight years from this year expires, they should put in place the program to establish the link to program the POSITIVE DEMOCRACY. If not so, failure awaits them. If he President Barack Obama failed, then all politicians have failed and THERE WILL NEVER BE ANYTHING LIKE POLITICS IN THE WHOLE WORLD AGAIN. Redressing political democracy is not confined to America. All the countries of the world that practice democracy must change their operations to positive democracy. The whole world MUST live in love and oneness. There MUST be no suppression and no oppression at all anywhere in the world. The wealth I, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY created for the whole world is sufficient for every citizen of the world to live comfortably throughout the individual’s tenancy on earth.

Every citizen of the world has the right to benefit from the wealth of the world and all must enjoy equally. Every single individual is entitled to and must live equal, normal, comfortable life with the wealth I, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY give to the whole world. Use the wealth of the world for the good living of every single human being on earth. Do not lavish the wealth of the world on wars and other rubbish. That is what I want to be ended, in the name and the blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!



What is Positive Energy and Negative Energy mentioned here?

Positive Energy and Negative Energy is the outcomes you achieve from the type of manipulations from power of authority, influence or post and position. The results consist the two types of energy positive and Negative as given in the above subtitle that are separate and opposite of each other, and one must be differentiated from the other. What do you do with the Negative Energy?

What is the Positive Energy? It is good energy – good results from good manipulations of good thoughts, good words and good acts and deeds.

What is the Negative Energy? It is bad or evil energy from bad or evil thoughts, evil words, and evil activities. Negative Word produce negative energy and negative energy produce negative results.  For instance, if you said to somebody, “Woe unto you.” The ‘woe unto you’ would then depart to whom it was pronounced. When it goes through that person you pronounced woe unto, if that person is a positive person then, one hundred percent of your woe you pronounced comes back to you. But if the person you pronounced woe unto is also negative then, the ‘woe’ has found vacancy as a portion of that person to occupy. Half of that woe will then act on the person, while the other half of the woe comes back to you because where the woe originated from is the source. And that is where it will go back to, back to the source. So, any time in your life you say, “God forgive them because they do not know what they are doing” that is registered in your file. And all the negative is then wipe away from your file.

Negative pronouncements yield negative energy. You must therefore, stop speaking evil. Instances of negative energy are the army battalions sent to war. That troop itself is energy. The secured ammunitions, aero planes, helicopters, jet fighters, armoured cars and all the rest of the other things to promote war, including the money you pump down there for them to spend, supply the energy. The purpose of all the energy gathered is to fight war to kill people. All that energy is negative energy, so also are the lives wasted on the war. Those are examples of negative energy.

Okay! Positive Energy, why not take all those different battalions and produce positive energy by establishing what is called Active Services but not for war? In this world every country is supposed to establish what is called The Active Service of Work?

The Active Service of Work here is to Wage War Against Poverty. In this Active Service, you still train people like the Army but in Technology, Carpentry, Constructions and Building, Plumbing, Engineering both electrical and Mechanicals, Architecture, Computers and computerization and many other areas of knowledge as practical people. Drill and grill these sets of people to be specialists in all fields of work. Then group them in battalions. So, if for instance, America as the ‘super country’, which I, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY elevated them to because of the Statue of Liberty they have, which is a symbol about ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY.

“America Wonder” was the place of THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY. America was not established for anything negative. I THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY established America for progressiveness and improvements. I gave them the spirit of improvement. Therefore, if America wants to improve itself, the country must now decide to turn aside and return fully to positive ideologies and do what I originally set them up to do as the missionary country.

This is what the New America must do. They should turn all those trained Armies into Acting Officials in The Active Service. The Active Service is NOT active for war but for positive executions like the Red Cross organization that assist disaster areas.

Train people as Battalions for Building Houses, Battalions for the Building of Electric Plants, Battalions for Communications, Telephones Equipment and Appliances, Battalion for Road Building, Battalion for Technological and Researches, Battalion for Engineering, Battalion for Construction of Bridges and Dams for instance. Those are the kind of Battalions and squadrons you should have. And then since you are the “big man” and you know that your father’s land Africa is poor though rich in natural resources, you help them. They are poor due to underdevelopment. They are yet to develop properly in mind to be able to advocate and implement the principles of good living. Experts in any field of endeavour are scarce commodity in Africa. As you noticed these shortcomings in your fatherland Africa, you then come to the decision to address the inadequacies. This is where the battalions and squadrons of different skills and expertise are put to positive cause. You would then earmark different Battalions for various Active Services for Work.  You could designate the Battalion for Electric Plant to erect sophisticated Plant to provide constant electricity in African countries like you have in the countries of the western world. Thus, you assist to develop and establish your fatherland, Africa properly.

You could send any number of Battalions for building and construction say, to Nigeria to build solid houses and good roads. Then send another troop to Ghana and another to Gambia, to Togo, to Congo, another troop to Sierra Leone, to Cameroon, to Liberia, to Sudan, to Kenya, to Uganda, to Somalia, to Eritrea, for instance. All over Africa you dispatch Battalions upon Battalions for instance, twenty Battalions, forty battalions, one hundred Battalions and so on to all the different countries that require development.

Use the ships and aero planes to transport the sophisticated building equipment and materials to those areas of work because the underdeveloped country might not have such hi-tech equipment. The battalions then would build solid and good houses, good roads and other constructions that are needed. That is the type of super world or super power you are supposed to be.

When you demonstrate your “super power” thus then, the whole world will clap hands for you and say, “This is my senior brother.” Africa however, will not call you mother or father. They will call you “my senior son, my senior daughter.” The United Kingdom will then copy your good causes and assist other underdeveloped areas of the world to develop, so also will Japan, China as well as Russia.

In fact, all these places you call developed countries should carry their work tools and materials and go to all these underdeveloped countries and help build the countries up. You should help build good roads and good houses, construct bridges and everything good. Develop the places because you are already developed. Go to undeveloped countries with your Development Battalions for development and improvement and NOT destruction battalions. Do you know how many lives you waste and the extent of destructions wars cause?

Look at the damage you sustained in Iraq. Tell ME! if your genuine intention for Iraq was to address the issue that President Saddam Hussein was bad and cruel to his people, you should have only arrested him and put him in jail and the rest of government officials found guilty. You should have kept him in jail to sort out the welfare of the country and the citizens. The things you saw that were not done well there, you then implement the good ones for them. You should have created good roads for them and build good houses. You should have set up a good government for them and help them to develop properly. You could have built good fortress for them to ward off enemies. You should have been able to settle internal squabbles between the different ethnic groups and make all of them happy. And you should have made sure that no single child died of unnatural causes. You should never have injured and maimed anyone at all. You should never have caused them sorrow, despair and grief. Then I would have shaken hands with you and made you MY friend. But for you to kill so many people just to capture one person and then you killed him. As if that was not enough, you engaged in war with the same people you went to save and left millions of people dead in your wake, you are all debtors. You cannot justify yourself for that type of action, no matter how I, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY love you.

Did Abraham justify himself to ME by killing people? Did David justify himself by having blood in his hands? You can only be justified by practicing Love for One Another, equality, oneness, peace and all the virtues of GOD.

This is the only way I AM going to forgive America. If they listened to MY instructions and act accordingly, through Barack Obama then I, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY will forgive America. Through Neil Kinnock I can forgive Britain. I already forgave South Africa and De Klerk through Nelson Mandela. I forgave the monstrous killing and the perpetrators of apartheid in South Africa through De Klerk because he endorsed for integration of the nation. So, I will forgive you if you turned a new leaf from wickedness to doing positive things and save lives instead of destroying lives. Though you will pay for your sins, it is for atonement and not the punishment for non-repentance.

All the inhabitants of the whole world have somehow duped Africa. You disparage Africa and you call Africa third world. You do not care about their affairs. And you the “developed” world increase their suffering with your policies. The airfare to any African country is costlier than to any other place in the world. Change that. You must correct yourselves immediately. You should even make them pay less on transports because you are sponsoring your father, Africa.

If you gave an invite to your father to come to your town or your station who pays for his transport? Who would sponsor his fare? Do you not pay transport for your father to come and visit you? Is it not evil and deceitful to charge exorbitant airfares to and from Africa to your countries when you know that these Africans are struggling to make a living? They are still developing and are financially insecure. Yet to come visit you their children at other parts of the world you deter them by charging excessive air ticket. That means you are still exploiting them instead of helping them. This is a true talk.

This WORD is from ME, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY describing the evil manipulations under this subtitle Positive Energy and Negative Energy.

I have given instances of the Positive Energy and Negative Energy. You must therefore choose one. Choose the energy you want to manipulate with. Choose the one you want to use. Decide which of the energy you want to grow with, the one you want to establish with. For your due reward is coming. You have the freedom to decide what energy to operate whether Positive or Negative.  

This is THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelation. Your reward can happen today. Whether in one hundred years’ time or in one thousand years to come this WORD is the guiding principles of living. Every single word here will come to fulfilment. Therefore, Positive Energy and Negative Energy is to channel your manipulations of Energy Power to positive ways. Without that you are in trouble.

Okay! The huge amount of money you spent to go to the moon and brought sickness to the world, would have served the positive things I asked you to do. The money you spend on cigarettes and alcohol productions that bring illness to people on consumption which, also make people become slaves to them and as well as behave like animals could have been used for positive productions, good for the individuals and society at large and the world in general. 

When people want to go to war, when people want to go armed robbery and to kill what do they take? They take cocaine to make them high. They drink alcohol to numb their senses. They inject themselves with substances in order not to feel guilty when they kill a fellow human being. It makes them feel strong invincible and fearless to fight. They do not feel weak and faint of heart to face the dangers of war. That means that they use negative ways to promote negativism. If you are positive and peaceful you do not need any of that and certainly do not go to war and must NOT go to war.

If you are positive, undertake positive ventures to better the world. Build good roads and good bridges at various places of the world that need them. Build the cities and towns of the poorer countries and provide them with good infrastructure. If you go to Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone and many other African Countries they lack infrastructure, which barrier proper functioning of societies. Africa has vast land. Give them equipment for instance, caterpillars, cranes etcetera to build houses. Give them farming equipment like tractors and so on to produce more food. Then that country will never go hungry again. But instead of you to do that you rather shift most of your condemned food to them. You give your fellow human beings food you condemned in your country. That is what you give those in need to eat, in the name of giving aids to them. And when they eat the condemned food you sent them, they contract diarrhoea and die. You then administer drugs to cure their illnesses and to keep them alive, but the side effects of drugs prove fatal. When the drugs build up inside the body they cause cancer.

You – the so called wealthy nations create both positive and negative energy in your activities. It shouldn’t be that way. You need to create only positive energy with whatever thing you do. If you want to give aids to people who are starving, give them food to assuage the hunger. DO NOT GIVE THEM GENETICALLY MODIFIED (GM) PRODUCTS. Then address the issues that put them in that condition in the first place. If it is drought, lack of agricultural facilities or infertile grounds, you with your technological knowhow and the ability to fix the problems. Do that with love. Establish good agricultural facilities. Help that society to have good infrastructures for real hope for good life. If society runs well they live well. Train the people there like what the Red Cross and some of other charity organizations are doing. If the governments of the affluent countries should take up such projects for the less developed countries, there will be greater impact and faster results. That is the actual work of the governments. Regardless of boundaries, all governments of the countries of world should work TOGETHER and be ONE to see to the good living of ALL CITIZENS of the world. I, THE HOLY SPIRIT OF TRUTH must operate in you to achieve this, but if anyone talks about ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY, the government of the land is not interested. They only call GOD for help when they are in a dire situation, but they do not serve ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY.

Who are the actual Servants of THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY? Is it not the governments of the land? All Governments of the land represent ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY. They are the actual workers of THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY. Government is for GOD. GOD is for Government. GOD means Government.

You are in the central point. You have THE POWER physically that I THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY has. Nobody can fight the government and succeed. But the government can fight anybody and win. Therefore, if that government is positive, it can manipulate a lot of positive things. The good and positive governments should provide free road and transportation, free telephone services and other communication system, free electricity, free gas supply, free houses, freedom of life with good quality and HIGH STANDARD OF LIVING AS THE NORMAL LIVING FOR EVERY HUMAN BEING. And if anybody wants to live bigger or higher then, such a person or persons can still do that. People can aspire to be richer if they so desire, but that must be earned through honest means. Anyone can aim honestly to occupy the very top position in an establishment or engage in own businesses. You can earn extra money through honest endeavours should one aim to live above the normal high standard of living.

This normal high standard living is that that Government of countries should give equal amount of “pocket money” to everybody. When I say pocket money, it is not pittance but enough money for a high standard of living. And what the individuals use the pocket money from the government to do and earn extra income is for such a person. You can use your talent for business to run a successful business. You can use your talent to work. You can earn extra huge income from your talent as an entertainer. What you earn is quite different from that standard pocket money the government MUST give to every citizen of its country to see that they live well regardless.

For accommodations, what is normal is that married people with no child should have a two-bedroom apartment. And I mean complete two BIG bedrooms and NOT a small twelve by twelve size rooms. I mean twenty-four by twenty-four foot as the standard measurement for rooms. The living room or parlour or lounge or sitting rooms must be bigger and with spacious kitchen and big bathrooms and good storage space. The given specification is standard and necessary. Then one of the rooms is for visitors, as the married couples share a bedroom. This is for standard accommodation. You can build a mansion for yourself if that is what you fancy. Then, when the couple have a child you move them to a bigger apartment. If they or anyone else have the money to build their own house, it is up to them.

When someone becomes pregnant register for an accommodation for that child that is on the way to the earth because that is a human being coming and would need his or her own accommodation in future. Therefore, such step is necessary. If the pregnant woman is married, then she and her husband must have a family house. You cannot say to ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY that no government of the land is able to do that. Yes! You can do more than that. There is no government of this world that cannot do that.

All those jet fighters and other war planes you still have, all those weapons you manipulate to travel both long and short distances to kill and the explosives and nuclear warheads you create and test in the water and all the rockets you build are more than enough to give the entire human race good quality of basic living. One nuclear weapon or whatever weapons you develop and throw inside the water, how many millions and billions of monies, did that cost you? That amount alone is enough to build up one or two underdeveloped countries or even the downtrodden parts of your so-called developed countries and give people good living. Why then do you throw all that money away in rubbish, building and accumulating war implements to kill people with?  Therefore, claiming you are super-power and beating your chest that you are strong and have energy, and then you use that strength and energy power for wars, maiming, killing and generally harming humanity do not benefit ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD and man at all. However, proving that you are superman or super country and you use the power energy of your strength and wealth for positive things, benefit GOD man and you. And that is the only way the world can avoid trouble. Without that you have invited natural disasters.


As I spoke above The Work of Energy is already there to manifest.

Energy means privilege.

Energy means position.

Energy is Power.

Energy is money

Less privilege is less power.

Less money is less power no matter how GOD is with you.

Africa is God, but they do not have the privileges of life like you have in the western world because Africa relaxed. Everything is there for them, so they relaxed. You know when the parents trained the children then, afterwards the parents relaxed for the children had become independent and comfortable in life. The children can then in turn look after their parents.

For some rich families the children relax because their parents are rich. Even when their father relaxed after working so hard to be rich, there is still enough wealth for the children to continue to enjoy comfortable life. However, a child that continued to relax and do nothing to perpetuate the wealth the parents bequeathed to him or her will eventually end up very poor.

So, the state of Africa requires serious attention. The whole world must become integrated. Change the system of the world that prevails in the current environment. Put all the wealth of the world together and share equally to everybody because nobody owns any land.

No individual land owns crude oil and the minerals found embedded where they happened to reside. No land owns asbestos. No land owns anything. Cut and rule or divide and rule, is the worst thing. For instance, Africa insists that an area is Africa land and objects to taking directives from anybody from another part of the world. ‘No “Whiteman” should come here to direct us and no “Whiteman” should come here to tell us what to do,” they strongly stated, objecting to any assistance from the western world. Okay, then, do things well for yourselves and by yourselves. What have they been able to do for themselves? They are fighting here and there within themselves. The people of the western world for instance, have the money and the knowledge and the experience, indeed the expertise to build beautiful and solid airports, seaports and good roads as well as other infrastructures for Africa.

The land Africa has asbestos for cement. There is oil in Africa. There are all types of natural minerals countless and inexhaustible embedded in all the land of Africa. The land Africa is vast. In fact, Africa has such expanse of land that if they wanted to use an acre as the standard measurement for a single road they can easily do so and still have land to farm, erect houses, and build industries and many other things and more beside.

Aero planes can even run on the land in Africa. I mean that roads could be built whereby planes could run on the land like trains. That can be achievable. You should put that into perspective. Africa has enough land, quite immense land to accommodate such ventures. So, instead of building aero planes that only fly in the air, you can also build the ones that run on the land because Africa has enough land to contain such projects. Is it hard to do something like that? Put your rocket science knowledge to good use

As you know aero planes are very fast! If you build direct road say, from Calabar to Lagos that is, a straight road from the southern part of the country to the western part or to the northern part of the country, then getting to point B from A will take only minutes. The landplane will only take but minutes for someone to travel from Lagos to Calabar instead of a day’s journey. The landplane will go piiaahhh! and you have reached your destination within minutes. But have they done that? Has anybody ever thought of doing that? No! I gave you scientific knowledge and the ability to provide easy life. You rather use the wisdom and talents I gave you on wasteful projects like going to the moon and bring illness and death to the world. Why not invest in projects that are beneficial to the entire humanity.

In Nigeria for instance, the evil ones, the aliens there that falsely proclaim to be Nigerians perpetrate dishonesty. They would come up with a project, say to build roads and huge amount of money, enough to deliver a high standard and good quality result would be allocate for the project. However, underhand operations and dishonesty and greed are the barrier to any such good result.

In most cases, from the topmost person or persons who awarded the contract right down to the handyman breathe dishonesty. The topmost would divide the contract money into four parts and only give one part to the contractors and pocket the rest. The contractors themselves are no better because they too cut out a larger sum of it and lace their pockets. Therefore, out of the whole amount of money earmarked for building roads, only but less than a quarter, a meagre amount would go for the project. That is primitive character – gromamov - life in the elementary stage - low quality character.

So, since the people of the western world are elevated in the physical living, I said to them go and assist these people to develop. But you say, “No! We do not want “Whiteman” to do this or to do that for us. They should not do this for us!” But you cannot do it. Do you not know that I give different talents to people? What an African can do no one of the western world origin can do it. What a westerner can do no African can do it. What a woman can do a man can never do it. What a man can do a woman can never do it. Therefore, you must appreciate the fact that one hand helps the other hand. You must also realize that an ample sized person that needed to say, retrieve something from a very narrow gap would need a small bodied person to help him or her do that. You must also understand that when you need to carry a very heavy object, you need a strong person to carry it. Therefore, in MY infinite wisdom I know what I AM is doing. Nonetheless, everything must come together as one for everybody to enjoy. Therefore, a short man should enjoy a giant and in turn a giant should enjoy a short man. The father also sometimes enjoys the child because what the child can do, you the child’s father cannot do it. Sometimes you will require the children to do certain things you as an adult are not able to do.

There was a town that built a certain area and called Garden of Eden. They then built a fence around that area and locked it up. It was the town’s storage area as well as entertainment area. Every day the people turn up at the centre for entertainment and would dance around. They would dance and dance around and get to the area called Tithe Box where everyone received blessing. Afterwards, they would collect food and the place was locked up again. One day the gatekeeper, a woman locked the gate without realizing she had left the key inside the garden.

The next day it was time for the daily entertainment, blessing and ultimate collection of food. People as usual danced and waited at the gate for the “Garden of Eden” to be opened but there was no key to open the garden. The gatekeeper searched and searched and could not find the key to the gate. Then she realized that she did not come out with the key and so must have left it inside the garden and locked the gate.

The key could be seen from where the people were standing. However, the gap of the iron bar used as fence was too narrow for any of the grown-ups to get through. Then I passed through somebody to give the inspiration on what to do. I said that they should find a child of about three years that could understand instructions. Then they should push the child through the narrow gap by the gate. That was what they did. They forced the child through the narrow opening and the child went through into the garden. Then they guided the child to where the key was. When the child retrieved the key, they guided the child to a vantage point and then asked the child to really aim and throw the key across to them. The child did as they asked and flung the key at them with all amount of energy and strength of a little child. They then opened the gate and the child came out. Then everybody went inside to collect their daily blessing.

So, will you tell ME that was not wonderful!  Supposing there was no child anywhere at all, at all? Good things will stand forever. The positive things will endure forever.

The Work of Energy is for production. But what do you do with all the products? The products are THE POWER, understanding, goodwill, ability, money, wealth and position. I AM THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY that produced everything in this world! In Africa, in Europe, in Asia, in North America, in South America and in Australia, indeed everywhere in the world the same day breaks. I provide water and make it available to everyone. I made everything that is necessary for comfortable living of the human beings. Every country of the world has its blessings but how do you utilize yours.

The African countries waste their own blessings like no-man-business. Africans have so much money and they waste the whole lot of it. Anytime they earn money from their resources, millions and millions and millions of moneys are lost because they would not put their money in the bank. They collect huge sums of money and bury them. Even as I AM talking now so many of them have money and would not put them in the bank but bury them in the ground without anyone’s knowledge. And when they die the money is lost because there is no record of it anywhere. And they would not show it to anybody before they died. Some never had the opportunity to reveal that.

People have talents and wisdom and would not train people and share their talents. When they die they go with their talents, without spreading around what good talents they were given. The work of energy is that you use the energy you have positively for the benefit of everybody. That is the work of energy.




How did I come to know all these things?

How can I talk like this?

Do I talk like you? Or

Do I think like you?

I talk because I AM THE ENERGY. If you use ME right it benefits you and I will glory in it. Do you know the glory I will receive?

The glory is when it is said, “oh, this world is very wonderful o!” “Nobody dies! No one is killing anyone! There is no war again in this world!” “There is no problem again in this world.” “Oh, Africa is nice. The Africans are beautiful and nice.” Oh, the Europeans are so nice and lovely.” “Oh, America is beautiful, and everyone is nice.” “Oh, Asia is so peaceful, and everyone is so nice.”

Indeed, the whole world is so peaceful and beautiful, and everybody is beautiful and so nice and lovely. Everybody is interwoven in the world and there is joy! Joy! Joy! - in every corner of the world. Then MY GLORY MATERIALIZES. There is no more crime. There are no more fears. Everybody goes to his or her home peacefully. And there is electricity supply everywhere even to the rural and remotest areas of the world. Everybody has access to good telephone services and all the amenities. Everything is in good working condition.

Bad roads cause accidents. When there is no supply of electricity accidents happen. So many things go wrong viz., problems, death, sicknesses, when there is no good network. When there is no problem at all that is when I have MY FULL GLORY. But when some people are crying, others are lamenting and many others gnashing their teeth I have no glory.

As I AM talking now, people are lamenting where war is going on. Some are running up and down and helter-skelter from one disaster and another. Some are sleeping rough and by the roadside and in tents. The beautiful and fine country they built has turned to rubbles and heaps of sand and concretes. People run away from their once comfortable homes and now sleep in tents in the middle of nowhere because war has taken over their countries. They run away to live in the bush because of unrest. People that were quite comfortable suddenly become refugees.

You that instigate war and fight wars, do you think that is the kind of work to do to benefit the twenty-first century? All those who cause people to die will pay for their evil action. By the way, all these people who run up and down and crying to ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY and calling ME and asking, “FATHER GOD where are you?” Are you sure you are not the person that did the same thing to yourself by fighting before and subjecting people to hardship? Now it has become your turn to suffer. What you sow, that you shall reap.

Let ME warn you the world leaders! I AM THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY instructing you! You MUST listen to THE VOICE OF GOD! You MUST listen to THE WORD OF GOD and establish peace and establish love and teach people to practice love for one another. Every single person, every household, the people in compounds, city dwellers, and church leaders – indeed every human being must live in peace with one another. If you refuse, what will come after you will be difficult to bear. So, have love for one another and all is well with you in the name and blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!



Part Five


I AM about to give the Part Five of THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelation titled, THE POWER! HOW THE POWER WORKS. This Part Five is called THE FORCE AND THE FORCES



THE FORCE AND FORCES as I have been saying cover the spiritual, the natural and the physical states, so, listen carefully. This Lecture Revelation links all the facets of THE POWER! And POWER is a compound phenomenon. So many faces generate POWER!

THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY is THE POWER! So, listen attentively and you will have what to take into you. Whatever the area of inclination and belief will still take you to the same POWER and understanding HOW THE POWER WORKS.

MY introduction to this part called The Force and Forces is for you to understand very well what is the actual meaning of forces, what forces do and how they work because some people do not understand the different types of forces. They do not know what forces mean other than that forces are something like a group of people with a common purpose like the Military or Armed Forces and the Police Force. They do not know that there are other types of forces.

You have the Spiritual Forces, the Natural Forces and the Physical Forces. There are so many forms of Forces, therefore, listen carefully to gain understanding. Humble yourself. Calm down. Accept that you are the house or the container. As you continue to read this, you are topping up this POWER into you.

This supreme information, THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelation is THE POWER! itself. And anybody who accepts and believes this in a positive way, I THE SUPREME POWER THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY will top up THE POWER! in such a person. Where you lacked power, today you will not lack power again because THE POWER HIMSELF has come to stay in you as HIS own house and you will become the House of Power! And you will see!

People always say that life will not be the same again, when certain things happened. This is the first time THE POWER! will speak these words that when you accept the Word of God and accept the truth, THE POWER will change your position in a good way and you will never be the same again. Where Power was low in you it will become high and, so you will not be the same again. Whoever that was high in positive will become higher. And you will not be running away from people rather all negativism will be running away from you because you are concentrated with THE POWER and your situation has changed for the best and will never be the same again. From the day you accept this information you are liberated, and you are free, in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!



The Force and Forces are the entities, the selves, the products of energy. All the products that are formed by the energy of THE SUPREME POWER, THE SUPREME POTENCY are The Forces. They are the workers that are manifesting the energies that result action. Every pronouncement is a force. Every sentence is a force.

THE WORD HIMSELF is THE SUPREME FORCE - THE SUPREME CREATOR - The Force of Creation. That Force of Creation, the POTENCY, THE POWER that came out of THE SPOKEN WORD is called FORCE. So that FORCE and the Forces are what we are talking about now.

Come here! – is a command.

Go there! – is command.

Stop! – is a command.

Do that! – is a command that has force.

Some words are forceful words. When you say, “Go!” it is only a command. When you say, “Come!” it is only a command. But when you say, “Do this!” that becomes a force. The potency of force is attached to those words.

Okay! You eat food. You cook food and eat; or you eat raw food, for instance, fruits. The foods you eat in their natural state have all the nutrients for the physical body. Why do you cook some of the items of food that are already naturally cooked? I revealed previously that foods have some energy and potencies which release into you when eaten. Food is the fuel of human energy. Physically, the human beings need energy to survive, to be alive, to move about, to walk and do some work.

The human body has parts just like the car engines have parts; just like aero plane engines have parts. How do the human body compare to engines? The hands stand for something, the legs stand for something, so also the ears, the eyes, the mouth and the rest of the body parts. Every part of you is a part of the body engine that makes the whole body to work.

How can this body work without the fuel? Of course, it would not work without the fuel. So, you need to fuel the system to give it that energy, the strength to use to move around. That is why the first thing that the human nature need is fuel, to grow.

When a woman conceived, the conceived thought or the conceived embryo or the conceived foetus is the portion of THE SUPREME POWER, which is THE WORD that is conceived through a woman’s womb. A woman’s womb is the refinery incubator of nature. When the man refined the seed, he takes it to the woman as the incubator. Whatever that human being inside the woman’s incubator is, whether human-animal or human-bird or human-fish or human-God, will be the energy to act when he or she is given birth to. Therefore, the acting force is whatever the energy, the power that was built internally inside this newly arrived human being via THE SPOKEN WORD. Meanwhile, how will the foetus grow?

The mother of course will continue to eat her normal meals. While the mother continued to feed herself normally, the child grows. When the child grows inside the belly to a certain level then, the child is ready to be born. The actual human gestation period is ten months duration and not nine months as generally postulated. Well, pregnancy duration can be nine months and it can be ten months. It can even be seven months. The child will still survive. However, the actual gestation period is ten months, being the natural months calculations for duration of humans’ pregnancy and not the physical term count. Nonetheless, the physical count of nine months pregnancy period is the term people generally adopt. They only count as they count. That is where the confusion lies. However, it does not matter for now. WE are not in that area yet.

During this gestation period as I was saying, the Blood and the Water formed the physical body to cover the Word inside the belly. The foetus continued to grow inside the belly as the mother continued to eat. So, the blood and the water make up the physical body and the foetus is the WORD, which is the life inside that body. In other words, the body grows over that WORD that LIFE inside. Eventually the child is given birth to.

The mother should continue to eat healthily after she had given birth to still nurture the baby. Previously, the mother ate for two because of the child inside her. Now the baby eats from the breast of the mother continuously by suckling the mother’s breast. The baby will continue to feed from the mother’s breast until weaned off breast milk. Later after some months, the child starts to eat physically.

The breastfeeding nurses the blood and the lungs and the heart where the WORD lives, while the physical food the child later starts to eat is to build up the physical body through the same blood.

Then the child progresses to walk, starting with baby steps, short, tender and wobbly and then would start to talk. When the child starts talking, it means that the force of that child has started to operate. But when the child was not yet talking, even though here, the force of that child still lived in the other side that is, the Soul side, working full time. The more the child grows here in the physical world the more the child withdraws from the other side - the soul world. Therefore, the child works on both sides, here on the earth plane and there in the soul world. This will continue until the child grows to have the awareness and consciousness of life then, the child is completely shut off from there – the soul world. And that happens when the child starts talking. Nonetheless, the child will continue to work both here one earth and unconsciously there, in the soul world.

Every human being lives dual lives. While here on earth everybody continues to go to work in the soul world, even in sickness no matter how ill, until you die. However, you do not have the awareness of what you are doing. Some people go to help other people and save them from the wickedness the evil ones dealt them. People can do anything during their dual operations.

Every human being lives here on earth and there in the soul world but oblivious living there. However, some people purposely change themselves to live dual lives, which is not the natural living. They borrow energy from leaves, from magical sources and from other people and transform themselves through witchcraft into things like animals, birds or fish. In other words, they voluntarily took transformational evolution to be any sort of animal or bird or fish to do something, usually evil. Those human beings who can turn into something else are either animals or birds or fishes in nature. Hence, they can turn to any form of animal, bird or fish or so according to their nature.

The group of human beings who join witchcraft operate in dual forms voluntarily. Those who turn themselves into one form of animal or another are human-animals. Those who turn themselves to bird and become witchcraft birds and fly about are human-birds. Those who turn themselves to fish and become witchcraft operating in and/with water are human-fish. Those are the three types of human beings that can be witchcrafts – human-animals, human-birds and human-fish. They can turn themselves to be those animals that they are in nature. But the real human beings are the Human-Gods.

The real human beings, the human-Gods cannot turn themselves into anything. They can only dream naturally about these animals. The real human beings, the human-Gods the complete mankind have all other natures in them because their nature is THE WORD, THE SUPREME AIR. As a human-God you can see yourself in the water. You can see yourself flying. You can see yourself in the bush. You can see yourself in all these places in your form as the real human being, you are. But, you can NEVER turn into any of those animals. You cannot kill and certainly not through any of those three animals. And you cannot be wicked to anyone through any of those animals because your nature is not any of animal species.

