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Date: Noah Ninth Alpheus, Father Two Thousand And Eight (OI.AB.BOOH)

Tuesday Ninth December Year Two Thousand And Eight (09.12.2008)

In the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ, In the Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Now and forever more



As I always say, let every human heart be clean and clear and be with humility and understanding with love to hear from THE FATHER GOD once again. If you have this faith and belief then the communication between you and I will flow very well. But if you withhold your heart from ME THE FATHER GOD and hide yourself by having a double mind and doubting and not believing in ME, then the communication of understanding will be influenced by your thoughts as you do not believe THE FATHER GOD. That is the reason I bring all manners of information and all manners of explanations about THE FATHERS TALK (GOD PRESENT).

I want you to believe that THE FATHERS TALK (GOD PRESENT) information is NOT motivated by cunning or by the human mind. It is NOT the WORD from the studio of carnality. It is NOT broadcasted by evil or by the second thought of the human being. THE FATHERS TALK (GOD PRESENT) information is a direct broadcast, straight from THE FATHER GOD. They are broadcasted directly from the studio of THE FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY THE SUPREME WORD OF THE UNIVERSE.

All THE FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lectures Revelations are direct from THE FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY. That is why I call this one BEYOND THE HUMAN KNOW. They are beyond what the human beings know. I THE FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY created a Bank before the beginning of time and kept all the information of THE FATHERS TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelations that existed from the very beginning of time.

When I exist, I was was, was, this information existed with ME and that means that indirectly, THE FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY THE SUPREME WORD OF THE UNIVERSE is revealing HIMSELF to mankind once again. So that you would not continue to think that THE FATHER GOD does not speak with the human beings directly anymore. And most importantly this FATHERS TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelations are NOT given via any angel. They are not inspirational outcome from one possessed by an angel or a ghost. They are directly from THE FATHER GODS possessing heart. I TAKE OVER THE BODY, THE SOUL AND SPIRIT OF THE PERSON THAT I AM TALKING FROM, soul, body and the being completely to deliver THE FATHERS TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lectures Revelations.

This particular Lecture Revelation that points out that this is Beyond What Humans Know serves as a preface to all THE FATHERS TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelations. This should function as a preface. This information should come before the main Lecture Revelation. You know that you are not reading the words of the chairman of your local council or the words of the leader of your church or the words of a president or Prime Minister or the words of any human being. This information is called THE FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT).

THE FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY is the SPIRIT that motivated THE WORD that created THE WORD that made THE WORD come to be in existence and that is the SPIRIT that is talking now as THE FATHERS TALK (GOD PRESENT).

And the reason why I AM bringing this particular FATHERS TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelation is so that when you read THE FATHERS TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelations or when you are listening to any of them or accessing them in any manner, you should not view any of them as preaching. Do not attribute any of the Lecture Revelations to be ordinary vision or prophesy. This Lecture Revelation information is from the Archive Records, THE KING SOLOMON SPIRITUAL LIBRARY, The Boom Heart of THE FATHER GOD where all information is kept. It is only when and how I want the information to come that the information will come.

Now, this particular FATHERS TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelation I AM giving now came immediately after one second before one minute from King Solomon Spiritual Library to the physical manifest. After one second before one minute was when this information came physically and I decided immediately to bring it.  And I decided then and there to add it as a preface to THE FATHERS TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelations. That is to show that there is no pre-plan for any of THE FATHERS TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelations. It is not a case of starting to think what to say and what to write. Therefore, when you read or listen to any of THE FATHERS TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelations and you do not believe then at the end of the day, you will have yourself to blame. This ends the introduction.


When I searched in the Spiritual Supreme Memory of MYSELF, which is where all hearts of human beings came from by creation, the percentage capacity of seventy-five percent ask this question in spirit: What Is This Again? In other words they are asking where the information came from. Who brings them out? That is why I AM bringing out this particular information to answer the question. It means that most hearts (seventy-five percent of all human hearts) are asking THE FATHER GOD, What Is This Again.

This FATHERS TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelation title is AFTER THOSE DAYS SAYS THE LORD MOST HIGH, prophesied by Isaiah.

AFTER THOSE DAYS SAYS THE LORD MOST HIGH is THE TESTIMONY OF EVERLASTING WORD, EVERLASTING SUPREME WORD OF THE FATHER GOD, THE TESTIMONY OF THE HOLY SPIRIT OF TRUTH PERSONIFIED ON EARTH and when I attended to this job physically and finished it, I had to keep the record of MY WORK. And the record could not come direct from MY human person personified. It has to come from The Servant and Witness. And that Servant and Witness must be motivated and interact together with ME so that whatsoever He would say will not come from the human mind but will come from the heart of THE FATHER GOD. That Servant and Witness is His Royal Majesty (HRM) King Solomon David Jesse ETE. He is MY Servant and Witness whom I AM involved with directly from the time of The Beginning that I live BEYOND THE HUMAN KNOW.

BEYOND THE HUMAN KNOW is before the creations.

BEYOND THE HUMAN KNOW is before even the SOUND that manifested THE SPOKEN WORD, a formulation by ME THE FATHER GOD in the hidinan – the centre where the Gen sound formed in the middle of the water where GOD akwavor.

 Akwavor is where I generate the water. You will see most of this information in other FATHERS TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelation.

When I generated MYSELF and I formed the steam, of MY energy on top of the water, is called akwavor. That energy brought out the sound. The water rushed back to the deep called odu idem Abasi. When it was rushing back to odu idem Abasi the rushing sound generated the rushing force which generated the sound is called akwavor and that is the Gen of The WORD. That is the place where the rushing force of energy of creation comes from and goes back before the sun breaks out the following day. That is why I AM telling you that this information titled BEYOND THE HUMAN KNOW is that THE FATHERS TALK (GOD PRESENT) information and it is beyond the sphere of human beings. That means that the information existed before the existence of human beings.

There was nothing like human beings and there was nothing like souls. But there was something as something called SOMETHING, THE SUPREME THOUGHT that eventually came to be born as Our Lord Jesus Christ. That is the potency I used to create Adam and live in Adam as I THE FATHERS TALK (GOD PRESENT). When I say THE FATHERS TALK (GOD PRESENT) I mean I, THIS SUPREME WORD. So, that is the answer to the question that seventy-five percent of the human souls asked that ‘What Is This Again.’

This is EVERLASTING TESTIMONY ABOUT THE SUPREME WORD OF THE UNIVERSE, THE PERSONIFIED HOLY SPIRIT. This is the last information that humankind will live with called BY THE FATHER GOD,  LIVE BY THE FATHER GOD. From THE FATHER GOD live by THE FATHER GOD and with THE FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY. Then everything will be THE FATHER GOD! THE FATHER GOD! THE FATHER GOD! FATHER! FATHER! FATHER! Call no one FATHER except THE SUPREME FATHER. Of all the human beings on earth it is one person that is THE FATHER. Also of the humans on earth it is only one person that is the Servant. These are the THOUGHT and the WORD. The body where those two things live called Adam is THE KING OF KINGS AND THE LORD OF LORDS. So, you have one FATHER and one LORD. KING OF KINGS and LORD.  Every other person is a servant of THE FATHER GOD as sons and daughters of THE FATHER GOD. Therefore, with this Lecture Revelation you don’t need to ask, ‘What Is This Again’.

You know yesterday, today and tomorrow I AM the same and because of that you will NEVER know the way of THE FATHER GOD. And that is why it is the more you look the less you see.


This is not information of your father, your brother, your sister, your mother, your husband, your wife, your president, your King, your Queen and yourself. It is not! THIS IS INFORMATION FROM THE FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY. It is NOT from an angel, so, when you are reading or listening to the information, clarify your heart.

In fact I have said this time without number that the number of people, as human beings that will show respect whenever they come across THE FATHERS TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelations will be so many. The GOD PRESENT I put there is to show you that I MYSELF THE SUPREME WORD OF THE UNIVERSE, AM THE FATHERS TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelations. If you believe the contents of any piece of publications that carry THE FATHERS TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelations that testifies about THE EVERLASTING GOSPEL, THE EVERLASTING WORDS OF GOD, THE SUPREME WORD OF THE FATHER GOD that has come to reconstruct the world then you are blessed. By believing this testimony you are okay and I mean, totally okay! Even, if you die I can return you to earth immediately to witness this WORD. I can do anything at all.

When you talk about miracles  happening again, this is the only miracle that can happen. There is no miracle again to occur. The TOTAL POTENCY of THE FATHER GOD is behind THE FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lectures Revelations

THE FATHERS TALK (GOD PRESENT) information is to replace all negative information and energy on earth. THE FATHERS TALK (GOD PRESENT) information has come to stay in three capacities, the spirit, the soul and the physical. THIS IS THE SUPREME WORD OF THE UNIVERSE.


I know ‘you’ if you don’t believe and I know ‘you’ if you believe this information. It is not every human soul that will believe, because it is in the record that one quarter of the human race are the positive ones and are the ones that will believe.

That is, if you divide the entire humanity into four parts, it is only one part out of the whole four parts that are positive human beings and these are the ones that will believe THE FATHERS TALK (GOD PRESENT) information. The remaining three quarters of human beings will start misbehaving. That is why the real humans, the Human-Gods, the positive human beings from Adam and Eve, the stock of Abel, are the Servants of Christ as the Servants of THE KING OF KINGS. They are all Kings and 

Queens, Princes and Princesses. They are the houses of THE SUPREME WORD.

The doubting human beings prove themselves to be negative. They are not supposed to doubt if they are all Human-Gods. Animals, birds and fish that took evolution and become sub-human beings are the doubters because they are struggling to pas exams. But for the Human-Gods, I THE FATHER GOD in them passed the exams for them. That is, if you believe THE FATHER GOD, you practice LOVE ONE ANOTHER then, you are with THE FATHER GOD. That is why it is said that not all children of Abraham are real children of Abraham. Some are not real children of Abraham. The evolutional human beings as those from animals, birds and fish are not the real children of Abraham. But the real human beings as the house of everything, the Centre of Development represent THE FATHER GOD and that is why any human beings can be doubtful of this.

When you see somebody that has no love that practices evil, that has hatred for one another, that gossips, and practices negativism of any form, and is not peaceful and does not treat people well, that is the sorts of persons that can doubt. Maybe the creation of that person is more animal than human-God due to transfusion of blood through fornication and adultery.