If somebody tried to know whether you are bird and killed a bird in a bid to kill you. You will never die because of that since you are not a bird in nature. If anyone killed a fish in a bid to kill you, you will never die. If somebody killed an animal intending it to result your death, will fail because you will never die through any such evil manipulations. You can never die through any such means because nobody can kill the real human being. Nobody can kill air as your Father is Christ, Adam, the original Christ, THE WORD

The human-Gods are the people that come to this world and die according to the will of GOD. They do not die according to anybody. No one can kill any real human being. Whenever death occurred to any of them, it is either they used their own hands to destroy themselves or they died according to GOD’S will.

In contrast, animals, birds and fishes always destroy themselves because when a human being turned to a bird, another bird can capture the person. When a human being turned into an animal it can swallow another animal. Or if the human being is a human-fish, the person can turn into a fish and swallow another fish. That is how they destroy themselves. I AM not going into all that. Nonetheless, that is what I AM revealing to you about forces.

The spoken word manifests object creations and each manifestation is a force. When the human being is born and grows and then started talking he or she is manifesting forces, which are either positive or negative. Every human being on earth is a force and can manifest forces because the WORD is in everybody. You can speak. You can act. You have talents. You have energy.

Every human being has natural power. And if you link this power back to ME THE SUPREME CREATOR, then I can divine it and it becomes the power for useful purposes. But if you connect the innate power in you through negative network then the resultant forces are negative. Thus, some people do lots of negative things and boast of having power. The fact is that they linked the natural power in them through evil to manifest negativism. Therefore, as they connected their innate power through the negative channel evil power developed in them.

If you are from the positive side of THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY, you will be born on earth as a positive child of THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY. And when you are baptized and have The Holy Spirit that positive power will develop in you because you already have it there in you. But if it is not there, you cannot develop it, as there is nothing positive to develop. Nobody receives power by saying, “God give me power! I ask You God give me power!” How many prayed like that and acquired the power? How many of them? The ones who approached the secret societies or taken there to acquire power, how many of them acquired it? All those places you went looking for power only activated what positive or negative power is already inbuilt in you. What you have is what you have. If you do not have it, you do not have it. If you like go to anywhere and to the ends of the earth, anywhere at all to get hold of a certain power or you can decide to take drastic measures and do something, anything at all, you will not have it. However, where you seriously forced a situation and go beyond what you have, it becomes destruction for you at the worst and confusion or derangement at best.

Forces exist from THE SUPREME NATURE OF THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY. Every spoken word is a force. When somebody dies, it means that such a person has departed from this earth plane physically and becomes a force. Anybody that died becomes a force. There are so many forces around that are Gods. They are called Gods but not THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY.

Every God is a force, an energy. That is why every human being is God. You have the power in you.

When somebody died in a negative manner all the evil things the person did accompany that person and formed evil forces. The person has become a negative soul and joined the negative souls to form evil forces and, also counted as one of the frustrated souls. And they roam about frustratingly. Pouring wine or any alcohol on the ground for libation you attract them. Also pouring any drink that a person used to like on the ground, will invoke the soul of the dead person to come. Also, whatever thing a person liked when alive can be used as invocation and the soul of that dead person will answer.

A womanizer can be invoked through a woman. A dead man that liked women too much when he was alive would come out and act if a beautiful woman went and stood somewhere and cried and called him. He would not resist the crying of the beautiful woman because he was a womanizer when he was alive. That is why ghosts come to fight. However, if you call somebody who has nothing to do with evil, you would not have any response. You can call that person till tomorrow that person will never answer you.

The same thing happens when a woman loves a man, the man can invoke her spirit-soul when she’s dead. A husband can invoke his wife and if she is negative she will respond, and he would use her for many negative things. That is what happens. However, if you love ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY and surrender yourself to ME nobody can disturb your soul because you are positive. That is what will happen.

If somebody presented his first son or the second son or his wife as the sacrifice for ritual and if any of them is positive and loves ME, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY I will thwart the ritual. If any of MY children that love ME is taken there for sacrifice it would not work. Do they think it is every first son or every first daughter or every first child that can be sacrificed? The only ones that can be sacrificed are the ones that do not love ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY and are not positive.

Sometimes the evil people marry somebody for ritual purposes. When they searched for a “suitable” person to marry and found you and married you, it would not be because you are beautiful or that they love you. They married you because they had tested you and checked you spiritually and saw that you are animal in nature and so suitable for their sacrifice. Therefore, to have finally tied the knot, they had already finished weighing you and found out exactly what you are. They decided to marry you just for the specific purpose of using you as ritual sacrifice.

If a child of God goes to marry a juju person, the juju person will run four-forty (faster than any four-footed animal that sprints) because they know their evil plan cannot work on a positive child of GOD.

There are lots of manipulations of power through the forces going on. Nonetheless, all these forces come from ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY.

What are The Force and Forces?

The Force and Forces as I said, are the entities, the selves, the products of energy and they work through pronouncements. They activate THE POWER in the words. For instance, if you fill a cup with water and then make pronouncement thus: “This water, cure cancer! This water cure this, cure that,” then you have infused the Force of Creation into that water. The water is now called the Healing Water. Then you can use it to cure that ailment. If the person believed and drank the water then, the belief is the magnetic force. That is example of what is called Force and Forces. The Forces create, and THE FORCE magnetizes it. The two must generate to produce the healing energy for the activation to work. So, if someone says to another person, take this water it will cure your illness. Since you believe that Force then that Force of Belief, will bounce into the water. And when you drink the water it works. Anything you believe in works because your belief will bounce into the force. I will be going into the advance of that when we get to The Source of Power - Why The Power Works.

If genes of any two things are compatible and are interwoven they can generate to produce more potency, more energy. Gene is the actual potency, the energy of a thing. The negative energy cannot work with THE FORCE of THE DIVINE POWER of THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY, which is THE SPOKEN WORD - THE DIVINE WORD.

The Force and Forces are the Creative Natural Forces and the Created Natural Forces. Countries create the physical forces, like the Military Forces, Security Forces, the Highway Patrols or Motorway Patrols, the Customs and Excise, Military Police, The Marines, to name but a few. They created the various groups of Forces for different things. Forest Forces are forces that control woods. The Tax Collectors are forces to collect taxes. The Police Force is the body that should see to peacekeeping. There is also, the Mobile Police and the Military Police, and the Army, which is the Military Force I mentioned above. The army should change from human killing machines as their core profession to positive services.

The Army, which are the Armed Forces - the Military Force, should change and be the Forces for Active Services. The military battalions should be battalions for different fields of work and for saving people and not battalions for killing human beings and for destruction of properties and lives.

The physical forces I cited are examples of forces the human beings establish. There is power behind all these physical body of forces. And the power requires energy to operate, which are the instructions, the mandate describing the scope of duties. That constitutes the force behind the various established physical bodies of forces.

Cars are forms of power. When a car is built, the engine is the power. The engines differ according to car make. The force of that engine however, is the driver who drives the car by following instructions on how to drive the car. If you drive the car contrary to the driving instructions, then the force is wrongly released. The forces of the car are there latent in the car as the spiritual part of it, the actual thing, until you start driving the car. You are the actual manipulator of the car. You are the driver, the operator of that car. You are the one handling that car. The energy is there, and you are the one handling that energy. That is physical illustration of The Force and Forces.  So, you need to direct the forces on how to act, meaning that you must manipulate the various parts in car to force that energy to perform to bring either positive or negative result, according to the nature of the driving. That is why man is God.  Therefore, do not do something and say it is the spirit that did it. It is you that did it. The Spirit is just there waiting for your command. When you have not spoken and not given any instructions the spirit will never act. No ghost act without receiving instructions from someone.

GOD works through the human beings. I AM THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY and I work through you mankind. That is why I want you, all human beings to be positive so that I, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY can use you. You all use ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY. The way I use the human beings that is the same way the human beings use ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY because the human being and THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY are one.

Humanity is the Internal House of THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY. THE SUPREME WORD also is the Internal House of THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY. So, THE SPIRIT or THE SUPREME FORCE that is, THE ENERGY called THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY lives in the human beings as the living light. But without echo of The Spoken Word the human beings cannot act. You can now see why forces act according to instructions. You first manipulate the forces to activate the energy and for the power to start working. It is like having a remote control for a television, music box or video or radio. Then, you can operate any of the equipment with the remote control. If you want to play music from your music box, you press the play button for the music on the remote control, then you have released the energy to start playing music. And when you press the pause button it stops momentarily. Or you stop the music altogether from playing by pressing the stop button. These physical actions are the same actions taken in the spirit.

Human beings are answerable to every action in this physical world. THE SUPREME WORD is answerable to everything that is created. So, I THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY will ask THE SUPREME WORD and THE WORD will ask the human being that why did you speak like that, why did you do that. Everybody will give account of all the instructions he or she issued and all the words you spoke as forces. And then I will ask THE WORD all that HE tried to implement and tried to fulfil while you are creating them. That is the circle of power.




As I explained forces have stages and, also consist of different modes. The carnal way of creating forces is a type of mode. Other than forces like Army, police etcetera, another instance of forces is the processes of productions of drugs like the painkiller drugs. Then the painkiller drugs are type of forces. This is the physical stage.

Drugs are the results of manipulation of power energy by the human beings. The type of force found in drugs is different from the force that is found in natural things like the pineapples, oranges, bananas, apples, pears and many other natural things. The natural products have energy, which is the potency that fueled you when you eat them. When the human being eats food, it sustains the person and gives energy. Then the person had acquired the strength to move about physically and can do other things. The food you ate was not just to fill up your stomach and fuelled you. It gave you energy and, also served as lubrication. There is oil naturally in the natural food you eat. Natural foods have oil. That being so, there is no need to put another oil in any of them.

Natural foods have potency. I created some foods with natural sugar content. And some others have salt as part of their natural property. That is why when you eat raw foods there is no need to put salt or sugar in them again because I created them with those properties already in them.

Foods are medicines for the human system when you eat them in their natural state. Even if you eat too much of any of it at a sitting, it cannot be overload because the system can use some and reject some. Or it can retain some, but it would not have a detrimental effect on you at all. However, when the potency is extract from the natural food through manipulations, then there is need to control the quantity consumed to avoid overload. That is why the human beings think and do things artificially while I, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY do things the natural way.

The potencies in pure foods are different sources of energy to sustain the body. The natural medicines in certain foods give clear sight. The properties in some other organic foods are natural medicines for strong bones and the nails. Naturally, spicy foods are heat medicine. They are hot to taste and give warmth to the body. Everything is there in the natural foods for the wellbeing of all, but when you do not eat them properly and in the correct way that is when you have problems. For instance, alcohol is a processed product and when you drink alcohol the natural potency in you reacts against it. And when that occurred, either you sleep for the effect to wear off or you stay awake and start acting under that influence of alcohol intoxication. You could behave in an uncharacteristic manner to provoke fights. Or you would say things you are not supposed to say or do things you would not normally involved with. Under the influence of alcohol, you reacted against your will. You fight a different force in that condition. Thus, alcohol introduces different forces into the system, quite as harmful as the drugs that are supposed to cure illnesses. Drugs are harmful since they are not natural products. The human beings manipulate the chemical properties of natural foods and plants and mix them with other things to arrive at the drugs you take.

Genetically Modified (GM) foods have incorrect potencies because they are outcomes of human manipulation and adulteration of natural food products. For instance, you extract the genes of cockroaches, millipedes, crickets, rats, insects and all the rest of these small-small animals and mix them with that of natural food plants and produce varied crops. You also mix those animal genes with some chemicals to produce drugs because you probably think they make up powerful drugs. Such strange concoctions are harmful.

When you inject insects and animal genes into crops for human beings’ consumptions, you harm humanity. As you mix the animal genes with genes of crops like tomatoes, soya beans, corns and other plants for greater yield as you purport or for whatever your evil reasons, you change the natural system of those crops to artificial state. Therefore, they cause side effects when consumed. All the genetically modified (GM) products are harmful and side effects are imminent to eating them.

Genetically Modified (GM) human beings are results from adulteration of the natural system of birth. They are the artificial human beings from corrupt methods, whereby the human beings manipulate the natural processes of birth to produce them. Sperm are extracted from a man unnaturally and manually inserted into a woman or into artificial incubator to get a baby.

The children born from artificial manipulations are not natural human beings. There are so many of these artificial children now on earth. The artificial manipulations of the natural processes of birth of the human beings are practices that have been going on for so long on earth, but people did not know about them. Since from time past scientists have been manipulating the human natural birth processes through artificial insemination of sperms into some women to produce the type of human beings they would use in the future for studies, for wars and for many other things. They keep track of these human beings, but the rest of the human beings do not know them. These types of people are in the category of topmost secrets and very, very, deep one. Scientists have been practicing it for years and some with the backing of the governments. They have been experimenting on it for a very long time. It is only of recent that they opened it up for the rest of the human beings to borrow the idea and have children.

So many human beings in this world are not natural human beings, especially those of the western world. Majority of them fall into the category of manmade humans. Since scientists cannot make human beings one hundred percent by themselves, they borrow certain percentage of the natural process of birth and manipulate the rest to produce babies artificially. They extract the genes of the human beings and manipulate them by creating artificial environment conducive enough to “hatch” this set of human beings. Therefore, these human beings can only sign up for them full time.

Now! What is the general name for these manmade human beings? Prior to them there were four types of human beings, which are:

A. The Human-Gods. This group of human beings manifest on earth through the natural process of birth by a woman.

B. The human-animals are the set of human beings also born on earth through the natural process by a woman.

C. The human-birds also manifest on earth as human beings born through the natural process of birth by a woman.

D. The human-fish are equally the set of human beings born through a woman naturally.

Now, another type of human beings has emerged from artificial processes by man. Thus, this set of human beings manifest on earth through manipulation by the scientists, by technology. What do I call this group of human beings? In MY Spiritual Record I call them hapeth. They are hapeth product. Hapeth is the half-invented people by the human beings. The children of this type of men and women are called peman. They do not have the natural part of ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY. If a man of that nature impregnates a woman of different nature and they have a male child, the male child will be peman.

If that man - the hapeth man married the same hapeth woman what they will produce is called pempem. They will be called pempem. These ones do not have the nature of THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY. They have lost the naturalness of THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY to pempem. In future those tribes of human beings will be called: “Offten Tribes”. These types of human beings will not live long on earth. Their lifetime on earth will only span between twenty-five years to forty-five years. That is the length of time I will give them on earth. The reason I will shorten their lives is because they are already born with virus. They already have the after effect of artificiality in them. They will be sick constantly. In fact, the inherent sickness of this group of human beings will cause illnesses to these other four types of human beings. When you sleep with these people of that type of human nature, you must surely get infections because already their system called “femfem” of ‘Pempem humans’ is infection itself. They are not true nature human beings. Their system is interrupted. The corruption of their system is worse than the interruption of Adam and Eve’s system, which affected the land. The pempem creation is worse than adultery and worse than fornication.

Now! If the hapeth man married a natural woman and they have a child, the child is called “hamipem”. Hamipem means the child has the chance to be a correct human being. Hamipem woman and a natural man can have a real human being because the woman has the interrupted system. However, a man that is hamipem cannot have a correct human being because the potency in man is stronger and so will overpower that of the woman. Hence, they will not produce the correct human being. These are the things to know to guide your actions.

All these records and information are necessary to direct your activities and to know what you are getting into when you take certain course of action.

I refuse some people the ability to have children for reasons best known to ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY THE SUPREME CREATOR. These people I deprived from having issues to serve MY Divine purposes are the ones causing problems because the spirit of necessity attracted them. If you cannot conceive a child, then you should adopt one. It is better for you to borrow self, which is to adopt, the correct human beings than get one from technology. Half GOD In-technology child still means that you do not have a child. Do not be proud that you have a child with a technology child. You do not have a child because I, THE SUPREME NATURE did not give you that child. The child is given to you by hapeth technology. So, your situation is equivalent to not having a child. This stage of life of The Force and Forces makes life not to be very positive on earth. But now you need to have awareness so that you know exactly what you choose to do.

If you know that you have a link with ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY, you should exercise patience. Where you are not able to conceive, it is better for you to adopt a real human child than for you to have a physical transit manipulation child, which is the Genetically Modified Child (GMC), the product of scientists and technologists. And do not forget that the genes being the sperms extracted from the man had to be preserved to be of any use later. They cannot remain in their natural state for long after extraction. Therefore, the sperms one way or another undergo some manipulative processes for preservation and then stored for later use, which could be in one, two, three, five or ten years’ time or longer. That is a method of artificial state created for them to remain useful. In view of that, such sperms can no longer be termed natural.

Anything that is removed out of its natural state loses some percentage of its natural power. For instance, when a fish is removed from its natural habitat the water, the natural power of the fish diminishes drastically. As soon as the fish sees the white sky it becomes weak and its ability to function is reduced. Then it dies after a short while because of the exposure to the planet earth physically. So, the potency of the fish became low and then nonexistent after it was brought out from its natural surroundings, which is water, eventually, the fish died. Similarly, unnatural environments affect sperms. When you extract sperms from the planet earth of the human system it loses certain percentage of its potency and reality.

Sperm is the True Blood. It is the Natural True Blood in the human being that forms the building to house ME THE WORD as a human child. When you extract them from the human being to store them, they are already exposed. When the extracted sperms are prepared and stored in a container or tube or in whatever storage container or tube, they are exposed, and so have already lost seventy-five percentage of the natural potency. So, you only have twenty-five percent to manipulate with. And whatsoever that comes out of that, it is only you that knows. Nevertheless, the natural life of the human beings on earth will be affected adversely by this physical manipulation. If the human beings allow this practice to continue then the life of some people, the genetically modified human beings and their offspring, will have a life span of between twenty-five years to forty-five years but the natural birth human beings will still live their natural life. And I will increase the natural human lives from what they are now, after I have sorted out the world.

In THE SUPREME FUTURE human beings will not actually die again. I will reinstate the longer years of life to mankind like the years Adam lived on earth. As I AM planning things now, if you have the Holy Spirit and if you celebrate THE SUPREME WORD OF THE UNIVERSE yearly by taking part in THE UNIVERSAL SUPREME WORD SEASON CELEBRATION, you have signed for good, long life and even everlasting life.

The time shall come that the humans’ lives will go back to span nine hundred to one thousand years on earth. If you become weak, I will come to you like Breath of Air from five o’clock in the morning to seven o’clock in the morning and I will refresh you. And then you will become rejuvenated. Even when your bones have gone weak, I will take fourteen days and another seven days to strengthen your bones. You will lie down in a bed like someone on a sick bed then, I will take the gene in you and work on you always. Then I will use the twenty-one days to change you completely. That means seven days in the physical, seven days in the soul and seven days in the spirit. Then you will become a new person. That is where I AM heading to for life everlasting. With that process I can correct your mind. I can also change your emotions and I can also change what is not good about you. I will flush that away and give new good thoughts as a new spirit-soul. I will do all these things in MY very own Spiritual Supreme Godology (SSG). And mind you, that is NOT of the human being mechanism. I will do it spiritual-natural, in the name and blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!

The Stages and Different Modes of Forces consequently, depend on the actual ways you believe and handle things and most importantly, the way you view this information of THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelation.





I, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY manipulate the Spiritual Forces, as I said before. All the creations on earth have force in them. Power is attached to every creation. THE SUPREME NATURE generates the Natural Forces naturally. The Spiritual Forces have plans and hence the prophesies. For instance, the death of Christ was to redeem the whole world. That FORCE came to deliver mankind. THE FORCE came for a purpose. John the Baptist was a Force also. He came here to preach to correct the minds of the people.

At least a Reason and a Talent accompany every human being that manifests into this world. His Royal Majesty (HRM) King Solomon David Jesse ETE came into this world to bear witness of THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Information, THE TESTIMONY OF THE EVERLASTING GOSPEL THE WITNESS OF THE PERSONIFIED HOLY SPIRIT OF TRUTH ON EARTH AND TO BRING OUT THE RECORDS FROM THE ORIGINAL ARCHIVE OF THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY, which is called KING SOLOMON SPIRITUAL LIBRARY. Those are his missions on earth. He also came to establish positive charity system on earth, which is THE UNIVERSAL SUPREME CHARITY.

He also came to establish the yearly appreciation of THE UNIVERSAL SUPREME WORD by establishing THE UNIVERSAL SUPREME WORD SEASON CELEBRATION. He came to establish THE PEACE MISSION MOVEMENT for the welfare of humanity and to bring the awareness of the Higherself to the people and so many other good things. That is the Spiritual Force, The Supreme Word inside Him as the Senior Christ Servant.

I, THE SUPREME SPIRIT created Him welded Him of the creation from Abel, born as Solomon David Jesse of Israel and again born as James King of Scotland, England and Ireland (UNITED KINGDOM). He has been here on earth in so many, many transits. He was of course a different looking human being on each birth here on earth. In this present age he is known as Senior Christ Servant His Royal Majesty (HRM) King Solomon David Jesse ETE of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.

So many people are like that with the plan and the promises to come and do something as a star, as a servant of THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY.

Naturally there are Natural Forces that Nature brings out by itself without fore plan. For instance, if you dug a hole in the ground and water collected in the deep hole, after few days some creeping tiny animals called ‘tuwi tuwi’ would be found inside there. These tuwi tuwi formed in that stagnant water. They were not there before, but the flashing-pass-by, which is the air robbing in that stagnant water regularly day in day out that formed those creeping and crawling things in the stagnant water. And in thousands and million years to come if the creeping tiny animals do not die, they would transform into gigantic type of animals. That is how Nature forms things.

Nature can form fish naturally from nowhere. Nature forms flies from leaves. Nature forms so many things from nowhere and it forms so many things from things. For instance, if you cut some grasses and kept them together, after a while the heap of grass will starts to ferment. After some years Nature will use that as manure to form some animals that never were. Those are instances of the Natural Forces and they are not perfect forces. They are but elementary forces. When you use them, it is the elementary form you have employed.

Nature form things spiritually and in the Soul form in a similar way.

When human beings die primitively without the Holy Spirit, without love, they go to the Hades of the Soul World. They are not seen physically here on earth, but they exist in the soul. They are shadow of souls called ghosts and they are everywhere. They do not have any specific assignment and so roam about aimlessly. Some of them are not assignable because they are rejected souls. Despite that they still look for ways to materialize physically, hence they roam about. Where you sit down to drink alcohol, they surfaced there to drink with you, but you would not see them. They dip their hands in your drink and muck it, but you would not see them. They are living there in those hotels you frequent and even working there but you would not see them. Anywhere they see energy and abilities they would flock there. They see these things because they are souls.

Do not forget that souls can never sleep and there is no dying for them. The souls that are shadow of souls are what witches operate with. They are the reason there are witches because they are ghosts the evil human beings use for witchcrafts.

These rejected souls can infiltrate all sorts of things. If you go to some places you would see them acting. Some “spiritual churches” that beat drums and dance are invitation grounds for these frustrated souls. They would enter the people there and such persons would start gyrating and dancing wildly and shouting up and down that “spirit” has come. That is evidence of the presence of the frustrated souls there. They are the ones making that noise up and down because they have seen a place of action.

Do you see the way children behave? In toddler stage to round about three to four, five years, they jump on top of the bed and leap about up and down everywhere and enter everywhere if left unchecked. That is also how the foetus behaves immediately it enters the mama belly. The foetus starts jumping up and down in the mama’s belly soon after taking residence inside the womb. That is exactly way these souls behave but you do not see them. They are alive but not living life physically since they have not gone to where the souls of the human beings go for reassignment when they die. Thus, they are frustrated souls and jump up and down, in and out everywhere and into everything seeking to materialize to engage their energy. Forces like that abound everywhere.

When somebody died the spirit, which is the Word comes back to ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY, but the soul remains for your records. For instance, if you died while in a physical fight, it is that picture of you fighting that your soul remains under and would continue to fight. It would never stop fighting for one second. The air that left the person will come to ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY but the captured energy, which was the action of fighting, continues fighting. When the soul is reassigned to earth, whoever that happened to get pregnant with that type of soul as the child, will have someone fighting all manners of fight including corner fights, street fights, little wars, big wars, unless the person changed his or her ways. Then in the soul world, if you go against that spirit-soul, the other fighter souls will join hands and fight you. If and, when you need energy to fight, those are the ones you can command, and they will come because they died under fighting. They never stop fighting for one day. When the human beings are physically here on earth they do not even know what they do to themselves with certain actions they take until it is too late. So many things are like that.

Millions of people die in so many ways and in different circumstances. And that is how they are captured in the soul camera. Whatever a person was doing at the point of death remained the action record held for the person and will come back like that on earth. Some of people that died doing a bad thing come back to plead to do certain things to have rest. Nature still gives some people rest if they did not purposely do the wrong thing they were captured in and Nature judged them and found them not answerable.

Certain people when they die, you would not see them at all as ghost. They come back to earth naturally and legitimately through birth by a woman. But some other people die and you see them everywhere because they are everywhere and go everywhere causing all sorts of problems. They are frustrating souls roaming the earth. That is another type of forces that materialize naturally wildly on earth. If you become pregnant anyhow, give birth anyhow, you bring them anyhow into the earth.

FORCES! All THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelations are Forces. All these words you are hearing, all these pronouncements, every sentence of this WORD, every word like born, good, serve, positive, are all Forces.

Every pronouncement manifest reality! Forces! For this reason, you must be careful of your utterances and of the things you do. And all these THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelations will never die and will never be obliterated because they are all created forces that will be born on earth. Seventy-two million and more of THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelations Information will be born on earth as human beings, all positive to serve ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY. Since the information of THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelations is carefully engineered to bring goodness on earth and to the earth dwellers, the WORD will endure forever.

The Information of THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) does not train for negativism. It does not train for any sort of wickedness rather it is the training for peace, for good life, for thinking well, speaking well, hearing well, seeing well and doing well. Therefore, all these words will come as forces to materialize as positive human beings on earth. And I, THE SUPREME NATURE THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY will increase all the positive words more and more. The more the preachers and many other people stand on the platform and talk positive words and preach good words, and do positive things the more they replace negativisms.

If you help to pronounce good words in your personal life, your family life, in your work place, in the church, mosques, in the temples, in the synagogues, on the road, at your homes, out shopping, in the market, anywhere you are, speak well, think well, and make good pronouncements to create positive forces. Then I, THE SUPREME WORD THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY will put them through as Bubble of Creations and spread them everywhere and fill the space. That is what I, THE HOLY SPIRIT OF TRUTH will do. So, any woman that becomes pregnant instead of evil words or anything negative to enter her, these positive words have already by-passed the evil words and entered the womb. And when it has circumvented the evils and entered the womb it will drop its potent there and the negativism will NOT have chance to get in. And, so it is because I do not allow negativism to born again on earth. That is what will happen in THE SUPREME FUTURE in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen! And if I know that you, the man or the woman is negative I will ban you the man and you will never get any woman pregnant. And you the woman I will bind your womb and you will not bear any child, or you could go to have hapeth child.



The Manipulation of The Force and Forces is the same as I have explained so far. If you are positive you should use your wisdom, understanding through this teaching to engage in only good manipulations to create good environment. Speak well, think well and do things well - do good things, then you are helping to grow positivism.

Evil people also use words to manipulate evil. Do you think they do not know? Evil people know that the WORD is everything and that is why they speak evil words too much. What do the native doctors use for their practices? It is the WORD. What do all these scientists use for their work? It is the WORD. Show ME any scientist that does not give a name or attach any manner of identity to his or her mixtures of combined matters or substances. Whatever thing they come up with is given a name, even diseases and viruses have names they formulated and call them. They give names according to what they create and what they know because they know that is the name that works for their creations. The evil ones all know what they are doing and the negative pronouncements they make. That is why they must pay for their actions and utterances. The Manipulation of Force or Forces as you have come to know is via the spoken word. Issued and issuing command, giving instructions and directions and everything that happens as the result of your actions and other actions and pronouncements put together are The Manipulation of Force and Forces.

A teacher manipulates force. Anybody that works with the Words, indeed all fields of work employ the WORD. They are force manipulators. Doctors, all manner of trainers, teachers, preachers, commanders, provided you give instructions you speak the Word! You are major manipulator of forces. And that is why your judgement will be greater. When you speak and use the word to do what is not good, issue bad commands, instruct on what is not good and to teach anything negative and passing on evil, you incur great punishment. That is why you will be judged more than anyone and anything else.



Positive Force and Negative Force and Forces are the same thing as I explained above. Your ideas, your words are the things that yield energy from THE SUPREME FORCE, from the WORD, from the LIGHT. Do you know why human beings cannot stay without power or without energy? It is because the WORD lives in you and you speak. That is why every human being is God. If you are God, you have energy. And if you have energy you can manipulate that energy, which are, your creations. And that is formation of forces. Therefore, for you and ME to be free you must continue doing positive things and think positive thoughts all the time. And if you are doing anything that has side effects, stop! You must stop doing that thing!

Do you not see those who manufacture cigarettes print on the package that cigarettes can kill? But they never stopped producing them. Governments use them to make lots of money and so are reluctant to close them down. Is that the only means governments can make money? When there were no cigarettes did people not make money? Why should they continue to produce cigarettes? It is that same manipulation of evil. Those are the negative forces that are polluting the world.

Human beings produce so many other negative forces, for example, fumes from driving cars, motorcycles, launching rockets into space, producing and testing nuclear energy, Ammunition discharges including missiles, bombing places. All that negative activities release harmful chemicals into the air. Many other means of introduction of chemicals into the air that pollute the earth is rampant everywhere on earth. And the follow up is death. Thousands of people are dying of cancer. The human beings cause all sorts of illnesses in the world through conducts and activities that are contra to Nature and the natural environment. Human beings release harmful chemicals into the air mostly from weapons of war, nuclear power energy, drugs and chemical organizations and from many other sources, especially in the western world; chemicals from guns discharges of person to person shootings; people shoot fellow human beings up and down in various warfare and other situations. Those are negative forces manipulated by human beings and caused by the human beings.

Positive Forces are the good things you human beings created like the aero planes, cars, communication systems, electricity, production of gas used for cooking and heating and used for other positive things as well as the usage of all the positive creations by human beings for positive things. The use of communication systems like telephone for positive talks, but not for any manner of fighting and war and not for communication of any evil, count as positive force.

You dress to cover yourself and not dressed to entice man or woman. You take aero plane to convey human beings from one point to the other for positive undertakings and for conveyance of positive things from one point to the other. You use cars to go to work and for general good movements. All these creations are forces that the human beings created. They are positive things but if you turn any of the good things to negative, it becomes negative. That is why you must be very careful with whatever thing you are doing.

Anything via the Word is the creation of force because energy of THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY is there. The creations form forces, either positive force or negative force. There are benefits for positives forces and repercussions for the negative forces.



What is The Work of Force and Forces since you know that every action of the human being represents force?

A thought occurred in you and you categorically state, “Oh that is me thinking this thought.” That is not so actually. There is something inside you that manipulates you that made you think that thought.

Feelings, emotions, thinking, dreaming, walking are all forms of forces functionalities. Everything the human being does is from force. Whether your actions are positive or negative, forces are responsible for them.

Different forces control all the many actions. Few people know these things, but many other people are quite ignorant of this understanding. The only people that know are those developed to Higher Consciousness and they are careful of themselves. For instance, when any bad thoughts come to them, they would rebuke it with, “God Forbid!” And end it there. They do not allow such thoughts to develop at all. Those are the people that have Higher Consciousness. They are Higher-self human beings. And they know that when that negative thought grew it would result to misbehaviour and evil. So, they stop it! And kill it! That is how the force works because the forces work through your mind, through your thinking, through your ideas. You can sit down and reason thus: “Ah why did I keep quiet like that for that person to insult me like that? Next time that person speaks to me like that I will deal with that person!”

You see! With that mind that force gave you, you have now prepared for trouble. That is evil force. But the Good Force in you will say, “Ah next time somebody comes to make trouble with me, I will just ignore such person. I will pretend I do not even hear what they are talking about.” With that you avoid that trouble. That is the Positive Force of the Holy Spirit talking to you.

Anything good including, inspirations, emotions, instincts, ideas are Positive Forces. Whatsoever in you that can direct you to do good that can help you to be good is the Positive Force. And that is what I call the Holy Spirit or I, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY talking in your mind. Some people listen to this mind. Some other people listen in the air to hear the voice of GOD. Some people listen in their dreams, but they do not know that these forces whether evil or good are talking in their heart. Sometimes, it transforms into a dream. The same person that talked positive to you, as GOD is the same person that transformed to positive dreams. The same evil that talked to you in your mind is the same evil spirit that transferred into your dreams for you to start seeing those things. That is how forces are working to put you either in the correct way or to distract you.

There are certain types of forces known as Natural Soul Forces. Instance of Natural Soul Force is that at one time you were born somewhere in Africa and at certain other time you were born somewhere in Europe and thus you have a family in transit. The reason everybody anywhere else is born as, on transit is because originally Adam was in Africa and the original family is Africa being Eka land or Ekara land as the original name of Africa. So, when you are born elsewhere but Africa you are on transit. Everybody is on transit except those who find themselves in the original land EkaLand that is, Africa Land or Ewet Ekara Land, the Original Land. And who are the first and original human beings in the original land, Ekaland? Adam and Eve are the ones originally created in EkaLand or Ekaraland – Africa Land. Some human beings are original begotten of Adam and Eve.

The birth and the physical death of a human being and then given birth to again back on earth are significant to life. Let’s say you are born at a place and then you died and eventually given birth to somewhere else completely different from your previous birth. However, at that previous place of birth where you died people are still crying because of your death. Maybe you died young and they cried of what you would have become later in life had you stayed alive longer. Or it could be you were an adult and training people in education and your death adversely affected their training and life in general. Or perhaps there were people who used to help you and you assisted them enormously in return and they are still distraught about your death. Or possibly you had people directly under your care and were solely dependent on you and suddenly you died and left them. And they cried bitterly about your death that frustrated their hope. Even though you died a very long time ago, they are still crying for you. They incessantly talked good about you and reminisce all the time of your goodness and always pray for your soul. They would remember how good you were and lament that oh if you were here they would have paid their school fees and would have probably finished their studies. People lament thus: “Oh if you were here I would have something to eat.” “Oh, if you were still alive I would have finished this music production.” “If you were here we would not be suffering like this.” “If you were here you would have done this and that good for us.”

All those talks are invoking you. Then I, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY THE SUPREME NATURE would confirm that oh this person was very good for more than one million things when he was physically on earth, therefore, I will make his copy one million persons. Then eventually I will produce one million copies of you from your copy that was doing all those good things people were eulogizing. As a result, instead of those people borrowing your purse and your person from the good things you do for them, you are now born there to do things for them physically. All that you were supposed to do for them, you will still do. Nonetheless, it will take some time for that to take effect. And the reason is that the spirit you died with is the same spirit you will come back on earth with. And depending on where you are physically reborn, certain of the forces in you will follow the people around to behave as they do. For instance, as you were charitable in your last life and then you came back on earth with that good nature. And you grew and married a certain kind of woman that railed against your philanthropic quality. That could stop you from exercising that good nature. Or you are born into a certain family that are stingy that are not charitable and are also uncouth then, you will have certain percentage of their uncivil behaviour as well as less charitable attribute. Infection from the blood has suppressed some of your real self. And on top of that you married someone who is not as open-handed as you. And when you want to be charitable the person would object vehemently and standing with akimbo says, “Oga! You have family to look after o! Do not waste money on other things.”  Then you are forced to stop. That force that made you rescind action on charity suppressed the real you. Then the two forces inside you declare war. The natural you and this evil force each then struggle to take the upper hand in you.

Then I, SUPREME SPIRIT NATURE that sent you back on earth to come and fulfil the good work will start fighting against you. And you may not live long again and so may not fulfil your mission you were sent. What I, THE SUPREME NATURE assigned you to come and do again at your present birth become unfulfilled. You would have then deprived assistance to those in necessity, those requiring charity. You acted according to the force around you. That is example of Work of Force and Forces.

Forces can stand in the way of any action. They suppress actions, whether positive or negative. Forces can be Before You.

Before You Forces are your souls in many, many generations and transits that formed many you in the soul, but here in physical manifestation you are the force of those before you souls. The other many you in the soul form, maybe some of them since seven generations past are now backing you in this present physical birth on earth. Or maybe some of them are not yet assigned and waiting to be assigned. Meanwhile as you are here in the physical reality you represent them in the errands and over there they are doing things to back you up and to support you and to help you and to make you powerful with their combined efforts. That is why some human beings are more powerful than others and some more elevated and more influential than others. Your success and position in life does not mean that only you worked to achieve that. The backups of the Before You Forces are what you represent. Therefore, your attainment or what you are, comprised the so many you.

Some people can come to the world like the whole of North America. Some people can come like Britain. Russia is somewhere there as a human being. Japan is there as a human being living life. China is also there, alive in the form of a person. Even Europe is there. First of all I, THE SUPREME NATURE will purposely send you to go to manifest physically in those places at different births to the earth. Then, when I, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY THE SUPREME NATURE summarized those places you manifested, I bring you back to Africa to be born there.

When the human being is summarized that comprised all the transits territories of the person. And that is total of the forces of all the person’s several manifestations on earth. These summarized forces in you are the back-up energy, the back-up power that is supporting you. That is the internal dwelling you, which is from The Supreme Energy Force that is Life.  So, if the combined energies are positive and for certain purposes, you will feel the pull. For instance, when you are now born say, somewhere in Africa, this energy will drag you to America to connect to your transit soul. It will drag you to India to connect you too with your energy soul there. All the transits souls will drag you to connect with all of them wherever you were born at any other certain births. That is why you become international figure, a global person. However, if in the long run and at any point you deviate from the assignment you are to do and thereby obstructing them, you have put up a barrier not to allow these forces to manifest from you. Then you are in trouble! No matter how big, important, influential and affluent you are, you cannot contend with the trouble from your transit souls. That is the power energy that manifests in one person as force and forces from birth to execute your life accordingly. That is why there are different capacities from person to person.

The capacity of the individual can be compared to that of one country that is so rich that they have many states and so many good things and good amenities. They have beautiful houses with well-kept streets and good roads. The rich country has good growth rate hence, standard of living of the citizens is good whereas with the poor country the reverse is the case.

The poor country can boast of nothing but rundown economy and absence of infrastructures. Their buildings, roads and industries are badly built and devoid of any maintenance. There is no economic growth only under-growths sprouting from neglected buildings and roads, and abandoned sites and from many other derelict areas in every corner of the poor country. That is exactly the situations of the human beings according to the force and capacity of the person. Another scenario is the sight of somebody’s house that is unfurnished and even noticeable dilapidation of building. The house is shockingly derelict, empty, devoid of furnishings because the occupant cannot fix the ruin much more furnish it. And so, stays in an empty, uncomfortable, dirty and infested house that is a ruined building badly in need of repair. Some human beings are like that. 

What you acquired and what you stand for produce many selves, which are the many souls of you. And when you come back on earth you become affluent because you have improved through those many selves. These are the forces that work through you. If they are positive you stand to enjoy life, but if they are negative they will cause all sorts of trouble for you. Therefore, you need to guard against certain things. You should always guard against being involved with enemies. Enemy forces are always bent on hindering your progress. You made some arrangements to travel to another country for instance, and then you encountered some obstacles of which some are unnecessary. That is the many forces acting against you.

Sometimes unbeknown to you some people have already stamped their feet that you would never embark on that travel for whatever good or bad reason. Some others object to you leaving them behind. Maybe you are the man intending to travel and you have a woman that loves you very much and does not want to miss you. She has become amongst the forces of obstruction but not out of wickedness. She would wish and even prayed that you should not to travel but stay with her instead. She has become a counter force. Sometimes, if her energy is stronger than yours then her power overrides yours. It does not mean that she was purposely wicked to you but indirectly that is what she has done. She caused a barrier, an obstruction to your travelling abroad. Because her energy is stronger than yours, you failed at the embassy interview. You went to immigration and they rejected you meaning that you would not travel again, well, at least at that point. And then you went back home, and she reminded you that she asked you not to travel, and probably danced and rejoiced that oh, my God made you not to travel. That is an example of forces that can obstruct anyone in such circumstance.

Another side to this is that the forces can push you towards the direction to achieve your plan. Then encouragements from all quarters to travel abroad pours in. ‘Oh, travel abroad so that our lives will change for good’ because people around you anticipate every goodness and improvement of life from you travelling for good causes. And then you will succeed in your plans to travel abroad. So, you need to conquer negative forces to pass from one stage to another, if you are positive and draw the positive forces to you. The negative people struggle against the positive. Those are The Works of Force and Forces.

You need to understand all these things. This has nothing to do with Satan or GOD. This is a general conception and understanding and elevation of the human beings’ general living so that you guard against certain unwelcome outcomes. Pray against forces affecting you adversely including, the ones that live in you, the ones you stand for and the external ones because you do not know who wish you whatever they wish you. You do not know who wished you what you did not wish for yourself.





If you believe ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY THE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE, your CREATOR and your LIFE FORCE you will surrender everything to ME. When you leave everything to ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY to handle for you then you acknowledge ME through THE SUPREME WORD OF THE UNIVERSE that every spoken word is ME THE SUPREME WORD THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY. Then celebrate THE SUPREME WORD OF THE UNIVERSE. Acknowledge THE SUPREME WORD. Respect life! Do not think evil or plan any evil or hate any human being. If somebody offended you, or hates you, continue to love the person and leave the judging of that person to ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY. Just guard yourself. When you do this, you have aligned yourself with ME THE SUPREME BEING. Then I will control every existence of life for you. I will manipulate your life for good in all the generations and at every time you are here on earth physically, everywhere, here and there, in the Name and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!






THE ACTION is where WE are now. This is about how actions and the reactions. However, the actual Spiritual Action is what WE are talking about now before the Reaction. So, listen carefully from what you have read so far and/or from what you have heard so far. Follow the information you have gathered one after another and pray to ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY to open your mind and your spiritual sight because you have three eyes. Everybody has three sets of eyes.

One set of eyes, is ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY THE SPIRIT that sees in you. But before you recognize that eye in you, you must first reach the Higher-self. Then you have another pair of eyes of the soul, which is your Internal Eye. It comes from the spiritual side called wisdom and understanding, which you must possess, to access your internal eye. Then there are the physical eyes that do not mean anything because you can walk with your physical eyes wide open and fall into a pit. And you would not even know it because you have eyes, but you do not have eyes. So, if you have eyes spiritually and wisdom and understanding and, reason very carefully, so far you would now know that THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelation at hand and all the rest of Information of THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelation given and yet to come are to help the human beings grow, since I promised in that regard that I will decode many things.

People say, ‘Power! Power! Power!’ You do not know what POWER implies and how POWER managed to be and what THE POWER is.

I AM THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY, THE POWER! FATHER GOD is NOT the title for any human being. You can say of ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY THE GROUND! You can say of ME THE GENERALITY of Generalities. You can say of ME, THE ALL AND ALL. You cannot own ME because I AM THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY THE PHENOMENON that created you and the entire universe and thus, far incomprehensible for you to own ME.

If you touch, then thank ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY.



I AM THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY THE SOMETHING nobody knows. When something is too great and too big, really, really, unfathomably huge it is not for any one person to own. And that is ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY. Can one person own a country? Now people own churches. People own a family. But nobody owns ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY. People can claim that they own the children; that they own houses. Okay go and live in those houses alone. So many people claim they own businesses. If you did not invite people to help you establish that business and work for that business, you would not establish it all by yourself alone and claim the sole owner of the company. Even the term family, a single man cannot say he is family and cannot claim sole ownership to one. ‘This is my family,’ referring just to himself. You err to lay such a claim. How many people make up family? The least number of people that make up a family are your wife, your child or children and you the man. Eventually extensions spring up to the immediate family unit. Consequently, everything needs wide-angle understanding, which is wisdom. For you to be nearer to ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY you need that Wide-Angle. Do you see the way of THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY? If you do not have the wide-angle you are not nearer to ME because wisdom draws you nearer to ME, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY. In every situation of life understanding led you to that situation. If you do not understand any situation you are far away from that situation.

Women are far away from their husbands and the husbands are far away from their women. Children are far away from their parents and vice versa because they lack understanding of their relationship. But when you have understanding about any situation then, you become near to that situation. That is the Wisdom of THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY.


The Action is the Spiritual Action of GOD of you – the Acting Force.  The Spirit of GOD acts first in every situation.

Action is in two different forms in the context of this Lecture Revelation. There is the Action you take as the physical human being and there is the Action of God for you to align your action – the Acting Force in you. The Spirit act either inside you or outside of you, oblivious to you, being the good action of you. And you yourself can act consciously or unconsciously for or against your real action. However, you must be aware that in every situation The Spirit acts first. If you do not have a clue of the action The Spirit took then, you acted differently that is when you will have problems. THE SPIRIT of God always acts first, and so, it is very important that you live close to ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY.

You need to be in spirit.

You need to love one another.

You need to have peace.

You need to be merciful and kind.

You need to have awareness.

You need to have understanding.

You need to have zeal.

You need to have all the good virtues that bring you nearer to ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY so that whatever action you take becomes one with The Action of God as the Acting force in you. You cannot act differently from The Action of GOD in you as the Acting Force.

The Acting force is beyond your control. It is you – the real you that is acting but if physically you are not one with your real action, then Acting Force, will affect you. That is why presidents, prime ministers, governors, family head, church leaders sometimes act, and their actions are beyond their real action; they act differently by not aligning their actions with the Action of God –the Acting Force. Because with position, if you allowed your post to act for you, if you allowed your body to act for you, if you allowed your position to act for you, it is yourself acting. Then instead of you acting to represent the real you – the God in, then the Acting Force in you becomes the real action. Then, eventually it will affect your decisions and what you stand for because your action is not in line with the Acting Force of you. You have betrayed yourself because of your action. By the time you realized that what you did is very bad it has become too late. That is sometimes when your evil actions become exposed.

That is what The Acting Force is about. So, allow your action to act in your favour that is, you act in accordance to The Acting Force being THE ACTION OF GOD, and that will bring understanding to you instead of your action to act against you. Think twice before you act. Or before you do anything, accompany it with love and understanding. That is The Acting Force.

The Action of God Force rules the action of events, the action of forces, the action of energy. Who is piloting all these powers and all these situations? It is you the human beings. However, some actions are beyond you for instance, the original action – the real you action, you became unaware of. Which is as I said earlier that sometimes, if you deviated from the original plan you were sent to this world to carry out and all your other Before You that are the many other you backing you no longer co-operate with you, then they can act against you. That is what you are going to hear in the subheading titled acting circle of selves.

THE ACTION being The Acting Force is to always alignment your physical actions with your real actions which is the Acting Force and make no modification of any sort. If you are with a woman who is natural, who is not a prostitute and so does not carry any infection, that is a natural course of action aligning with The Acting Force of you. And if you the woman are with a man who is natural that is exactly the input you will have. Then when you have a child you will have produced absolutely what you are.

When you eat organic food, you are eating precisely what that food is. Anything you do that is not manipulation is totally what that thing is. You know exactly what you mean. But if you manipulate things then they are not natural anymore. A lot of things in the world today are result of manipulation action. The world is filled up with the results of manipulated activities. Things are so manipulated in this world so much so that people wear half yard of cloth as full garment barely covering their bodies. Literally, they go about half-naked, which cause them After Effect. What is the After Effect of dressing half-naked?

The After Effect of dressing unbecomingly is like this. If you the woman dressed appropriately and with just the purpose to cover up yourself and you are natural, you will attract a good man who is interested in a natural looking woman. Your simplicity of dressing notwithstanding, your natural look counted as attraction for the man. Also, the natural persona of the man counts as attraction for a woman looking for such quality in a man. In both situations the attraction is natural beauty and natural handsomeness.

However, if you dress by acting, you will wear what you term “fashion trend”, outfit sewn whereby the dresses are of all sorts of compromising styles. Some dresses have one side longer than the other side. Some dresses are sown to leave the back exposed right down to their waist. Some of the women display their bottom with their fashion dresses and others just exhibit their breasts and midriffs. The scanty dressing of some women invokes such thought as to what happened to the rest of clothing or the rest of the material for that matter. All that “fashion trends” dresses are to expose some parts of your body. And dressing like that is attracting evil. It will attract those who have ulterior motives and not because they like how you are dressed. The type of people attracted to those dressed in that manner, form the evil forces that follow such persons around. Sometimes the evil forces will follow you and disturb you and you lose respect simply because of how provocatively you dressed. Anybody and anything can halt you on the road and start chatting you up. Some can even haul abusive words and vent innuendos at you just to taunt you. They would make embarrassing suggestive remarks. If you became annoyed, it would not matter because the manner you dressed invited the negative attention. You must know that evil forces exerted themselves on you because of the unbecoming way you dressed. That is the After Effect of your dressing.

The way you talk can also cause an After Effect. You can make some statements to a crowd or make a speech and from that day people take note of you and voted for you as a result. ‘Oh, that person made a very good speech that day.’ After effect can be positive or negative. You can have a good job from after effect. Good things can happen to you. You can even go somewhere and speak certain words and people will cooperative with you for whatever your words wanted of them. That is the result of after effect.

The Acting Force on your part and your action and the reaction can cause downfall or result to something good in your life. The same thing happens in the spirit. If you speak negative words, the words become the acting force for you because every pronouncement will come to pass. Since every pronouncement shall come to pass, if you speak negative word and the word come to pass it will boomerang on you. And that is negative on your side. The negative word you speak will act against you. That is what will happen because the negative word you speak shall come to pass. You must understand that that is how the whole matter works. Therefore, from today try all possible ways to think well, speak well, see well and hear well so that you can do well. Then THE ACTING FORCE will work to your favour because everything works according to the inside and the outside of you.




The Stages and Different Modes of Acting Force depends on your level of understanding, which is that you are either lower or higher in understanding.

If you are lower in creation, which is that you are without understanding, you have no wisdom, you do not have the Holy Spirit therefore, your action is different to the Acting Force of you. You are acting with the lower self. But if you are acting with the power of the Holy Spirit, with wisdom, with understanding, with love, with humility, oneness, equality, and peace those are the qualities of the Higherself of THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY in you. If you act according to any of the qualities of THE HOLY SPIRIT then, the stages of your actions and the modes are positives and that will yield more fruits in future. It will yield more energy of goodness. It can change the environment for good. It can make people around you to be happy. It will make your soul happy. Your soul will be happy. All the Before You will be happy with you and will back you up and promote you very much.

Before You backing you up is a wonderful opportunity to have in your favour. The Before You comprises all the souls you came to the world as in many transits. Now that you have become the full you and you do well, you promote all the Before You. You have given them chance for evolution as the higherself. So, when you die and come back yet again in the world all of them who will equally come back as well will all become your subjects. They will worship you. That is the reason some people are worshipped and respected. And people get jealous asking why should that person be respected, and they are not respected. ‘Why should people bow down for that person and do not bow down for me.’ ‘Why should they call that one king and I am not called king?’ ‘Why should they do this and do that for that person and none is done for me?’

You must understand that all the people that respect somebody are the same persons of that person. All the souls that help that person are the same person of that person. By obeying the command and/or attending to the demand of the person in the position of authority, they are also promoting themselves, even as they are unaware of their actions.

Practicing love for one another, helping one another, submissiveness to positivisms, and humbleness are also the signs of glory. So, if you humble yourself, you are glorified. But if you say, “Who is that person?” “Why should I work for him?” “Why should I listen to him?” “Why should I worship him?” “Why should I respect him?” By asking all the whys and refusing to acknowledge such a person or persons, you have grossly harmed yourself. You may not know that you caused yourself to move downwards. You have downgraded yourself. You have caused yourself to be low. You have now reduced and reduced your glory because whatsoever you sow that is what you shall reap.

Some people do not want to hear that somebody is promoted. They do not want to hear that somebody is elevated. They do not want to bow down to higher authority. They do not want to know or submit to anything. All they do is to cause distress to self with the cry of why? Why? Why? Like the situation of His Royal Majesty (HRM) King Solomon David Jesse ETE, since he does not physically exhibit any sort of wealth monetarily people do not know that I, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY have blessed him with stupendous unquantifiable wealth and untold riches. Nonetheless, I closed the eyes of people so that they would not see his wealth as at yet, physically. As a result, they do not want to listen to him. They ask, “What will he do for me?” “Why should I bow down for him?” “Who made him His Royal Majesty (HRM) King Solomon?” All the people that said such things and those still grudging know themselves. They have taken evolution to be low because whatsoever you do to the senior self, you have done that to yourself for when you will come back on earth. There is nobody that is crowned king in the womb.

I gave His Royal Majesty (HRM) King Solomon David Jesse ETE directives to honour THE KING of Kings and THE LORD of Lords and respect HIM. And that he should do as much as he could in his own little way to keep that up. Now the positive gestures he extends have prolonged and cross over to his glory and his blessing and THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY’S Glory into future generations. Because I will sign for him that since he obeyed ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY and does not look for his own glory now, I will glorify him now and forever more in THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY’S Glory, in the name and blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!

Therefore, whatsoever you do, you do it for yourself. Some people say, “Oh, who is she?” “I am a woman like her.” “Why should I respect her?” “Why should I bow down for her?” “Why should I call her a Queen?” “Why should I call her a princess?” “Why this why that?”

You do not know that whatsoever you do to and for anybody you have made affirmation for your own self. When the forces will come back to you, they will then engineer you to that level. For instance, anytime you dream about a personality or personalities in your dream, one day later in life you will be a personality. It is a MUST! If you always dreamt that you were with a Queen and or you did things with important and influential people, you interact with them, one day you will be one of them. If it is not in this life time, then it is in your next life. Just know that you have been promoted to be affluent and influential and important. You did not know that but now you have. Therefore, anything you do for anybody, you do it for yourself and many other selves that you came to the earth as. That is The Stages and Different Modes of Acting Force.

Acting Force take effect in so many ways as you have already heard, which include energy, potency and the soul. So many, many things like that are the result of The Acting Force from actions and reactions. If you act spiritually and positively then you gain positively and spiritually as well as physically.

The Different Modes of Acting Force take effect in many ways and in things and some unknown to you. Acting indirectly or directly; acting externally or internally; acting by before you or you in the present or you to come. All these things are for correcting your past from the present and for better future. If you behave well and if you know how to act well, as in honest living you will achieve that. If you read THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelation titled THE MASTERSHIP, you will come across things like the meeting point, the finishing point and the congregation point. All such good points are already there everywhere spiritually and naturally. If you mix them well, you mix them well. If you failed, you failed.




Spiritual Acting Force means you act but you do not know unless you have wisdom. What you do here is what Nature act upon for you. For instance, if you believe that by speaking good words it is GOD and by blessing people GOD will bless them truly, you are acting for yourself. You believe your word and you always give blessings to people. All the blessings you give will be for you in the basket of THE WORD because you speak those words for yourself.  So, spiritually all the good actions are acting selves for you. Then naturally Nature will bring people to you as a reward to do the good things for you. As you did for others, so they will do for you. That is the work of Nature.

Nature makes sure HE programmed you well according to what you designed and there is NO bribing. It works like a programmed computer with fixtures already in place. Each design you make is straight away attributed to you. It works automatically. So, Acting Force spiritually and physically is not at all the human beings’ prerogative but if you think well, speak well, see well and hear well and do well then Nature will use that to modify your life and give you evolution to perfect life.




THE ACTING CIRCLE OF SELVES AND MANIPULATION is very important point in this Lecture Revelation. The Acting Circle of Selves are the Before You. And that means that if you have been to this world many times before and have now come back this time, all other selves that were here with you that have already formed souls for you, the same you as I said before, comprise your Acting Circle of Selves. Those are what I call Before You.

The Before You souls know everything they should know. They know things more than you. And they will consist the circle of your souls. If they are twelve souls in number, you will have circle of twelve. If there are ten of them then, you will have circle of ten. They will be acting for you in the background, while you are acting in the surface. And they will project your picture for you. It is like, before the board of directors promote you to a higher office, they will sit down and analyze, review and evaluate what you have done for them for the past years or months. And when they see that your capacity is worth a greater offer, they then conclude that if they give you that post you will perform remarkably well for the benefit of the company. They then decided to promote you to that upper office as a result. That is Acting Circle at work for you.

The same way you formed the Acting Circle of Selves for yourself to act for you, the same thing happens if you are negative. That is why with ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY nobody pays anybody. You pay yourself. I give you the opportunity to pay yourself. That is the meaning of what you sow is what you reap. You pay yourself salary. If you work well, you pay yourself well. If you work badly, you pay yourself badly. Your entitlement is what you put into your spiritual account. And then you pay yourself from there. In fact, if you have an insight of the nearby wisdom from the Wide Angle of THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY you have come closer to ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY. And with that awareness, you then know that it is better to do good things so that you form positive Acting Circle of Selves for yourself. Otherwise, you will form negative Acting Circle of Selves and receive your due reward accordingly, which is punishment.

When your other selves start to betray you and beat you up, you are not going to be in a good condition. For instance, you have never drunk alcohol before. You have come to this world ten times and have never tasted alcohol. Then at this present birth on earth you started drinking alcohol. You have diverted your Acting Circle of Selves to drinking alcohol. All the ten souls of your circle, where there are ten of them, you divert to be alcoholics. So, what happens with you here in the physical reality? A small glass of wine and you would get very drunk like you gulped down a whole carton of bottles of wine. Do you see why some people easily get drunk?

Some people get drunk even by having just a tiny splash of wine in the glass. Your Acting Circle of Selves warned you not to drink but you ignored them and forced yourself to drink. So, they (Acting Circle of Selves - ACS) manipulated the situation for you to easily become intoxicated when you drink. Similarly, in same drinking scenario but different take of case of a well-known drunk who have been drinking alcohol for the ten generations of births on earth. You are an established alcoholic, a registered drunkard. And now you come again to this world and continued with drinking alcohol and getting drunk. By merely passing by where there is alcohol, you become drunk because the soul of drunkard is what you have. You do not even need to physically drink the alcohol this time around for you to be drunk. By just touching the glass of wine and you will get drunk. This is because you have ten alcoholic souls as your Acting Circle of Selves.

Some people are powerful when it comes to evil activities because they have been coming on earth and doing evil and have created evil souls. So, all the evil they did on each birth on earth combine and form the Acting Circle of Selves of evil for them.

A mere word and curse you pronounce on somebody works straight away. That person could sustain a grievous harm or die. And when the situation and circumstance of death is checked spiritually you are held responsible because it is your word that brought that death on the person. Even thinking evil works for you. That is why there are notorious evil people because they have Acting Circle of Selves of evil.

The same thing happens for the positive human beings. If you have been coming to this world and were always a saviour and were kind to people, you helped people and preached the Word of GOD, you have formed positive Acting Circle of Selves for yourself. Do not say, ‘Oh, I am not blessed for this good way of life I am living,’ where things appear not to be working as you envisaged. Do not stop being good and doing good things because you are forming positive Acting Circle of Selves for yourself. When the time comes for you to reap the reward you will not do anything again for the bounties of life to flow your way. You will sit down, and your positive Acting Circle of Selves will do everything for you. Your life will be so enjoyable.

You will speak one word of healing and the word will come to pass. And people would adulate ‘oh this person can heal.’ ‘This person performs miracles.’ ‘This person does this good thing and that good act.’ It is not the person per se performing all that miracles and doing all the good things but the indwelling souls. I, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY, I AM those souls. Since you never frustrated ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY in you I promoted you to come and stay with you. So, the members of positive Acting Circle of Selves are ready and waiting to act. Immediately you say, “LET!” they have already taken actions. Even by thinking of good health for someone, they already responded to your thoughts because those Acting Circle of Selves are ready to perform the miracle to put you in the good track. They are not just doing it for you. They are doing it for themselves and they will be happy doing what they are doing.

However, if it so happened that at a future time in one way or another, you deviated from doing good and became mixed up with evil and started practicing evil, they will vent their wrath on you. If you attract any evil no matter how small they will disgrace you. While other people are committing all sorts of heinous crimes and doing all sorts of untold evil and nothing happened to them, you who committed just a minor offence – a little, teeny-weeny evil, is caught and punished severely. This is because the souls of your Acting Circle combined and disgraced you because of who you are. That is why you need to follow yourself. Do not follow people to do what they do because you do not know the type of Acting Circle of Selves individuals have, in the name and blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ. AMEN!




The manipulation of actions resulted the above title Positive Actions and Negative Actions and Reactions. It is the reason that when you finished your tenor on earth, reaction occurred for or against you. Even sometimes when you are still on earth reactions can take place.

I must enlighten you the individuals and indeed the whole of mankind that what you have now is not the reward from what you are doing now. Nonetheless, if you do very, very well, you can still receive the situation bonus. I said that nobody has anything here on earth unless it is given you from above. It is true. Sometimes so many things due you are written down for you, just like your invoice or paperwork from a completed work contract for later payment. So, the good life you are enjoying now is the reward that was for you from your previous time on earth. Nevertheless, after your present time, I will send you back on earth to come and do some more good jobs to promote ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY, to promote what is good on earth as your souls. If you do the work very well and all these souls attached to you are happy, they will give you what is called bonus.

Bonus does not count as your reward because your reward will still come. Bonus is good-luck. Maybe you are supposed to suffer while you are doing THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY’S work but because you are doing well, you have patience and to conquer so many temptations, you prayed to ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY to come to your assistance. Then I, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY being THE CHAIRMAN, THE CONTROLLER will authorize some bonuses to come to you. And that will change your life to a higher standard one, even before you have your reward. That is what happens in some situations. 

The same thing applies if you are an evil person. You do evil so much so that people complain about all your evil activities. As a result, the evils you perpetrate in your present life has become more than the previous ones you did because you have improved your evil activities. You can have evil bonuses for your actions. The bonus is not the reward for the ultimate punishment due you at the end of your evil activities. These are the punishments that will visit you in small dozes pending when your cup of evil is full to receive the final reward of punishment you deservedly incurred for yourself. Some of the dosages of punishments serve as warning that what you are doing is not good. And that if you can, change from doing evil to doing good things by heeding the warning.

Similarly, but for the positive persons some of the positive bonuses are to say to you to continue to do what is good. That is why WE give you some bonuses to encourage you to carry on doing good works. Therefore, the bonuses work both ways.