Other than that the real Human-God that is born and activated by ME THE FATHER GOD cannot be hardhearted. Even if the person is annoyed, very annoyed, after a while the annoyance will evaporate.

Even if you are annoyed as a positive child of THE FATHER GOD your annoyance should not exceed twelve hours.

You cannot harbour evil.

You cannot kill.

You cannot do anything evil.

The positive children of THE FATHER GOD can however be annoyed by instinct if somebody offends them, but immediately they will correct themselves. These are the telltale signs of the different characteristics that the positive and negative people portray. So, if you come across yourself to be negative in any form, pray very hard. If your conscience is blaming you, pray very hard and take evolution away from that negativism. If not one day, one hour, one minute, one second and in one week, one month, one year and with time, all evil on earth shall confess and they shall cease to function as I switch off the light in MY back. That will be the melting point and end of all negativism. If that great day meets you, if the Total Great Change meets you and you have not changed for good then THE GREAT UNIVERSAL CHANGE will overtake you and you are finished! It is not going to be one day as people think. It can happen to individuals at different times that is, within the periods of time I have mentioned. It can happen to you in a second, in a minute or in an hour. The great change can come to you any day. And if that faithful day of reckoning arrives you will be at your wits end. So, you have to change now when THE GREAT CHANGE has not reached you. Change voluntarily to the positive side of THE FATHER GOD. If you believe this, it will be the beginning of your change to positivism.

Naturally it is not all the people on earth that will believe this information. However, if anybody attempts to make any comment in this regard, tell the person to read at least seven FATHERS TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelations before making any comments about the information of THE FATHERS TALK (GOD PRESENT). If the person does not listen to you and still makes a bad comment, leave the person for THE FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY. Don’t do anything harmful or unpleasant to the person. Just leave the person with his or her ways. It just shows that such a person is a human-animal, human-bird or human-fish.


I AM THE ONE that is giving this Lecture Revelation to go before every of THE FATHERS TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelations. This is so that when you go in to read the main Lecture Revelation or listen to it, you would have prepared your mind and come to the decision that you are not dealing with human words, but words from THE FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY. The Lecture Revelations are Spiritual history of events.

You sometimes read books for academic purposes. Some of the books you buy and read are written by professors, PhD holders, Master degree holders and also people with no such qualifications, the ordinary people, including a dreamer and also a prophet. Just about anybody can write a book. However, the information of THE FATHERS TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelations, come direct from THE FATHER GODS Library, THE COMPREHENSIVE AND ABILITY MEMORY OF GOD, thus, the information there is different and they are LECTURE REVELATIONS where I speak in a plain language.

If you are positive and while going through any of the Lecture Revelations of THE FATHERS TALK (GOD PRESENT) and you get confused about something, you can write, but with a good spirit, to HRM King Solomon David Jesse ETE or email Him to get a response. There is no problem about that.

Everyone should nevertheless be aware that asking questions for clarification is open only to those who want to develop as Higherself students to know THE FATHER GOD more. That is why I ask HRM King Solomon David ETE to establish a school called The School of The Higherself Brotherhood Mastership so that if you want to know more or you have questions you can direct your questions there. Do not ask ME THE FATHER GOD that is, in a carnal way. Don’t ask ME any question you know to be negative. But if you ask ME a question in which you want to know more, then I, THE FATHER GOD will even answer you before your question reaches HRM King Solomon ETE because I live in every heart. If anyone activates ME in their heart and humble himself or herself then I THE FATHER GOD will reveal MYSELF to you.


I speak as I know and you think, as you know. What you don’t know is what you don’t know. What I know is what I know. So, this information is beyond what you know. What is it that humanity knows? Is it the History of the world? What do you know about the history of the world? It is only I, THE FATHER GOD that can give the history of the world.

People have done all sorts of things and formulated all sorts of stories about the world. Because they thought, where is THE FATHER GOD to speak for HIMSELF? Human beings compare the information contained in THE FATHERS TALK (GOD PRESENT) with their research. Where did you research and get your information from? Where did you get the records of these periods for your research five hundred years and one thousand years ago?

Some people say THE FATHER GOD wrote in Arabic. Some claim THE FATHER GOD spoke in Hebrew, Aramaic, French or English or this language or that language. None of that is the language of THE FATHER GOD.

MY language is the SPIRIT and MY language is THE SPOKEN WORD. And MY School Centre is the THOUGHT and MY Workshop, the Word and MY Supreme Premises is this world. So, you cannot give account of ME THE FATHER GOD but I can give account of everything.

I can enter you to bring out information that was before creation and that nobody knew about. Therefore, since THE SPIRIT lives, lives, lives and lives right from the beginning of time without beginning and without ending, conclusively it is THE SPIRIT alone has all the RECORDS and can bring them out any time.

That is why you have prophecies.

That is why you have inspirations.

That is why you have visions and dreams.

That is also why you have this one called possessing spirit that takes over the person completely and use for its own purpose. Those who practice some kind of invocations and some kind of manipulations in a negative way know what I AM talking about.

If a witch can enter into somebody to act, if mammy water that is, spirit-souls in the water can come out physically and take an assumed body of people and inspire them to talk; if your papa and mama that died as ghost can enter into somebody and talk, how else do you expect I THE FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY, THE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE, THE SUPREME SPIRIT OF ALL THINGS to communicate. You think I cannot talk, is it not so?

Human beings really think I cannot talk. Where do you get all the manipulations you do? Everything that you indulge in called spiritual work, invocation, magic, juju and this and that are all second hand spirit-souls that you are using.

When I use something for positive purposes and pass them out as waste, they become second hand spirits souls. Since these spirit-souls have nothing to eat they try what is known as imitation. They use imitation actions to attend to your invocations. All that negative things they do for you are so that they can eat. So don’t think you possess any truthful information apart from that of ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD.

All the information that I THE FATHER GOD inspired people in a positive way to provide is called FATHERS TALK.  But they were not revealed in this manner. They called them the Word of God. And you know that every good spirit-soul means God and even every human being is a God. Spirit means SPIRIT GOD. But the name God came out from good that is, THE GOOD SELF OF THE FATHER GOD.

All the negative things called evil, Satan, demon, devil is all the same, and something you cannot see with your naked eyes. All the good things you cannot see with your naked eyes are GODS from THE FATHER GOD. And all the things you cannot see which are negative are Satan, evil, demon, and devil. They are elementary self, from Second Hand Spirits souls. So those negative spirits souls are second hand thoughts. It is like when you finish speaking and somebody copies your speech and goes and speaks them wrongly, gossiping and imitating in such instances.

Therefore, all positive ideas, positive words, positive arrangements, positive preaching or sermons and all the positive words of God are from THE FATHER GOD and they are also THE FATHERS TALK, but not GOD PRESENT. They are FATHERS TALK because I inspired them.

If you talk with love it is THE FATHER’S TALK.

If you talk with peace it is THE FATHERS TALK.

If you give good advice it is THE FATHERS TALK.

If you say good morning with a clean heart, it is THE FATHERS TALK. If you say peace to someone it is THE FATHERS TALK. Any positive pronouncement is THE FATHERS TALK because THE FATHER GOD is the Spirit that motivates you to be alive. So, you are not even the one that is talking.

Suppose all Presidents of all the countries of the world, All Prime Ministers, Senators, all ministers, all State Governors, all chairmen of local authorities, all church leaders, all human beings including the small men, big men, small women, big women speak positively from THE FATHER GOD, then everything will be well on this earth. But since you speak negative and think negative that is why you give room to Satan to talk through you. That is why you give room to all the things that do not bring glory to THE FATHER GOD. Nonetheless, now is the end of all those negativisms, since THE FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) has arrived.

It would not matter the number of people that will be annoyed for THIS FATHERS TALK (GOD PRESENT) INFORMATION. It does not matter how many people that will not be happy about THE FATHERS TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelations. What really matters is that I AM TALKING and I WILL BE TALKING FOR ETERNITY. For ME to release SEVENTY-TWO MILLION titles of LECTURES REVELATIONS for KING SOLOMON SPIRITUAL LIBRARY, should alert you to the fact that this is not a joke. I mean Seventy-two million titles of THE FATHERS TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelations and that represents Seventy-two Million Positive Selves of THE SUPREME FATHER GOD, in diverse forms. So, I cover seventy-two hours that is, three days and three nights energy of creation. That also covers Seven Spirits of Creations of THE FATHER GOD of which the Head of them is called THE KING OF KINGS AND THE LORD OF LORDS who is The Father Of All Human-Gods. Therefore, if you like you believe, if you like don’t believe. But you cannot do anything about it because the WORD that created you and lives in you will control your mind and HE IS THE FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY THE SUPREME WORD OF THE UNIVERSE.


As I said earlier THE FATHERS TALK (GOD PRESENT) INFORMATION is not the history from your historian. It is not the work of archaeology where you dig and dig the ground for the corpse of the dead.  A corpse that cannot stay up to one hundred years when put in the ground is what you are digging? Anything that is dead that you decide to pick physically in this world to gather information from could not have stayed up to one thousand years from the day of burial. But now that I have the digital world in physical existence you will see many things because information can now stay more than one million years and forever, because we are now in the digital world. Previously, things that were preserved eventually faded away, because even if you carve the thing in stone the information eventually erodes when it is rubbed by air.

So many things go into extinction. So many things as even iron and stone can cease to be, but the Spirit can never go into extinction. That is why digital products have come to make photographs stay for long and information can stay for long because you would not see it, but it exist. That is what I, THE FATHER GOD ALMIGHTY have done.

I have come in several different ways to put many things in place.  However, some of these human beings I use for all the inventions and innovations think they are the ones that did them. But it does not matter because the fact remains that I AM the ACTIVATOR in every heart and everything.

I AM the ONE that does everything, but the negative mind turned those things to be negative. If you do anything negative, you will pay for being negative. But if you do anything positive, you will be blessed for being positive. Therefore, the meaning of THE FATHER GOD is THE ACTIVATOR OF LIFE. HE is the life in every soul. That is the reason that the CAPITAL ADVICE of THE FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) is Love One Another and

Thou shalt not hate anybody.

Thou shalt not kill or plan to kill anybody not even yourself. And

Thou Shalt Not Hurt Anybody.

Those are the CAPITAL ADVICE. Leave everybody alone! What you should do is to help one another to live, to be alive and to be happy. That is the duty I give to all human beings.