As I said I give dosages of bonus to you for your actions, which is either to encourage you as a positive person to continue to do good or as a deterrent measure and to warn you, the evil person of the ultimate punishment you will face if you do not repent from your evil ways. Therefore, the bonuses are not the reward for good works at the end of your tenor or the reward of punishment for your evil activities. You received the bonuses because of your activities as in the action forum. You needed the action forum because of your eventual reward. These are very important things you should know.

People think and sometimes voice out thus, ‘Oh I am doing this, and I have my reward.’ You do not have reward yet. What you received so far are bonuses. Some actions can earn bonus immediately because of what that action is. If you do good things I THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY blessed you. When the human beings see the good things you do, they can also bless you. That good action earned you some blessings.

If you do what is bad, people can start to pay you back for your evil ways in small, small measures of evil and that serve as evil bonuses also for your evil actions before I, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY even give you your reward of punishment.



The Fullness Point of Action is the actual reward from ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY. When the action comes, meaning that when the point of receiving your reward comes, which will come, your reward will be that the things you do have reached the point that I have to give you recompense according to your work. That is the reason you should exercise patience especially if you are doing good things.

Do not rush.

Do not lament.

Do not spoil your blessing by

Lamenting too much.

Do not relent in doing good works.

Sometimes you would be surprised that if you are doing what you have been doing, you gain lots of bonuses of rewards. As a result, you relaxed in your good activities. By the time you discover that you are losing lots of blessings by lapsing in doing good, it has become too late. 

The Fullness of Point of Action is when you have THE FULL REWARD for your actions, for your endeavours whether good or bad. You will not lose a single reward due to you. Therefore, I implore all positive human beings to continue to think well, speak well, hear well, see well and do well.

Have mercy on people.

Have humility in you.

Have kindness and practice


Have love and peace and practice


When you do that, at the fullness of time - the point that everybody will raise a hand in accord and nod head in agreement and say,

“Oh let us bless this person!”

“Oh, let us bless this person!”

“Oh, let us bless this person!”

For the evil ones the cry is thus: 

“Oh, GOD, punish this person!”

“Oh God punish this person for

 committing too much evil!”

That is the Fullness of time. That means your cup is full. I will give you a short story now about a certain man.

The Story:

This person is always doing very well and never allowed any adverse situation to be a hindrance to doing good things. But you know sometimes when people are doing certain things very well, and continued to endure adversities and trudged on, at a point their situation could overcome them to a frustrating state and they would say something like, ‘I am tired! Or ‘I am fed up!’

But this man in question never became tired of doing good things very well. This man’s duty is to do celebrations. In fact, his name is Celebrator. He celebrates love feasts frequently. He celebrates feast a lot for his family. He celebrates love feasts for the community and indeed for the whole area around him. He always celebrates feast for all to eat. He never asked anyone for anything in return.

He celebrates feasts for the whole state and indeed for the whole nation and people always responded and trooped in to eat and were very happy. Every so often this man would prepare feasts and send out invitations. People would come and joyously eat and make merry and were very happy. This man continued up and down with the feast for the celebrations of one thing or another. He would throw feast for this celebration and for that celebration. Some of people go to eat the feast with a wicked mind. “Ah, he wants to celebrate! Let him continue to celebrate!” They mocked him. “Let us eat him down!” This man continued to celebrate feast regardless and people came of their accord to eat and he never asked them for anything in return. At the fullness of time the reward will come to all.

He did these feast celebrations for years. And after seven years GOD sent three angels to be born in that community on behalf of all the feast celebrations. These angels came in the form of human beings though. They were born into different families in that community. As human beings they witnessed the feast celebrations from their infant years, right through their teenage age to twenty years and to adulthood and well into their forty years of age. 

One day the spirit reacted and joined them all up by connecting the three of them. They met and then held a meeting together. Their top discussion was this man that throws feasts up and down for the celebration of one thing after another and never asked for anything in return when we go to eat the feasts.

The first man commented thus:

Every so often this man cooks for us. He throws feast for one reason or the other inviting all of us to come and eat – for free. He still cooks and calls us to his feasts and would not ask for anything in return. In the past years, back then we were young and did not have money and we freely ate and happily enjoyed the food. But now we are grown men and we are very rich. Does he think he is still the only rich person in this community? Does he think he is the only one that can throw sumptuous feasts? You know, I do not know what you people are thinking about this situation. As for me I am going to surprise him. If he throws feast and invites us again, I will go there with about three and half million of money to present to him. If he refused to accept, that will not deter me because I will just drop the money in his house and leave. He has been feasting us for years without asking for anything in return, I feel that I must reciprocate somehow for such persistent good gestures.

The second man concurred that he was indeed thinking of doing the same thing. He contributed thus:

However, since you already voiced my thoughts, I will instead buy him a prestigious car that nobody owned in this community myself included. That will be to demonstrate to him that he should not make out that he is very rich in this community, if not the richest. He cooks and feast people for free for so long. This time around I am going to give him an outstanding present.

The third man exclaimed,

Oh my God! I am so happy! This is what I have been waiting for because I said to myself that every so often since I was born, I witnessed that this man invites lots of people including me, for sumptuous feast for one celebration or another, that we should come and eat and be merry. The surprising thing is that he never asked for anything in return. He never asked anybody for anything since I have been witnessing him do these feasts. In addition, he helps the community and does all sorts of good things for the people in this community, yet nobody hears his voice. This is what I am going to do. I will build the most spectacular mansion for him - a real big palace for him. I will finish building the palace before I showed it to him and handed the keys over to him.

One of them asked the one to build a palace how he was going to build the palace without arousing suspicion especially from that feast throwing celebrator rich man. And whether he would pull down his own house to use that land or what. The mansion builder said, “Oh, it is true. I did not really think of keeping the building of the palace under wrap. However, now that you mentioned it I should consider adopting a sort of camouflage to building that palace. Therefore, I will buy acres of land closer to the feast celebrator man and pretend to build a big church but in fact, I will be building a palace.”

The one asked that what if this man refused to sell the land to him, what would he do. He replied that the man is a good man and would likely sell the land to him. He added that when he would be going to buy the land he would like the two of them to accompany him.

The day they scheduled to meet the man arrived and they went together to the man and said to him, “Ete, we have come to see you. We are here to request that you sell some acres of land in your community to us to build a big church for GOD.”

The man replied that oh that is a wonderful idea! ‘Oh, I thank GOD! I always dreamt that one day a big church – a cathedral would be built here. In fact, for you to plan to embark on such huge project we will have a feast to celebrate that.’ They replied, “Oh you have come with your celebration again.”

The man bought the land and started building the palace but gave the impression he was building a huge church. Eventually, the building was completed. The one that promised a car bought an expensive car that one else owned. The man to offer money parceled the three point five million money very well and kept it ready. That day the man set aside for celebration, they all went there for the celebration. They all ate and were merry and people were very happy as usual. As the feast progressed, at a point, the men expressed their wish to speak. The celebrator asked them to go ahead and speak. The first one that said he would present money to him was the first to say something.

He said, “Ete, you always invite us to one feast or another since I was very young. You always say come for usoro (feast). It is always usoro! Usoro every day! You celebrate feast for the entire nation now. You started the feast within the family and then you extend to community and to states and then to the nation. So, today! Whether you like it or not I have something for you. I am presenting this amount of three point five million amount of money of the highest currency, to you.”

The celebrator man refused saying, “No! No! No! Please do not do that. It is absolutely unnecessary.”

The man said, “That is your business!” And he left the bags of money there.

The second man stood up and went forward then said, “Ete! This time we are all going to share with this celebration. You are not the only one that has lots of money. Then they heard piipii-piiiiiii! Piipii-piiiiiii! And the driver brought the car forward. The second man said to the feast man, “That is your car. All the money you’ve been spending to celebrate one feast after another, this car is to show appreciation.”

The third man said, “Ete! you remember that land you sold to me?” The man said that he remembered, “Yes you built the cathedral.” The gift presenter then updated the man that it was not a cathedral he built but a palace for him. “These are the keys for your house. I built that mansion for you because you have been celebrating and cooking and feasting us for so long.  All the money you have been using to celebrate feast since I was born would have been enough for you to erect a mansion for yourself. So, we have to show appreciation for all your efforts.”

Then someone in the audience said, “So, is it me that will go empty handed and not receive blessing by not showing appreciation? No-o-o! I must show appreciation.”

The rest of the people that came for the feast said they would not fall behind by not giving something back in return as well. So, people surged forward, each offering something as a mark of appreciation for the man.

This one got up and gave one million of money. Another got up and gave five million of money. Another got up and gave five hundred thousand of money. And so, the donations continued pouring in. The news spread all over the nation and people all over the nation trooped in to show their own appreciation. They said even though they did not attend this last feast that they had attended so many feasts the man gave that they were nonetheless, happy to give something back regardless.

From that day and forever was The Fullness of Time.

The Point of Action is when I THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY entered to work for you and that is the Acting Circle of Selves.

When you do good and you know what you are doing, and you do it well, do not worry because the Acting Circle of Selves and Manipulation will manipulate things for you to favour you. If you are positive do not worry, just wait for the action. When The Fullness Point of Time of Action comes, you will receive your due reward, in the name and blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!



Who entered those inside the Acting Circle of Selves? Who are they? I THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY turned MYSELF into those in the Acting Circle of Selves. I AM the ones in the Acting Circle of Selves.

If you reckon that the problem you have in this world is that you do not have anybody to do anything for you; you do not have a father, a mother, no sister or brother; you do not have any friends, you did not go to school; you do not go anywhere; you do not know people, or you do not have that personal relationship with anyone, what about having ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY? Does THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY not do anything? AM I not those people to you? Who is more than ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY in this world? I can do and undo. I can do and undo!

What you have not thought of, what you never imagined or dreamed of that is what I will do for you. Look at that man I gave the above story about. He cooked feasts for one celebration after another and invited people to come and eat for free when he had no house and not even a car. Even though he was not that wealthy physically, the feasts he gave were appreciation and he was doing the feasts for everybody.

Do you know what that man was doing that for in this life? The man was celebrating the feasts for all the people who do not appreciate life. He appreciated THE SUPREME WORD OF THE UNIVERSE on their behalf. He started celebrating THE SUPREME WORD OF THE UNIVERSE unbeknown to people, thanking HIM THE SUPREME WORD THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY for all lives, for all the things I have been doing as THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY. He showed appreciation and celebrated feasts upon feasts and continued celebrating.

THE WORD does not disappoint HIMSELF. I turned to be the angels born in the form of human beings in that community and they as human beings do not know themselves. Now at the fullness of time nobody is as rich as he is. As for the celebrations, before the time to celebrate is up people bring food and everything needed for the celebration. People said to the man that not to buy anything again from next year for the celebrations. That they will see to the celebrations. They hijacked the situation but in a good way. That is the will of GOD, what I, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY can do at the Fullness of Time Point of Action, now and forever more. AMEN!





I advised at the beginning of this Lecture Revelation that you should give your full attention to this information and to ask for humility of heart to listen, to focus and absorb the lessons contained herein.

As you have come up to this point AM I to advice you again in that regard? Should I belabour the obvious by suggesting that you surrender your mind and heart to this sublime Lecture Revelation?

I believe that by now THE WORD HIMSELF inside you have already instructed you to humble your mind, to surrender yourself and to listen carefully to hear more. And with that I AM going to expatiate more, expand it and define it in your heart more than what you are hearing now because as I said to you earlier, the Wideness Angle of MYSELF brings everybody nearer to ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY. That is the understanding.

When you have information about something, you can understand that thing. And when you understand that something, you come closer to it. If that thing is evil, you do away with it. If it is good you get closer to that thing. So, if you understand THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) information, you will understand the way I work, and you will understand THE SUPREME WORD OF THE UNIVERSE and the positivistic Nature of THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY that the Word of God is positive.

And nobody calls Christ ‘My LORD’ without being closer to ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY. Nobody respects THE SUPREME WORD OF THE UNIVERSE without coming from ME. Nobody bears witness about The Truth without coming from ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY. I AM THE DOER of everything.

You should know in your spirit of heart who His Royal Majesty (HRM) King Solomon David Jesse ETE is, and why I, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY gave him this assignment to witness THE SUPREME WORD OF THE UNIVERSE, THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK, GOD PRESENT.



What Is the Reaction to an action?

As I said earlier about the physical living, your system could send signals that something is wrong within you. Then on investigation you realized that you ate something that disagreed with your system causing the reaction of say stomach upset or general disorientation. Sometimes you ate something you are allergic to, thus, your system reacted. Reaction from eating food disagreeable to your system could show in one of several ways. Rashes could develop in the body coupled with itching or coughing or running a temperature and progressed to a very high one, depending on the severity of the reaction.

If you discovered things that cause disruption to your system and avoid them you spare yourself allergic reactions. So, the system reacting abnormally induces reaction from you to be careful of what you eat. The same thing goes with other aspects of living.

Sometimes you have second thought about a negative pronouncement you made. For instance, you said negative words asking God to punish somebody, of which, I THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY brought to your awareness that such request is negative utterance that will boomerang on you. Your quick reaction was to speak positive words to override the negative words, like ‘Oh, I did not mean what I said earlier, it was a slip of tongue.’ “GOD will NOT punish you. GOD will bless you!”

When you counter the negative pronouncement with positive words like that, as soon as “God will punish you” comes around to take effect, immediately “GOD will NOT punish you” and “GOD will bless you” override it. And so “GOD will NOT punish you” stands because the positive pronouncement has taken effect. That is the way Action and Reaction take place.

 To react immediately to counter a negative action with a positive action is possible when you have understanding, have awareness, become an advanced human being, be a rearranged person and you are, Positive! Positive! Positive! Then immediately MY Spirit in you will react against any bad thing, against any negative thing that tried to invade you. Then you will not have problems again. You would not even fall ill.

The Holy Spirit in you reacts immediately when something is wrong when you tune yourself very well with ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY. If you think well, speak well, hear well, see well and do well, you will always only listen to positive talks and engage in positive conversations and discussions. When someone brings up negative talks, you say, “Oga! I am not going to be part of this kind of talks.” 

You always think well and suddenly a bad thought entered your thoughts. Get rid of it immediately by saying, “God forbid bad thing!”

You always speak well and if you happen to speak evil at any point correct yourself immediately and speak positive words.

You always do well, engaging in only good acts, and if someone tried to include you in their bad ways of doing things, say, “Oga! I am not going to be part of those bad acts.”

When you demonstrate all those good ways of living that means that I AM always at hand for you and with you.

Take note that this is not the same as after doing something bad you regret and say to yourself, “why did I do that?” Nonetheless, even to regret is showing remorse to ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY because without that you would continue in your wrongdoings and never show any regrets.

So, what is The Reaction in this context?

The Reaction is the process of improvement, the changing from doing bad to doing good thing, or to do good things and do more. For instance, I told people to be vegetarians. I stipulated that people should not eat any form of flesh including fish, birds and animals. That everyone should be vegetarian. I also said that any woman you have carnal knowledge of, should be your wife to keep pollutions through promiscuous behaviour in check. I mean being polluted and or spreading pollutions here and there.

If you copulate with your wife you are exchanging blood between the two of you, so, there is no problem there. But if you go about sleeping with other women you end up collecting something you do not know where it came from, and come back home and passed it on to your wife during intimacy with her. You see a woman on the road and bed her there and then. For all there is, she could be a ghost.

So many assumed bodies parade this earth as human beings. You may not believe it, but it is true. Okay, if there is nothing like assumed body, how did I, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY come to look like the physical human being to reach Abraham. I visited Abraham with two angels plus MYSELF THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY. Have you not heard that GOD visited Abraham and blessed him? How did HE bless him?

Okay, if there is no assumed body how did I stay as an angel with Abraham to become Isaac the plural Abraham, the Father of all Nations? It is one Abraham that multiplied and filled up this earth.

I sent the two angels that were with ME on the visit to Abraham, to Sodom and Gomorrah to go and meet Lot, because he was the brother of Abraham. When they went and showed up at Lot’s house, did they go there as ghosts? No! They went to Sodom as human beings, but they were angels. The same thing applies to both positive and negative angels. The spirit-souls can take the form of anything to camouflage what they are, but you would not know when you see them.

Other souls that take assumed bodies are ghosts. They are the people here on earth that finished their seven generations and died and I, THE SUPREME JUDGE THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY had not given them opportunity to be born again physically on earth because they engaged in evil activities all through the generations of their lives on earth. They are the frustrated souls. And they also take assumed bodies and continue with their evil activities causing havoc everywhere. It is not only in burial grounds you can see them. They are found beyond the boundaries of the cemeteries. You can see someone with a leg up in the air or standing like one in a koro koro show. Or this person is adorned in fanciful dress and stood by the road in the evening and you picked her up. She could be a witch that turned to be a pretty woman waiting for you to pick her up and take her to your house. And from that day your life changed for bad.

You will not only see the ghosts standing on the ground like the real human beings. You could see people standing on their heads and display all manners of weird acrobatic stance and you get carried away. You could also see some beautiful women and provocatively dressed standing by the roadside. And you came along and picked one up not knowing she is a ghost that turned to be a beautiful woman waiting for an unfortunate man like you, to take her to his house. And from that day you are doomed for your life has taken a bad turn.

Some car accidents are not accidental at all. An accident could be a premeditated ill wind sent to blow at that person causing the mishap. Maybe you were travelling, and you stopped on the way and picked up someone. That someone is a beautiful woman who could be one of the frustrated souls parading everywhere, that took assumed human body and stood there by the roadside.

You know, when someone is transferred physically from this earth it is only the physical body that died but the spirit and the soul never die. So, the roaming soul can turn to be human beings and entered your car. You as a man saw a beautiful woman standing by the roadside and picked her up with the sole purpose of going to bed with her. And before you reached your destination you had a car accident and died, and the spirit-soul disappears and goes her way – mission accomplished!

So many unnatural things are happening in this world which you unaware of. And if I should narrate some of the occurrences, they will boggle your mind. That man that died in the accident, will he come to tell you what truly happened to him? Sometimes you picked up the person and finished your private and sordid “business” with her and went to drop her off. As soon as she got out of your car and immediately you drove off an accident occurred causing your death.

What will you do with the knowledge gained from this manner of information articulated to you, when you reached this Nearer Wisdom, being that the Wide Angle of GOD brings you to the Nearer Wisdom, which is to be closer to ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY, which is life?

It is for you to take stock. React immediately to right a situation if you know that you have gone the wrong way. React immediately to rectify situations if you know you have derailed from the way of positive things, of good things. Do not sit down and say, ‘God will do it for me.’ Are you not God?  I gave you freewill. I gave you mind. Accept the things that are good. Do not follow people and deny good things. If you follow people, allowing them to lead you astray, you will suffer with them when repercussions take effect.

All those who followed friends and people to deny THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelations deny good things for themselves. The same goes for the nations that follow other nations to deny the Information of THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK that is direct from ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY.

Tell ME this, if each of THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Information is assigned ten million sums of money maybe naira or British pounds or American dollars as instant benefit to access and assimilate any of the information. And your friends or sister or brother says to you, oh do not read THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelations that they are not from ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY, are you sure you would not go behind and collect the Lecture Revelation to have the money? Will you not go behind that your friend and say, ‘Nonsense! You have your own money and now opportunity has presented itself for me to be equally very rich, and you want to become an obstacle.’

That notwithstanding, the Information inside of THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelations like this lesson to hand you are accessing, alone is worth more than one hundred million times one hundred million to the power of one million times tens and tens and several more tens of millions of moneys, of the highest currency on this earth. And that is uncountable sums of money, which is Brillion!  I mean PHYSICAL Brillion amount of money of the highest currency! When you finished reading THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelation currently at hand, and you take only positive Actions and Reactions, including positive affirmations, positive acceptances. And then celebrate THE SUPREME WORD OF THE UNIVERSE. If you have never been a millionaire in your life, immediately you will become a millionaire. Instantaneous good Reaction for will take place in your life the good actions you took. I will give you bonus in your life.

Assuming you are not a millionaire in nature, I will improve you to be one. From today all those who are not millionaires in nature, all those who are not rich in nature and probably this time on earth you have come to suffer hardship, I have improved your state from this information of THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelation. And LET your position change for good if you are a positive person. If you are negative, your own is finished!

If you are positive you are no longer poor again! You have become millionaire! Millionaire! Millionaire from today! I have opened the way o! I give you that not as a reward but an extra bonus. Positive Actions and Reactions take effect now in your life for promoting THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelations.

All those who type, transcribe and proofread THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelations, and are doing one thing or another to help His Royal Majesty (HRM) King Solomon David Jesse ETE as well as speak good words about HRM King Solomon David Jesse ETE, Positive Actions and Reactions have taken place immediately for all. I bless them! Amen! I will do wonders in their lives! And that is separate from what they are supposed to be. This is a bonus from ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY, in the name and blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ. AMEN!

Even those who are sick you should read any one of THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelations for them. And by the time you finished reading it their sickness is finished. This information, THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelation is RESCINUE AND ASCINUE.

Each of THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelation is energy! Power! Reacting against sickness! Reacting against problems! Reacting against any manner of negativisms in the environments, in the community, in the State, in the Country, in the Nation, in your life, in your family, in your house and everywhere as well as in the church. Wherever you are if anything is supposed to be evil, I react against it immediately and change that thing to be good, in the name and blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ. AMEN!

You must react against anything that is not good and immediately I shall react against it. In the whole universe from country to country, the whole governments of the world, all politicians and everybody else; all those practicing all sorts of evil, those who go to war to fight against innocent people, those who go about destroying innocent blood, like what the terrorists, the suicide bombers do I have reacted against them. You will know that from today the story has changed for the whole world because as THE SUPREME CONTROLLER THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY I have taken absolute control of the entire universe. AMEN! I, THE SUPREME POWER, THE POTENCY OF THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY and all positive souls react against evil! Seven Angels dedicated to fight evil are accomplishing their assignments and today, I have eradicated all evil in your life! I give you peace! Those who practice evil, those who hate, those who fight, those who cause war I have reacted against you so much so that you are nowhere to be found anymore, in the name and blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ. AMEN!

Therefore, Action and Reaction entails that you do not eat the wrong food, including fish, bird and animal flesh. Do not eat anything that is not good. Do not drink alcohol. When you read any of THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelations and you do not see these benefits – these positive Reactions promises taking effect, it means you are far away from ME. If you are nearer to ME, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY these words will surely come to pass for you.

Do you know that eating meat, partially destroys your soul? Do you know that taking alcohol, partially destroys your soul? Do you know that taking drugs is partially destructive to your soul? Do you know that going to war and killing people and doing all sorts of evil, you are destroying human souls? That is indicative that you are wicked! You are fighting ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY! You are fighting THE SUPREME POWER of THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY. And this SUPREME POWER will react against you so overwhelmingly, regardless.

Action and Reaction - 

When you react against all or any Information of THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelations, when you react against THE SUPREME WORD OF THE UNIVERSE, against the instructions of THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY then negative Reaction will take place in you.

The Action and Reaction means that when you retrograde to negative from positive it caused unfavourable reaction from ME because you are no longer one with ME, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY. I have reacted against you. Any situation that does not rhyme with the positive mind, with ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY and I react against you then, you are in trouble. On the contrary, if the reaction is to bless you, to give you bonus then, all is well with you, in the name and blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ. AMEN!

So, be careful with what you act on and react against so that the Reaction will be in your favour!




Reactions do not happen just in one dimension. They take place at different aspects including spiritually, physically and otherwise. Reactions also happen in the dream and in the spirit.

If for instance, you had a bad dream and in that dream evil pursued you then, positive reactive measures countered that incident in the dream then, it has zero effect on you physically. Whatever evil the evil ones planned for you in the soul world or in the dream world, will turn and befall physically those who planned such evil on you. They will be arrested immediately. If they thought that their action is good let them experience it. What anybody wished anybody the same thing will happen to the wisher because what you wish people is what I, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY wish you.

This subsection titled: The Stages and Different Modes of Reactions that will follow every situation of life, whether you believe it or not, are what I AM talking about now. From the government of a country right down to the family circle and to the individuals including, man, woman, child, boy, girl, children, adults, African, Asian, European, American, indeed everybody in the entire universe, whoever you are, whatever you, whether angel, spirit-soul, King, Queen, President, Head of States and what have you, none of that matters. The manner of Actions taken in a situation brings favourable or unfavourable Reactions to you. Therefore, you better act and react well and be positive because THE SUPREME POWER OF THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY Everywhere Here and There, will act against anything negative. The Forces of THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY – The Combined Forces are always there to react according to your actions, in the name and the blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ. AMEN!




Reaction happens spiritually. It happens in the soul world and it happens physically. It also happens naturally. It is not the human beings’ manipulation. Nature will react against any manner of evil.

Spirit will react against evil.

Soul will react against evil.

Everything positive will react

    against evil.

So, you better change for good.

When reaction against evil actions takes place, people call it natural disasters. Some say it is spiritual problems. Nonetheless, do not forget that THE POWER! IS ALL AND ALL. THE POWER! is everything, including spirit, soul and the physical. Do not forget that.

Do not forget that you do not know yourself much more know anything else. You saw a secret society and you enrolled there and practice their evil with them. That secret society, the spiritual, the natural and the physical will react against your actions then you will see what adverse things that will happen in response. Already all secret practices have failed. I have subdued all of them and rendered them inoperable. The few remaining are whittling away. If you are still operating know that you are operating for a reason because I know how to keep evil for them to receive their full reward of condemnation. And I also know how to save the righteous and stir them away from evil.



Manipulation of Reactions to Actions is not the authority power of anybody. The authority is only the prerogative of Nature and I, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY. People do awful things. They offer bribes of all sorts. People kill other people, and suppress and oppress and forcefully take things that do not belong to them, they usurp powers. People do all sorts of terrible evil and nobody takes any action to address them, but now as I AM talking all that have changed.

The Manipulation of Reactions to Actions is in the spirit, soul and the physical but it works naturally.

The reactions against your evil actions whether you are the police or the army and indeed the entire human beings individually, as well as whole nations, spiritually will be devastating. You will offer money to bribe your way out and it will not work for you. Even if you fasted and prayed when you are wicked it will not work unless you changed and repented of your wickedness. Do whatever “assignment” you like, put yourself inside a bottle, the bottle will break and expose you. The Supreme Reaction will show you that now I have filled up all the spaces everywhere and evil has melted away. Only the Glory of GOD will stand.

What you are hearing now is entirely your decision to adopt the information or not. Nonetheless, know for sure that the WORD shall come to pass. It is a computerized system. It has been fixed sealed, signed and approved in MY MEMORY – THE MEMORY of THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY. Therefore, whatsoever the situation everyone’s reward will come. Even when the time for the reward of your evil is not yet due I will give you some bonuses pending the ultimate punishment when it is the time. The same thing is applicable to the good ones, I will butter them up with good bonuses until it is time for their ultimate good reward.




Reactions to Actions are either positive or negative. Therefore, it is not just only positive. The negative actions and reactions also occurs. But what you should know is to be very careful. React immediately against evil and rearrange your words. When you know that what you said is not good and or what you think is not good, do not waste time at reacting against it to right the wrong thoughts the wrong words or the wrong actions to avoid the Reaction of THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY against you.

The Reaction to an action is just like you ate the wrong thing and it went into your system and adverse reaction occurred. Or you took something toxic and the reaction took place leading to death. If you mixed some chemicals together that are volatile the reaction can cause explosion, unless you do something to diffuse it. Therefore, to address this situation I, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY THE SUPREME CREATOR will create things naturally and spiritually in the components, in templates, in the comorrates – of the same thing. I will manifest things that come together and not away-away things. It will no longer be the case that this one goes that way and that one goes another way. Everyone will face the same direction and travel the same route because this is the time everything must be one. And because of that there will be oneness. I will NOT allow evil to continue; I strongly discourage the practice of evil.

The behaviour you exhibit here in this kingdom is in stark contrast to MY teachings. When people come here you hate them! You practice evil with them! You practice all sorts of evil that is why people run away from this kingdom, Brotherhood of the Cross and Star. People run away because of evil. You have grown wild with your evil. You capture the place! In the church you take over. In the family, you take over. You drive positive people away and take over as the caretaker. But MY Reaction against will take place in you now. So that evil ideas of yours are not going to work. You are not going to say, “Oh, I think I have conquered. I have taken over the place.” NO! you have NOT conquered! Positive or negative active Reaction is now in operation.

Do you know what POWER is? POWER is HEAT. POWER is something that cannot do without HEAT. You are going to hear this towards the end of this Lecture Revelation. It is there but the reaction is the volatile result from chemical mixture where one component does not agree with the other component. And so, the reaction. I will react favourably with the positives.

I will react positively with the positive ones and with punitive measures with the negative ones. So, you, that have taken your stand beware the reaction you attract to yourself.



What is The Work and Result of Reaction to Actions? What is the result? Some people will not believe this information I AM talking about. Why would they not believe? They are still happy the way they are. You kill, and you are happy because you not received any comeuppance for your evil actions. You do all sorts of evil and nothing has happened to you as a punishment for your evil. 

You condemn people. You assassinate people’s character, and nothing happened to them. You turn yourself into evil spirit-soul and harm people and you see no repercussions. So, you think, ‘Ah there is no problem.’ And you believe you should continue doing that. You exchange people’s head for yours to cheat death and think you have gone scot-free. You do all sorts of wicked things and you reckon you have gone away unscathed. That is not so. I AM telling you now that The Work and Result of Reaction to Action will prove to you what will descend upon you as payback for all your evil.

Your conscience tells you that what you are doing is not correct whenever you do evil. And then you do not react to stop your evil action and change it to a positive one. The Reaction for evil is now going to take place against your actions.

I gave the whole universe opportunity to repent. From two thousand years ago, I gave the world the chance to repent of their evil. Up till today nobody cares. Those people who have consciousness of good practices, think well, see well and hear well and they do well. They have love. They practice equality and oneness and think well about people. Good organization, good government, good political party, good church does not matter. Whatever the name of organization is quite irrelevant, what matters is that it must be positive and operate in positivity. The result of their actions will prove them.  The ones that resist doing good things, will regret their bad activities at the Result of MY Reactions against their evil Actions.





     I AM THE ACTION AND REACTION ENTITY, which means that in spirit I AM in-charge, in the soul I AM in-charge and in the physical, I AM in-charge. So, do not think that the Actions and Reactions are separate manipulations. They are both manipulated by one spirit and that spirit lives in you and that is the Spoken Word, the conscience. It has reached the time for you to know the correct thing. And if you know the correct thing all is well with you.

  Let your actions be good. Eschew evil and then Reaction of GOD against you will not take place. However, if you continue to do evil, then all is well because you will see the Reaction of THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY against you, in the name and blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!





This section is what brought THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelation titled THE POWER! AND HOW THE POWER WORKS of today.


This Lecture Revelation of today is to rearrange the human beings’ lives. Since you have listened to this information up to this point, you must pay full attention now. The remaining part of this Lecture Revelation is going to be like the summary of THE POWER AND HOW THE POWER WORKS.

I brought out this Lecture Revelation for awareness and edification and for rectification. And so far, I have explained things to let you know what led to this part, Hit and Heat.

Hit and Heat - to Hit something with an object and produce Heat that is what we are after. That is the only way I can reveal MY Potency to humankind. 