Therefore, the information of THE FATHERS TALK (GOD PRESENT) is not your world history, so, do not go and compare this with your history. THIS IS BEYOND THE HISTORY OF THE PHYSICAL UNIVERSE. These are digital information’s that I have brought back on earth. At the same time when you come across information of THE FATHERS TALK (GOD PRESENT) that is controversial to your history, take whichever one you like to take.

If you want to believe the information from THE FATHER GOD you can. If it is the information provided by the historians of the world you choose to believe over MINE, you can do so, but remember that the information they gave is based on research from another human source. And sometimes when they are hungry they tell fibs of reaching where they never actually went.

For instance, somebody says that they went to 

Israel and toured the whole land of Israel . Maybe the person only went to Jerusalem, Capernaum and few other places and came back. Whom did this person ask questions about Israel ?  You do not know there for all the things that they present only about thirty-five percent will be correct. The rest are false because they reckon that they must keep something for stories that they have all the records. Nonetheless, the actual inspiration for the Holy Bible is true. The words of Bible are inspirations of THE FATHER GOD and not all are eyewitness account per se. Therefore, what you should believe is THE WORD, which THE FATHER GOD can inspire and enter into someone and force the person to speak and give the record and information of something nobody knew and even the person giving that record at the time never knew. That is what I want you to know. I want you to know the difference between THE FATHERS TALK (GOD PRESENT) information and other talks. Some of the information I will bring out will marvel you and you will think twice about what is going on. THIS IS BEYOND THE KNOWN, BEYOND YOUR IMAGINATION, BEYOND and WHAT HUMAN KNOWS.


This is the information of before anything existed physically. This is the film of nature. What I have in THOUGHT are what I AM bringing out now.

I AM bringing out this information now because the final, final verdict of all things will come.


That is why I will really, really bless any soul, any human being that helps in whatsoever way to put this information of THE FATHERS TALK (GOD PRESENT) across to as many people as you can, even to the entire humanity. You are blessed from the very time you accept to do that! And also, I THE SUPREME WORD and, THE SUPREME INFORMATION will register MYSELF in a positive way in you.

You will see that your environment will change for good when you are happy about this WORD and you decide to promote, help to circulate and to work in any manner to spread the INFORMATION OF THE FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT), THE EVERLASTING TESTIMONY OF THE FATHER GOD to enlighten the whole world. MY OWN time to act is according to how many people hear this information. I cannot take action when people have not yet heard much of the information about what is going to happen. Before I take any drastic action I always give enough information.

People are agitating, saying ‘oh why has THE SUPREME FATHER GOD not taken action. Oh why has THE SUPREME FATHER GOD not judged the whole world yet? Oh why this and that about judgment of GOD? Why is the world not finished?’ How can the world finish just like that? Do you think I AM utoto? (four-one-nine- the code of 

Nigeria law against fraudulent activities). I AM NOT any of that! I AM THE GENUINE SPIRIT OF LOVE. I AM therefore, giving you enough information so that if you refuse to change for good then I will hand over your verdict to you. Your verdict is exactly what you sow is what you reap.

I have already given lot of supreme bonus and passes and life engineering, life improvement, good health in spirit soul to all the people that promote THE FATHERS TALK (GOD PRESENT) information. Even for you to read THE FATHERS TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelations you are blessed.

THE FATHERS TALK (GOD PRESENT) information has not come to condemn other FATHERS TALK that is, any Word of GOD provided by all the preachers, all the writers, all the broadcasters and all the various broadcasting stations, all Presidents of the world, Prime Ministers, Kings Queens, Preacher… and so on if they are positive words. Whatever type of human being that you are does not matter provided your words are positive and for elevation and how you present them are good, then this is FATHERS TALK (GOD PRESENT) is promoting them. You are called the supporters of this SUPREME WORD. But if your words are negative and evil then THE FATHERS TALK (GOD PRESENT) has swallowed them completely. The negative words are dead! They have all died a natural death forever!

I THE FATHER GOD THE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE is releasing some of MY RECORDS that were before anything existed in the physical reality.



If it happens that you do not understand any part of THE FATHERS TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelations then, you should pray and I, THE FATHER GOD will reveal it for you to understand.

I give this Lecture Revelation as a preface for the simple reason that you should understand all the contents or any portion of the information of THE FATHERS TALK (GOD PRESENT), but if you are not, then I, THE FATHER GOD will attend to you, if you communicate with ME by prayer.

Something else to consider in case you do not understand some of THE FATHERS TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelation is humbleness. Use humility to access the information. Most of THE FATHERS TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelations are not to the awareness of HRM King Solomon ETE. Like this one you are reading or listening to now, I did not tell HRM King Solomon David ETE that there was going to be a Lecture Revelation. As I mentioned earlier, it just came right away. HRM King Solomon Himself was not even aware of it until the Lecture Revelation was transcribed. The same thing could happen to you in the sense that you may not be aware or understand what you are reading or listening to. If that occurs in any particular Lecture Revelation of THE FATHERS TALK (GOD PRESENT) that you are reading the Lecture Revelation will decode ITSELF to you because it is a Spirit of THE FATHER GOD. The Spirit will interact and communicate internally within you with understanding.

Read the Lecture Revelation titled MY OFFICE IS THE SPOKEN WORD.



There are so many FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelations. That is why I instructed that every FATHERS TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelations publication should carry THE FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) title of that present time so that when I mention it you can order it easily.

Order as many books as you possibly can, and open THE FATHERS TALK (GOD PRESENT) library called KING SOLOMON SPIRITUAL LIBRARY in your homes and offices for yourself, your children and your family. Any home that has KING SOLOMON SPIRITUAL LIBRARY is a BLESSED HOME. Any country that has KING SOLOMON SPIRITUAL LIBRARY is blessed. If you have it in your house you are blessed. It is not to have as a shrine. It is to have it with the aim of understanding what is within, because the SUPREME WORD is ME THE SUPREME FATHER GOD.


ARK OF COVENANT CENTRE. That is in the physical reality. I in HRM KING SOLOMON DAVID JESSE ETE will build a house, as Sanctuary for that.


What Is Come And Go in the spiritual understanding? ‘Come And Go’ can be interpreted in your own language but what is the meaning of that?

Come And Go is the soul. When I generate the WORD and formed the Soul of Creation I called Seven Spirits of THE FATHER GOD. And these Seven Spirit-Souls activated out from MYSELF I call COME AND GO. They are SUPER SPIRIT Souls and not Spirits. I AM THE SPIRIT, but I projected them out from MYSELF to be Object Souls called COME AND GO. These SOULS are representing THE SEVEN SUPER NATURAL FATHERS. However, one of these FATHERS is a Natural and Spiritual.

One of these FATHERS is Natural and that is Adam, the First Adam. The Second Adam is Spiritual and that is OUR LORD JESUS “THE CHRIST” the Second Adam. The Third Adam comprises the natural, Soul and the spiritual. Those are the three major physical PERSONIFIED WORD. The remaining four are also NATURAL FATHERS. That is why you hear The Seven Spirits Souls of God.

They are the SUPER SEVEN SPIRITS SOULS OF THE FATHER GOD that motivates the whole world. Those are the powers that control the existence on earth in the Spiritual and physical reality. So, all the souls that are positive and all the formation of all positive words and everything that is positive must lead to those Seven Spirits souls, which is from the first day to the seventh day of the week and each spirit soul is working for each day as the Star of Destiny of that day. There are also representatives of the twelve months. That is how I work with these Spirits- Souls. And that is why everything is well organized.

I finished the spiritual renovation, which I started in Nineteen Eighteen (1918) the year Two Thousand (2000). And I started the Revelation of THE FATHERS TALK (GOD PRESENT) in Two Thousand and One, which is Authentication of The Testimony that I came to the world to renovate in the period of time that I recreated the world, THE SPOKEN WORD. Therefore, now I have kept the record of that.

So those who look for ME in the physical way will miss ME but those who look for ME in the spiritual way will never miss ME because spirit means love. Spirit means peace.

Spirit means understanding.

Spirit means wisdom.

Spirit means patience and good treatment.

If you looking for ME physically you will make mistakes and even if you see ME you will not know ME because I will hide. But if you look for ME spiritually I will always be with you for eternity, in the Name and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ, now and forever more. Amen!

That is the meaning of COME AND GO. Every human being MUST COME AND GO. Physically you must come and go through the soul. But I the spirit lives forever. I don’t know what you mean by death. The WORD never dies. I live forever. But COME AND GO will come and go. The soul, will always Come And Go and that is how it refreshes. That action is called Spiritual Refreshment. It is Refreshment of the entity so as to make it positive; therefore, there is no death. From two thousand and one until eternity there is no death for the children of THE FATHER GOD. But all the evil souls shall die. Therefore, you should bear in mind that if you spoil your soul in this period that is, starting in Two thousand and one upwards, if you die in sin you will never be born into this world again after your seven generations and incarnations. You will go to Hell fire! And I will make you to know that you are in Hell fire so that you know what you have done to yourself.

Some people parade this impression and also voice thus: ‘when I die I go.’ You don’t go anywhere! Do you not dream? Don’t you see what happens in your dreams? It is only THE FATHER GOD that can make you to be comfortable.

If you love one another, treat people nice from today that you hear THE FATHERS TALK (GOD PRESENT), THE FATHER GODS WORD, if you change then I change your bad situation for you. If you owe a debt and you repay your debt then you became a free person. So, pay all your debts by loving one another, by forgiving one another, by doing good things.

If you are a President of a country, a State Governor, or the head at anywhere, makes sure that you treat everybody equally. Think about the welfare of others. Make life good for others. Respect life. From your life to other lives respect all of them. Thou shalt not kill any life for any reason and if you kill you are in trouble. The capital trouble you will have with ME THE FATHER GOD is when you joke with life. You are insulting THE SUPREME WORD OF THE UNIVERSE when you offend life.

I have said this so many times and you probably think it is a lie. It is not a lie!  I put many people that tampered with life through difficulties. I can allow you to be alive to torture you so that you clean up your nonsense by drinking your cup of the same torture. So, do not say that because you have entered juju or any secret society that is why you are not dead. I AM keeping you alive to give you the opportunity to change. And if you don’t change, I will give you your cup of poison to drink. That is, all bad things that you have done to others, will visit you. So that is the soul of COME AND GO, but the spirit lives forever.