I spoke in the beginning about the formation of Power and how THE POWER is. And I also talked about the action of POWER when you are doing good or evil, which include the Action and the Reaction. I have explained everything pertaining to that.

For this part of the Lecture Revelation I AM pleading with you I AM not forcing you, if you like bring your spirit here. Go right into your nature and come home. Bring yourself together with humility. Keep aside all the things you know so far in life. You can improve if it is not good enough but right now that does not matter.

Since this information is positive, it will not affect you adversely. Rather it will help you. It is not challenging anybody or any authority. It is not measuring up with the governments or anything. It is only measuring up with the truth and awareness of the human self. Listen to it because it will improve you. You could invite other people to have access to this information. Sponsor it. Help people.

People comment that THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Information is not free. What do you have for free? Every single Lecture Revelation of THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) is vital. You should support the publication of the information of THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelations because what you contribute counts for you as righteousness and it will show that you are serious about promoting positive things. People spend lots of money on frivolous things. People spend money on alcoholic drinks, cigarettes and harmful substances including hard drugs.

Some people spend their money patronizing and promoting all types of prostitution and some others waste their money engaging in all sorts of bad living. Yet they do not complain that they waste money and do not even give a thought about such fruitless spending. But if you can spend a little amount of money to acquire any of THE SUPRME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelations, you really will gain enormously. In fact, each of THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelation is worth more than millions and millions of pounds of money. It is life itself. So, if you contribute even a mite in monetary value to produce this information, your gain is uncountable. Spending such little amount is not too much for you. You can donate more, if you wish or take up sponsorship so that other people can receive this information free. Or you can choose to be a promoter of this good word, THE WORD OF GOD.

Now! If you humble yourself and listen, throw away pomposity, arrogance, practice of segregation, ‘I too know’ and keep everything else distracting aside and listen attentively and carefully you will have something for your soul from this SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelation titled THE POWER! HOW THE POWER WORKS. This part of this Lecture Revelation is called HIT AND THE HEAT.


To forcefully and quickly bring an object into contact with another object is to Hit, to strike. And that sharp action produces sound. And the force of sudden contact of the objects, the hitting action resulted the formation of Heat, the hotness. The burner and The Power is the force of action to Hit. The action of hitting or striking an object with another object, the force of contact produces energy. The ‘hit’ itself is the action of striking an object on another object. That is what WE are going into now.

What is Hit and Heat?

Heat is the force, the potency that came out from the whole scenario, the whole entity of THE POWER OF THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY. And Heat is from the force of hitting that is, striking an object onto another. When an object is swiftly and robustly brought into contact with another object with a striking movement, the energy used to throw that object produces force. And the point that the object forcefully contacted with another object it produced heat. Depending on what objects forcefully came into contact from opposite direction, the result could be ripping the impacted object into pieces destroying it, burning it or causing wounds to the body if an animate object. That is the Hit and Heat.

What is the Power?   

The Power is the heat that formed from the action of hitting or striking the objects, one against the other. Let ME give an example of the primary stage of this system before I proceed to the actual main capacity. Therefore, in this Introduction part it is necessary to divulge a lot of things before I can take you to the different stages of it. For instance, the cause of sickness to the human body is the hitting – striking. When something attacked your system that literally is the Hit – striking force to the inside you. The Hitting can be a virus or harmful bacteria that entered your system. And that resulted an illness to you. That virus or harmful bacteria can attack your body so much to the point of altering the state and condition of your body. Your skin could take a sickly pallor.

The virus attack could be the form that cannot be contained. The illness would then slowly eat you away. Eventually you died from that attack. One of such virus attack that caused death is what you call AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome).

What caused AIDS is the virus that hit the system. This hit - strike to the system came from Mars. It was when the Americans travelled to the Moon that one of the angels attached the virus you call AIDS on them and they brought it to the earth. The angels are The Three Spiritual Unity of Nations. They are the angels I gave power to ‘hit’ (strike) the world. They were annoyed and still are with the inhabitants of the world. One of the angels was called Assasu Inyang Ibom – the Harbinger of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star. They were annoyed that the people of the world do not listen to their revelations. So, they plagued the world with the virus that is the sickness you call (AIDS) Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome because human beings are stubborn against ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY. They came and gave that virus physically to the earth dwellers into the human system as a form of virus. The virus worked through the body. It is a virus carried by the human beings. If you have sexual intimacy with someone who has that problem in his or her blood without taking adequate protective measures you become infected with the virus.

The event that unfolds is whenever the Americans and the Russians and whoever else travelled to space they come back with the spirit-souls from that planet. And they are invisible to the human eyes. To rid themselves of those parasites that attached to them from space is that when they come back from their space travel they should stay in seclusion for some months before any form of human contact again here on earth. During seclusion, they should then use some chemicals and spiritual energy and other necessary things to purify themselves to rid themselves of the foreign spirit-souls that followed them home. They went to a different territory and interacted with the spirit-souls they do not know anything about and were even unaware of the presence of the inhabitants of that territory. Travelling to that outer space made them intruders to the planets they went to. Therefore, anytime the astronauts travelled to space and came back or anytime anybody travelled to any of the other planets in any form and came back, they should stay at least seven weeks to seven months, depending on how long they stayed away and the nature and the reasons for going there. This is to allow them to return wholly to their human bodies and for the spirit-souls from the space that attached to them to be frustrated. Since they would not have anything to yield from, they would then go back to their planet.

But as soon as you come back and have intimacy with your wife or husband and or fornicate with other people and interact with people then, you have given the spirit-souls of that planet you came back with the chance to develop here on earth because they came down as undeveloped specie. It is like bringing somebody from the rural area to a thriving city. And when this village person stayed with you and had the opportunity to look around and then saw that other places are better than your place. They quickly vacate your house to relocate to that better place and start to “enjoy” there because they did not come to stay indoors. They came to search for greener pastures.

If you bring people from the rural areas like from some remote village somewhere in Africa or from any other remote part of the world to obio mbakara (Whiteman’s country) or even you married a woman from any such remote places and brought her with you to the well-developed part of the world, if you are not careful she will leave you. Maybe you put her through some sort of training and afterwards said to her that let us go back home. She would say to you that you are lying or that you must be joking and that she was going nowhere else called home with you. She would adamantly refuse to follow you home because she has seen such beautiful things and reasonable ease of living she has never seen and this is her “home” to stay. Similarly, spirit-souls in the water planet, spirit-souls of the air, spirit-souls in all the other planets want to come here on earth by force to develop. Those who come by natural path through women by way of birth are different. They are not the ones referred to here. It is the spirit-souls that followed you physically from that planet you travelled to. They are the ones I AM referring to.

As soon as you passed the bar to the water and reached a certain boundary a spirit-soul has attached itself to you to follow you home. As soon as you passed the bar of the terrestrial to a different territory, to a different planet and to a certain level, that presents an opportunity for a spirit-soul to attach itself to you to come back on earth with you. Even the ordinary flights by aero plane you travel up and down within the earth is a sort of elevation. If you come back from your flight and had children, the elevation somehow reflects physically in your offspring.  Anybody that has never flown in aeroplane before can never be the same as the person that has flown. Do you know that you fly above and over so many seas as you travel in the air by aeroplane? The first sea you fly over is that of your transit your physical system.

I AM exposing all these things now for you to have awareness of them. As a matter of fact, if you leave your home and go to work or maybe you went somewhere and interacted with people up to six hours at least or there about, when you come back to your home, you must take a bath or a shower. In some situation the length of interaction whether short or longer require immediate cleansing when you get home. It does not matter whether your interactions were on a social, business or leisure level. You have attracted some foreign attention, some form of alien energy to you. This is especially so for teachers, preachers, social workers, medical doctors, nurses and particularly social workers, as well as all the rest of the professions that interact with people directly including, counsellors, sports people like footballers, the media, those in the entertainment business for example musicians, actors, comedians. You yield lots of attention attracting parasitingside energy. As soon as you go home do not talk to anybody, just go into the bathroom and take a shower and pray to shake those things away.                                                                                                               

If such is the case for just ordinary normal day-to-day interactions on earth, imagine then travelling to another planet. You are invading someone’s territory with your space explorations. Consequently, some of those beings come to you with annoyance to know where you come from to disturb them. When they come back on earth with you do you think it will be a good outcome? Every time you travel to Space and come back do you think there is a good outcome in relation to the spirit-souls that followed you home in anger? If America and Russia and other space explorers and travelers want to take this information to correct their activities in that regard that will immensely be of benefit to them and the world in general.

I gave His Royal Majesty (HRM) King Solomon David Jesse ETE pronouncements he can make and send away all unwarranted parasitic terrestrial beings that followed people to come to the earth plane. And when you speak those words you are issuing command to them to go back to their planet. If you do not command them to go back people around you will give birth to that thing. And eventually your place will be flooded with aliens and so many evils. Some of them are evil and some of them are good. And in time they can hijack the whole place.

From the time Russia and America started going to the Moon and Mars that was when alien started migrating into this world. And you never knew this. They are not from any heaven. They are aliens from other planets looking for something to do to the detriment of this world because they are jealous of this world. They are so jealous of this world!

Do you think that when you imprison people they are happy? Why do you build prisons away from homes? You build prisons and make the walls surrounding the building so high to deter prisoners scaling it, to reach the outside world. Imprisonment prevents the prisoners from living normal lives. They do not have the freedom to mingle with other people and to pollute the environment. That is the meaning of prison.

Do you know that I keep most of these planets away from this earth because they are prisons? I do not allow awful entities like the seven evil angels and the rest of such evil spirit-souls to come back here on the earth. They will NEVER even be born again into this world, but you purposely bring them back by travelling to those planets of imprisonment. That same manner that Lucifer cunningly deceived Eve and brought back the human virus, which is reintroducing the human-animal instinct into Eve that spoilt the human beings again, that is the same approach the human beings have adopted to pollute the earth. The human beings including the scientists, the astronauts, as well as those involved with mysticism leave the earth and travel to the outer space through various means and reconnect with the beings out there. And on returning they unwarily bring aliens back here to earth with them. The beings too in that planet you travelled are equally curious to know where you came from to invade them. The disadvantage to you is that you do not even see them attached to you coming back to earth. And when they come here they trouble you! They fight you! and disrupt your lives because you went and invited them back to the world.

All countries struggle to go to the Moon and to Mars and to other planets, but they do not vie to go to the Sun. If they go there they will die. No human being can even venture several thousands of millions of miles close to the sun, no, not even angels. No angels live there.

All the people that travel to all the different planets and even to the underwater and return to earth are the ones really polluting the earth. Very out of this world beautiful women started to emerge from the time you started going to all these other planets. In addition to the stunningly beautiful women and handsome men, are also the bizarre ones both in appearance and behaviour and all sorts of other human looking people that are not real human beings. These ones are not like they are on a visit to soon go back to whatever or wherever foreign planet they came from. They are physically given birth to by women because those aliens came and got the earth women pregnant. The women then physically gave birth to the alien children. The world therefore, became polluted from then through that means too. They are not human beings at all. They are angels of destruction. Therefore, if I were you I would contemplate on the action to take to avoid a serious repercussion. With your planetary explorations and space travels you voluntarily travel to somewhere causing the hit – the striking force and produced heat that hit – strike, the earth and caused millions of problems.

So, What is Hit and Heat?

THE POWER AND HOW THE POWER WORKS is according to what you send and the power of the hit. THE POWER is the hit but the action of THE POWER, the force, the current that came out from that power is the force – the force of current. Therefore, if you understand hit and heat you would know what you do, what you think, what you say and the environment in which you are living in. When you do that you have no problem.

As I have revealed, the force of the Power is heat. Everything POWER is the heat. How do you formulate the potency of POWER? You use heat. As I also said earlier about the production of drugs, the necessary ingredients are fermented to yield the genes, the actual potency of that product. Then they are used to achieve whatever drugs intended. Some of the end results you call them flavour. Some others you refer to as the actual potency. That is generally the process to obtain drugs and the higher the concentration the more the potency and the more forceful the ‘hit.’

What is the power of drugs administered orally or by injections? It is the hit.

When someone is sick and has severe pains, either the source of pain is spiritual and hence the cause is not found physically, or there is a wound somewhere and physically located. When the person is injected with a kind of potency like the drugs, that is the hit – the striking force called drugs administered to attend to the pain. The potency of the drug overpowers the pain by force but there is a side effect because the hit which is the drug, had replaced that pain. In the first instance, a form of hit like a striking force caused the pain to the person. Obviously, there is something condemned inside the body – a contra force that induced pain, which the sufferer feels but not seen outwardly. It is a foreign body that entered the human’s body.

So, if you experience pain all over you, for instance. The cause could be that the water and the blood inside you are not clean enough and that formed the hit, which is the all over pain you are experiencing. In some other situation, it could be bad blood in your system as the hit – the striking force, an opposite force and you experienced it as severe pain. You then visit your doctor and the cause of the pain is diagnosed. You are then prescribed some powerful and potent drugs as a course of action to cure the severe pains. The drugs obviously a concentrated chemical derived from whatever substances from wherever. The more concentrated the mixture the more powerful. It could be anything! So, then you introduced another force, a drug, another hit to alleviate the pain.

That chemical - the drugs injected into you and or oral administration is a form of hitting that is, striking on the pain, a very strong hit to form the heat to melt whatever that is causing the pain. The concentrated and powerful chemical then send the pain away, by force! However, that powerful chemical, the introduced stronger Hitting – stronger striking force that formed heat as the cure, will remain inside your body to eventually form side effect to result in one form of disease or another. That is the reality of drugs in the system.

If the time to give birth is due and a woman does not have labour, she is given powerful drugs to induce labour. However, after giving birth the drug stays inside the body to eventually result into one form of illness or another because that pregnancy induced drug had taken root in her and remain in her system. And indeed, once certain drugs have gone into the system they are very difficult if not impossible to flush out because the drug had already entered the blood stream and circulated all over the system inside the body.

In some situations, when a woman had any such powerful drugs and became pregnant again and gave birth the child could be deformed due to that potency of past drugs still in her system. Any powerful drugs a woman took to induce labour or to cure one illness or another remained inside the body to form a malady. And eventually when the woman becomes pregnant again and give birth could result deformity of the child or any other disorder for the baby.

Okay! If a woman drinks alcohol like gin, wine, kai-kai, ogogoro, beer, umqombothi, tombo and indeed any form of alcohol when she is pregnant, what she is really doing, is dropping heat inside heat. And that can cause blindness to the child in life, sooner or later. It could cause early death. Formation of one or two types of diseases could develop and later surface as a terrible illness for the child. As a matter of fact, you are not supposed to drink anything of such nature into your system when you are pregnant because already the foetus in you, presents enough actions and reactions in you. He is enough force. You carry the whole system of power, of force in you.

When a woman is pregnant she became pregnant with power. When she eats anything, she is not supposed to eat, she is already causing trouble in the system. If the spirit-soul inside the womb is powerful enough, he would have already fenced himself around protectively. Then anything you do that is averse to the foetus, will stay with you without generating properly and will cause trouble for you in due course. So, most problems women have, are from when they were pregnant. After the woman gave birth, the problems she accumulated inside her when she was pregnant would then surface to trouble her.

When a woman is pregnant there is a lot security, naturally. Nature puts a fence of security around that child in the womb to prevent any harm to the child. Nature prevents bad blood from entering inside the foetus. That is why sometimes a pregnant woman should not eat some types of food. Nonetheless, the type of food you eat consist the already assigned food for the foetus to eat. If the foetus is, say, African, he or she would like to eat food relevant to that part of African. It depends on the type of spirit-soul that is in the womb. If the child coming is a spiritual child, the foetus will not eat too much food. He would only eat very small quantity of food and so the mother would not eat gluttonously. This effect will continue with the mother throughout the duration of the pregnancy. If the pregnant woman tried to eat more than necessary nature would block it from passing to the foetus. Most of the rejected food would stay inside the pregnant woman until when she gave birth then, reaction occurs to her system.

The womb cradling the foetus in the belly is hotter than anything you can think of on this planet. That place is called ebekpo owo meaning the Throne of Man, not the Throne of God. Ebekpo owo is the womb of a pregnant mother. Ebekpo Abasi is the heart of every human being. So, I THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY created ebekpo owo, which is the place of man in the womb where the human beings develop to come to the earth. That is where The WORD becomes man and lives there. It is called ebekpo owo. It is not Ebekpo Abasi.

Where GOD become man is ebekpo owo - the tabernacle of man and not that of GOD. GOD only lives in man. The tabernacle of God is in your heart where The Holy Spirit lives in you. But where GOD turned to be man on earth, turn to be owo is the woman’s womb and that place is very, very, very hot. It is hotter than the sun. That is why no infection, no other power – nothing can get around there or able to penetrate because of high degree of protection around there. However, if anything should pass through that protection then that means it has entered the foetus blood. Therefore, the idea of injection is the heat, the force.

THE POWER is heat. In the Highest Supreme Spiritual Hospital, I revealed that all that is required to attend to any illness is to Heat the body, which is to steam the body regularly. After periods of longer stay in the steam per session, and the heat will melt away lots of foreign forces from you. It works both physically and spiritually. Steam therapy if applied correctly saves lives and promotes good health and so no need for the hospital and drugs taking and all that side effects.

A lot of things that take the form of illness stem from condemned situations for instance, condemned part of the body, water or blood. Anything the system rejected results an illness to the person concerned. Spiritual or physical situation can be the cause. And when that happens the heat works through spirit, soul and to the physical to correct the situation.

In the SPIRIT, I use heat to ferment MYSELF to cause the sound. In the SOUL, I use heat to bring the child into the woman’s womb to be born when the time is due. And in the PHYSICAL, I can use heat to cure lots of sicknesses in any given situation. So far, I have explained what hit and heat stand for and how they are produced.

Hit is the force, swift strike of an object onto something, literally. And the heat is the product of that force. The object used to hit in the case of drug is the actual chemical – the source chemical, which is either positive or negative. Therefore, you must be careful of your actions.

The human system generates force of heat. If your body is low in heat, when you eat, the food will not digest. The whole system of the human body consists ninety-five percent heat, while the five percent is cold. The five percent is what the negative self wants to take. Immediately the carnal system, the carnal nature can win the heat or is able to reduce it to seventy-five percent to sixty to fifty percent, the victim becomes sick. That is called malaria or high fever that could lead to death. Running a temperature is symptom of any number of illnesses.

The initial symptom of high fever or malaria is high temperature and loss of appetite. That means the system has slowed down because of lack of energy just like when you are hungry and have not eaten for days. When you are hungry you feed yourself by eating some food and drinking water to fuel your system, then you are active again. But with loss of appetite you cannot fuel yourself. That means you are ill. This illness can be anything. And if this sickness is more than seven days put yourself in prayers.

At intervals of twelve hours, twenty-four hours and so on to seventy-two hours you can renew. When you regain appetite your body’s heat then starts to increase. That means you have been cleanse. Then you resume your normal living. Therefore, when you notice your body temperature starting to rise what you could do to arrest the situation is to have long sessions steam bath, should you aspire to eschew drugs taking root in your system to later form something else.

At a future time, I, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY will direct His Royal Majesty (HRM) King Solomon David Jesse ETE on the design of what is called Heat Balm Healing - Supernatural Heat Balm Healing. I AM going to design it for him. Nothing else will be there but steam direct from boiling hot water. It is only to put water there at boiling point and you only draw up the provided hood and enclose yourself to direct certain amount of the heat round you. And the heat that will come out from that Heat Balm Healing will be like Steam of Physical Life. It can be compared to oven used for baking. The heat will bake the body for certain length of time and melt away all condemned reactions to the blood and water in the body and then renew the system. Thereafter, at the end the of the healing bath, all the pains in your body including headaches, cough, everything called illness is gone! It will be called Cure All. When all those foreign forces in you are gone then, your body will be refreshed, and return to full and healthy functioning. I AM just giving this as part of SUPREME CURE ALL that I promised to give on what the Heat can do beneficially.

Human beings of the nature of the African Planetary region, those who are of the original African Planetary zone, which is the mountainous point of the earth planet with the heat from nearness of the sun, are likely to find it difficult to tolerate the cold condition. So, the Heat Balm Healing will do such persons’ enormous goodness. No matter the severity of your illness, you will be okay, after the heat sessions. However, for the BASEMENT IN CREATION human beings, the Heat Balm Healing will be of temperature suited to their nature because a certain higher heat temperature could cause scalding, and the wound could cause infection.

After this short introduction to HIT AND HEAT WE now proceed to:




The Hit and Heat as I explained above comes in scopes, which can be small or big. Examples of the big scopes are bodies like the Russian Military Force, American Army, British Military Force and all the rest of the countries that boast military power. Another example of the big stage is the kind of heat that is used to propel rocket to launch space shuttle.

The rocket launchers prepare a very powerful and forceful furnace to produce the heat that propels the rocket. Then the propellants are lit to produce the very powerful huge flames and that shoot the rocket to then launch the shuttle into space. The heat from the flame is the propellant that fired the rocket into orbit. That is heat at work in that scenario.

The releasing of bullet from a gun in the process of heat in operation but in far lesser capacity. When a gun has a bullet in it and the catch is released, squeezing the trigger propels the bullet to fire. The bullet reacted to the trigger by its forceful ejection to produce the great firing impact. That firing produced strong heat, which is the chemicals or make ups of the bullet. That firing action is the hit that produced the heat to release the bullet to accomplish its mission, mostly deadly. That is POWER and HOW THE POWER WORKS in the various instances so far given.

Anything POWER works in the manners as demonstrated.

Boiling water for a cup of tea is also manifestation of power. Boiling water to make soup or to cook any sort of food is also expression of power. When the flame of fire is directed under the cooking pot the hotness produce heat and raise the temperature of the water in the pot. As the temperature becomes more intense the water in the pot starts to boil and then makes bubbling sounds at boiling point. Then whatever that is inside the hot water in the pot starts to cook. The cooking occurred because of the intention to cook whatever food. You contained the heat inside the cooking pot internally and cooked the ingredients for the soup. You did not allow the heat to spread everywhere but concentrated it in the pot and the inside boiled the water and the ingredients to produce soup or whatever cooking to achieve. Assuming you directed such high temperature and intense heat onto someone, a human being, what do you think would happen? The person of course would scald badly at best and death at worst.

So, negative power brings death and destruction, while positive power gives life and energy. That is heat of the same mode applied at different stages to give life or cause death. Thus, the directions for life and death is by the same heat.

Heat also produces current to give light. So, heat produces current and heat is the power. Heat also produces the current from which the power runs, say, the battery. It means you are liberated for positive action because application of heat to any form of energy to produce the current, in this instance electrical current and that is the positive one.

The heat application to any form of heat energy produced the electrical current that is used to give light and for operation of all sorts of things like television, hi-fi system, fridge and all other positive things. At the same time heat can produce something that can be used to harm people. That is how the different modes of heat operate, which applies to different situations, different levels of development of self and different stages.

The Stages and different modes of application of heat are very, very deep and versatile. Scientist used them in so many ways. Technologists use them in so many ways too. It is the same thing used for flying aeroplanes.

The compound heat, which is the power plant of the aeroplane blow the air, to start the engine. The air passed into the front and released at the back. When it reached the rear, the heat has circulated around the plane and the plane is propelled to fly. That is the work of power plant of an aeroplane. Anything that uses engine works in similar way. That is THE POWER. All powers operate that way.

The air balloon use propane gas to fly. The gas is contained in a cylinder and placed at the bottom of the balloon. Since hot air is lighter than cool air, which is required to fly the air balloon, a burner is attached to the cylinder to heat the gas. The flame then burns and heats the metals surrounding the gas cylinder. Then the now extremely hot metals heat the tube with the gas inside. The very hot tube then heats the propane gas, which feeds the flame to burn more powerfully to lift the balloon and it floats away in the air.

I do similar thing with MY pronouncements as the power of the spoken word. If you are Holy and believe the WORD and have the Holy Spirit, THE POWER rests inside you. And when you pronounce the Word that let this be this, all spirits and everything else will carry out your pronouncement because it is a force. But when you speak, and the word did not come to pass immediately, it does not mean it would not come to pass. However, your pronouncement will not pass through when you have no energy, meaning that You have run out of heat. You are cold.

So, Satan always devise means to bring cold to people. Fornication makes you cold. Annoyance makes you cold. Alcoholic drinks make you cold. Eating fish and meat make you cold. Indeed, all evil activities cause cold to all those who engage in them.

The chemical that maintains the heat in you reacts against all types of evil activities and evil things and evil situations. And when it reacts against the evil you commit and the ones you eat inside you, your power is reduced. So, when you speak, your word would not mean anything because you speak negative. It is just like firing gunpowder that has no effect. So, this is the different Stages of Different Modes of Hit and Heat that bring the Manifestation of Power and How The Power Works.

If you turn all these things into positive mode, you will see that you can do lots of beneficial things. Everything is like that.

Certain part of the cordless telephone handset conducts electricity, which charges it. When it rests on the main charger the small current reacts and charge the equipment. That same electrical current found in the handset is also that in the base. So, when you place the handset on the base the current spark and a beeping sound is heard. The Heat from the touch of both ends of the equipment caused the beeping sound. So, without dropping things with another thing heat cannot form.

Woman and man generate the human system. No single man can generate heat alone to produce love, that is, a child. I do not mean the love of fornication but the physical love to bring a child.

When two people rub themselves together at each other they form heat. The sensation that generates between your systems, the likeness is the potency that eventually go into the union. When you do that for a long time what comes out of you is the blood, from your marrow – from all parts of your body. That is the reason when you do that and have a child that child resembles you. The child came out from extreme sensations of rubbing. That is the heat that produced that power that is the pregnancy, and a natural human being emerges. However, the child you produce without heat is different. These are the ones they artificially put in you – the ones that scientists developed through sperm preservation. And when they put it in the incubator they artificially produce heat. That is the reason there is a sixty percent blood reduction in artificially produced human beings. As a result, what you have is not proper natural human being. That is why I call this set of human beings hapeth.

By the time you understand HOW THE POWER WORKS, you will be careful how you speak the WORD. The reason you need to be careful is that the cause of power, what nursed the power in you is your thoughts. Thinking!

If you speak according to a well-arranged person, then you speak as a reasonable human being, clever and with good thoughts. But when you speak with annoyance you speak anything you like. The force of heat by negative way causes annoyance and you speak negative word. But when you think well and with love, you speak well, you speak sweet words and you give words of encouragement and words of blessing. That is what the stages and different modes of hit and heat cause.

The Spirit called Forces manifest the power of GOD in different capacities. Whether you call it power of man or power of evil, two things must rub together to produce heat. There is nothing you do not rub together to produce heat. Nothing can produce heat on its own without it rubbing together with something else. If you rub your two hands vigorously together continuously for a while, you will produce heat. When you blow the air, it means something else. If you cut, the leaves of a tree and tie them together and keep them in the air for sometimes, fermentation will take place. That fermentation process will produce heat. Everything on earth that finally produced current works like that. 

Electricity produced by the turbine operates through the same process of rubbing to produce heat. A shaft is erected with some blades attached to it. The blades are of special construct with fluids inside to enable rotation through reaction in the wind. The rotations of the blades convert the air into energy to generate current for electricity. The more powerful the wind the more current is generated. So many of these turbines need to be erected to produce enough current to provide sufficient electricity for all.

Solar energy is another form of generation of energy to produce electricity. The solar panels are specially constructed with wires to capture and collect heat from the sunlight. Then the heat is converted into energy through conduction and could then be transformed into electric current. They are all the same power. The human beings harness all these things.

POWER is love, peace, mercy, kindness, humility, oneness, thank you, do well, good environment. All nice characters formulate power. If you have more than three together you can generate the power to overcome any unpleasant situation because that is THE POWER OF THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY.  Nobody can give it to you. You can only take it if you have the good characters. So, The Stages and the Different Modes of Hit and Heat is controlled by different situations of life and different understanding, small and big stages depending on what it is. But, I AM telling you that all powers produce heat. Hit is the force that produced the Heat. The Heat then formed the power that produced the current spiritually, physically and otherwise.

For instance, in the tropical climate of Africa, when lightening starts to spark it the signal that the rainy season is finishing, and the dry season is coming. Then, the rain gives way for the sunshine to heat the ground. And there will not be any more thunders and lightening. When the dry season finished and about to go, thunder rumbles as a sign that the rainy season is coming back. The heat brings dryness and the heat brings rain. So, these systems are working on earth to produce normal lives either positive or negative. The two seasons work in human lives similarly to produce happiness and sadness, sickness and health and to produce all sorts of things and different situations. Those are also example of POWER. However, The Power of The Holy Spirit makes you happy forever when you practice HIS fruits, which include mercy, love, righteousness (honesty), kindness, peace, humility, patience, oneness; when you are joyful, truthful and your conscience is clear, and you do not have anything to cause Reaction of THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY against you then, all is well with you, in the name and blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ. AMEN!



Hit and Heat both work Spiritually, Naturally and Physically.

All aspects of life whether spiritual, natural or physical are affected by hit and Heat.

In the Natural way, all fruits, vegetables, herbs are natural medicines for human beings. But in the Physical way medicines are drugs derived from manipulation of the natural ingredients viz., fruits, vegetables and herbs through chemical processes (hit) to yield the artificial results (heat) as drugs.

The drug manufacturers use the hit and heat actions to extract potencies from the natural medicines. They manipulate the natural ingredients through numerous chemical processes to derive the total force as drugs.

You must therefore understand that drugs with the supposedly medicinal property for cure are indeed the result of manipulating and mixing up and down natural ingredients as well as synthetic materials. Hence, the side effects of drugs. Whenever the natural substances viz., fruits, vegetables and herbs undergo chemical processes and/or are mixed with other chemicals they are no longer medicines but drugs.

Manipulation of these natural substances through whatever chemical processes of oxidation, synthetization and whatever else you do, their natural properties are ruined.

Medicines are from ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY. They are Natural while drugs are from human beings and are artificial. Human beings make drugs and NOT medicines.

Drugs have side effects.

Medicines do not have side effects.

Medicines are natural and are not


You cook normal food and eat and know why you eat them.

Africa has medicines. It does not have drugs. Drugs, I reiterate, are results from the drug manufacturers manipulating natural substances and mixing the natural medicines with chemical extracts and what have you. They mix things up and down to obtain reactions, to find the forceful solution to suppress a prevailing situation. That is what people concoct for others. And all sorts of things go into the production of these chemicals for drugs.

In Africa herbs are used to cure ailments. That is natural. That is medicine. Native doctors in the natural way have and administer medicines, while the medical doctors have manufactured chemicals called drugs. So, medical doctors use drugs for cure, which are unnatural medicines.

Those who manipulate substances to achieve concoctions called black magic and or such portions or juju for other people, bring alien force to coerce a situation for you that does not belong to you. Naturally you do not need any magic portions or concoctions to achieve anything. You do not even need fasting and prayer, to obtain the things you want. What belongs to you comes to you naturally. However, when you pray and fast, it is for preservation of what you have and prevention from your things taken away from you. And that is because people are using diabolical means and forces to take things away from you. Without that you do not need any sort of force to achieve anything.

Naturally, when you fall ill it should be just for cleaning up any part of your system. And that should last at the most three days because you did not suffer virus infection. You were ill because your stomach was dirty, for instance. So, the prescription was for you to use a certain seed to cure that. Or when somebody has cold, it can cause cough. The first sign that someone has caught a cold or that probably you have contracted cold is intermittent or frequent coughing. Other symptoms are dry throats, feeling lethargic and so on. Therefore, when you experience any such symptoms or other symptoms that is a sign that your system needs maintenance. That can be achieved through sessions of steam therapy whether by sauna or by rudimentary method.