When people are going through this Lecture Revelation on coming to conclusion B – come and go, some people would think that if a person of God dies then such a person is dead. For your information that person never dies! I have said this thing time without number. That is why I advised HRM King Solomon that He should not be afraid of anything.

What obtains is that so many pastors, so many reverends, and so many people that call themselves people of God, preachers of the Word of God, servants of God are afraid! They fear too much! And the fearful cannot serve THE FATHER GOD.

If you think you come from THE FATHER GOD, if you think you are of THE FATHER GOD, what is the power of THE FATHER GOD in you? Some people think that HRM King Solomon ETE has joined a secret society. The people that say that are the infidels as the stupid people! The reason they are stupid is because they do not have the spirit of understanding to know those who love THE FATHER GOD. They call The Spirit of THE FATHER GOD ibok or juju, or the power of secret society. So, do you mean that THE FATHER GOD does not have power? Who made those things to exist?

So, if somebody exists in this world and has wisdom and is a natural mystic person, you call such a person a juju person. Do you know THE FATHER GOD? Don’t you know that THE FATHER GOD is the more you look the less you see? The Wisdom of THE FATHER GOD is the wide angle of the whole universe, so, how are you going to explain that?

I said to HRM King Solomon D. J. ETE, “Do not care about death or life. Do THE FATHER GODS work because there is no death for THE HOLY SPIRIT and THE SUPREME WORD never dies.” The only ODUWEM UKPONG! Odun, Odu, Ndu UWEM NSINSI (Life soul as the root life forever) is the SUPREME WORD. Since you are serving the SUPREME WORD, ODUWEM (LIFE) is the WORD and the WORD duwem (living LIFE) with you. That is it!


I AM WHERE; HERE AND THERE is the three phenomenal places that I exist. So, if you are with ME as a positive child, you also live with ME Where, Here and There. That was why Our Lord Jesus Christ who knew HIMSELF as HE did not exist, but THE FATHER GOD exists in HIM said, “I and MY Father are One.” And that is the meaning of Amfar-One. When I revealed to HRM King Solomon ETE that He is Amfar-OneI and My Father Are One, people thought it is the name of a secret society. Amfar-One! It is an engineered word. HRM King Solomon ETE is the first person after His Father Adam, Our Lord Jesus Christ that engineers words. I gave Him the title of Engineering Of Words.

Let ME reveal one thing to you, every human being on this earth. If you approach HRM King Solomon David Jesse ETE just treat Him nice. Recognize Him and believe Him. I have instructed Him from today that He can decode any human being. If you would like to know who you are, He can decode you. He will decode you from King Solomon Spiritual Memory where all the names are. Other information like, what is your original formation, the number of your soul to this world. What kind of copy of your original soul you are. Also the number of the copy of your original soul, because one person can be twenty million copies or even one hundred million copies by now.

The whole human beings on earth are made up of only seven entities. And those seven entities are the only original human beings.

The Seven Souls called COME AND GO are the seven projected Selves of ME MYSELF, and they live in Adam. So, Adam is one human being, but with Seven Spirit Souls in Him. Oh, it is the same thing when it is said that God person is powerful! How can someone not be powerful when there are Seven Souls inside that person? Do you think it is a joke? So, HRM King Solomon David Jesse ETE has The Records. It is not physical and so you cannot see it. But if you go to Him with humility and I permit Him, He can give you your original name. If you believe, you believe; if you doubt you doubt. It does not matter.

He can tell you anyway and you cannot pay for such information. Nonetheless, I have instructed Him that anybody that He has to decode their names and give the person their original name, the code number, the name and other records of that person, such a person should sponsor the publication of THE FATHERS TALK (GOD PRESENT) information. Seventy-two million titles of THE FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT) are quite a lot of information to be produced.  However, before that person sponsors THE FATHERS TALK (GOD PRESENT) the person should first of all go through seven FATHERS TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lectures Revelations before approaching Him to decode him or her.

HRM King Solomon David Jesse ETE can decode anyone. I gave Him freedom to do that. When He has done that for anyone, the only contribution the person is to make is to sponsor the publication of THE FATHERS TALK (GOD PRESENT) information. If a family sponsors the publication of THE FATHERS TALK (GOD PRESENT) information and they want decoding, the head of the family can be decoded that is, the father or the mother of the family, which means that the children would then know the stock that they came from. That is what I have permitted HRM King Solomon David Jesse ETE to do.

I did not bring this up all this while. I did this now because I AM bringing THE FATHERS TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelations to the 

Center Square to expose to the whole world.

 I, THE FATHER GOD also permitted HRM king Solomon David Jesse ETE to cure the problem of abortion but only abortion. However he has no hand on other killing and spilling of blood but His Father, Adam who was killed on the cross has. But HRM King Solomon David Jesse ETE being the first ghost, I gave him the permission to restore peoples star as compensation for being murdered in cold blood. Star means the duty and the destiny of that person. If a woman commits abortion or a man for that matter commits abortion and sees HRM King Solomon David Jesse ETE then I can restore your star through him because from the day you commit abortion, your star is spoilt. So many women who cannot marry and cannot have peace in their lives is due to the sin of abortion. Some of them are cased by the evil ones, the vampires and witchcraft's spirit-souls. If witchcraft soul or any evil wants to spoil things for you then the first thing they do is to change your light to darkness because evil works in the dark. So when the light in your forehead that is supposed to send away evil is dimmed or is no longer there then evil can come closer to you. When you do something for the light on your forehead to be off or dim then that evil can come closer to you and because of that things can be tampered with change in your life.