Rudimentary method of steaming your body is, to transfer a large pan or kettle of boiling hot water into a bucket or suitable container. And then contain the steam by covering it with thick cloth, like blanket with you inside the makeshift cubicle. The heat then melts away whatever that was disturbing the system. Repeat the process for many times. When those things melt away then your system is thus cleansed, and you become well.

Any sort of equipment need maintenance, for instance, generators that provide electricity to caravans, boats and so on. One or two things could go wrong and stop the generator from functioning. It could be that the generator needed overhauling. So, changing or replacing the lubricant and carrying out other required adjustments fixes the generator.

Overhauling of the human system is done in the spiritual hospital naturally. When I created Adam and Eve I provided them with medicines. There were no medical doctors. Well there could not have been any. They were the first human beings. It was in the Spiritual Hospital that I removed one of Adam’s ribs and created Eve. It was in the Spiritual Hospital that the body of Our Lord Jesus Christ stayed for three days and three nights. It was in the spiritual hospital that the body of Lazarus stayed for four days and came back to life.

In the physical world I have told His Royal Majesty (HRM) King Solomon David Jesse ETE that when the time comes to establish Spiritual Hospital to also set up Spiritual Mortuary. When somebody died the person would be kept in the hospital for a certain period. Even if the flesh has eaten away it would not matter. But one thing is that the bones should not be allowed to damage.

Supposed any bones of Lazarus were broken, he would not have come back to life. Therefore, care need to be taken to leave the bones just as they were at point of death. Then, I, THE LIFE will come back for the heart to dwell there. I will enter from the skull and go back to the heart and start to yield a new life. And eventually that person goes back to work and to live forever. Therefore, in the future I will restore dry bones to life to live again in this physical world. But before I do that I will translate into THE SUPREME FUTURE where some people will not die; they will become invisible and visible beings like the spirit-souls but are physical human beings. Some others that are not from that category of the physical spirit-souls will die and resurrect with new body on the old bones but renewed and refreshed and with the same soul. So, that is how the spiritual and the physical human beings will materialize here on earth in THE SUPREME FUTURE.



The force of action to hit an object manifesting heat is a demonstration of manipulations I, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY undertaken as well as human kind. Every action you take, and every word you speak comes back to you. You must therefore, be very careful to take any such actions.

To throw something quickly and with vigour to Hit or strike an object manifest Heat. In other words, if you throw anything or if you throw any energy or speak any word bear in mind that it will boomerang on you. Whatever you say or do comes back to you. That is why I said that the evil you do comes back to you and good actions as well return to the doer. Any pronouncement and anything you do will always yield a result and then come back to you. Whatever your pronouncements and or actions produced you will have a share. You can never escape whatever you throw, no way! That is the manipulation of hit and heat.



What is Positive and Negative Hit and Heat? I just said what they are in above subheading. Nonetheless, I will say them again that they are good and bad actions.

Positive means that you can employ hit positively to produce Heat for good purposes. These words you are hearing as I AM speaking them, the mouth I use to speak these words is the action of hit. I AM hitting now. But the Heat will be the outcome of these words as THE FORCE of MY Manipulation.

When this information of THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelation is published you will then see that all these hours of talking, I AM hitting the atmosphere positively. I AM producing positive words. I AM producing something positive, something good. And the outcome of it will produce a book – THE WORD, something you can read, the information you can access and become elevated spiritually. That is gaining positively. Therefore, I AM hitting the cooking pot now positively to produce the positive heat. That is what happens. If you hit positive you obtain positive heat. If you sit down and talk and talk and talk empty words and shout and claim right and left and argue and condemn and curse, that is negative hit which you are producing the negative heat. And the outcome of it will boomerang on you. So, that is Positive and Negative Hit and Heat.




The result obtained from the good or bad hit energy is either positive or negative heat. What will come out from your input is exactly what you put in. If you aim to produce good things, use good hit for good heat which are the good things that will come out. If you aspire to produce bad things, then bad things will be the result for you. But what you should understand is that whether spiritually, in the soul, physically and naturally that is how the system works.

Now! If you have energy of carnality or energy of evil in you as a negative person by birth, a human-animal and you become annoyed and pronounced woe unto somebody, that night in a dream the person will not see you in a good way but in a bad way. The person will see you in the dream attacking him or her, but physically you have never confronted that person or challenged the person to a fight. So, when you produced that heat through the hit which was the woe you pronounced, your spirit went and fought that person. However, be aware that eventually that evil action you pronounced will boomerang on you.

Some people have animals for instance, dogs, cats, birds, fish as pets in their homes. Those animals living with you in your homes are not just there as pets. If you are a negative person, whether you know about it or you are not aware of it, if you are annoyed with someone your animal pet will go and haunt that person for you. If you are annoyed with somebody or somebody came troubling you, your dog will go to fight that person for you. Even physically, if somebody you do not like turned up visiting you, your dog will bark at the person right there at your front door. That is because you have a pet that knows you.

Your pets know that you own them, and you feed them and take care of them. So, they know you and they reciprocate your care for them by fighting or attacking anyone for you. Even the plants and flowers you planted in your back garden and/or front garden know you. If you get up every day and speak negative words day in day out, since they are living organisms your negative words can rest on those plants or flowers and your environment becomes negative environment. And when somebody or people go there the bad environment can affect them.

If you are positive and speaks positive words every day and always wish everyone and everything well, your domicile, your wife, your children, your mother, your father, your relation, your friends, as well as your plants and pets and other things, all your good words and blessing automatically rest on all of them and your properties. And the people that live around you will continue to benefit from your good environment unbeknown to them.

As a positive person, the towels you use to dry yourself after bathing can cure somebody his or her illness. The cup you drink with, if you are positive can become a healing object for somebody with any form of ailment. The clothes you wear, if somebody touched any part can become healed from whatever illness the person is suffering from because the energy, the heat that comes out of your body, as you are positive has become a healing balm for everyone around you. That is HOW POWER WORDS.

POWER rests on someone or something. It can rest on your finger. It can rest on your head via the Spoken Word. It can rest anywhere on you via the Spoken Word. When you create that heat, the force of that energy can rest on anything. Why do you think some Pastors and some Reverends wave handkerchiefs about? Some of these dodgy Pastors and Reverend and preachers obtain power rested on handkerchiefs, which they operate with. And that is the elementary power I talked about.

Go to India to find out that they worship anything you say to them as god, provided a little energy rests on that thing. As you blessed that thing and give them they accept and worship it and acknowledge that to be their god because they believe everyone could and should have individual gods. So, that heat, the current of power, the energy, came from you.

In the same vain, you turn rings to be god. You turn animals to be god. You turn juju to be god. You turn talisman to be god. They are all elementary gods with bits and bits of evil power attached to them because of the type of energy in them.

The people who make those things pray, fast and do all sorts of incantations to yield energy for whatever object they give to you. And when you believe them, it worked for you, but they are all elementary activities and practices. And to acquire one or some of these elementary-energy-rested on rings, they required blood sacrifice from you of which you provided them with an animal say, a goat and at the extreme. And they require constant rituals to up the energy for you and for maintenance. That is why I advise you to throw away all those idols and all those negative things you worship and rather worship ME THE SUPREME WORD. You should believe in your heart that I, THE SUPREME WORD - THE UNIVERSAL SUPREME WORD AM THE SUPREME ENERGY and that I, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY THE HOLY SPIRIT OF TRUTH LIVE EVERYWHERE, HERE and THERE. I AM THE ATMOSPHERE you cannot touch but is there. Believe that in your heart. BELIEVE THE PHENOMENON, THE SUPREME CREATOR, THE SUPREME BEING, THE ONE THAT IS THE GREATEST. And ask yourself thus, “How will I be able to know HIM to enable me be without these elementary things.”

Who created the whole world? It is not that idol thing you worship. That belief is elementary. Believe in ME, THE SUPREME BEING, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY, THE SUPREME WORD OF THE UNIVERSE.  THAT IS ALL THE HEAT YOU NEED.

When the Spoken Word strikes for you, it stays with you forever. You do not need rituals and any such sacrifices. The positive sacrifices required of you include, love one another; forgive one another; assist one another for good purposes and speak positive words. Such are all the things you need. If you practice them, you are fine. That is how The Word as The Source of Hit and Heat works.




I AM EVERYWHERE, HERE and THERE, I AM THE SUPREME ATMOSPHERE. So, when you aim bits and bits of negative hit at people, I catch them on the way. I do not allow the negative hit – the strike to reach the people you sent them to because I AM THE SUPREME ATMOSPHERE. I COVER THE SPACE. Therefore, you can never bypass ME. I AM telling you this should you have small-small negative energy – elementary power you are operating with, it is imperative to understand that elementary power does NOT mean anything. All such energies are all dead. They have all died naturally from today. All negative powers are dead. Positive love generates sustenance energy for you. Therefore, there is no need for you to order talisman. There is no need for you to order anything from anywhere. Read this Word or any other of THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelations. Read any of THE EVERLASTING GOSPELS or any Word of God. And believe that you are with ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY and I AM with you and you are in ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY, THE ATMOSPHERE of THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY. Just think well, speak well, see well, hear well and do well. Forgive one another. Eat well. Do NOT eat fish and meat. Do not do anything to pollute the environment of THE HOLY SPIRIT because what you eat matters a lot.

What you ingest goes into your system and affects it accordingly. If eat meat or fish it either slows down the heat or quench the heat in you completely. It makes you not to have enough energy. But if you eat fruits and vegetables including nuts only, which is the indication that you are a vegetarian then, no alien force can have access inside you, therefore, nothing will react against the food you eat. Then you are fine. And your power will continue to generate.


Enye! Odudu! Abasi Mmi! OOO! Zim! Zim! Zim! Asaso! Positive! Positive! Positive!





I AM now going to conclude this information, THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelation.



Can anyone give ME the answer to that question? No! no one can. I AM going to answer the question by MYSELF.  

The reason I gave THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelation of today is because I AM THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY and want to prove MY love for mankind. I AM preparing all human beings because some events that will take place in this world will not leave behind your talisman, will not leave behind your shrine, will not leave behind your juju, will not leave behind your religion. You, the negative human beings go about disturbing people. Where you see positive people, you go there and make all sorts of upsetting noises. You frighten them in their houses and in the environments. You use ‘small-small’ powers, small-small energy to disturb THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY’S positive children. YOU MUST STOP! Because THE SUPREME HEAT is coming down to the earth, spiritually, physically and otherwise! To melt out all impurities, all evils, all witchcrafts, all wizards, all talisman, all juju including all the people that operate these things and their masters. They will all melt away completely and disappear. So, when all the evil things and evil people suddenly finally vanish, and you have nowhere to assemble and no fellow evil to meet with, then you have no other option than to follow them and go. Therefore, to survive The Supreme Heat of God, throw away all talismans in your possession as well as all other elementary things you accumulated around you. Repent from evil. Forgive and forget! Stop practicing witchcraft and wizardry! Stop worshipping idols! Stop bending down in obeisance for something that cannot talk and that cannot reason! Throw away all of them. Such things have no meaning. They are like batteries that their energy can deplete completely at any second of time and they die!

So, join THE SUPREME NETWORK OF GOD POWER, THE SUPREME WORD OF THE UNIVERSE.  Always join in THE UNIVERSAL SUPREME WORD SEASON CELEBRATION, which is a yearly celebration. The mandated period for the yearly SUPREME WORD celebration is from FIRST OCTOBER TO TENTH OCTOBER YEARLY FOR ETERNITY. Celebrate in your houses, your offices and indeed everywhere. Let all human beings know that you are celebrating THE SUPREME WORD. Show happiness to THE WORD! Because that is the reason I AM giving all THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelations, like this one at hand to show that I WILL SHOCK THE WORLD IN A BIG WAY!

The shocking could happen individually. It could happen in groups or separately and any other ways I chose. Nevertheless, I will shock all negativisms! I will give them the Heat! Imagine something like the sun! Do you believe that anytime I produce that type of heat in spirit all negativisms are gone? Therefore, do not have hope in any type of negativism including, secret societies, talisman, juju, idol worshipping, killing people, engaging in rituals and other types of evil. Rather have faith in ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY. Practice oneness. Help people.

All governments, all heads of state, all presidents, all prime ministers, all government minister, all religious ministers, man, woman, children, adults, indeed everybody, produce energy of love, patience, oneness, good wishes, equality, mercy, honesty, kindness, peace and unity and all the rest of the virtues of God. When you do that then, the Divine Power will always be with you, in the name and blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ. AMEN!



People do not believe that there will be an end to negativism. Do you not see people’s reaction after the year nineteen ninety-nine? Nobody saw anything spectacular that happened physically so, everyone relaxed. What were you expecting to happen? However, something did happen.

This is what happened. THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Information has happened. THE PERSONIFIED HOLY SPIRIT OF TRUTH is here and has established THE KINGDOM OF GOD ON EARTH and chronicled THE KINGDOM with this Testimony of THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT). And the whole universe does not know that this type of wonderful event has unfolded.

The next event to take effect is that after I have secured all MY positive children and their souls then, The Supreme Heat will land on earth.

People, scientists, meteorologists and many others are going on about global warming, the hotness and radiation of the sun.


It will come in spirit!

It will come in the soul!

It will come naturally!

But it will not reflect on any of MY positive children.

Do you know what will take place at that time? If you are a righteous person that is, you are a positive person, an honest and truthful person, you will stand afar to enjoy The Light. You do not need to know where the burner of that current is. You will have no problems because The Light will be reflecting everywhere, and you the positive ones will be happy about it. But the evil ones will endeavour to investigate ascertain where the light came from, at the time when they embarked on, in search of the source of The Light and then they will meet Burner. That is the time the heat will melt them away.

The curiosity of the evil ones is likened unto insects swooping on a lighted glass lantern in an open field. Insects do not want to stand back and enjoy the light from the lantern left in the open field. They clamoured around the hot glass of lighted lantern not to enjoy the light only wanting to quench the light. By going closer the light, the hotness of lantern from the heat killed the insects. In the same vain, the heat will kill all the evil ones.

When you plan and execute wicked acts against the children of God, whether in the dream or in the physical reality, wherever and whenever you determine to be wicked and harm any positive child of God know that the Heat from THE SUPREME POWER OF THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY will be upon you. If you tried that in the soul world the heat will strike you there. If you tried it in the physical, the heat will hit you in the physical. If you tried it otherwise, the heat will hit you otherwise, and you are nowhere to be found.

This is the information I AM giving to the entire world now. The end of evil words, evil powers, evil practices is now imminent on earth, in the name and blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ. AMEN!




THE POWER OF THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY IS OMNIPOTENT. THE POWER that surpasses all powers and it is everywhere and covers the whole space. It is THE MOTHER and THE FATHER of all POWERS.

So, if you have connection to and with ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY then you have connection to THE OMNIPOTENT. That is THE POWER that is with you everywhere and controls every existence of your life. Why do you leave THE SUPREME POWER to attach to negative power – elementary power that cannot talk, that cannot spark, that cannot act and react?

Today! I have given awareness to all human beings on earth, to the entire mankind in the whole universe from now till eternity. Use this Lecture Revelation as your guide and elevation phenomenon.

I have elevated your spirit, your soul and your physical presence. If you believe in this WORD you are surely protected because I, THE POWER! THE OMNIPOTENT will always be with you and secure you. I, THE SPIRIT THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY will secure your spirit, secure your soul and secure you physically. And all is well with you and the entire world now and forever more. Amen!

Enye! Odudu! Abasi mmi! OOO! Zim! Zim! Zim! Asaso! Positive! Positive! Positive!


There is nothing greater than The


There is nothing greater than The


All powers in heaven and on earth belong to The Father

There is nothing greater than The


Inyeneke sikande ETE o!  -

Baaba! Baaba!

Inyeneke sikande ETE o!

Kpukpuru odudu k’enyong ye


Edi ETE nyin akara

Inyeneke sikande ETE o!


Queen Disem SD ETE offered prayers of thank:

Let thanks and praises be given to THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!

Let thanks and praises be given to THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY in the blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!

Let thanks and praises be given to THE ALMIGHTY POWER THE CREATOR OF HEAVEN AND EARTH Amen!

Holy! Holy! Holy FATHER we thank THEE

We thank THEE FATHER that you come by THYSELF … THE POWER

… Omnipotent Power…

Now and forevermore. Amen!

Let thanks and praises be given to THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!

Let thanks and praises be given to THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY through the blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!

Let thanks and praises be given to Omniscient GOD LEADER OLUMBA OLUMBA OBU …

Now and forevermore. Amen!

Enye! Odudu! Abasi mmi!

OOO! Zim! Zim! Zim! Asaso!

Positive! Positive! Positive!

This SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelation: THE POWER! THE POTENCY! is acting for you as medicine, is acting for you as x-ray. Today’s x-ray, today’s spiritual hospital session has cured all your problems. AMEN!

Princess MfonEte SD ETE offers prayer thus:

Let thanks and praises be given to THEE FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!

Let thanks and praises be given to THEE FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY in the blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!

Let thanks and praises power, dominion supremacy, authority and adoration be ascribed to THEE MOST HIGH GOD, THE ONE AND ONLY ONE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY LEADER OLUMBA OLUMBA OBU even now and forever more. Amen!

Holy! Holy! Holy! LORD GOD EVERLASTING FATHER, we give THEE thanks and glorify THY name HOLY SPIRIT OF TRUTH for the love you have for your entire creations and especially us here. We thank THEE FATHER GOD for this day and this wonderful moment that we are in YOUR Holy Presence to receive this wonderful Spiritual Lecture. Our SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY, thank YOU for you have opened our ears to hear THEE, our intellect spiritually and otherwise to understand THY Words and all our pores to assimilate THY WORD, which is this spiritual food that is good for us in spirit, in soul and in the physical. Thank YOU, HOLY SPIRIT OF TRUTH for continuously feeding us thus and for reigning supreme in our lives and conquering temptations for all YOUR positive children and defeating all evil attacks on us. Thank YOU, FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY for taking absolute control and dominion of your entire creations even now and forever more. Amen!

Let thanks and praises be given to THEE FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!

Let thanks and praises be given to THEE FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY in the blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!




Chapter Two





Date: AB/OA/OH (The Twelfth Son (day) of the first Mother (month) of FATHER (year) Two Thousand and Eight)

In the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ, In the blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Now and forevermore. Amien





Today, it pleases ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY THE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE to honour this day with this very important information of THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelation. This Lecture Revelation is about the secret of how I, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY interact with mankind. This Lecture Revelation is very close to human beings because of what they have already manufactured on earth, such as, the Power of Electricity, Technological development including, the Communication and Broadcasting System by the Transmission System of Wave, Transportation system.

If you consider how all these things on earth work, then you will understand this Lecture Revelation very well. However, humans have done all these things in the carnal way but today, I AM giving insight into what motivates human beings to manufacture things. I created mankind in the Image and Likeness of GOD and for that reason man, as MY Image and Likeness tries to do some things that reflect what I, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY had done.

THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelation of today will help every human being to re-arrange their mind to know the channel they are conducting themselves with because I AM going to reveal the two different channels that are controlled by this Power.

I AM THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY THE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE and I built an automatic link that connects things back to ME as I have revealed in THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelation titled ‘SOURCE AND DESTINATION’. However, this Lecture Revelation is about THE POWER, as the Source of Light that radiates between ME and all MY creations. First, I AM going to talk about the components called TRANSFORMER, TRANSMITTER and WAVE which are all directed by two types of systems namely, Spiritual and Natural; POSITIVE and Negative. However, today’s Lecture Revelation is focused on THE POSITIVE SPIRIT OF TRUTH. The other type is the negative, the condemned and useless one that when you operate, you have the wrong outcome as error, mistake and evil.

This information is for you know the source of power you are using, as one is positive, and the other is negative. If you use the one that I AM revealing today then you stand in the side of POSITIVISM, which will bring the remedy to all your problems. But if you use the negative power then it is error, mistake, Satan, evil, which will bring disaster and destruction to your soul.

I, THE SPIRIT created Four Living Creatures in existence that are, fish, bird, animal and the human beings of all types. Among the Four Living Creatures, are the major ones and then the creeping ones. Birds are all flying living objects in all natures as anything that has physical wings or feathers and can fly whether in the form of a fish or animal or human, it does not matter. However, when such a creature takes evolution to become a human being, that creature becomes known as a human-bird. Therefore, human beings have different natures.  

Some human beings take the nature of an animal thereby making them human-animals; some take the nature of a bird, making them human-birds. Some others take the nature of fish, making them human-fish. And then there is the nature of the human being which is the proper human beings.

The proper natures of mankind are those human beings I created as the Representatives of GOD and call them the Human-Gods. All other humans take evolution from birds, fishes and animals as improved creatures into humans, but improved human beings are angels and ghosts. When a human being has completed seven generations and improved as a positive human being, then when such a person goes on spiritual transfer (death), takes an evolution to be an angel of GOD as a positive ghost. I would then assign that soul to holy realms where they use their inspiration to work with human beings on earth in many areas. These types of angels can take assumed body as human beings, because they are spirits. You may see them on the road, but would not know them. There are millions of them. As soon as you complete seven generations and you are not evil, I put you in the Save Basket of the Positive ones. That is why after every two thousand years, I conduct a Universal Spiritual Harvest, because by that time people, have come to the world seven times and completed their seven generations. Once you have completed the seven generations, I will harvest your soul and put you either in the Save Basket or the Waste Basket. I would bring back those who have done reasonably well and achieved a pass rate of above fifty percent. They are brought back as Holy Ghost to inspire the prophets of GOD as the Working Partner Selves of GOD so that when people want to talk and do things, they would engineer and inspire them to speak good words and do good things. The same harvesting process takes place with other creatures, because every two thousand years, I would select the fishes, the birds and animals that are positive and have taken evolution to be humans, and make them positive human-fish, human-bird or human-animals that work on earth to help other human- fishes, human-birds and human-animals. This is exactly what is happening in this life, because this is what I do to make people to become advanced in nature. These are all forms of education to advance and progress MY Creations. When you read THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelation titled THE STAGES OF EDUCATION, then you would know how these things work. When you read a lot of the information of THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK GOD PRESENT Lecture Revelations, then you would understand this system more.

I use MY SPIRIT called INTERACTION COMPONENT (IC) between Spirit and humans to interact with all these businesses, these creations and all the improvements.

What is the meaning of MY INTERACTION COMPONENT (IC) and how does it work? It works through TRANSFORMER, TRANSMITTER and WAVE. The Positive form is called THE HOLY SPIRIT OF TRUTH as THE POWER that is managing the whole affair. And the manager in this system is CHRIST, THE SPIRIT, THE KING OF KINGS AND THE LORD OF LORDS, THE UNIVERSAL SPOKEN WORD.

This information of THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelation is going to have other parts from two, three and onwards but within this part one, I AM giving every soul the opportunity to concentrate and call yourself into yourself when you are reading this Lecture Revelation.

What I mean by calling yourself into yourself is that you must utilize the indwelling inbuilt power within you. In your system, there is an energy that radiates in three forms as a TRANSFORMER, a TRANSMITTER and a WAVE. These are the current power that makes you a Living Soul and you should call on all these powers inside of you to enable you Think Well, Speak Well and then prepare you to Do Well. When you do this, you have indirectly put on CHRIST and put yourself into the Positive Frame of Mind, then hold it together. When you read THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelation titled THE BUTTON OF HOLD, you will understand more about holding your thoughts together and concentrating by bringing your mind together and throwing away all negativism. Call yourself a House of GOD at a moment of Positive Divine Attention with your FATHER ME, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY. When you start thinking in this manner and you are positive, then the WISDOM OF GOD will start to unfold in you.

When you are reading any of THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelations, you must be in spirit and concentrate by using this key as The Key of Concentration, The Key of Divine Attention and The Key of Positive Thinking and that is the meaning of GOD. From this stage, believe that in you, there is a TRANSFORMER, TRANSMITTER and WAVE with a CONDUCTOR which are all the things that I built inside you as a COMPONENT of INTERACTION between THE SPIRIT which is I, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY and you, the House of GOD. These are all the things I AM going to reveal today. When you come to this understanding, then you would have brought up your Intellect making you an Intelligent Being by coming together with ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY. This means that WE have become ONE because you have tuned yourself to the right and direct channel which is ME, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY THE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE. And with this, you will understand who THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY is and what I mean in this Lecture Revelation. This will become The POWER and ENERGY that will help you to develop. On this basis, you do not need a secret society again, if you are in any. And you do not need to go to anyone to deceive you because this information of THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelation will become your own secret and open society, community and even a nation. And that is your GOD and everything for you because I AM THE SPOKEN WORD. The Word that is, information you are reading now and the Voice you are hearing is information with understanding and wisdom, which has energy that is The POTENCY of GOD. And when you accept, believe and drink it into your soul and body, then you are automatically a changed human being. As a result, you will see positive events in your life now and for generations to come.

This is the Introduction of this Lecture Revelation where I AM telling you to come together and bring yourself together in awareness of yourself. Put yourself together by putting on CHRIST which is to switch on The Power of The Living GOD in you by concentrating and believing that THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY THE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE exists and HE is THE BEING TALKING to you now. And by reading and/or listening to this Lecture Revelation, you are interacting with HIM. When you achieve this, and humble yourself then all your sins will be wiped away and The Light of GOD will start to come into your heart and it will envelope the entirety of your system. At this stage, you will see that Understanding and Wisdom will start to come out of you as a big screen of monitor-vision, a bright light. And your environment will become that of THE HOLY SPIRIT. And that is the meaning of GOD PRESENT in you. With this GOD PRESENT, you will be able to understand that GOD is interacting with you.

The components that I built inside the human beings to interact with all humans is what I AM revealing in this information of THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelation as TRANSFORMER, TRANSMITTER AND WAVE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT OF TRUTH.




First, let us talk about the spiritual aspect of things, because every physical manifest first took place in spirit before it manifested physically as reality and that is, from SO-REAL, to REAL-SO, and from REAL-SO to AMI-SO.

SO-REAL means the real thing in spirit where things emanate as the SOURCE of everything. And REAL-SO means that thing is in the soul form after THE SPIRIT has created a picture as the object soul of REAL. And AMISO is when the object soul becomes the physical manifest. That is The Trinity, which is Three-In-One. The same process takes place in MY Mind as THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY in the Spiritual Form and then it transfers into the Soul Form and then MY mind materializes it into physical Form, being the physical reality. And that too is from REAL to REALSO and from REALSO to AMISO. That is why I AM going to talk about THE SPIRITUAL TRANSFORMER OF GOD INBUILT IN HUMAN BEINGS.

The Spiritual Transformer I AM referring is just like the Transformer in the physical world. A Transformer is a device that transfers electrical energy between two or more circuits of a voltage through inductive wire coils in the supply of electric power. Two induction wire coils are separately wrapped around the opposite sides of the Transformer core of magnetic circuit. Electric current pass from one wire coil to another wire coil through induction magnetically.

Basically, one side of the wire coil on the transformer core generates strong force of electric current power formulating a magnetic field and the second wire coil produces electric power from the magnetic field as the Power of Booster. Power needs a transformer as a kick, to boost the energy thereby generating it and sending out the Power. And that is the job of a Transformer. In the spirit, that is how I generate MYSELF. If you read, THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) publication titled ‘HE IS THE FATHER written by THE FATHER GOD through His Royal Majesty (HRM) King Solomon David Jesse ETE, you would learn about how I generated MYSELF on top of the Water.

The FORCE OF MY ENERGY stays on top of the Water and generates and that brings out the propelling Force of the AIR that you feel. Therefore, I generate the AIR and the WATER, to produce the ENERGY that gives life to every Living Creature and Living Organism. If I stopped generating MYSELF on top of the WATER, then everything will die off automatically. That is how THE TRANSFORMER OF NATURE generates physical life. The AIR rubs HIMSELF on top of the WATER, twenty-four hours of the day creating the sounds the Waters of the Oceans make like the Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean that sounds like Waahhhhh, Waahhhhhh Waahhhhh, Shehhhhh, Shehhhhhh, Shehhhhhh’. Those sounds are the Energy ITSELF. If you go nearer to any Ocean like the Atlantic Ocean, you will not hear anything except that sound and that is the energy which is THE SUPER SUN. The heat of the SUPER SUN comes from THE BURNER which is I, THE SPIRIT THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY. And that is why, where MY actual SELF dwells. Nothing on Earth or in Heaven can come anywhere closer to it. It is called SAMINTIM-SELF. This is the Hell Fire that people refer to. And that is why if you talk about Hell that is ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY. And when you talk about Heaven it is still ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY. I have another SELF called HELPMAINSTIM-SELF. This is when I come out of THE BURNER after dying and become LIGHT like a ball of LIGHT to LIFE. This LIGHT is what is referred to as Heaven where life is Blissful and Peaceful. This is where Love, Peace, Joy, Harmony and all the rest of the Good Natures of GOD are managed by THE HOLY SPIRIT as THE DIVINE SELF of THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY which is The Heaven. However, The BURNER, which is the Hell is extremely hot that nothing can survive there. This means that MY LIFE SELF is in the Heaven and MY PROTECTING SELF is in the Hell. And that is why if you practice evil and refused to change to good on earth, then you will change in the Hell. Hell is the Prisoner Self where you go to if you cannot behave well here on earth. You go to hell to behave there. However, when I burn MYSELF, the propelling force of that energy heats the Water, and with the Air, that generates THE ENERGY OF LIFE that feeds all organisms and creatures on earth. No scientist or indeed anyone can ever venture to this place. I, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY only, have the power to destroy these things and build them back. I put MYSELF there and I bring MYSELF back then I use it to formulate the day and the night. I bring DEWS to bless and I bring the SUN to heat. That is why in-between the Water and the Fire, there is Day and Night; there is also the Rainy Season and Dry Season; Cold Season and Warm Season (winter and summer). All the above-mentioned phenomena and more are Transformers generating as Interaction Components of THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY THE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE, ‘HE IS THE FATHER’. This Power is also in all living things particularly Living Creatures, because whatever I have in ME, I have the smaller Connections of Interaction of THE POWER in all creations to link with ME that enabled them to be living things. All living creatures and all living organisms have the same connection. Even the fruits you eat have such connection and that is why when you eat a fruit that is not overripe and not spoilt, which means that it is not dead, then you have eaten a type of nature to help you in your system. However, when a fruit is dead because it is has gone bad; it is spoilt there is no benefit derived from eating it because the energy has gone, and its life is finished. As I said, earlier, this Lecture Revelation will have a Part Two, Part Three and onwards because it is deep, and it is about MY Entire Business.

In the Spiritual Human Nature, I built a TRANSFORMER as the Interaction Component (IC) for Spiritual Connection. And that is THE TRANSFORMER OF GOD in all human beings that links you – the human beings back to ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY your CREATOR whether you believe it or not. Before you become a human being in your mother’s womb, you are a spirit. And I AM going to tell you where a person comes from and where a person goes because no one knows this fact and that is why I want to give you the general knowledge about it today. 

HE IS THE SPIRIT is THE BUBBLE OF CREATION OF ALL THINGS. THE SPIRIT cannot be heard, cannot be seen and cannot be touched. Then there is the HEART as the THOUGHT which also one cannot see, hear or touch because it is silent in its nature – Silent Thought. The HEART and MIND together constitute MY SILENT THOUGHT as HIS HEART and HER MIND as POSITIVE and NEGATIVE. The SILENT THOUGHT is HE IS THE SPIRIT in nature and that is why IT cannot be seen, heard or touched. When I transfer what I have in mind to generate, through THE TRANSFORMER via The Spoken Word, it forms MY objects in different forms that are from MY THOUGHTS. That is how I first bring about MY Creations. The way in which MY Thoughts generate is how the object takes evolution to come about in the Soul form which is a copy from The Spirit, invisible physically. However, the object can reflect to be seen, but it cannot be heard or touched. Although this is a silent object, it is an Object Photograph as an image. And when it generates through The Spirit, THOUGHT, it forms life within it and that life is what is known as the TRANSFORMER. This comes as a bubble making the sound of bubbles as ‘bubbling blul, bleh eh ehe’ in O form as the sound of a repetitive O sounding as ‘OoooOoooOooo’ for seventy-two hours. When it bubbles continuously from the energy propelling from the Force of GOD, as THE SPIRIT, then The Supreme Nature rests it, and after seventy-two hours the bubble yields life. This Force of Bubble is Life itself from THE SUPREME AIR ME THE SPIRIT THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY.

I AM THE AIR from THE SILENT THOUGHT, in the physical reality, that generates through the TRANSFORMER and makes the nature to take place through THE BUBBLE OF CREATION that forms objects in The Soul as a human being, a living creature or a living organism. This is how THE BUBBLE OF CREATION brings creations in shapes.

When the creation comes as a living organism, it is for the consumption of man, but when it is a living creature, it is for GOD - for GODS business because such Living Creature is a God-Self. I use human beings to manifest MY glory while man uses living organisms to manifest their duties. This means that I created Living Creatures for MYSELF and living Organisms for man. And that is why man should consume Living Organisms, which fruits, vegetables and herbs and NOT Living Creatures which are animals, birds and fishes.

The TRANSFORMER is in all Living Creatures as well as Living Organisms. Thus, Living Creatures can generate and multiply from one source into millions, so also the Living Organisms. One living organism can fill the whole world. If you take one grain of corn that is not dead and put it in the soil, the Coil of Nature which is the corn/coil inside the ground will coil inside the seed of corn and take the first dead skin away. This is the hell and when it goes to that hell, the BURNER will burn it and take the death away and if it still survives, it would come into the LIGHT and germinate. This means that it has conquered the Hell force by dying and rising again. This means that it has come out into the Light to have a new life. And then it starts to grow and eventually it will bear fruit. Of these fruits, one stem of corn can conceive thousands of grains of corn. And that is when that corn has passed from the darkness of Hell to Light. If during the visit to Hell, in the Burner where The Nature burns the corn grain and the corn has no TRANSFORMER and WAVE to generate to bring it back to life then it would die without generation and that would be the end of that corn. That is how the Living Organism operates.

However, when it comes to Living Creatures, like mankind as Human-Gods, human-animals, human-birds, or human-fish something else takes place. I have already explained this process in one of THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelations using the millipede that transformed into another form of living creature as an example. For this scenario however, I AM using the mammal whale as an example in that when a whale as a big fish dies it visits the BURNER of MYSELF to be tested for POSITIVISM. And if it turns out to be positive then it would survive the passing through the Burner and comes out into the LIGHT. THE BURNER will identify the whale as positive whale, if it did not kill any living creature when alive, because the food of a whale is supposed to be water. A whale is supposed to drink a lot of water, by the hundred gallons full, then regurgitates the water and drink again. That is how the whale should survive naturally. Therefore, if a whale swallows any life object, it is supposed to return it back alive and if any living thing dies inside it, the whale becomes liable and pays for it because a whale is supposed to be vegetarian. ALL LIVING CREATURES ARE REQUIRED TO BE VEGETARIANS. If any Living Creature eats another Living Creature, such Living Creature will pay for consuming that life. I have MY SELF BURNER called the Hell to test every Living Creature to make sure that they pass the Test of Positivism. And when they pass through the Hell, which is the BURNER without a final death, then they will come out into the Heaven where they are promoted to live life continuity. And that is why any of the four Living Creatures which are, the human beings, animals, and fishes that kills and eats other living creatures will not pass the test – the Burner Test. The whale that lives as a vegetarian, when it passes through the BURNER successfully will be promoted to life continuity as a human being. And that means that it has taken an evolution to become human, meaning that it has passed from the Cross to the Star and will live life as a preserver of life because other types of human beings, just as the Human-GODS are supposed to be Preserver of Life in any capacitation. And for passing the Test of Positivism you will not die again.

 All living things must die and must visit the Burner - the Hell, but once you conquer the Hell, you will come back to Life again. Everyone will repeat this process for seven times and at completion of your seventh generations, and you are a positive human being, then, you will become a preserver of life or life continuity yourself. When people say, ‘When I die, I die and that is it’, that is not the case because you are not going anywhere other than to Hell to pass the Test of Life and Death which is to Love the Brotherhood and have extreme hatred for all evils.

I created Adam as the first human and the first house and when Adam died, he passed the Burner test because he did not kill. The only problem Adam had was that he interacted with the negative self and that made Adam to produce a multiple human templates which was the only sin that Adam committed. Fornication is a sin against yourself, it is not against anything or anyone else. And however, you are a God. Fornication causes problems to your template and that is it. And it is only your MAKER that can correct that for you. The sin of Adam as talked about was only the sin of fornication. The sin of fornication can corrupt the human-God template and change you from the original you to a counterfeit you.  Adam did not kill, he was a preserver of life because he was God. That is why the second Adam who is the Life-Giving Spirit came to save lives. When Adam died as the owner of life physically, he took the highest inspiration and his soul passed through hell, but the Higher Spirit of Adam which is THE SOUL of THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY, THE WORD came and rescued him from the Hell and brought him back. The duty of the negative spirit is to keep those who died in the Hell - the Burner, so that they would remain in the darkness and not come forward. However, a soul coming out of the Hell, will see the brightness Light of GOD shining on them. Satan is the darkness where Hell is. Using the physical life analogy, you cannot do any good thing in darkness. You can put your finger in someone’s eye without knowing it when you are in darkness. All those people who commit evil including, the abominable acts of people sleeping with animals in carnal intimacy; a man being with another man in intimate relationship, also a woman having a relation with a fellow woman in intimate manner, counterfeiting the Supreme Nature Order of man-woman relation to build a family; and other evil activities of man killing fellow man; human beings harming themselves and one another and committing all other sorts of nameless abominations in the world. All are demonstrations that all those souls are in darkness – in Hell. This means that they do not see the road on which they walk because no one who sees where they are going can engage in all those evil abominable acts, instead of that you would prefer to die.

These things cannot work in you if you are in the LIGHT because you will have consciousness about what you are doing. Therefore, when you see people do things as though they have no conscience, it is because they are in darkness. They are in Hell. They came from Hell and continue to be in Hell. They have never seen the LIGHT. None that is in darkness can love that is, practice LOVE ONE ANOTHER. You will not even know what is GOOD because the spirit in which you are operating with knows no good thing.

All evils operate in darkness. In the evil world, a mother engages in carnal knowledge with her son and vice versa, so also a father with his daughter and vice versa. They all have carnal knowledge of one another. They have no conscience of immorality because that is the dark world of Satan the opposite of LIGHT. Satan is the negative side of THE POSITIVE GOD.

Those of you who go there, don’t you know and see what you are doing there? You do all sorts of rubbish and cannot see why people should do good things. However, you cannot be blamed because it is that darkness spirit inside you that manipulates you. If hundreds of such people are killed, they would be born back on earth like that, and so cannot be blamed.  All the warmongers and people that practice evil, are from that darkness spirit called Satan and that is why they behave as they do because that is the dark part of the whole system. Unless you conquer that dark spirit by reading this Book of Life and take a voluntary evolution to the Positive Side. It is only in this world that you can amend things for the future. You must deny that dark part of yourself and the Burner of yourself, and then take evolution by asking THE SUPREME NATURE ME THE SPIRIT THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY to help you to grow in Positivism – in righteousness. From now, you must take voluntary evolution by making up your mind to remain Positive by practicing good living -  which is moral living. And with this, your system will change from bad to good that is, to positive, so that when you visit the BURNER, you will pass from Hell to Heaven which is from death to Life.

What is the Heaven? It is reborn, a New Life, where you will see the Light of Life which is the Positive Side of GOD, with Love, where it is blissful, and you will see THE SUPREME LIGHT of THE HOLY SPIRIT and have Good Consciousness to be able to do what is good. 

Adam finished the stages of the Test of Brotherhood by coming back on earth repeatedly seven times. Each time on earth counted as a stage and it went on like that for seven times. Our Lord Jesus Christ is the Highest Spirit of Adam who came on earth to help the original Adam – the Natural Adam. So, that visit was not the first time Adam came on earth. Therefore, the original Adam - the natural Adam had been coming to this world on many transits in many ways. Directly or Indirectly every human being on earth is the visiting of Adam – the multiplied and diverse Adam. Some are from animal, fish and bird to be a human version. When a living creature transformed from one evolution to another evolution, in the case of animal to human, it needs a place to stay and that is Adam. Accordingly, the animal takes evolution and become a human being, as Adam, the highest of the Four Living Creatures. That is why every human being on earth is Adam because that is the only building as a human any nature will live when they take evolution from say, animal to become a human being as human-animal. That means that you, now as human, in the category of human-animals, must conform to Adam’s nature which is Love as THE FATHER. If you do not ‘Practice Love One Another’ then I will take you back to your former nature of animal, say, to die in the Hell. That is the condition.

Animals, birds and fish and other natures come through Eve, meaning the womb of a woman when they take evolution to live in the house as a human being. When any nature is born through the womb, the womb squeezes it and subdue whatever force it used in coming so that such transformed nature into human being starts life in a humble way to have humility. We may go into more detail about this another time but not today. However, today, I AM telling you how THE SPIRIT is an inbuilt TRANSFORMER in every living creature. The nature with the inbuilt Transformer passed through THE BURNER and becomes a living soul acquiring a new life of multiplication on earth. The living soul being you, the human being has link through the inbuilt Transformer with ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY your CREATOR



 I mentioned that I built a Transformer in the Spiritual Human Nature in spirit as the Interaction Component (IC) for Spiritual Connection. I built the same TRANSFORMER physically as the Interaction Component (IC)in all human beings for Spiritual Connection with ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY.

In your system therefore, there is a natural transformer inbuilt in you. That is why mankind can walk and talk and do all sorts of things. That is why the human being can transfer and distribute ideas to bring the energy of progression. Consequently, you must be very careful about the type of food you eat and what you do to yourself, because anything you do to your system forms a coil of nature within you.

That coil is an inbuilt system as stream of blood in your system that links back to THE SOURCE and THE DESTINATION for eternity. The inbuilt Transformer of Nature in the human cycle of Cain and Abel shows the type of person you are and the type of nature you have in relation to Cain and Abel. That is why you must be careful not to spoil your nature and your template because of the inbuilt Transformer in you. Transformer retains the information of who you are, and links to your original Source to maintain your original template of who you are indeed, and the nature you have taken to come to this world. That is the link.

The Nuclear Power Station or Electricity Stations for instance, that generate super power, operate through a Super Transformer. Mighty big wire coils regenerate through the fuel used as the conductor. Fuel water, air, petrol, diesel or any other type of liquid can be the conductor that will heat, spark and turn the generating force of the wire coil wounded around the Transformer. When that generates, force of current come out of that wire coil to the output wire coil and generate and produce the power. That is the electric power as the energy itself that is released and used in many ways. Such energy is not just for giving light but can be used for energy outlets to operate small electrical appliances like a Blender for blending food etc., and to turn motors and engines.

However, whatever energy that is in operation must have another transformer inside that can heat and spark it. In the electric wire, there is another type of wire called a fuse which is another wire coil as a small wire connected in the fuse that touches each other. That fuse links the current, as the energy that comes from the big transformer and fuses the current to a smaller transformer or Interaction Component (IC) in man.

This interaction system is naturally inbuilt in the human system. This means that whenever a person thinks and plans positive things then it yields positive result, and if negative then it yields negative result.  But in the end, you will pay for any negative thing you practice. Good practices attract rewards and bad practices incur repercussions. That is what is inbuilt in your natural system. That is The Radiation Power of GOD ME, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY, THE SUPREME UNLIMITED POWER that profoundly generates to secure and warm everything on earth to keep it alive.

Every living thing on earth has a part of this Interaction Component in them. And when it cuts off for whatever the reason from the individual and or other living thing, that is when death has occurred. When the current cuts off from you then you will die automatically. If you do not give regard to THE SUPREME ELECTRICITY and THE SUPREMACY OF MYSELF THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY and I disconnect from you, and MY energy would not heat your system any longer, and then, your components become water. That means you are dead. 


The TRANSMITTER is like the TRANSFORMER. However, the Transformer works for power and the Transmitter and Transistor Interactive Component (IC) works for the energy of Transmitter, for the Voice and for the Sound. The Power that brings Sound is MYSELF THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY.

THE FATHER and THE SON as JEHOVAH GOD and HIS CHRIST, means that THE FATHER is THE TRANSFORMER, and THE SON is THE TRANSMITTER. The two are the same, but they work in different directions, and they both have electric component in them. However, without a Transformer there is no Transmitter. Therefore, the Transformer formulates The Power by itself and generates the energy by itself. The energy brings out the current power of sound such as Light. And the current sound has a generating wave. The Power that generates from a TRANSFORMER is called Energy Sound, but the power that generates from a TRANSMITTER is called Sound Wave and the energy of wave is the same thing as the wave of a TRANSFORMER. That power that comes out of a Transformer is energy power while the energy of Transmitter is power wave which is also energy, but it brings out the sound. The power that comes from the TRANSFORMER is called the OXYGEN and HYDROGEN and in-between the OXYGEN and HYDROGEN there is NITROGEN. These three things are one because they maintain life and that is THE FATHER, The Son respectively and The Energy in-between them. And that is how the Water, the Air and the Sound became formulated. The publication of THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelation titled ‘HE IS THE FATHER has the full information about this.

Hydrogen in the electrical component within the Power Station drags the force of power to formulate the Current of Power. The hydrogen is the catalyst for giving the force. There is hydrogen in the human system. The AIR is life, and that generates the WATER and the BLOOD in you as the force that generates life in you. Those are the three things that form life in you, but the controller of all that is THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY WHO is LIFE HIMSELF. When the AIR in you ceases then the water and the blood in you is of no use anymore because the blood had turned to water, and the water had gone back to become sand and that ends the matter. However, if THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY is still in you as the AIR, nothing will happen to you. No matter how sick you are, you will only lose blood and water but THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY in you will generate them back in you. You can borrow water and blood to sustain life in for some time and eventually THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY makes them to continue. That is why when people lose water and blood they can be replaced but when the spirit, which is the life had departed no doctor can put the life back in the body. That is what this point is about.

You should understand the meaning of SUPREME TRANSFORMER, SUPREME TRANSMITTER and WAVE. The WAVE in-between TRANSFORMER and TRANSMITTER is Nitrogen. The TRANSFORMER and TRANSMITTER are oxygen and hydrogen, respectively. They also stand for ENERGY and WAVE and that produce the Voice. And the VOICE in-between the ENERGY and the WAVE materializes physical reality as the glory. The example given below is to shed more light on how the components work.

Two or three components can be linked together electronically and operate under one equipment. For instance, the Telephone and Fax that both can operate through one equipment. In some equipment, the Telephone service and the Fax service share a common platform with the separate operations. The Fax service component and the Telephone component in one equipment are electronically linked together. These are two different operations have become one in agreement. The fax command has an inbuilt telephone to understand the command of printing. During operation, the voice which is the telephone also understand printing and the two together transforms the Wave into physical letters.

Similarly, some Printers can print both documents and pictures, as well as provide photocopier service and a scan machine. Therefore, within this one machine, is a Printer that prints both documents and photos, a photocopier and a Scanner Machine. These four different services are electronically linked. They have become one in agreement. Each programmed to understand the command of other component of the shared link.

The above electrical demonstrations depict mankind interactivity with THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY. Therefore, when you think about anything, you must take time to consider whether it is good before voicing it out. More so if you are a personality because people heed your command as soon as you drop that Word. If your word is good it is for you and if it is not good it is also for you. Nevertheless, the command you issued had become active as the instructions have been carried out and your words put into action. From the idea stage which is from you the personality, to those who carried out the idea, you are all human beings. Therefore, you are all one. It is for this same reason that I created man in MY own image and likeness so that when I inspire man, man will do MY will on earth. But how many people do MY will on earth? That is the problem I, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY have with mankind on earth. I give this Lecture Revelation so that if you mend your ways and started thinking well, you will speak well which will lead you to do well and then the Glory of GOD will materialize on earth. For in man, there is a spiritual transmitter that can transmit information from ME to other people. But the only way this can work is when you develop your mind in a positive way by thinking well and speaking well; you do not hate anyone, and you are not jealous of anybody, because blessed are the pure in heart for they shall transmit well which is that they shall see GOD.

If you think well all the time it means that you are Positive person, and that will attract THE HOLY SPIRIT, as the Good Transmitter in you because it is the same TRANSMITTER that people also use to attract evil. For instance, a negative person approached a Radio Station to broadcast some personal service for a fee. The information they wanted advertised was offering the service of Annihilation of people. The broadcasting station transmitted the request; including passing on contact details to the public as provided for would be responders. Of course, the evil people who require such evil services would not go to that broadcasting Station to ask for the advertised service but to the address provided in the advert. The message the negative sent out has nothing to do with the Broadcasting Station. The station just did their job of Broadcasting.  

Then at another time, somebody else, a positive person at this instance, employs the services of the same Broadcasting Station with the announcement that anyone with any problem at all should come for assistance. And that solution to all sorts of problems is readily available, for free. The contact details of the person offering this service was provided, including name, address and the telephone number and so on.

 Note that the same transmitting studio broadcasted the two different messages. Therefore, I created mankind in MY Own Image and Likeness and gave the human beings the component of a TRANSMITTER with the energy of life as a TRANSFORMER. And the communication system that makes you think and talk is the TRANSMITTER GOD. Therefore, it is up to you to use your freewill for positive or good transmissions by thinking good thoughts, speaking good words and doing good deeds. This means that your Goodness will represent ME THE FATHER positively and that will transmit Heaven. However, if you transmit negatively, you will transmit Hell and that is detrimental to you physically, in the soul, spiritually and otherwise.

After all these deeds, when you die I will call you for a test because everybody that dies comes for a test before going back to the earth again for another fresh start. This is done for seven times. When you come for a test, you will first come to the TRANSFORMER BURNER. When you are tested and found to be speaking negative then you will die there, and you will become evil because nothing can kill the soul. You then become an evil ghost that evil people can command and use to practice evil because you are not preserved.

Do you know why people form secret societies? They join and or form secret society which is the evil of the earth established by Satan herself. Requirement to join to practice evil is that first, you swore an oath that when you die, as you operated with evil souls, you will do the same thing for other people. This means that you are donating your soul to the group. You are not for yourself or for GOD anymore. And that means that you do not actually die rather you have taken evolution to shorten your life. Let’s say you were supposed to live for a hundred years in total for you and for GOD but you joined a secret society to become rich quickly, then you shortened your life on earth, so you will live to DO (forty) EO (fifty) or FO (sixty) years depending on what you are involved in. Your remaining years would be for your soul to work for the secret society you pledged to work for when you die at the earlier time than I, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD had assigned for you. You will not come to this world again until the total amount of years assigned to you is completed there. Evil will use it and after that when you are re-born you will still come to this world as a negative person, as an evil person. All these secret societies, such as Freemasons, Rosicrucian (AMORC) and the rest of the secret societies or the occult, will not tell you these things but I, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY THE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE know how Satan is manipulating things. Being that she has nothing, therefore, she survives through borrowing things by counterfeits. THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelation titled IMPRESSION, contains information on how people borrow things and ideas and would not do things properly, thus, produce counterfeits. They would call themselves the same name as you or give their product similar name to your viable product because they know that the name is popular. They would give their products similar names to your genuine product to convince the public to buy their own product that is counterfeit. Do you see that? 

Some other countries currency called Dollars do not have the same value as American Dollars, which is the prime currency other currencies of the world are measured. So, the dollar of the poorer country could be one hundred dollars equivalent to one American dollar. Similarly, another country could call their currency Pounds Sterling, but it is not British Pounds Sterling, which is the highest currency of the day in terms of value. You could possibly have one million pounds sterling of that country’s currency but equivalent to only one British Pound Sterling.

Just as you could call some deity god but what type of god is your God? Is it the original GOD or is it god of the wood, god of the metal or god of tree, or god of the cross and all sorts of other gods. If you are worshiping any god that demands sacrifice and ceremony, then that is not the original GOD. The ceremony of the original GOD is LOVE ONE ANOTHER so that you can Think Well, Speak Well and Do Well, full stop!  You must therefore, understand all these things before it is too late for you. I speak as THE OWNER OF THE WORD and that is why I use the correct WORD to communicate the correct things you should do. Nevertheless, there are those that when they have access to the WORD, manipulate things for selfish gains and to suit their evil plans. However, if you have THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK, GOD PRESENT Lecture Revelations the ORIGINAL INFORMATION direct from ME THE SUPREME SPIRIT, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY and goes straight to the point of the discourse, you will benefit immensely. People borrow ideas, wisdom, and knowledge, indeed everything to practice evil with, but be careful and stick to the ORIGINAL WISDOM to avoid disappointment.

I have given information about the SPIRITUAL TRANSFORMER that is inbuilt in humans, the NATURAL TRANSFORMER that is also inbuilt in human and I have divulged knowledge about the SPIRITUAL TRANSMITTER OF GOD that gives man the ability to speak, think and transform thinking into reality to enable the thought to be heard. From this stage of curiosity, ideas are then transformed into words and then into writing as you are reading now. THE FORCE of THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelations which I speak through His Royal Majesty (HRM) King Solomon David Jesse ETE is because of an inbuilt TRANSMITTER. I AM THE STUDIO that originally spoke to Adam.

I AM THE STUDIO that speaks to all of you, but if you manipulate this STUDIO with a negative spirit, then that will cut off MY link and you will only hear a negative link that only transmits and broadcasts negative information. However, if you have LOVE, THE HOLY TRANSFORMER in you which is the inbuilt CHRIST, then I will transmit directly through you to everybody. Nonetheless, you are supposed to hear directly from GOD and not through any other person. Every human being has the right to hear directly from ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY if you have the Holy Spirit. If you do not have the Holy Spirit, then you will not grow in Wisdom and in Capacity then THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY cannot talk directly through you. Therefore, everybody needs to take THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK Information seriously, because it is for the Students of The School of Higher Self of Brotherhood Mastership.

I AM teaching all these things because I want everybody to study the Nature of THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY and chose the side of Goodness and be transformed and become a re-arranged human being on this earth to represent ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY well, as I originally intended when I created man to be the image and likeness of GOD. And MY Likeness is the WISDOM, the WIDE ANGLE of GOD. When you reached the WIDE- ANGLE of GOD, then you become NEARER to ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY and that means that you are NEARER to GOOD THINGS and GOOD NATURE.

Now you know that the TRANSMITTER of GOD is when you think well speak well and do well, then THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY will transmit inspiration from HIS mind through you. What is the meaning of a Prophet of GOD? A prophet of GOD uses the STUDIO of GOD to talk. They are previously angels that had developed a little and when they had finished seven generations, I kept them as helpers for man because they were THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTYS SELVES in the positive way called Holy Angels.

Man confuses some of the Holy Angels that I send to come and work for man and man changes them to be like them and because of that, they become evil, just like Lucifer became an evil angel. Today, if you stand with all the fruits of the Holy Spirit including Mercy, Love, Righteousness, Kindness, Peace, Faith, humility, Patience then continue to be who you are in your errand as a positive human being. And consequently, you will never miss your way and you will never change from Good to be bad. Rather you will always be with the Good Spirit. This means that you have the Inspirational Transmission from the Original Studio of GOD to assist other human beings that are not as developed as you are.

From today, you know that you have TRANSFORMER and TRANSMITTER which is either POSITIVE or Negative. If it is POSITIVE, then it is from GOD, but if it is negative then it is from Satan.






As I have revealed in other information of THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelations, if this voice you are hearing now is not connected to THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY, you will be hearing something else.

His Royal Majesty (HRM) King Solomon David Jesse ETE as the TRANSMITTER has an inbuilt CONDUCTOR and TRANSFORMER to transmit all the information of THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelations. And the WAVE is from the original studio of GOD. That is the reason why King Solomon Spiritual Library is THE UNLIMITED MEMORY of GOD called WISDOM where all the good things about THE GOD SELF is buried. And since I built the link with him right from the first time when he was Abel the second son of Adam, as MY TALKING PARTNER. That Nature continues through his Father, THE SPOKEN WORD who is the Spiritual Adam and that is The TRANSMITTER called The Holy Spirit as the VOICE of GOD with the CONDUCTOR and Interaction Component (IC) of Nature inbuilt in him.

Every human being has this IC in them because all human beings are one. However, all human Gods as they are descended from Abel or have inspiration from Abel have the positive Interaction Component (IC) in them. Therefore, that is why Abel is the father of all positive prophets and positive human beings. And Adam is the father of all human beings whether positive or negative. The second Adam is the Life-Giving Spirit whilst the third Adam is THE HOLY SPIRIT OF TRUTH. All these things revealed are summarized as I, OOO, LEADER OLUMBA OLUMBA OBU, POSITIVE, POSITIVE, POSITIVE, GOD OF THE HEAVEN, GOD OF THE EARTH, and GOD OF THE SOUL, ALPHA AND OMEGA, THE SPIRITUAL FATHER AND THE PHYSICAL FATHER.

His Royal Majesty (HRM) King Solomon David Jesse ETE has a natural inbuilt TRANSMITTER working through a [special] substantial CONDUCTOR and a natural Interaction Component IC, naturally in him. And that capacity of CONDUCTOR forms a well-organized heart. This makes him to have a character that would not deviate from the way of GOD. No matter what you do to convince him to go over a certain limit with you that you easily go, King Solomon ETE will not budge to the persuasion.

Every POSITIVE Child of GOD is like that in that they can live with you, but there are things you do that they will not do. For instance, you could eat certain food that they will not eat. Also, they will not share a certain lifestyle you live because they have an inbuilt Component Conductor as natural behavioural filter. There is no two ways about it because it is by nature and by offspring.

The CONDUCTOR is in the component of an electricity working as a magnetic WAVE. Within the CONDUCTOR, there is a magnetic force that pulls to ME. At a transformer plant, the transformer works as electric power whilst the transmitter also works as an electric magnet called conductor and there is Interaction Component [IC] attached to it so that it can keep the electric component cool to regulate it to avoid overheat. Whilst the wave is passing through the conductor and the components, it is extremely hot that is why there is IC to cool down the heat to maintain a normal temperature. This IC is part of the component in the studio in the formulated electronic circuit.

In the human being, as I continue to articulate, there is a similar arrangement in the physical body and, also the spiritual self.  All these put together makes you a proper house of GOD where you can speak the voice of GOD and TRANSMIT to other human beings correctly without missing things out and without crackling through a bad WAVE. For instance, the studio is broadcasting what they have via the television or radio. However, you have a small box in your home called Television or Radio.

Within this gadget there is a small TRANSFORMER with CONDUCTOR and an Interaction Component -IC that has been built into it making the component to work as radio or a television. And there are tuning buttons on these gadgets to select stations or to fine tune to make the station clear. If you are familiar with all these things then when it comes to THE SPIRITUAL SELF of ME, you will understand how, I built man with a component as a small studio and, also a TRANSFORMER and a TRANSMITTER station.

All human beings on earth stand for different things. Some human beings TRANSMIT as a radio station and others as a television station. I also create some human beings as a sub-TRANSMISSION Station to boost the transmission of others. For instance, if you have POWER and someone comes closer to you, they will have POWER. If you have faith, and someone that lacks faith comes closer to you, the person will start to have faith. If you have love, someone that comes closer to you will have love too. Whatever you have, your duty is to boost another person that does not have it to have it. If you are rich, you should make everyone around you to become rich. And if you are happy, you should make people around you to become happy. If you deprive people of what you have, then you will be shut down.

 Any station that deprives other people what that station is built for must be shut down. And that is why if I built you as FAITH and you do not distribute FAITH to people then I will shut down the station. If I built you as HOPE but people around you lose HOPE, then I will shut down that station. If I built you as POWER and you let people suffer and not distribute the POWER, then I will shut you down. If I built you as a broadcasting studio and you do not broadcast the POSITIVE WORD, then I will shut you down. That is what death stands for because death means to shut the station down.

If you stayed too long without doing anything and without bearing any fruit, then you have no purpose being alive. You should understand that. You should ask yourself what you stand for in life and why GOD created you. I created some people as a home for other people to live as a harbour so that when others come closer to you, you cover and protect them as a father. And I created some others as a nation. I will give full Lecture Revelation about Nelson Mandela, de Klerk, Bill Clinton and Bill Gates of Microsoft and some others like that, because they are POSITIVE Human beings in Nature. Even if they did any bad thing or join negativism, they will pay for misleading their nature, but they are POSITIVE in nature. I, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY sent them on errands here on earth and I alone know the what and why.

 The assignment and the portfolio that I gave to you to come and operate here on earth is what you must follow. If any does not operate according to what they are assigned to do, then I will shut them down and create another one, by rebuilding it. You should therefore know that you stand for a TRANSFORMER, a TRANSMITTER and a CONDUCTOR and the INTERACTION COMPONENT (IC) within you that link you to ME, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY your CREATOR where you came from as THE SOURCE and THE DESTINATION ultimately. This means that I, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY AM interacting with everybody through MY component in you. You are neither a radio nor a television studio rather you are merely a receiver. For that reason, you must receive direct information from ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY and give it out to the public in general, just as King Solomon David Jesse ETE is doing now. Some people will believe it and others will not believe. But if you do not believe, it is a lose to you and it has nothing to do with King Solomon DJ ETE because since he has delivered the message, it is up to you to accept it. As such blame your soul for whatever you experience.

His Royal Majesty King Solomon David Jesse ETE is blessed for having CONDUCTED himself well by listening to his Higher Self and doing everything together with ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY to reach this stage that I can use him to deliver these vital messages of THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelations. I had sent many people previously in this capacity, but they defraud ME and rather use the TRANSFORMER energy and the TRANSMISSION station to broadcast different stories for their own selfish means. I have sent many people to this world from the same offspring as King Solomon that are supposed to give out this Word and this POWER freely to others, but they charge money for the work of GOD and it becomes evil because the love of money is not POSITIVE. Money is for carnal things, but money can be used to make positive things good, but Positive things cannot be used to make money good.

This is what I AM advising you today. When you listen to this WORD, check yourself and correct your life by going back to your original status of how I created you and know what you stand for as a Positive Transformer, to distribute good things to people, and a Positive Transmitter, to spread good ideas and good conduct to people. Then you become a new environment. Your environment will be that of Love, Peace, Kindness, Mercy, Humility, Oneness, Happiness, Equal Rights, and all other Good Fruits, then you become a new environment. You become a new arranged person in your environment that broadcasts all goodness and power, and everything around you become positive. Then you are representing ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY, and you become the real human-God that I created in MY Image and Likeness. From this stage, I promote your soul and you become one with ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY, and your INTERACTION COMPONENT-IC will duplicate into thousands and your CONDUCTOR will spread to your children and other people. That is how the world will be changed.