Before anything turns to anything and something becomes something else, there must be a reason for that thing to happen. So, if you see evil come closer to you even though you are not evil, there must be a way that the evil got close to you. In some cases you are the architect for that to happen.

I repeat! It is only HRM King Solomon David Jesse ETE that I, THE FATHER GOD have given permission to restore people’s star. He is not forgiving you your sins but He is only taking permission to decode your star for you, and anyone with MY Holy Spirit can forgive someone’s sin. I do not mean luck, but your star can bring you good luck, because it is only THE FATHER GOD that can forgive you your sins. Nevertheless, since HRM King Solomon ETE in taking that action has forgiven you your sins, then I, THE FATHER GOD have also forgiven you your sins. If somebody offends you and you forgive that person then THE FATHER GOD has forgiven you your own sins. That is the order.

What I AM doing here on Earth is what obtains in Heaven. Where is Heaven? Heaven is AKWA THE SUPREME WORD, IBOM is the earth. So, if IBOM says “AKWA this is what happened” Then I say, “Okay IBOM that’s fine let’s do it like that.” That is the corporation WE have. Then what will you do? THE SPOKEN WORD is the meaning of AKWA that is ABASI - AKWA ABASI IBOM as I revealed. AKWA ABASI IBOM that is THE SPIRIT, SOUL and THE WORD. So, you can see now that this statement  that you make that every human being is the same does not ring true. Every human being is not the same! However, they can be the same as being a house, but the contents are not the same.

In some families they have lots of females and no males or just very few males whilst in another family they are lots of men and no women. In such a situation will you say both families are the same? They are certainly not the same. Nonetheless, human beings are the same in THE FATHER GOD, but duty wise, they are not the same.

Therefore, I use this to bless the world, because a lot of people are suffering. Some people commit abortion and suffer for it and they may not know that that is why they have all the difficulties and problems in life. Nevertheless, I have given instructions about that. When you meet HRM King Solomon David Jesse ETE He will check The Records and forgive you if you apologize and carry out the instructions that He asks you to follow. And it works well for those who believe. 


What are the fruits of The Holy Spirit? Love, Peace, Truth, humility, Kindness, Oneness, Mercy, Patience, Life and Power … all the good things every positives ways of life, all those fruits bear their own fruits that link to them that manifest them as the Fruits of the Holy Spirit. They will have another seventy-two million character of themselves plus twelve million times seventy-two million. All of them manifest the power and emotions of the Holy Spirit in everybody that believes in the Holy Spirit of Truth. First of all, you cannot bury the truth.

The True Teaching of LEADER OLUMBA OLUMBA OBU THE HOLY SPIRIT OF TRUTH PERSONIFIED as I AM talking now, I AM talking through the mouth of the one who believes LEADER OLUMBA OLUMBA OBU and that person is Solomon ETE. Right from the onset, “HE IS ABEL THE OFFSPRING OF ALL POSITIVISM”, His Royal Majesty (HRM) King Solomon David Jesse ETE did everything he could do to procure and preserve The Everlasting Gospel which preached. He treasures them. He does not joke about those gospels. The ones he can give freely to people he does. He did everything for the preservation of The Everlasting Gospels. He values THE FATHER’S Gospels greatly. That is why gave Him the Spirit of a true Witness “HE IS THE SENIOR CHRIST SERVANT”, which is THE SUPREME FATHER’S TALK (GOD PRESENT). GOD does not do things anyhow with anybody. HE does things according to what you do because as you sow, you shall reap. Show ME anybody in this Brotherhood of the Cross and Star that treasures THE FATHER’S Gospels –The Everlasting Gospel as Solomon ETE. So, His Royal Majesty (HRM) King Solomon David Jesse ETÉ and The Everlasting Gospel are one. That is nothing, but the truth and because of that use him to bear the record and to testify as a true witness of The Everlasting Gospel. And The Everlasting Gospel is Everlasting life. It is the Word of GOD; He is the Word of GOD. That is the reason call His Office “The Senior Christ Servant” and anointed Him as a King, because his Master, his Father is The King of Kings and The Lord of Lords, and so the son is also a king. Many people do not like that. Does it matter at all? If you do not like The Truth, The Truth likes you. When you bow down to The Truth, the Truth sets you free. However, if you do not like the truth and do not accept the truth, even though the truth likes you, you remain in bondage and continue to be in a state of confusion.

When you talk about miracles happening again then you should know that this is the only miracle that can happen. There is no miracle again to occur. The TOTAL POTENCY of THE FATHER GOD is behind THE FATHERS TALK (GOD PRESENT) Lecture Revelations.

THE FATHERS TALK (GOD PRESENT) information is to replace all negative information and energy on earth. THE FATHERS TALK (GOD PRESENT) information has come to stay in three capacities in the spirit, the soul and the physical “THE WORD OF THE TRINITY GOD”. THIS IS THE SUPREME WORD OF THE UNIVERSE.


In the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ

In the blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Now and forever more, Amen



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