 Where acts of jealousy abound in in the world that bring about evil conducts. Take the example of Joseph whose brothers sold him into slavery. The same jealousy between the mother of Isaac and Ishmael brought confusion in the family and separated the two brothers. These types of broadcasting TRANSFORMERS caused the down fall of human beings and brought a lot of problems into the world. When Cain killed Abel, from then all the offspring of Cain became all those who kill and sacrifice people for blood. All these things are the bad objects and bad characters I AM going to eradicate completely from the earth.

Those who give good inspirations, as the holy ghosts create good atmospheres and Transform and Transmit good words and good conducts and transmit good power and all good things, even in small portions, as positive humans I will multiply them and elevate them to be sources of life edification on earth.

I reiterate that Natural Conductor and Interaction Component (IC) of Nature inbuilt in humans demonstrate good or bad conduct. It also determines transmissions as good or bad words. It is the same thing that yields power and sustains the energy in you. That is the Interaction Component I built inside of all humans. That is why you will see that in your physical being, your body is filled with energy of full electric-like Conduction of power. When you touch another person, you pass the energy to that person. That is why you have the Power to heal and your hands are the Source of Power. If you believe yourself and believe this Lecture Revelation and you come across anyone that is sick, just put your hands on that person, and speak the WORD, then you will infuse the Power into that person and the problems of that person will be finished.

If evil spirits torment someone and your energy of Power is in full capacity then when you put your hands on that person and talk commanding the tormenting spirit to depart, that evil spirit will run away from that person and that means that you have re-charged the person. If His Royal Majesty (HRM) King Solomon DJ ETE touches anybody, he re-charges the person instantly. Even when he does not touch you but just shouts ‘Prrrraaa’ and speaks to you he has re-charged you. However, people misconstrue his full capacity of Energy Power of GOD and attribute that he is negative and practices occultism, but he does not. It is because of MYSELF THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY inside of him as THE CONDUCTOR, THE TRANSFORMER and THE TRANSMITTER that makes him to be filled with WAVE and POWER! For this reason, when he re-charges you, then your problems are solved. He can re-charge you and you change immediately. That is the Energy of GOD.

When I came as Our Lord Jesus Christ, I was THE TRANSFORMER, THE TRANSMITTER and THE WAVE MYSELF in three capacities as OXYGEN, HYDROGEN and NITROGEN. That was why anything I said was final. THE POWER OF THE SPOKEN WORD comes in those three dimensions. And that is why I built small versions inside you as positive human beings. You have a hospital in you; you have school; and everything you can think of, is in you, therefore, you can distribute your gift to others. That is how you transmit information from one end to the other. And that is how you link the power from one end to the other. All it needs is Love; Love and Faith in THE FATHER is a TRANSMITTER and small TRANSFORMER that will boost the power when you act. If you do not have faith in somebody then no matter what they say, it would not work for you. It is only if you love that person and believe that person, which means that you have a component of that person inside you, that it would work. Therefore, when that person talks to you, the pull of their Magnetic Force will attract you to that person. However, if you do not believe that person and have no faith in that person then their action would not work. They can talk till tomorrow it would never work.

Jesus The Christ did not heal every sickness. It was those who believed in Him that HE magnetically pulled to THE POWER in HIM. A radio that does not have batteries and with a dead IC cannot Receive. Even though the Studio Transmission continues to broadcast, it would not link the dead radio because the small box in your house does not have batteries or electric connection. And when you tune the radio, it would not sound well; it will only crackle and incoherent and finally the connection completely goes. It is temporarily dead and not fully dead, because any day you put the batteries in or connect electricity to it, it becomes alive and when your tune, you get the station. Similarly, the negative spirit called dampinton spirit which is the evil part of the mother earth can kill the Interaction Component-IC in humans.  If you fornicate it would kill the IC in you and bring dampness into your CONDUCTOR that is supposed to work to heat the system. The system becomes where there is cold and damp the IC will die. The IC is not activated again because it does not charge and that is when there is no life.

The more fornication you engage in; the more you become annoyed; the more you eat fish and meat and drink alcohol and smoke narcotics; the more you involve in all other sorts of negative practices, the more you waste the Energy of WAVE and the Energy of POWER in you. Your oxygen and nitrogen become less and because of that, your life would be unstable, showing physically in number of ways including, strong headaches, speech difficulty because when you talk, it would not register because your ‘word’ would not go anywhere. The receiver becomes crackled and you cannot receive very well because of no connection of Super Wave around you. It can be compared to trying to operate a radio from a remote area very far away from the Transmission Station. And thus, would only transmit noise because of the distance between the transmission stations and location of the radio. The Wave would be noisy instead of bringing out a good sound voice. It would be crackling up and down and no matter how much you fiddle with the tuning button, the radio would still be crackling because of interference. Equally, if you take you mobile telephone to a place that is far away from the transmission, try as you may, you would not get a reception because you only have a receiver not a Transmission Studio or station. THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY is the TRANSMISSION therefore, if you maintain yourself well and keeps THE HOLY SPIRIT very close to you as the BOOSTER STATION of ENERGY inbuilt in you, then your reception will be clear. That is why I said that, I have given THE HOLY SPIRIT to mankind which means that, I have given power to the human beings. The POWER is to give you the ability to repair your inbuilt TRANSFORMER, inbuilt CONDUCTOR, inbuilt INTERACTION COMPONENT IC, and inbuilt TRANSMITTER to boost the receiver POWER in you and make it clear and without interference. You are a receiver station power and not a Transmitter, unless I make you a Transmitter or Booster. But if you do not receive well, you cannot be a Transmitter Station. It is only if you receive clearly and very well, that someone else can tap from your end and, also receive from there. That is how a receiver station can also become a Sub-Transmitting Station or a POWER BOOSTER Station can also become a Transformer Station. That is how I created the capacity of the human beings according to how you have FAITH in GOD and how you conduct yourself. 



THE SPIRITUAL AND NATURAL WAVE is THE POSITIVE SPIRIT FORCE which is THE FORCE of THE HOLY SPIRIT as the Inspiration or Possession. Any spirit that comes closer to you needs to possess you and it needs a clear movement without barrier. Any barrier to the WAVE obstructs the interaction and the transmission to flow, then the picture and the sound become distorted. The picture and the sound must be in a clear mode as well as the current of power because they all work through the Current of Power and the Wave Transmission. That is why you must think well, speak well and do well.

If you have envy; if you are jealous and have strife and cause division and segregation, then forget about clear transmission because what will materialize in such a place is confusion upon confusion. It is like one hundred stations struggling for the one WAVE, you cannot transmit well and therefore poor reception.  That is the reason that when you do not practice love, all evil come to operate through you. Anytime you are annoyed all evil will come to you. Just be annoyed for one second, and you will begin to think all sorts of evil thoughts and end up making negative utterances. Your situation will change; your body is so worked up and heated up and all sorts of things will change around you and in you because of the severity or state of your annoyance. However, if you are Happy and remain Humble and Think Well and Speak Well and practice Love-One-Another and do not plan any evil for anyone, then you will have an open channel linking to POSITIVE SELF OF GOD. The channel will be wide-open. The WAVE will be clear; POWER will radiate very well, and the Sound and Picture will come out very well. And that is the Memory of GOD.

When I talk about the memory of HRM King Solomon David Jesse ETE as a COMPREHENSIVE AND ABILITY MEMORY, this is what I mean.  THE COMPREHENSIVE AND ABILITY MEMORY that I had given to King David Jesse ETE has a clear SOUND and WAVE. I do not need any ceremony to talk through you when the station is well organized. I do not need feast, ritual, and any conjunction or any ceremony before I can talk. It is face to face talk because as you may have realized, when you have a good reception, you can make calls from anywhere you are whether it is through a wireless or cable receiver phone. Wherever the Transmission Wave is clear, you stay there and tune BBC, CNN or any broadcasting channel in this world and you will receive it well. That is why there is a Satellite Booster in a Transmission. What is the satellite in the sight of GOD? It is THE HOLY SPIRIT. The HOLY SPIRIT is the STAR and it is LIGHT therefore why do you not connect the satellite of GOD into your heart. How do you connect the satellite of GOD? You must confess your sins, have LOVE and forgive one another, then I, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY as THE SATELLITE OF EXCELLENCE will connect you to MYSELF, and when I install that in you, it is finished.

From today, I will connect MYSELF to all those who read this Lecture Revelation and accept and surrender themselves to ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY as THE SATELLITE OF EXCELLENCE and THE CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE in them. I will connect MYSELF to you and become THE EVERLASTING SATELLITE CENTRE which will boost your energy, boost your transmission, your wave and transistor, hydrogen, nitrogen centre. And that is what I call a Spiritual and Natural Wave.

  A Spiritual and Natural Wave is the energy to receive and the Power to receive and maintain THE HOLY SPIRIT in you naturally and spiritually as the link of interaction force that will make THE GOD of HEAVEN AND EARTH to interact with you. With this, you will not think evil about anybody; with this you will not plan to oppress and or suppress anybody; with this, you will not hate anybody and with this, nobody can hate you because if anyone hates you, he or she will die.  With this, you will see a good environment of joy, peace, happiness, zeal and all other good things will come to you, because you will become a Station of GOD, GOD PRESENT. Would you say that this is the Word of Satan or the Word from a secret society or is it your worldly father or mother that speaks this Word or is it you that speak this Word? Or is this WORD from ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY THE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE speaking through MY SUPREME STUDIO via the GREAT WAVE, the great POSSESSION of MY SPIRIT in Senior Christ Servant HRM King Solomon David Jesse ETE, The Spiritual Library of GOD. This is where I kept all information and now I have brought it out for the edification of the entire world. Therefore, whomever that accepts this information, accepts ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY. And Good information brings Good spirit and a Good spirit brings Good environment and a Good environment brings a Good world.




SPIRITUAL SUPREME AND SUPER CONNECTION COMPONENT is Love, Peace, Joy, Harmony, Mercy, Kindness, Oneness and the rest of the Fruits of The Holy Spirit. These are all good characteristics of a good life. When you think about others and you have the principle of live and let live, you become a well-arranged person and inspire others by sharing what you have with others. What is the connection? The SUPREME is the spiritual part of it and the SUPER is the physical part of it, but they are all from THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY. When you think well that is THE FATHER and when you speak well that is the SON then when you are doing well then that is you. When you think well, speak well and do well, you become God Present on earth as the Representative of GOD.

THE PERSONIFIED HOLY SPIRIT OF TRUTH LEADER OLUMBA OLUMBA OBU THE SOLE SPIRITUAL HEAD OF THE UNIVERSE constitutes these three things viz., The GOOD THOUGHT, The GOOD WORD and The GOOD PRACTICE. I AM THE PRACTICAL FATHER because whenever I AM here on earth as a MAN, I show you how to Love, how to interact well with people, how to receive people well, how to admire people and I indeed impact and support all good things. I do support good governments because I have not come to rule only physically, I AM ruling you in the SPIRIT, SOUL and the PHYSICAL TRUTH. GOD rules through man because you are the one to rule for HIM.

GOD is a Spirit therefore, do not expect to physically see a huge imposing figure sitting on a lofty height to rule the world. If you take this advice, then GOD is ruling the world through the human beings. If the whole world changes for good as THE UNIVERSAL SUPREME GREAT CHANGE movement, then GOD is ruling the world in peace, in joy, in harmony and love and that means that everybody is one. Anyone that commits to keeping the family one, and strives to keep the whole world one by treating all races as one then GOD has sent such a person. And do not be distracted by the person’s simplicity demeanor in maybe dressing because only GOD is oneness; only GOD is Love. It is only a good thing that is a good thing. A bad thing cannot be good, evil cannot be positive or can negative be positive. GOD is not just in the word GOD; GOD is in the actions which are Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Events, Good Practices, Good Deeds, Good Teachings and all Good things.

There must not be any oppression or suppression whatsoever. Any country that wages war against other countries because of greed is an evil country. Any person that suppresses and or oppresses another to gain advantage for whatever reason is an evil person. However, any wealthy and strong country that assists other countries to enable a peaceful coexistence is a positive country and GODS own country. If you want to control the world, control with love, with peace and with humility and the power of oneness.

You must not harm anyone. And certainly, do not involve in rituals or any other diabolical means to harm people for whatever reason. I see all the rituals some prominent and influential people engage in to kill people. They cause accidents through evil means thereby shedding blood in different ways and then brag that they are in control. Are you going to rule with blood?

Our Lord Jesus the Christ’s death was the final death and so there is no other blood to be shed again. There is no Satan to demand blood from people. You are the ones that demand the blood and the sacrifices. There is nothing like Satan because Satan is a mistake and as you continue to make mistakes, you are Satan yourself. As you continue to provide food for small, small demons, then you are Satan. You leave the power of electricity for a small generator which demands a lot of attention.

Using physical analogy to demonstrate spiritual situation thus: You are getting ready for an important event and struggling to ignore the background noisy that is the sound of a Generator that supplies electricity to you.

You have now almost ready and admiring yourself in this very outstanding expensive specially designed outfit. Then the generator malfunctions and went caput, plunging the whole house in total darkness. And there is no able-bodied person around to attend to the generator to restore the electric light. You then decided to go plug the generator back on - ‘How hard can it be?’ you thought.

The generator does not respond to simply turning it back on. On further cursory investigation, you discovered that the generator needed fuel, oil and one or two other things to function again. You decided on a quick DIY [Do It Yourself] to fix the seeming minor fault, but soiled and ripped your very expensive apparel in the process. As such, in the process of sorting out the generator, you soil your clothing with grease and badly ripped it as well, completely ruining your expensive clothing! You could have avoided all the palaver with proper electric supply that is available to register with.

Do you not see that the generator has been and is giving you headaches? Throw the generator away and engage with the secure source of electricity power, THE NUCLEAR ELECTRICITY POWER OF GOD that does not make any noise, but operates quietly and silently. That is ME, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY.

From today, any human being on this earth that believes that this Word is from THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY, and broadcasted by THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY, and lectured by THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY and revealed by THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY will connect with ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY because I will give you The Supreme Source of Connection. Then wherever you are, I will cease all negativism around you. You will not die, and no evil can harm you, in fact, nothing can touch you. When you knock your head on the ground, you are holding the feet of THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY, therefore, confess you sin, and talk to ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY then the situation will change! When you raise your hand with the Power of The Living GOD, with the Power of The Word infused in you, with the Transformer and the full energy of Spiritual Oxygen, Spiritual Hydrogen, and Spiritual Nitrogen in you, then when you rest your hand on someone the evil will run away from that person. And you have restored that person back to good. You have become the system restoration. THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelation titled MENTAL STAIN, contains the information on how to become a Stain Remover for people. And that is the work of GOD because when you do this, you are the house of GOD; you are the servant of GOD and the messenger of GOD. Therefore, you are god yourself and that is GOD PRESENT. Have I ever been jealous that you should not be god? You cannot be GOD, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY but you can be god. Since THE WORD lives in you, you are God, but there is only one GOD THE FATHER and that is THE KING OF KINGS AND THE LORD OF LORDS who is the last Adam. In THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelation titled, ALMIGHTY FATHER GOD, GOD AND GOD THE FATHER, you will see that all children of GOD are Gods since you are the house of THE SPOKEN Word. And since you are god, you are King, Queen, Prince and Princess in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Amien. That is The Spiritual Supreme and Super Connection Component I have built in you. It is the component of THE HOLY SPIRIT representing THE TWELVE POWERS OF MAN in you. And that is all things, as the pillar of MY SEVENTY-TWO MILLION POSITIVE SELVES that I have sent to this world to manifest as MY servants and work for ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY in due course.



All the above can be POSITIVE or Negative. When you are listening to all these information, you should understand that it works for you according to how you receive it. If you receive it as positive information, then it works positively for you and equally if you receive it as negative then it works negatively for you. However, whoever receive this information positively, I will change their environment right from the moment that they accept this Word into them because it is The Super Power of THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY that I have infused into this Lecture Revelation. Using physical analogy, it is just like increasing the capacity of electric power by infusing different capacities amps. There are different capacities of amps that can be AC, (thirteen) AC, (fourteen) and ones that are more powerful. This Lecture Revelation works as an amp of fuses between humans and ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY, THE SUPREME ENERGY and THE SUPREME TRANSMISSION STATION.

From today, if you accept this teaching in your heart of hearts and confess your sins which is acknowledging anything in your content, your mind and your conscience you know that is wrong, and then you pray for THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY to forgive you. Then I will give you the opportunity to improve further. The next stage is that, you must vow that from that moment you will not think negatively, which thinking evil or practice negativism, which is practicing evil including being jealous, having strife about any human being on earth. That is the first stage and after that you strive to practice Love-one-another, and continue to progress with leading good and honest living. Then I, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY will come into your life and change your environment.

 When the environment changes, you will not eat fish and meat again but that not is by force. It will all happen gradually. It is like when you purchase a new property to live in and acquire the key, from time to time you purchased the furniture and arrange things according to your taste. This does not depend on whether you are rich. The idea that you should not drink alcoholic drinks, you should not fornicate, you should not do this and that, all come from ME not from you. But what I want from you including freewill, acceptance, faith and to believe in ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY.

If you have faith, and belief in ME THE FATHER then I will take over you and become your abode, because you have become MY Presence as ‘God PRESENT’ with your physical presence wherever you are. And I know how to handle MY PRESENT as any person knows how to handle their house and that is ME. Therefore, what I want from you is freewill acceptance. I will build in you a cut-out-energy-cord that will re-charge the battery that is the Power of God in by itself and will continue to work well. From then all negativism around you will change to become Positive. And all the good things that were slow and sluggish will move well; and all the things that are of a low estate will become high estate in Positivism. Your environment will become new and your presence will become ‘God Present’ on earth.



HUMAN FREEWILL and a PURE HEART is what I need from you and that is the entrance examination. If you read this Lecture Revelation and other information of THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelations and believe that THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY is talking through Senior Christ Servant (SCS) His Royal Majesty (HRM) King Solomon David Jesse ETE as THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) AFTER THOSE DAYS SAYS THE LORD MOST HIGH, then MY dear children, you will see a new life. You will see and experience a change in your life and soul and then you will become the offspring of GOOD things.

That Human Freewill will give ME, THE HOLY SPIRIT the opportunity to send all Positive Selves as Positive Angels, and Holy Ghost to visit you and inspire you to change your environment for a good one. If you are sick, you will become well; if you are poor, you become rich. Being poor does not mean in the physical things alone. If you are poor in spirit, that is the worst thing to happen to you because no matter what you have in this world, Satan will use it to glorify himself.

However, if you are rich in spirit and you are rich here on earth, THE FATHER GOD, your Creator will use your wealth to glorify HIMSELF. Some people are very rich and powerful in the world, but they are the messengers of evil. They go to war because they are rich and powerful and have positions of influence in the world, but they are the messengers of Satan. GOD can never command you to go war.

People used to think that GOD sent people to war, but that is not the case. If it was GOD that told David that he should kill Goliath, the same GOD would not have told David that he should not build a house for HIM because he had soiled his hands with blood. I gave Power to David, but he did not know how to use that Power except to kill Goliath. He would have used the Word and Goliath would have fallen, but he would not have died, but David would have conquered Goliath.

It is not only by killing someone that you conquer the person, you can make someone to concede defeat and that is victory. Do you not see the action I took with Cain? When Cain killed Abel, I did not kill him rather I made him to be mad so that he would go about confessing his deed.

All the evil people that practice witchcraft and many others who are other types of evil, including vampires; all the occultists and many others involved in other negative practices, can go about confessing and disgracing the evil in them. If you disgrace evil openly to the hearing of people, confessing that you hate all evil including the evil you practice and denounce the evil openly, then you can conquer that evil. Without that, you will die with the evil in you because you cannot condone and hide evil. If you are witchcraft, the day that you confess openly to people about it, that is day that evil spirit runs away from you. However, if you continue to be ashamed and allow that spirit to hang around you, it does not bother that spirit because people only see you; they do not see that evil spirit because you have become a package and a house for that evil. And because you like to condone that evil, it would continue using you.

 Any day you disgrace evil by confessing and denouncing it openly to people, it will run away from you. And that is why I want that Freewill and Pure heart from you. Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see good/GOD. Freewill is Peace. That is why one of the beatitudes says, Blessed are the peace makers for they shall be called the children of GOD. Therefore, if you have peace and are pure in heart then I, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY will come to you.



At this stage, you have become God Present because you have a SELF- INBUILT RECHARGING POWER. You do not need anyone to see vision for you or to pray for you. All you need to do is kneel and worship GOD with your family or by yourself and THE FATHER will be Recharge you. If you are sick, fast and pray and confess the sins you have committed to effect some healing. All you need to do is to put on CHRIST.

Putting on CHRIST means that you should kneel and knock your head on the ground worshipping GOD, and call on THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY by invoking HIM through the Holy Ghost. And what is the Holy Ghost? It is by using the Name of OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST and the Blood of OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST to communicate to GOD. That is the Holy Ghost.

All ghosts that are holy are buried under the Name and the Blood of OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST. All the powerful holy spirits and angels are also buried under the name of CHRIST because HE is the ALPHA and OMEGA. If you call the name of OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST by saying:  

‘In the name of OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST, in the blood of OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST, OOO’ …

Then you are connected straight to ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY THE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE. That means in Heaven, on Earth and in the Soul, you have GODS Divine Attention. And because of that, all evil will run away from you immediately. That is the meaning of ‘to put on CHRIST’. When you do that you have recharged yourself. And then sing songs and psalms and talk to THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY by praying, and your environment will change to a good one.

If you have bad dreams, get up and kneel and knock your head on the ground worshipping GOD. Pray over a bowl of clean water and the water becomes sanctified, then sprinkle it around the house. Pray by talking to GOD then you have recharged yourself and you will not have any more bad dreams. Always recharge yourself to ward off evil. If you go anywhere and the evil people there know that you have arrived, you will not sleep very well that night unless you prayed and recharged your spiritual batteries so that I, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY will be activated in you. Prepare your receiver in you to receive the GOOD INSPIRATION by speaking THE WORD OF GOD, reading the Bible, reading THE EVERLASTING GOSPEL and THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) LECTURE REVELATIONS. Read good information that is, positive wordings then you will not have any bad experience. And that is self-inbuilt rechargeable batteries component in you as a TRANSFORMER, TRANSMITTER and WAVE in you, which is THE HOLY SPIRIT manipulated by ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY THE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE through the Name and the Blood of OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST, now and forevermore, Amen

Let MY PEACE and blessing abide with the entire world now and forevermore, Amen.



In the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ, In the blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Now and forever, more, Amien









Date: Adam, Third Simon Canaanite FATHER Two Thousand and Eight OC/OB/OH: (Sunday, The Third Day of The Second Month of The Year Two Thousand and Eight).


In the name of OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST, In the blood of OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST, Now ever and forever more. Amen


You must understand THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTYS word because THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY is THE ONE that hears and reads and understands as well as gives these messages, therefore you do not have any problem. I always advice that first, you should understand what THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK is; where the studio that broadcasts this information is; and who owns THE KING SOLOMON SPIRITUAL LIBRARY; and who King Solomon David Jesse ETE is, that I, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGTHY use his mouth to reveal these things. When you know these things, you will be so glad and happy and overwhelmed with joy to hear any topic from THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTYS (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelations as this one.


The introduction of this Lecture Revelation titled THE SPIRITUAL TRAFFIC is for you to understand that there is traffic in life, and it is the period of such traffic that a human being must be very patient. And if you know and understand this in life then you are free. And I want every soul to know this Wisdom because this is where the problem lies. If you study through the will of THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY and Understand this Lecture Revelation, then your problems are solved today through the potency which I have injected into this Super Wisdom and Super Understanding and Super Knowledge of THE HOLY SPIRIT OF TRUTH.

When you have access to this Lecture Revelation, if it is important to you, then, believe that it can be important to another human being. Find a way to use LOVE to promote the information of THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelations including this Lecture Revelation to hand. And use LOVE to encourage others to also come closer and be privy to the Super Information from GOD. You can even sponsor it.

  If you are a positive human being, you can in any way possible help others to have access to this information to understand that there is a Spiritual Traffic in Life. This problem is not for ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY, it is for you, all human beings.

Today, I have used LOVE to solve one of the greatest problems human beings have on earth as MY donation and appreciation to His Royal Majesty (HRM) King Solomon David Jesse ETE for thanking ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY every year this period, which has become a Seven-Day seasonal celebration as KING DAVID AND SOLOMON THANKSGIVING THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY held at last week of the first month of the year. It pleases ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY to therefore, bring out this information for all human beings who are positive and for all his original offspring to benefit from.



Everybody presumably knows what Traffic Light means, but for those who do not know, it is a stand physically mounted by the roads with interchanging colours of lighting as signals to control the flow of traffic with the different colours of Red, Green, and Amber lights. The Red light stands for ‘Stop’, the Green light says ‘Go’ and the Amber light, signals to get ready to stop or get ready to go. Compare the physical traffic light encountered during a journey by land, by air, or by water in any form to that of THE SPIRITUAL TRAFFIC LIGHT. In every journey via any vessel, there is the certainty to encounter traffic and that is how spiritual traffic is in life.

As pedestrians in urban roads, or driving, or on a journey by driving vehicle, flying, sailing, canoeing or by any other means, you would encounter traffic lights to direct the concentration of movements of people and vehicles coming and going.

Most materially developed countries have Traffic Lights to direct vehicles, trains, human beings and aeroplanes traffic flows, mostly in the urban areas except of course in some rural areas and remotest parts of the country or the world. And some urban areas where there is no electricity or no Traffic Light mount, Traffic Wardens stand in places to direct the vehicles and pedestrians traffic. The traffic light in such situation has been replaced with a human being with a uniform to give the command of go, stop, come, wait and so on and so forth. And it still means that there is traffic control in that area. Therefore, either a human being stands to command the traffic, or an electric traffic light mounted at the centre of the road intersection with the Red, Green and Ambre lights. Therefore, the human being at the intersections controlling the traffic flow and the Traffic Light, do the same work. And the same thing happens in life, in that at every junction there must be a traffic control.

In the cities where a lot of people have come from left and right, west, east, south and north, there is need to control traffics through the traffic lights, so that each side pass in at a suitable time to avoid confusion and subsequent crashes. Because of this, you must observe all these Traffic Lights throughout your journey. As human beings, you must surely observe the Traffic Lights signs or Traffic Wardens that are placed at the junctions of different routes of travel.

Part B of this Lecture Revelation, explains that you must surely observe the traffic light, and you can only do so by being alert to spot the places where the Traffic Lights are.

Whenever you travel, as mentioned previously, you must observe the traffic lights that are in places to avoid colliding into other vehicles and crashing or accidentally hitting a pedestrian. This is a must in all human lives in that anytime it is necessary to stop when you must stop as the sign indicated; and when the sign says, ‘go’, then you must go, because there is Traffic Light in the spirit soul. And what exists in the spirit soul is more than what you see physically on this earth.

  I must reveal one thing today in that every human being has only seven generations in this life. And when that is completed, the person will remain at the stage of his soul forever, especially the original form of that person, because I can duplicate that person and send its copy back on earth then assign the original copy elsewhere. If that person is a human-God, he or she will be coming to this world from time to time forever. If the person is not a human-God, I will decide where to keep that soul forever whilst the copy continues to trade.

The coming and going for Seven Generations are the periods to study and take evolution to the Higher Self so that I, THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY will know what to do with you. It is either you become a condemned soul, or you become a Holy Angel or Ghost to help others or you can become a ghost in the negative way where evil people evoke and use you to help them to do all manners of evil. But at the end of the day, I THE SUPREME FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY have the control in all forms of spiritual selves and souls. That is what happens in this world in all human souls. Therefore, when you come to this world, you must understand how life trades to avoid mistakes and wasting of your time gaining nothing. You must observe the signs of life through the HUMAN SPIRITUAL TRAFFIC.

This world is jam packed with Souls of Nature, because in every situation so many things are going on in spirit-soul than what is going on here on earth. There are so many cities in the world of souls you would never have seen the likes of or imagined in this physical world. In fact, there is more than additional AOO (hundred) per cent (%) of what you see here on earth in all the areas of spirit-soul world. And because of that there is always inter-living together with the spirit souls on earth. Where do you think that all the people that die go to? Where do you think that all the people go to? And where do you think that all the thoughts that you have, especially when you make a statement that form an object soul goes to?

When you have one million thoughts a day, they all form objects and The Nature brings out most of if not all these thoughts and statements. Thus, The Nature is very busy twenty-four hours of the day, just like the movement of Seconds Hand of the clock, to bring out every formula to the physical reality in the manifestation form. You must therefore, understand that every human being’s utterance is creation and every thought also is you creating a soul. That is why there are so many ideas and so many things going on and bouncing about in the soul world that have not yet materialized physically here on earth. Because of that, the Soul World or the Dream World being the dreams you have, are full of commotions. Most of MY energies and angels are working there twenty-four hours nonstop to keep things in order. And that is the reason for all THE SPIRITUAL TRAFFIC and the GO SLOW (HOLDS UPS) everywhere in life.

From now onwards, I want you to keep in mind that there is a SPIRITUAL TRAFFIC LIGHT you need to always observe in your life.


The TRAFFIC LIGHTS signal in life which the physical world mirrors is a necessary adherence. When a traffic light says, “Stop”, you must stop. Where a traffic light ahead of your journey changed to ‘Red Light’ indicating stop, there is an automatic hold-up albeit briefly as other cars on the same route line up behind your vehicle as the first car that stopped at sign stop at the Traffic Light. However, it is a different reaction in the Spirit-Soul because since you do not see the “stop” sign physically, or do not understand a physical situation to mean stop, you force yourself to jump the queue. That is when crashes occur in the spirit-soul world and thus reflecting in many ways in the physical life.

Where the Traffic Light is red indicating, stop, and you do not obey the stop, and kept on jumping the red light repeatedly, one after another, what do you think would happen to your life? Some people do not listen to their inner voice being the spirit in them, on embarking on any activity. And they do not have patience, so they always jump the queue and that is when they have a lot of confusion.

During such a period of jumping the traffic light queue in the spirit-soul, you experience lots of confusion and disturbances ophysically. As you do not know what is going on in life spiritually, so you forced yourself in a situation, blindly, by doing what you should not do. Some people end up having an accident and dying being the reflection of what had happened in the spirit-soul. It may not be Satan or witchcraft that causes these problems. Sometimes it is curiosity and impatience that leads people to face all the problems they have in human life.

This Lecture Revelation is based on patience, because you need patience to conquer The Spiritual Traffic problem. If you do not have patience in life, you will not conquer. Your aim in life is to successfully reach your destination. Everybody, from the child to the adult that conceives a spiritual thought has aim and objective to attain. Even the baby has an aim of wanting the mother to carry him or her or to own something. Every spirit-soul as a human being needs and wants something as the natural aim that tickles and rushes in them as they travel in life.

Travelling in life means so many things and your aim is what you need and what you can accomplish. The journey of life is the AIM